ITV2 2022-Present

On November 15th 2022, a brand new package was introduced across all of the ITV channels. Alongside new graphics using a signature colour for each channel, the channel idents all shared a common set of the same locations, just tailored with specific scenes for that particular channel. ITV2 took on a purple colourscheme for their graphics.

ITV2 (Rural) - 2022

ITV2 adopted the common branding package alongside all other ITV channels on November 15th 2022. For their variant of the 'countryside/rural' ident people are seen at a festival.

ITV2 (Station) - 2022

For ITV2's version of the train station ident, a train covered in colourful animated characters is seen.

ITV2 (Café) - 2022

In ITV2's version of the 'café' ident, people can be seen playing table tennis outside the building.

ITV2 (Beach) - 2023

January 2023 saw the addition of the 'Beach' location to the ident set, with ITV2's version featuring some unwelcome avian guests.



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