ITV 2013-2019

In January 2013 a complete rebrand of ITV took place. The flagship channel returned to using its name from pre-2001 without the '1' on the end, whilst a new corporate logo and a whole new package of idents were introduced. The idea this time is that a large sequence of fairly random videos are filmed, with the ITV logo overlaid very subtly as colours picked from a palette and changing colour to react to the action behind. Although the footage doesn't have much of a linking theme, the set does benefit from having a very large number of films available. Originally these were introduced then cycled through in batches for each season. However as time has progressed they've tended to be mixed up throughout the year instead. The ident package lasted through until the very end of 2018 (and technically a few hours into the early hours of 2019).

ITV (Merry Go Round) - Christmas 2016

Christmas idents on ITV have been recycled each year since 2013, with some additions to the set in 2014. This particular variant as aired in 2016 features several Santas on a Merry Go Round.

ITV (Kitchen) - Christmas 2016

Preparing a nice christmas dinner in the kitchen for this ITV christmas ident, aired in 2016 here.

ITV (Flamingos) - 2017

One of many randomly chosen scenes, covering a flock of Flamingos being fed.

ITV (News At Ten) - 2017

Featuring Big Ben in the background, this ident is used to lead into the News At Ten.

ITV (Farming) - 2017

The colour pickers of the ITV logo this time change in response to sheep and fields in the background.

ITV (Fishing) - 2017

Fishermen on a boat after dark providing some moody colours this time round.

ITV (Break Intro) - 2017

The ITV logo starts off full and shrinks down to nothing at the start of a break.

ITV (Break Outtro) - 2017

Orange version of the ITV logo reforming at the end of the break.

ITV (Break Intro) - 2017

Break intro bumper in brown and teal.

ITV (Break Outtro) - 2017

Brown and teal out of break bumper.

ITV (Break Intro) - 2017

Blues and oranges for the ITV logo leading into another break.

ITV (Break Outtro) - 2017

Shades of blue and orange leading out of a break too.

ITV (ECP) - 2017

The 2017 ECP trailer style sees the whole of the credit screen shrink down to a quarter of the screen, allowing the remaining 3 quarters to be used for promoting programmes both on ITV main and other channels from the ITV family.

ITV (Daytime Lineup) - 2017

A series of static slides with announcer giving a runthrough of what's coming up on ITV daytime tomorrow.

ITV (Promo) - 2017

2013 saw another new logo for ITV, and an accompanying update to the trailer style. In 2017, ITV tweaked their existing promotions to see the endboard text enlarged. Possibly for the benefits of more legible thumbnails in online sharing, or possibly for those people watching ITV on the television across the street.

ITV (Bungee) - 2017

The largely white sky in this bungee jumping ident doesn't provide quite as wide a palette of colours for the ITV logo as usual, but you can make it out anyway.

ITV (Runners) - 2017

A group of people running up and down steps. And what better way to show that running off than to play it in slow motion.

ITV (Cyclists) - 2017

ITV (Train) - 2017

A woman lies against the window on a train as stations fly by.

ITV (Water Rescue) - 2017

A lifeboat speeds across the water in this ITV ident,

ITV (Welding) - 2017

Sparks fly in this ident. Perhaps it's where those welders from the 1999 hearts ended up!

ITV (Horses) - 2017

Leading into Emmerdale this time, the black horse was busy filming another artistic advert for Lloyds Bank, but there are two others here to fill in.

ITV (Record Shop) - 2017

A guy in a record shop shopping for vinyl. Some people suggest modern branding can try a bit too hard to look all hipster, so at least someone put that idea to bed!

ITV (Sack Race) - 2017

Sports day, and a load of people are having a sack race. Reminding us all that the sporting rights you can afford if you're not Sky are somewhat limited these days!

ITV (Pug) - 2017

Probably one of the best remembered idents of this whole ITV package. A small pug is having a bath in the sink.

ITV (Beehive) - 2017

A beekeeper tends to his hive in this ITV ident. As it's used to lead into the local news too, time for a throwback to those heady days of generic 'now the news from the heart of your region' announcements that we used to get from the Leeds continuity department.

ITV (Boat Race) - 2017

A boat racing team out on the River Tyne for this one.

ITV (Hot Air Balloon) - 2017

A hot air balloon being inflated for ITV's benefit here.

ITV (Horse Racing) - 2017

One of several special horse racing idents used to lead into racing coverage on ITV.

ITV (Pride) - 2017

Originally filmed in Manchester in 2015, one of several pride themed idents which tends to reappear on ITV a few times in the year depending upon when the major city pride events fall. Here it makes its return to mark the July 2017 London Pride event.

ITV (Hedges) - 2017

ITV (Commuter) - 2017

What better way to introduce Good Morning Britain than to remind you you should be on a train looking at a tablet or reading the newspaper instead!

ITV (Gyroscope) - 2017

With a local announcement into Granada Reports, 2 people in an Aero Trim.

