S4C, an abbreviation of Sianel Pedwar Cymru (Channel 4 Wales), launched the day before Channel 4 in 1982. For the first 28 years of its life, it broadcast on analogue instead of Channel 4 in Wales, carrying a mix of timeshifted Channel 4 programmes and Welsh-language specific programming as it took on an expanded remit of shows previously broadcast on both BBC Cymru Wales and HTV Wales. With the completion of digital switchover in Wales in 2010, Channel 4 became available UK wide, and S4C became solely responsible for Welsh-language programming. The current look to S4C was introduced in 2014 and remains in use to this day.

S4C - Christmas 1991

From S4C's analogue days as a hybrid channel showing timeshifted Channel 4 shows among their own Welsh language programming, comes this Christmas 1991 special ident. Three giant computer-rendered bells contain the coloured letters of the channel logo at the time.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 1991

A general Christmas promo from S4C in 1991, featuring shots from various shows that would be appearing on the channel over the festive season that year.

S4C (Lighthouse) - Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 presentation on S4C consisted of a large golden star flying around various scenes. This would feature on both the promos, and the idents for that year, with the star being mixed in to local location shots. Here stars fly through the countryside, before finishing at Ty Mawr Lighthouse.

S4C (City) - Christmas 2009

Another Christmas 2009 ident from S4C, this time with the stars in a more urban setting.

S4C (Tree) - Christmas 2009

In a third (and shorter) Christmas 2009 ident for S4C, the golden stars finish up by a tree.

S4C (Next) - Christmas 2009

A festively adorned slide from the Christmas 2009 package, promoting shows next and later on S4C.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2009

An example of the Christmas 2009 promo style on S4C, with the stars from the overall package that year featuring alongside festive updates to the endboard. Here the promo gives a rundown of Christmas Day shows on the channel.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Another example of a Christmas 2009 promo from S4C, this time promoting a single programme on the channel.

S4C (Break) - 2009

The break bumper from S4C in 2009 features a simple black on white S4C logo animating down to a dot.

S4C (Break End) - 2009

From the other side of the break, the S4C bumper animates in the opposite direction.

S4C (Election 2010) - 2010

A special ident from S4C to introduce Election 2010 coverage in Wales.

S4C (Slide) - 2010

The presentation slide style from S4C in 2010. Commonly used to promote shows coming up next on the channel, but here being used to promote a show on another day.

S4C (Promo) - 2010

An example of the 2010 promo style from S4C.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2010

The break bumper from S4C's Christmas 2010 package, featuring the logo animating away in a 'snow' effect.

S4C (Break End) - Christmas 2010

The accompanying end-of-break bumper from the S4C Christmas 2010 package features the same idea just animated in the other direction again.

S4C (ECP) - Christmas 2010

An example of the End Credit Promotion style from S4C as part of their festive package for 2010.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 package from S4C consisted of various scenes with animated elves in Santa's Workshop, featuring the logo and trapezium shape that had been introduced to the channel in 2014. Here the festive break bumper uses one such scene where a parcel taking on the distinctive shape of the logo slides down a chute.

S4C - Christmas 2018

One of several idents from the Christmas 2018 S4C package, here featuring the elves busy in the workshop. Different sequences were designed for use at different times throughout the festive period.

S4C - Christmas 2018

In another ident from the Christmas 2018 package for S4C, the elves are enjoying some time off after their work for the year has been completed.

S4C - Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2019, S4C returned to people idents for their seasonal package. This time featuring various dancers in festive scenes. Young people dance around a present in this ident.

S4C - Christmas 2019

Lots of people dancing in a conga line in another S4C Christmas 2019 ident.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2019

Break bumpers for S4C in 2019 took on the same scenes as the idents. Here a woman dances using crutches.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2019

A girl blows snow in another break bumper from S4C's 2019 Christmas package.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2019

Two older people, seen ballroom dancing in some of the idents, are sat down sharing festive cheer in this S4C bumper.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An extended general Christmas promo celebrating the big day from S4C in 2019.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2019

A programme promo from the Christmas 2019 S4C package. Endboards on promos used shots from the idents again, here featuring the dancing young people.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Another promo from the S4C's Christmas 2019 package, this time with an endboard based on a ballet dancer.

S4C (Canal Boat - Short) - 2020

In April 2014, a new logo was introduced to S4C, featuring the letters in a fresh font alongside a trapezoid shape. Idents to coincide with the new look consisted of people scenes (as per the norm) with this new logo and a slanted blind effect overlaid, and feature both longer and shorter formup versions. In this short formup scene, people are pedaling a boat in a canal.

