Happy New Year 2023

Returning for the sixth year running, our look around how broadcasters big and small covered the changeover from 2022 to 2023 in their continuity junctions. With a big thanks to all of those working tirelessly in continuity, presentation and playout throughout the New Year period - I like to think this page helps make sure such work doesn't go unnoticed!

Since the previous year, Forces TV who had traditionally punched well above their weight with New Year continuity had closed, leaving the job to mark the occasion back with a lot of the traditional bigger broadcasters. Out of these, Discovery-owned channels continued with their policy of never deviating continuity scripts from pre-recorded adverts for their Discovery+ streaming service, while Channel 5 returned to their more traditional stance of barely mentioning the occasion too.

Among other broadcasters, the pattern remained similar to that of previous years, with primary channels tending to mention it, and the smaller offshoots of these being more varied.

ITV1 (8.30pm NYE) - 2022

Across ITV's multichannel portfolio, New Year references were very thin on the ground for the 2022 to 2023 crossover, with most of them being reserved instead for the main channel. In the 8.30pm junction on New Year's Eve, the now renamed ITV1 was already beginning the build up to the New Year.

ITV1 (ITV News Ending NYE) - 2023

Following tradition, ITV1 ran mostly longer pre-recorded shows throughout New Year's Eve 2022, before cutting to the ITV News shortly before midnight for live coverage for the year crossover itself. The ending here from the short New Year bulletin aired shortly after midnight and featured the traditional yearly appearance of the New Year ITV News production endcap.

ITV1 (ITV National Weather) - 2023

Once again sticking with their traditions for the New Year, the first ITV National Weather forecast aired in the first few minutes of 2023, with invision welcomes to the New Year.

ITV1 (12.05am NYD) - 2023

The first continuity announcement of 2023 for ITV1 was heard into the 12.05am junction on the channel, welcoming viewers to the New Year.

ITV1 (1.50am NYD) - 2023

The New Year greetings continued in certain other ITV1 junctions throughout the night, with another welcome message here in the 1.50am junction on the channel. ITV1 also continued use of their Christmas idents into January.

ITV1 (6am NYD) - 2023

The 6am start of broadcast day for ITV1 on January 1st 2023 continued with the New Year greeting messages from the channel.

ITV1 (9.25am NYD) - 2023

After CITV's hours for the traditional end of breakfast junction at 9.25am on January 1st 2023, ITV1 had another greeting for the New Year. Well some people were probably waking up by now!

STV (8.30pm NYE) - 2022

The early evening schedule on ITV's Scottish affiliate STV was quite similar to that of ITV1, with a similar build up to Hogmanay here in the 8.30pm junction.

STV (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

With Hogmanay being a big event in Scotland, STV as usual ran their longer programme than network ITV to cover the changeover of the year. The final junction of 2022 therefore aired around 11.30pm on the channel into their celebration show.

STV (12.05am NYD) - 2023

Again following tradition for STV, their Hogmanay show ended promptly after midnight on January 1st, with their first junction at 12.05am welcoming in the New Year. After this, the station then returned to fairly regular continuity announcements for overnight.

STV (9.25am NYD) - 2023

With New Year's Day 2023 falling on a Sunday, it meant the 9.25am junction which would normally be hidden in the middle of ITV Breakfast during weekdays on STV still aired as usual. Providing a fresh morning slot for STV to welcome viewers to the New Year again.

Channel 4 (9pm NYE) - 2022

Channel 4's family of channels were a mixed bag in terms of how they marked the New Year changeover for 2022 to 2023. Their offshoot digital channels tended to be a bit quiet in their mentions before midnight, with more mentions just after midnight. The main Channel 4 had their traditional schedule of longer specials and movies for the New Year meaning fewer junctions for continuity, however those that were present made frequent mentions of the occasion including in the pre-midnight build up, with Danny Cowan on announcing duty. The 9pm junction on the channel here.

Channel 4 (11pm NYE) - 2022

The build up to the New Year continued in Channel 4's last junction of 2022, aired around 11pm on New Year's Eve.

Channel 4 (12.35am NYD) - 2023

Channel 4's first junction of 2023 aired around 12.35am in the morning on January 1st 2023, welcoming people into the New Year.

Channel 4 (2.05am NYD) - 2023

Continuity announcements on Channel 4 continued to welcome people into the New Year, as well as having a little fun, well into the early hours of January 1st. The link into the 2.05am showing of Airplane! here.