ITV (Break - Corrie) - 2017

To mark the introduction of a sixth weekly episode in September 2017, the regular ITV break bumpers saw some special Coronation Street theming throughout the day. The logos fade in and out as usual, only this time over shots from the street. Audrey's Salon features in this into-break bumper.

ITV (Break End - Corrie) - 2017

A Corrie themed end of break bumper, with the ITV logo forming up over the doors to The Rovers Return.

ITV (Break - Corrie) - 2017

Another into break bumper, this time featuring the exterior of number 9.

ITV (Break End - Corrie) - 2017

Another end of break Corrie bumper, showing a back street shot.

ITV (Break - Corrie) - 2017

The doorway to number 8 in this into break Corrie bumper.

ITV (Break End - Corrie) - 2017

Another end of break Corrie themed bumper, this time showing a shot of the famous street sign.

ITV (Candy Floss) - 2017

Some fresh Candy Floss is being made in this ident for the channel.

ITV (Sea Fishing) - 2017

A man fishes into the sea for ITV this time. Perhaps just coming out of a breakup and taking some advice from friends a little too literally!

ITV (Bike Cleaning) - 2017

A muddy bike is cleaned in this ITV ident, used as a serious ident into the news here during the festive period.

ITV (Break) - Christmas 2017

Although the idents remained the same, other elements of the presentation saw a refresh for Christmas 2017. Here the into break bumper takes on a frostier feel.

ITV (Break End) - Christmas 2017

From the other side of the break, the Christmas 2017 bumper for ITV.

ITV (ECP) - Christmas 2017

The End Credit Promotions took on the same frosty style as the break bumpers for Christmas 2017.

ITV (Games) - Christmas 2017

As expected, the main idents for Christmas 2017 on ITV reused the same set that had been brought in across 2013 and 2014 once again. In this one, people are playing some board games at Christmas.

ITV (Lights) - Christmas 2017

Someone is putting up Christmas lights in this ITV ident.

ITV (Bulldog) - Christmas 2017

A dog lies in front of a fireplace in this ITV Christmas ident. Not one for showing off the colour picking ITV logo at it's best with the lack of much movement!

ITV (Scales) - Christmas 2017

ITV welcomes us in to the New Year at 9.25 on January 1st 2018, over another Christmas ident this time showing someone weighing themselves on some scales.

ITV (Ice Scraping) - 2018

One of the earlier introduced idents of the package, this one often reappears around particularly icey days. Or in this case, is used to lead into the return of Dancing on Ice in 2018. A woman scrapes snow and ice from her car windows.

ITV (Florist) - 2018

Flowers are being wrapped up in a shop in this colourful ITV ident, usually used more in the Spring months.

ITV (Toddler) - 2018

A toddler makes a right mess of lunch in this ITV ident.

ITV (Harbour) - 2018

Fishermen move round trays of the latest catch for the day in this ITV ident. Always remember you can buy those 'Live Lobster Crab Hermits' too!

ITV (Diving) - 2018

On a typically grey day, people dive into the water in various ways for this ITV ident.

ITV (It's a Boy) - 2018

The 'boy' version of some special ITV idents brought out around the time of Royal births. This reappared on ITV on April 23rd 2018 to mark the birth of the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

ITV (NHS Week) - 2018

One of several special idents filmed to celebrate 70 Years of the NHS and aired in May 2018. Here used to lead into The NHS Heroes Awards with Paul O'Grady.

ITV (Break - NHS Week) - 2018

A break bumper themed up to mark the NHS Week on ITV.

ITV (Break End - NHS Week) - 2018

An accompanying end of break bumper for ITV, similar to the regular break bumpers in that it finishes with the ITV logo fully formed.

ITV (NHS Week) - 2018

A second ITV NHS Week ident, this time used to lead into a special of Alan Titchmarsh's Love Your Garden.

ITV (NHS Week) - 2018

Another special ITV NHS Week ident used in May 2018, this time leading in to A&E Live with Davina McCall.

ITV (NHS Week) - 2018

Shireen McKenzie pops up for another ITV NHS Week link. This time heading into A&E Live with Davina McCall, as aired on Wednesday 23rd May.

ITV (NHS Week) - 2018

Thursday's NHS Week ident sees Jane Pilkington introducing A&E Live this time round.

ITV (ITV Creates Promo) - 2018

A promo to trail ITV's 'artsy' channel brand refresh due to start on January 1st 2019, using a different artist each week to produce their idents for all 52 weeks of the year. The short trailer, which appeared shortly before the start of the new year, shows a preview of some of the first idents that were to appear in the first few weeks of the new look.

ITV (Last Old Ident) - 2019

Look your last... In the early hours of Jan 1st, one of the most memorable idents of the 2013 look featuring a pug dog is played out, as continuity bids farewell to the old look. With their fresh new set of artist-created idents due to launch at 9.25.



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