W originally launched as 'Watch' on 7th October 2008 as a subscription channel from UKTV featuring a mix of lifestyle and general entertainment programmes. It was rebranded under the abbreviated name in 2016, though continued as a subscription channel.

In March 2022 it was announced the channel would move to free status. Officially launching on Freeview and Freesat from 28th March, although unofficially test transmissions with the channel broadcasting as normal just in the clear commenced on satellite a week earlier than this. A new branding package was also prepared for the channel to come in at the same time keeping the W moniker.

W (February 2016 - March 2022)

W - 2022

W's 2016 batch of idents featured various life scenes, with the diamond device of the channel logo acting as the switch between them. Buildings, hospitals and firey scenes make up this ident.

W - 2022

The second ident from W featured outdoor scenes with lakes, piers snow featuring. And police cars driving past alleyways.

W - 2022

A third ident for W features very similar scenes to that of the first, just at different stages and mixed in a different order.

W (ECP) - 2022

An example of the 2016 ECP style for W.

W (March 2022 Onwards)

W (Home) - 2022

W officially relaunched itself as a Free To Air channel at the start of their broadcast day, 6.10am, on Monday 28th March 2022. Unsurprisingly, a fairly quiet launch ident for the channel at that time of the morning. All idents feature lifestyle scenes around a theme with the new W logo overlaid, with this one being based around home decorating.

W (Home - Short) - 2022

Redecorating the home again, this time in the shorter edit of the ident/

W (Games) - 2022

Various games feature in another ident for W, from March 2022.

W (Games - Short) - 2022

Games featuring again in the shorter edit of this ident.

W (Health) - 2022

Fitness and exercise feature in another March 2022 ident from W.

W (Food) - 2022

Various scenes of food feature in this ident, in its longer edit complete with continuity.

W (Emergency) - 2022

Different emergency services feature in the longer edit of the emergency services ident.

W (Emergency - Short) - 2022

Shots of different emergency services features in another W ident. This is the shorter edit, used in off-peak junctions without continuity.

W (Relationships) - 2022

Relationships between people are depicted in this W ident.

W (Relationships - Short) - 2022

The shorter off-peak version of the 'relationship' ident.

W (Family) - 2022

The long edit of this W ident from March 2022, featuring shots of family members.

W (Family - Short) - 2022

Another short off-peak ident, this time featuring shots of family groups together.

W (Tea) - 2022

A much plainer ident from the 2022 W set simply featuring a cup of tea and no tagline. Leaving an option for shows which need a more serene ident (what would probably be called a 'news safe' ident, were the channel to ever show news).

W (Tea - Short) - 2022

If 20 seconds staring at a cup of tea were too much for you never fear - W has a 10 second edit for off peak too!

W (Babies - Short) - 2022

Lots of shots of babies feature in this short ident.

W (ECP) - 2022

Different coloured ECP styles were introduced with the March 2022 rebrand for W. Here a red ECP advertising a single programme later on the channel.

W (ECP) - 2022

A second ECP style from March 2022, this time using a blue background, and with the text and graphics in different positions as it promotes shows both later and next on the channel.

W (Launch Promo) - 2022

A short launch promo for the refreshed W channel, marking the fact it has gone free to air. Personalities and shows from the channel feature among the new graphics.

W (Promo) - 2022

An example of the updated promo style for W, from March 2022.



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