S4C (Canal Boat 2 - Short) - 2020

Another short ident made up from footage from the 'canal boat cycling' ident, introduced as part of the 2014 package for S4C.

S4C (Canal Boat - Long) - 2020

The boats feature from many different angles, alongside more prominent shots of canals and bridges in the long formup variant of this S4C ident.

S4C (Golf - Short) - 2020

People playing golf feature in another short ident from the 2014 S4C package.

S4C (Golf - Long) - 2020

The longer form-up version of the 'Golf on the Beach' ident from S4C. Yes, that lesser-known cocktail!

S4C (Metal Detector - Short) - 2020

People with metal detectors search in another short ident for S4C. Perhaps searching in the ground for a reason as to why inane people idents are still popular with broadcasters, as we've looked everywhere else for the explanation!

S4C (Metal Detector - Long) - 2020

More shots of the people with metal detectors on the beach in the long formup version of this S4C ident.

S4C (Swimming - Short) - 2020

In the short version of the 'swimming pool' ident, the footage is cut to just the person jumping into the pool.

S4C (Swimming - Long) - 2020

In a longer formup version of one of the idents for S4C, multiple shots of a person around an indoor swimming pool at night are shown, before finishing with them diving into the pool. Yet another ident which may or may not have come from the 'five' cutting room floor.

S4C (Acrobatics - Short) - 2020

For this S4C ident, a person doing acrobatics features. Or... in the short version, their arms do at least!

S4C (Acrobatics - Long) - 2020

The long formup to the S4C Acrobatics ident from the 2014 package, giving a chance to actually see more than just someone's hands.

S4C (Construction - Short) - 2020

The sparks from some cutting make up the shorter snippet of a construction ident from S4C's 2014 set.

S4C (Construction - Long) - 2020

In the longer formup variant of the for the S4C construction ident from the 2014 package, we get to see the source of all the sparks.

S4C (Dancing - Short) - 2020

The people with metal detectors on the beach have been replaced by dancers in another short S4C ident.

S4C (Cafe - Short) - 2020

People in a cafe enjoying time together feature in this short ident from the 2014 S4C package.

S4C (Break - Teal) - 2020

Regular break bumpers for S4C from the 2014 package use the same diagonal effect as the idents, just this time with different solid colours. Here a bumper in teal, which is the main pallette colour for S4C's presentation for this era.

S4C (Break - Grey) - 2020

Another break bumper from S4C, this time using less than 50 shades of grey.

S4C (Break - Light Grey) - 2020

A light grey version of S4C's break bumper from the 2014 package.

S4C (Menu) - 2020

An example of the menu graphics from the 2014 package for S4C complete with continuity. Often used in lieu of idents to promote shows coming up later on the channel.

S4C (Menu) - 2020

Another menu graphic with continuity from S4C, this time using their dark grey colourscheme.

S4C (Promo) - 2020

The 2020 promo style for S4C uses similar graphical elements to the rest of the channel presentation, with added emphasis on their OnDemand service Clic.

S4C (ECP) - 2020

An example of the End Credit Promotion style from S4C's 2014 package.

S4C (PIF) - 2020

A short graphic aired around the time of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on S4C, which features a simple animation encouraging people to follow guidance on Hands, Space and Face (in a slightly different order to the common govt taglines) to Stay Safe.

S4C (PIF) - 2020

The changing Coronavirus situation of 2020 saw Wales go into a national 'firebreak lockdown' in late October. In response, S4C's existing 'stay safe' graphic was updated with a new version now encouraging people to stay at home once more.

S4C (Cyw) - 2020

Cyw is a pre-school strand aired daily from 6am on S4C, featuring a collection of colourful animal characters as mascots, and in-vision continuity linking shows.

S4C (Break - Dysgu Cymraeg) - 2020

A special purple break bumper for S4C, promoting learning Welsh. Dysgu Cymraeg is a service provided by S4C to promote greater adoption of the language.

Christmas 2020

S4C (Clic Promo) - Christmas 2020

The first signs of Christmas 2020 on S4C appeared in promotions for their on-demand service 'Clic', featuring an advent calendar style to highlight some of the seasonal shows.

S4C (Wreath) - Christmas 2020

S4C launched their Christmas 2020 presentation in the evening on Monday 7th December 2020. A series of idents feature people putting up decorations for the season, with a small girl hanging a wreath on a door here.

S4C (Wreath - Long) - Christmas 2020

The longer version of the 'Wreath' Christmas ident for S4C shows what happens *before* someone brought out a stepladder for the young girl to hang a wreath.

S4C (Santa) - Christmas 2020

Another Christmas 2020 ident for S4C, this time featuring a woman inflating a giant Santa.

