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BBC World News was a news channel tailored for audiences outside of the UK with more of a slant on international stories as well as being funded by commercials. Although very similar in style to the BBC News Channel in the UK, with a lot of material shared between the two channels, the original World operation pre-dated the BBC's domestic one by many years. The channel saw several names in its lifetime since the initial launch in 1991, originally as BBC World Service Television and carrying more of a mix of programming rather than just news, before being rebranded and taking on the heavier news slant as BBC World in 1995. It would be renamed again as BBC World News in 2008.

In April 2023, the BBC World News name was dropped completely in favour of just calling the channel 'BBC News', complete with a refresh of the graphics. This helped cover up the effective closure of the UK channel at the same time in favour of a now single international channel with occasional simulcasted BBC One programming for UK audiences.

BBC World News (Ident) - 2009

A short ident for the World News channel with continuity, usually used to introduce standalone shows outside the rolling news coverage on the channel.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2009

A countdown sequence for BBC World News, where red lines swish around the screen, mixed with various scenes from BBC News. The sequence comes in here at 17 seconds onscreen, although similar to the domestic channel at the time, the countdown reaches zero about 3 seconds before the music finishes, meaning it's actually a 20 second countdown. This was used, albeit with tweaks to the actual clips, up until the move to New Broadcasting House in 2013.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2009

Another countdown sequence from 2009 on the BBC World News Channel.

BBC World News (Headlines) - 2009

The 2009 top of the hour headline sequence for the BBC World News channel. Presented here by the late Komla Dumor, who passed away suddenly in 2014, and has since lent his name to the annual Komla Dumor Award from the BBC to bring African journalism talent to the screens.

BBC World News (Breakfiller - Clocks) - 2009

Due to not being licence-fee-funded, the BBC World News Channel has gaps included for commercial advertising. This is inserted in local markets, with the underlying feed being filled with material from London. Although these days this is normally just channel trailers, in days of past special breakfiller material used to be available. This could often be seen when a local broadcast had not sold any advertising to sit over the top. Here a breakfiller sequence from 2009 features world clocks (not clooks).

BBC World News (Breakfiller - Coming Up) - 2009

More breakfiller material for BBC World News in 2009, here showing what is coming up on the channel, complete with local timezones.

BBC World News (Breakfiller - News) - 2009

Another breakfiller sequence. And just in case you couldn't wait a few more minutes for your news, here the BBC fill the break with some more news.

BBC World News (Promo) - 2009

An example of the promo style for the BBC World News channel from 2009.

BBC World News (This Week) - 2009

The 2009 opening titles to 'This Week' on BBC World News. This Week one of many programme strands on the channel and focused on a look back at the stories that have appeared on the channel over the past week.

BBC World News (Ident - Sport) - 2019

The move to New Broadcasting House in 2013 saw the BBC World News channel gain access to new HD equipment, bringing with it minor refreshes to the onscreen presentation that would last for several more years afterwards. Here one of several special idents for the channel used to introduce standalone shows, which reference a particular genre - in this case Sport.

BBC World News (Ident - Current Affairs) - 2019

Another sting/ident, here used to introduce Current Affairs programming on the channel.

BBC World News (Ident - Documentary) - 2019

A third BBC World News ident from 2019, here used to introduce Documentary programming.

BBC World News (Ident - Business) - 2019

A Business themed ident for BBC World News this time round. Business, business, numbers, numbers!

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

The move to New Broadcasting House in 2013 brought with it a refresh to the countdown sequences for the channel as everything moved to HD equipment. The red swooshing lines were replaced with more complicated ones to symbolise the availability of the BBC's news across many devices, before finishing on shots of NBH. Since then, clips in the countdown have been updated or replaced as needed at regular intervals. Starting at 30 seconds here.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

Another countdown sequence for BBC World News, starting at 18 seconds, and this time featuring more Royal reporting.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

A third countdown for World, with more shots from various reporters.

BBC World News (Headlines) - 2019

The 2019 top of the hour headline sequence for BBC World News. Very similar to how it appeared in earlier years, just now from their New Broadcasting House home, and with graphics in crisp high definition. Headlines include preparations for Storm Barry, and reports of a record fine for Facebook.

BBC World News (Headline Recap) - 2019

Still in the pre-Reith style, BBC World News with their 'half hour' recap of the headlines on the channel.

BBC World News (World News Today) - 2019

Special titles to one of the many news shows throughout the day on the World News Channel from shortly before the July 2019 graphic refresh. Somewhat unimaginatively titled 'World News Today', although the presenter Karin Giannone almost appears to forget the show's name at the start.

BBC World News (Coming Up) - 2019

A short sting from 2019 to advertise shows coming up next on BBC World News.

BBC World News (Promo) - 2019

An example of the promo style for BBC World News from just before the Reith refresh in July 2019. Here promoting the show Outside Source, broadcast across both the domestic and world news channels from the BBC.

BBC World News (Promo) - 2019

The same promo for Outside Source on BBC World News after the Reith refresh on 15th July 2019. Obviously the fonts have all changed, but several other graphical tweaks have been made to things like the endboard style and the channel box logo.

BBC World News (Refresh Launch) - 2019

Although some trailers and the occasional show had been going out earlier, BBC World News received the full Reith graphics update a few hours after the domestic channel at noon (UK time) on 15th July 2019. A very short burst of the refreshed countdown aired, before going into the second half of GMT with the new graphics.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

A longer version of the BBC World News Countdown at 31 seconds, after the Reith font refresh in July 2019.

BBC World News (Ident - Sport) - 2019

The pre-programme idents/stings for BBC World News also received an update with the Reith refresh in July 2019. The Sport variant here, with the wording having now moved to the left of the screen and the globe moved right... albeit with the background wording for 'Hong Kong' still disappearing at the same point it would have gone offscreen completely in the previous look.



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