Happy New Year 2019

Taking a look at various UK channels as they covered the changeover from 2018 to 2019. Looking at the major networks in all 4 nations of the UK, as well as some of the smaller multichannels who chose to mark the occasion in their own ways.

BBC One (Last 2018) - 2018

The last appearance of the 2018 Christmas Ident for BBC One Network, aired just after 11.30 on December 31st to introduce their New Year Show. With a Happy New Year message from continuity too.

BBC One (First 2019) - 2019

On the other side of the New Year, and we're back to the regular Oneness idents for BBC One. They're still good for wishing a Happy New Year over again.

BBC One (New Year 2019) - 2019

Still referencing the New Year in the network BBC One junction, just after 1.30am on 1/1/2019.

BBC One (New Year 2019) - 2019

Near the end of broadcasting in the very early hours of New Year's Day around 3.20 - and hoping for a summer like 2018 as we lead into the late weather report.

BBC One (New Year Close) - 2019

And one final link before bed in the early hours of New Year's Day morning to lead into the overnight news on BBC One.

BBC One (New Year Breakfast) - 2019

A few hours later at 6am, as BBC One officially enters New Year's Day 2019, in broadcast terms. Taking the News Channel entirely at this time of the morning, there's a normal News Channel countdown into the Breakfast show.

BBC One (New Year Menu) - 2019

BBC One welcoming us into the New Year over a menu at the end of Breakfast, at 9am the following morning. The same script was used in the nations, although Wales (see below) added it's own little extra.

BBC One (New Year Good Morning) - 2019

The official introduction to BBC One from continuity for the day, in the 9am junction on January 1st 2019. The other nations opened with very similar scripts.

BBC One Wales (First 2019) - 2018

BBC One Wales make their first announcement of 2019, as they also return to the non-festive idents.

BBC One Wales (New Year 2019) - 2019

Another announcement from BBC One Wales around the 1.30 junction (give or take a few minutes due to late running live shows). BBC One Northern Ireland had already called it a night and returned to the use of network continuity by this point.

BBC One Wales (New Year Menu) - 2019

A Welsh New Year greeting from BBC One Wales over a menu just after the end of Breakfast at 9am. Although the nations were mostly re-using the same scripts as network for this junction to wish people a Happy New Year, BBC One Wales decide to add a lovely little extra touch at the start.

BBC One NI (First 2019) - 2018

The only announcement from BBC One Northern Ireland after midnight on January 1st, made shortly after 1am to welcome NI viewers to 2019. After that, they joined network for the night.

BBC One Scotland (Last 2018) - 2018

As per the normal routine, BBC One Scotland had a completely different schedule of programmes to mark Hogmanay, resulting in different timings and scripts on all their junctions for the night. The last 2018 announcement here (and the last use of their Christmas Ident), made around 11.30 to link into their Hogmanay celebration show. Continuity also references a trailer for the upcoming BBC Scotland channel that had just aired.

BBC One Scotland (First 2019) - 2019

The first continuity announcement of 2019 for BBC One Scotland, aired close to 12.30 on January 1st as they finished off their own Hogmanay Live show.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2019) - 2019

From the 1am junction on BBC One Scotland, with a timeshifted programme. The script being very similar to what had been used on it's pre-midnight showing in the other nations, only with Scotland now being able to reference the fact they were by now in the new year.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2019) - 2019

Due to their differing schedule, continuity in BBC One Scotland stayed up much later into January 1st than the other nations. Here they link into the late weather themselves, not long after 3am in the morning.

BBC One Scotland (New Year Close) - 2019

BBC One Scotland are still up to do their own closing link into the BBC News Channel... although things don't manage to quite go as smoothly as planned.

BBC Two (Last 2018) - 2018

The last announcement of 2018 for network BBC Two, aired around 11.15 on December 31st, and the last chance to see their beautiful Christmas ident for that year.

BBC Two (First 2019) - 2019

At the other side of midnight, and BBC Two welcome everyone into 2019 with the appropriate 'Fireworks' style ident. Unlike BBC One, by the time this aired around 1.15am on January 1st, all the other nations had switched to using the network feed too.

BBC Two (New Year 2019) - 2019

Into the very early hours on BBC Two, with their announcement around 3.20am.

BBC Two (Good Morning) - 2019

A few hours later at 6.30am on January 1st, BBC Two officially open up the channel for the New Year, and straight into a sign-zone programme.