E4 (11.05pm - NYE) - 2022

In previous years, E4 announcements had tended to build up the excitement over the course of New Year's Eve. However for the 2022 to 2023 crossover, most of the evening junctions made little reference to the New Year. This finally changed close to midnight however, with their last announcement of 2022 briefly mentioning the fact it was New Year's Eve. In normal times, the rebranded E4 Extra sister channel only used a small handful of vague generic announcements into every junction and these were the same across New Year too.

E4 (12.05am - NYD) - 2023

E4's first announcement of 2023, made shortly after midnight on January 1st, welcomed viewers of the channel into the New Year.

More4 (12am NYD) - 2023

References to New Year on More4 had been much thinner on the ground than usual throughout the course of New Year's Eve, making it look like the channel was also playing down the occasion. However as the clocks ticked past midnight announcements on More4 finally started to make more reference to the changeover, welcoming viewers into the New Year. The midnight junction here.

More4 (1.20am NYD) - 2023

Another reference to 2023 from More4 in the early hours of January 1st into Cats Does Countdown.

Film4 (12.55am NYD) - 2023

Film4 similarly looked like they mightn't be going to acknowledge the 2022 to 2023 crossover throughout their limited junctions on New Year's Eve. However as the clocks passed midnight, their first junction of 2023 acknowledged the occasion and welcomed viewers into the New Year.

4Seven (11.50pm NYE) - 2022

In a somewhat surprising move from Channel 4's family of channels, the 4Seven channel which had in previous years traditionally tended to stick to their generic announcements throughout New Year actually acknowledged the changeover to 2023 in a junction shortly before midnight.

S4C (10.30pm NYE) - 2022

In an unusual twist, S4C had been airing dedicated New Year's Eve idents and other presentation elements throughout the whole of December 31st. However shown here is their final junction for 2022 into their special end of year Heno programme.

S4C (12.05am NYD) - 2023

The first junction of 2023 aired a few minutes after midnight on January 1st on S4C.

Channel 5 (10pm ECP NYE) - 2022

After a brief break with their continuity the previous year, Channel 5 returned to their tradition of running long filler shows over the New Year but making no real acknowledgement of the New Year in junctions. The closest we got was this End Credit Announcement just before 10pm at least briefly mentioning that the next day was New Year's Day.

Pick (11.10pm NYE) - 2022

Sky-owned channel Pick acknowledged the New Year briefly in their final junction of 2022. For the following junction after midnight, continuity was not present.

Dave (12am NYD) - 2023

UKTV was a bit of a mix in terms of how they marked the New Year. Their flagship Freeview channel Dave had been known for making the most references in previous years. However despite a change to the continuity team in 2022 to try and add more variety to their announcements, junctions during the evening and early morning for 2022 into 2023 didn't acknowledge the New Year occasion at all. The closest the channel got was a visual one in picking the recently added 'Surely this can wait until January' ident for their very first junction of 2023, though even this may have been entirely coincidental.

Yesterday (10pm ECP NYE) - 2022

Drama largely sat out the occasion, however Yesterday got a few mentions about the New Year in. Some of these were actually over End Credit Promotions of preceeding programmes rather than the idents themselves however, such as this one here aired around 10pm.

Yesterday (11.20pm NYE) - 2022

Although the mentions were light, Yesterday's last junction of 2022 into comedy One Foot In The Grave acknowledged the New Year. Ident announcements after midnight on the channel made no further reference to the change.

W (10pm NYE) - 2022

The channel most in the New Year 2023 spirit from UKTV's free suite seemed to be the relaunched W, with several junctions referencing the occasion. Here the announcement from the 10pm junction references the impending arrival of 2023.

W (11.59pm ECP NYE) - 2022

W had a programme scheduled to start around midnight on the channel. This meant that the ECP of the show immediately preceeding it fell in the closing minutes of 2022 still, so could still make reference to them being on the final stretch of the year.

W (12am NYD) - 2022

Barely minutes later on W the clocks had just passed midnight, so they were also able to welcome viewers to the New Year over the ident.

BBC One (9.10pm NYE) - 2022

The BBC's flagship channel BBC One began their build up to the New Year throughout the evening. Here the 9.10pm network junction makes reference to Hogmanay, the traditional Scottish name which was... mostly... brought out in the other nations too for the 2022 to 2023 crossover.

BBC One NI (9.10pm NYE) - 2022

BBC One Northern Ireland followed a largely similar script for their 9.10pm New Year's Eve junction, including using the 'Hogmanay' name.

