Pick is a Sky-owned general entertainment channel, used as a place to show many of their own commissions from subscription Sky channels for free at a later date, as well as serving as a shopfront for their subscription services. The channel initially launched as 'Sky Three' in 2005, replacing space on Freeview that had been used for Sky Travel. As the free version of a channel, it had a very different schedule to that of Sky One and Sky Two, so eventually the decision was taken to relaunch it as the more neutrally named 'Pick TV' in 2011, alongside a host of other changes with Sky at the time. This was later shortened to just 'Pick'.

Pick (Dog Walking) - 2014

Pick TV was renamed Pick in 2013, with a new sequence of idents introduced at the same time featuring different shots around a similar theme composited together to make up Pick idents. People walking dogs feature in this sequence for the channel.

Pick (Break - Dog Walking) - 2014

One of several snippets from the dog walking ident cut to make a break bumper for Pick.

Pick (Break - Dog Walking 2) - 2014

Another breakbumper featuring shots from the dog walking ident.

Pick (Break - Dog Walking 3) - 2014

Service dogs from the dog walking ident feature in another break bumper for Pick.

Pick (Break - Shopping) - 2014

Shopping trolleys from another ident for Pick feature in this shorter break bumper.

Pick (Break - Bikes) - 2014

Shots of bikes from another Pick ident feature in this break bumper.

Pick (Break - Bikes 2) - 2014

Another Pick break bumper based off bikes, this time featuring police motorbikes in the edit.

Pick (Break - Bikes 3) - 2014

A third Pick break bumper based off the bikes ident, from the 2013-2016 look.

Pick (Break - Promo) - 2014

An example of the trailer style for Pick during the 2013-2016 look. Here advertising the show 'Monkey Life'.

Pick (Dog) - 2017

This package of idents for Pick first introduced in 2016 consist of different angle shots of a particular subject, mixed with the purple graphics of the channel. In another fine example of where the fact they'll be broadcast on lower bitrate channels is forgotten during the artistic process, this ident features a dog shaking water everywhere.

Pick (Wine) - 2017

A wine glass flies through the air before smashing, in the most dramatic fashion possible.

Pick (Cat) - 2017

A ginger cat pounces across the screen, in an ident which looks like it may have escaped out of the final batch for BBC HD.

Pick (Police) - 2017

Bright flashing police sirens and splashing in the rain. More of those effects guaranteed to show off the best of digital compression.

Pick (Popcorn) - 2017

Some macro lens filming of popcorn features in this Pick ident. And we're not even going into a movie.

Pick (Car) - 2017

A closeup on just the wheel of a car, as it spins at speed, casting rocks across the screen.

Pick (Promo) - 2017

An example of the channel promotion style for Pick, here trailing a Monkey Life Special.

Pick (Promo) - 2017

Another promo, only this time advertising multiple shows showing the variation on the endboard used in this situation.

Pick (ECP) - 2017

End Credit Promotions on Pick often trail shows both on Pick itself, and on some other channel from the Sky stable - here promoting a show on Real Lives. Several variations on the ECP colours exist, here with a turquoise tinge to the right hand side.

Pick (ECP) - 2017

An all-purple version of the ECP, here promoting shows entirely on Pick.

Pick (ECP) - 2017

A third style to the ECP for Pick, this time using a red colour off to the right hand side.

Pick (Break Dog) - 2017

Break bumpers on Pick are designed around different cuts of the same subjects from the main channel idents. Here the break bumper based upon the 'Dog' shaking itself.

Pick (Break Popcorn) - 2017

The break bumper based upon the Popcorn ident for Pick.

Pick (Break Cat) - 2017

The Pick break bumper based upon the 'Cat' ident.

Pick (Break Wine Glass) - 2017

Another break bumper for Pick, this time based upon the smashing Wine Glass ident.

Pick (Break Police) - 2017

Happily challenging the DVB video compression once more, the Pick break bumper based upon the Police ident.

Pick (Break Car) - 2017

Another break bumper, this time based upon the Car Wheel ident.

Pick HD (Police) - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a lot of changes to football coverage in 2020, resulting in it being suspended for several months in the spring. When it finally returned to screens, Sky announced a selection of the matches would air on their free channel Pick rather than just on Sky Sports. Off the back of this announcement, a temporary HD version of the channel was rushed into service from June to August, finally giving the chance to see some of the idents that had been introduced in 2016 in Full HD and without complex visuals turning to mush. The police car variant here.

Pick HD (Popcorn) - 2020

The popcorn variant of Pick's ident, as finally shown in high definition from June 2020.

Pick HD (Wine) - 2020

One of the idents from the Pick package to severely suffer from the SD compression finally appeared in a more presentable HD form with the launch of Pick HD in June 2020.

Pick HD (Cat) - 2020

Pick HD (Dog) - 2020

One of the most compression-challenging idents for Pick featuring a dog shaking off water finally appeared closer to how the director intended with the launch of Pick HD in 2020.



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