BBC Two Wales (Last 2018) - 2018

BBC Two Wales make their last announcement of 2018, over a final showing of the Christmas ident.

BBC Two NI (Last 2018) - 2018

In Northern Ireland they decided to use the Cat's Tail ident for their final showing of the Christmas ident, bowing out with their last announcement of 2018 too.

BBC Two Scotland (Last 2018) - 2018

BBC Two Scotland crash out of a BBC Music trailer a little prematurely in order to make their last 2018 announcement. Indeed with the Scottish variant of BBC Two being replaced by BBC Scotland in February 2019, probably their last ever showing of a Christmas ident and their last ever new year announcement.

ITV (Last 2018) - 2018

ITV make their final announcement of 2018 around 11.45 on December 31st. A fairly mundane one to introduce the ITV News that would take us across the new year.

ITV (First 2019) - 2019

Things are a bit more lively from ITV at the other side of midnight with their first announcement of 2019. Aired around 12.10, the new year is welcomed in over their fireworks ident, before rejoining the regular schedule for a cheery movie which requires content warnings.

UTV (Last 2018) - 2018

Things are the opposite way around over on UTV. They acknowledge the fact the New Year changeover is about to happen as part of their link into the 11.45pm news.

UTV (First 2019) - 2019

Meanwhile on the other side of midnight at UTV, you'd be hard-pressed to know it was even a new year as a fairly mundane announcement links in to the late movie.

STV (Last 2018) - 2018

STV's final announcement of 2018 aired around 11.30, with them operating a different schedule to the ITV network due to their Hogmanay coverage.

STV (First 2019) - 2019

The first announcement for 2019 for STV is straight back into fairly regular announcements, with a content warning for the cheerful movie to follow required.

Channel 4 (Last 2018) - 2018

Channel 4 scheduled a long 2 hour edition of Gogglebox over the New Year changeover, meaning their last announcement for 2018 was made in the 11pm junction on the 31st.

Channel 4 (First 2019) - 2019

Two hours later at 1am, Channel 4 make their first announcement for 2019. Welcoming viewers into the new year over a very long ident playout.

Channel 5 (Last 2018) - 2018

Channel 5 make their last announcement for 2018 a little before midnight on the 31st as they introduce Jane McDonald to cover the changeover.

Channel 5 (First 2019) - 2019

The first scheduled junction of 2019 on Channel 5 doesn't use the regular channel continuity, but instead features a pre-recorded invision link from Jane McDonald.

ITV2 (Last 2018) - 2018

Over on the multichannels, ITV2 make some very casual references to the new year on their very last 2018 announcement, played just barely before midnight on the 31st.

ITV2 (First 2019) - 2019

ITV2's first announcement of 2019 makes some reference to the fact a new year has now started.

Dave (Last 2018) - 2018

On Dave, they make their last announcement of 2018 into the 11.20 junction with an acknowledgement of the upcoming new year.

Dave (First 2019) - 2019

Queued up on the schedule to hit just as midnight passed, the first announcement from Dave for 2019 wishes viewers a Happy New Year.

E4 (Second To Last 2018) - 2018

E4 make a few acknowledgements of the fact it's New Year's Eve in some very shouty announcements running up to midnight. Here, their second to last announcement of 2018, aired at 11pm on the 31st.

E4 (Last 2018) - 2018

The very last announcement from E4 for 2018 aired shortly after 11.35 and wishing viewers a Happy New Year.

E4 (First 2019) - 2019

Shortly after midnight on January 1st, E4 make their first announcement of 2019, and confirm no one has been drinking too heavily.

More4 (Last 2018) - 2018

The last announcement from More4 for 2018, used around 11.05pm on the 31st.

More4 (First ECP 2019) - 2019

Just after midnight on January 1st, More4 wishes viewers a Happy New Year over an end credit announcement for 8 of 10 Cats Does Countdown. With a change of announcer since their pre-midnight junction.

More4 (First 2019) - 2019

A few minutes later, and another Happy New Year announcement over the ident for More4. Complete with a bit of trivia to start 2019.

Film4 (Last 2018) - 2018

Film4 make their last announcement for 2018 at 11.35pm on the 31st. Appropriately enough into Back To The Future, resulting in some confusing references to them travelling to 2019.

Quest Red (First 2019) - 2019

Quest Red wishes everyone a Happy New Year in a junction which (according to my clock anyway) starts a few seconds before midnight, before spanning the changeover from 2018 to 2019. No similar special announcement went out on the main Quest channel. Happy New Year Everyone!


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