ITV2 (Main Presentation)

Launched in December 1998, ITV2 was promised to be a showcase for repeats of some of the best programmes on ITV1, as well as having some exclusive new programmes. As time moved on, it ultimately became more of the trendy yoof channel for ITV.

ITV2 (Promo) - 2000

A promo for ITV2 from 2000, filmed around LWT's South Bank Studios. Featuring one of the earliest logos for the channel where more prominence is given to the '2' numeral than to the 'ITV' brand.

ITV2 (2002-2003)

ITV2 (2Thrill)

Although the programme quality may not always be great, ITV2 did have a nice variety of idents, each using the phrase '2-something', with words floating around in the background. Fireworks feature in this '2Thrill' version.

ITV2 (2Relax)

Diving into some water '2Relax'.

ITV2 (2Win)

Somebody bowls a strike in this '2win' variant.

ITV2 (2Play)

A racing computer game features indicating '2Play'.

ITV2 (2Scream)

A rollercoaster made up from words for the '2Scream' version.

ITV2 (2Party)

Lots of words are made up from disco lights in this '2Party' ident.

ITV2 (2Enjoy)

Some er... wordcubes dropping into a glass make up this 2Enjoy ident. This airing dates from around Christmas 2002, hence the 3D effect on the ITV2 logo, with the channel idents having had a minor update to coincide with the introduction of the new ITV1 logo in October. As well as the no-expenses-spared festive stars decorating it.

ITV2 Advert

Programme adverts for ITV2 were very similar to those of ITV1 pre-october 2002, only with a different DOG and endboard(although this one here doesnt use the proper ITV2 endboard). The advert itself is for The Late Show with David Letterman. As this was one of the few new programmes to ITV2, it was advertised frequently.

ITV2 Film Advert

Another advert, this time with the special 'saturday night movies' endboard.

ITV2 (Summer 2003-January 2006)

ITV2 2003 V1

In Summer 2003, ITV2 underwent a total rebrand. New idents. New Trailers. New ECP. New Dog. Same Old Programmes... well, you can't win 'em all. The idea of the rebrand was to portray ITV2 as the flipside to ITV1, hence the inverted ITV colours of that era. The idents themselves are all computer generated, against a black background... very common in the 80s, but an unusual feature on idents from 2003! This variant features flashy lights, and a cube for the '2'.

ITV2 2003 V2

Also introduced in the rebrand were new programming strands such as 'x:clusive' and 'v:i:p'. This version of the ident features the 're:play' strand... one which probably got more airtime than any other.

ITV2 (Cuboid) - 2003

Another simple animated ident from 2003. This time round the ITV squares are formed in the shape of a cuboid, before cutting to the Re:Play notation once more.

ITV2 (January 2006 - August 2008)

ITV2 - 2006

A quite likeable set of idents for the second channel of ITV's family were introduced to coincide with the huge network rebrand in 2006, and it's a set where the link to the target audience is fairly clear. A mix of live action and animation were used as a camera pans through bright, vibrant and youthful scenes. Its amazingly easy to lose the lime green channel logo in amongst all that other green mind! Apologies for the brief flash of the digital box's channel strap on the clip.

ITV2 - 2006

Longer version of the ident this time, with someone playing music just a little too loud!

ITV2 - 2006

Looking a little less green this time, with more of relaxing in paradise feel to this ident!

ITV2 Break Bumper - 2006

A brief flash of green to lead in and out of breaks (the latter being a rather strange idea, as it usually results in it crashing in to the following programme's ident).

ITV2 Promo - 2006

An example of the new ITV2 promo style, or more specifically the promo style for ITV2 Movies, complete with a green cinema in the endboard.

ITV2 (August 2008 - January 2013)

ITV2 (Makeup) - 2008

The initial launch set of green idents for ITV2 were relatively shortlived, possibly with someone quickly agreeing the logo was almost completely lost in the sea of green, and later in 2008 they were replaced with a new set. The green channel logo itself was kept, albeit now rendered at an angle rather than flat and made larger onscreen. The idents were considerably less green and consisted of various surreal scenarios. In this version, some makeup spills before almost taking on a sentient life and destroying all who stand in its way.

ITV2 (City) - 2009

A rendered city filled with bright lights and references to both music and popular television shows is slowly panned around in this ITV2 ident.

ITV2 (Pool) - 2009

Someone offscreen dives into a pool, leaving us to see animated tiles at the bottom of the water. Water effects always being one of those features well suited to some of the lower bitrates on digital terrestrial.

ITV2 (Break) - 2009

The break bumper sees the ITV2 logo slide out on to the screen.

ITV2 (Break Bumper) - Christmas 2008

No major changes for Christmas on ITV2 in 2008. But the usual break bumper has some sparkley stars added to it, not at all like they did in 2002... and 2003...

ITV2 (Promo) - 2011

A trailer from 2011 showing an example of the trailer and standard endboard style during this era. This particular trailer was for the late Peaches Geldof's very shortlived series 'OMG with Peaches Geldof'. A somewhat trashy attempt to break into ITV2 with a series designed to find weird people and then poke fun at them - despite any trailer claims to the contrary.

ITV2 (Slide) - 2011

Slides on the channel looked very similar to the promo endboard style, with a green block over the top of a white background. Here promoting a website with some extra sponsorship credits present.

ITV2 (January 2013 - Present)

ITV2 - 2017

Having initially been given a small set of filmed idents with ITV's full rebrand in 2013, they were replaced again in 2015 with this collection. As broadcasters always strive for that gimmick to make their idents 'unique' in the press releases, in this case there is no standard set of idents in the package. Instead lots of surreal video elements are available which can then be assembled in any random order on the fly to create a huge amount of possible permutations.

ITV2 - 2017

Clocks, Wellies, Fans, Hotdogs, and Jam Jars are just some of prizes you can win tonight on Take Your Pres.

ITV2 - 2017

Lots more random items, with highlights including 'longer amount of hot dogs' and everyone's favourite 'the life ring'.

ITV2 - 2020

Another generated ITV2 ident example. Despite their apparently 'random' nature, some filmed sequences seem to appear much less frequently in the rotation than others. Carrier bags, tennis balls and bowling pins get a look in this time round

ITV2 (Bumper) - 2017

A short bumper from one of the filmed segments, sometimes used to break up programmes from trailers, and sometimes used to lead into an advert break. This one features the sticks of candy rock.

ITV2 (Bumper) - 2017

Another filmed ITV2 bumper, this time featuring the hot dogs.

ITV2 (Break) - 2019

Some snow was added to the ITV2 break bumpers as part of their Christmas 2019 presentation.

ITV2 (Break End) - Christmas 2019

A festive end-of-break bumper for ITV2, featuring some more simple snow effects.

ITV2 (Sting - Elf) - Christmas 2019

Similar to the regular channel style, for Christmas 2019 short clips of well known seasonal films were used on ITV2 complete with a related textual snippet. Here an overused scene from Elf.

ITV2 (Sting - The Grinch) - Christmas 2019

Another Christmas-movie-based sting for ITV2, this time featuring a scene from the Jim Carrey fronted 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' film.

ITV2 (Don't be a Rick - Stay Home) - 2020

ITV2's contribution to the COVID-19 'Stay At Home' campaign began airing on April 10th. Using wordplay around the phrases 'Don't be a Rick' and 'He's a rickhead' the trailer features the familiar voice from the channel Iain Stirling voicing over rapid still images and text.



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