BBC One Wales (9.10pm NYE) - 2022

BBC One Wales were a little different in their 9.10pm junction on New Year's Eve. Although clearly using the same script as the other nations, they chose to replace the 'Hogmanay' reference with 'New Year' instead.

BBC One Scotland (9.50pm NYE) - 2022

Following standard practice for Hogmanay in Scotland, BBC One Scotland ran on a largely different schedule to the other nations for December 31st. Meaning they aired the late news at an earlier time of 9.30pm before an extra junction welcoming viewers to Hogmanay at 9.50pm was aired.

BBC One NI (10.10pm NYE) - 2022

News links are normally kept very formal with a standardised script, and most of the nations that were taking the 10.10pm bulletin simply referred to it as the 'late news'. Always the rebels at BBC Northern Ireland though, they still managed to slip a brief New Year reference into this link too. Although officially the festive presentation was still running at this point, following tragic events during a cold snap earlier in December the festive 'river' ident had not been used before news bulletins since mid-December, with standard non-festive idents used from that point.

BBC One Scotland (11pm NYE) - 2022

The 11pm junction from BBC One Scotland continued the Hogmanay buildup.

BBC One (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

The final junction of 2022 on BBC One Network aired into at 11.30pm, thanking people for spending the year with the channel and saying they'd see us on the other side. By which we presume continuity meant midnight, and not that she was about to hop over to ITV. This also marked the last airing of the BBC One festive presentation for 2022.

BBC One NI (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

BBC One Northern Ireland's last announcement of 2022 into the 11.30pm junction followed a similar script to that of network.

BBC One Wales (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

For BBC One Wales' last junction of 2022, they started with the same base script as network. But added in an extra namecheck both for the Central Square Cardiff HQ of BBC Wales, and for announcer/director Tim Cooper.

BBC One Scotland (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

BBC One Scotland's final announcement of 2022 was at 11.30 coindentally the same as the other nations, albeit into a completely different show for their opted out schedule.

BBC One Scotland (12.30am NYD) - 2023

BBC One Scotland's first junction of 2023 aired a little earlier than the other nations at 12.30am due to their opted out schedule, although followed the same script as the slightly later junction for the other nations. A namecheck was included from announcer/director Graham Anderson. As had been the case in previous years, BBC One Scotland was the only nation which needed to continue with local continuity throughout the rest of the night rather than joining network due to their differing schedule.

BBC One (12.45am NYD) - 2023

BBC One's first junction of 2023 was around 12.45, welcoming viewers into the New Year as well as marking the return to the non-festive presentation once more.

BBC One NI (12.45am NYD) - 2023

Both Northern Ireland and Wales stayed up to welcome viewers to the New Year in the first 2023 junction at 12.45am, before handing over to network for the remainder of the night. The first 2023 junction as it aired on BBC One Northern Ireland, with a namecheck from Elaine Ayre.

BBC One Wales (12.45am NYD) - 2023

The first junction of 2023 as it appeared on BBC One Wales, following the same script as network just voiced locally.

BBC One (2.30am NYD) - 2023

BBC One network, by now also covering Wales and Northern Ireland too, finished off the night at 2.30am. But not without one last thanks for viewers for sharing the New Year with them.

BBC One Scotland (3.15am NYD) - 2023

BBC One Scotland's final junction of the Hogmanay night was around 3.15am on January 1st, handing over to the BBC News Channel later than network had.

BBC One (8.30am NYD) - 2023

With no 6am junction into Breakfast due to it being a weekend, the first good morning of 2023 for BBC One Network was at 8.30am on January 1st. Welcoming in a New Year.

BBC One NI (8.30am NYD) - 2023

BBC One Northern Ireland's first good morning announcement of 2023 also aired at 8.30am on January 1st.

BBC One Wales (8.30am NYD) - 2023

The first 8.30am morning junction of 2023, as it aired on BBC One Wales.

BBC One Scotland (8.30am NYD) - 2023

Not much rest for people up in Glasgow. Despite the late finish from BBC One Scotland only a few hours before, a fresh team were up bright and early for the 8.30am junction on January 1st welcoming viewers to the New Year on a new broadcast day.

BBC Two (10pm NYE) - 2022

The 10pm junction on BBC Two Network made reference to it being the final football of 2022, as they built up towards the New Year.

BBC Two Wales (10pm NYE) - 2022

BBC Two Wales followed the same script as network for their 10pm junction on New Year's Eve.

