CITV 20th Birthday 2003

CITV Birthday Ad 2003

To celebrate 20 years of CITV, Central produced a brilliant birthday bash programme, showing archive footage, and bringing back old guests. One can only assume by this point the team in Birmingham knew their days were numbered what with mergers and takeovers, so wanted to go all out one last time. This is the advert for it, with loads of little idents animating in the top-right.

CITV Birthday Titles 2003

The opening titles from the Birthday Bash programme, showing clips of lots of old CITV idents, mixed in with the current design.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 B

Leading into and out of every break in the birthday programme was a bumper which showed an old ident from CITV. Sadly, due to the poor network timing, the first ident was cut short. I suspect it was the rocketship version from 1983. Luckily, ITV managed to time the rest of the breaks correctly, so here is the second ident shown, dating from the mid-80s.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 C

Showing the CITV ident from 1989.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 D

Also from 1989, the generic CITV ident. This was in use alongside the ident above.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 E

The CITV ident from 1996 features in this bumper. Note the lack of the word 'Childrens' now.

CITV Birthday Ident 2003 F

The last ident shown dates from 1998, and was the first to be used when in-vision presenters were brought back.



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