BBC Two NI (10pm NYE) - 2022

BBC Two Northern Ireland went with a slightly different announcement for their 10pm New Year's Eve junction, accepting the schedule was much the same as most years on the channel.

BBC Two (11pm NYE) - 2022

BBC Two's last junction for 2022 aired at 11pm, leading into their annual Jools Holland show. Thanks is given for keeping them company in 2022, with a reminder there's lots to look forward to in 2023.

BBC Two Wales (11pm NYE) - 2022

The final 2022 junction for BBC Two Wales at 11pm was very similar to that of network.

BBC Two (1.35am NYD) - 2023

BBC Two's first junction of 2023 was around 1.35am, welcoming viewers into the new year. As well as seeing the return of the channel's regular non-festive presentation, network took over announcements for all nations for the rest of the night.

BBC Two (6.15am NYD) - 2023

Due to the lack of closedown announcements, BBC Two's last junction for the night was at 3am, though made little reference to the New Year other than the vague 'if you're still going' remark. After a few further hours gap, the first good morning junction with a New Year welcome was at 6.15am on the 1st January. This again was provided by network across all the nations.

BBC Three (7pm NYE) - 2022

Although the first year of BBC Three's return as broadcast channel had brought no Christmas branding (cuz da BBC know da yoof don't do Christmas, right?), the channel wasn't to be left out of New Year too with several announcements referencing the occasion that night. The opening 7pm junction for the channel started things off for New Year's Eve with a script also fitting in as many down with the kids refs as poss for BBC Three. Totes amazeballs innit!

BBC Three (12am NYD) - 2023

BBC Three's announcer Dan has the honour of making the first announcement of 2023 on the channel. I'm hoping to get my peoples to talk with his peoples at some point - okay I admit... I don't even know what I'm saying now!

BBC Three (12am NYD) - 2023

The early hours of January 1st on BBC Three were a mix of announcers in different junctions making for a mix styles for the New Year announcements too. A more regular 2023 announcement, not from Dan, into the 12.30am junction.

BBC Three (2am NYD) - 2023

All of the threes in another New Year announcement from Dan, this time into the 2am junction on the channel.

BBC Four (12.15am NYD) - 2023

Unlike BBC Three, BBC Four's references to the New Year were thin on the ground throughout the evening. However just after midnight on January 1st, a welcome message for 2023 was broadcast.

BBC News (11.59pm NYE) - 2022

In order to already be on air for the midnight chimes simulcast with BBC One, the BBC News Channel ran their top of the hour countdown a minute earlier than usual to start the news at 11.59pm. With an explanation included from newsreader David Eades for anyone who may have worried their clocks were suddenly wrong.

BBC Alba (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

BBC Alba began their Hogmanay Cèilidh show around 11.30pm on December 31st, leading in to the show with their last junction of 2022 before having to pad slightly with the non-festive channel countdown filler.

BBC Scotland (7.10pm NYE) - 2022

With Hogmanay being a big occasion in Scotland, the BBC Scotland channel once again had all the stops out with the build up across the evening. The 7.10pm junction off the back of the news here welcoming you to the channel for the night up to the bells.

BBC One Scotland (Sting NYE) - 2022

A short sting was used across both BBC Scotland's channels throughout the evening, promoting their show 'Ooh the Banter!' on BBC One Scotland, while also getting in a Happy Hogmanay message. Aired here on the BBC Scotland channel.

BBC Scotland (7.15pm NYE) - 2022

BBC Scotland's build up to Hogmanay continued minutes later in the 7.15pm junction.

BBC Scotland (9pm NYE) - 2022

For the 9pm junction on BBC Scotland, things were really getting into the spirit with it being a lookback show over 2022.

BBC Scotland (10pm NYE) - 2022

The 10pm junction on BBC Scotland continued the countdown towards midnight.

BBC Scotland (10.55pm NYE) - 2022

With barely half an hour to go until their main Hogmanay celebration show, BBC Scotland jumped over to a preview in the 10.55pm junction. Just incase it was too long to wait!

BBC Scotland (11.30pm NYE) - 2022

After all the build up throughout the evening, BBC Scotland's final junction for 2022 was before their Hogmanay show, once again simulcast with BBC One Scotland. For this junction, the special Saltire version of the ident made an appearance.

BBC Scotland (12.30am NYD) - 2023

The first junction of 2023 on BBC Scotland aired immediately after the end of their Hogmanay show at 12.30am welcoming in the New Year. It also marked the closedown of the channel for the night (although BBC One Scotland and BBC Alba would continue to run later).



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