S4C (Santa - Long) - Christmas 2020

The extended 30-second version of the inflatable Santa S4C ident features a lot more shots of the generic courier firm driving up deliver parcels.

S4C (Roundabout) - Christmas 2020

For this S4C Christmas 2020 ident, multiple shots of decorations at night are shown, before the camera pans out to show a wider shot of everything lit up.

S4C (Roundabout - Long) - Christmas 2020

An extended formup to the 'roundabout' S4C Christmas ident. Different music and setup shots feature on the buildup, before still ending on the zoomout shot of the whole community.

S4C (Lights) - Christmas 2020

In another S4C Christmas 2020 ident, a man is untangling his lights before hanging them on the tree. Because everyone untangles their lights at night while they're switched on...

S4C (Lights - Long) - Christmas 2020

In the extended edit of the 'lights' ident, you get to watch even more footage of a man untangling his Christmas lights. We... really can't make that sound any more interesting I'm afraid. but the alternate soundtrack is nice.

S4C (Break - Wreath) - Christmas 2020

Breakbumpers for S4C's 2020 festive package feature shorter shots from the main idents. Here a bumper based around the wreath ident.

S4C (Break - Gingerbread) - Christmas 2020

Another festive breakbumper for S4C, this time featuring gingerbread left on the doorstep.

S4C (Break - Reindeer) - Christmas 2020

In this festive S4C breakbumper, a boy puts up a reindeer statue decoration.

S4C (Break - Lights) - Christmas 2020

A man untangles his lights in another S4C breakbumper.

S4C (Break - Stars) - Christmas 2020

Star-shaped lighting marks the path in another S4C Christmas break bumper for 2020.

S4C (Break - Dance) - Christmas 2020

Dancing with Christmas lights features in this S4C break bumper.

S4C (Menu) - Christmas 2020

A festive programme menu from S4C for 2020. Seeming a little lost here without any continuity over the top, which is a common practice on the channel.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2020

An example of the Christmas 2020 promo style for S4C, remaining mostly unchanged save for the updated endboard graphics.

S4C (Merry Christmas Promo) - Christmas 2020

An extended Merry Christmas trailer from S4C, featuring footage and music used in their festive 2020 idents, with some slightly cheesy stars added.

Beach Week 2021

S4C (Beach Week - Dunes Long) - 2021

From July 12th through to July 17th, S4C introduced special presentation on the channel to mark 'Beach Week', in association with Visit Wales. The regular idents were replaced with idents showing scenes from beaches. Here, sand dunes feature in a longer version of this ident.

S4C (Beach Week - Dunes Short) - 2021

A shorter formup version of the 'Dunes' ident for S4C, aired as part of their Beach Week in July 2021.

S4C (Beach Week - Wreckage) - 2021

Another long playout of an ident for Beach Week on S4C, this time focusing on some wreckage on a beach.

S4C (Beach Week - Evening Mid) - 2021

Shots of a beach in the evening feature in this mid-length S4C ident for Beach Week, aired in July 2021.

S4C (Beach Week - Aerial Long) - 2021

A long version of the fourth special ident to appear on S4C for their Beach Week in 2021.

S4C (Beach Week - Break) - 2021

The S4C break bumper used as part of 'Beach Week' on the channel in July 2021, featuring a close up of a shell.

Christmas 2021

S4C (Promo - Merry Christmas) - Christmas 2021

S4C's Christmas Presentation launched on December 1st, with the centrepiece being a sweet animated film of memorable animals from around Wales that year. The film was produced in partnership with J. M. Creative and Picl Animation, and was aired here initially to welcome in the presentation at noon on December 1st.

S4C (Walrus) - Christmas 2021

Following on from the extended film, people idents were out for Christmas 2021, and animated animal idents were in, each using cuts from the extended film. Here Wally the Walrus features.

S4C (Gulls) - Christmas 2021

Animated gulls from Cardiff feature in another S4C Christmas 2021 ident, using cuts from the extended film sequence.

S4C (Gulls - Long) - Christmas 2021

An extended playout of the S4C Christmas 2021 ident featuring the Gulls of Chippy Lane, Cardiff.

S4C (Goats) - Christmas 2021

Another S4C Christmas 2021 ident features the goats of Great Orme heading into Llandudno.

S4C (Goats - Mid) - Christmas 2021

A longer edit of the Goats ident for Christmas 2021 on S4C even includes sightings of the gulls at the very end.

S4C (Puffins) - Christmas 2021

A family of Puffins on Skomer Island celebrate Christmas together in another 2021 festive S4C ident.

S4C (Break - Gulls) - Christmas 2021

One of several festive break bumpers for S4C made up from clips from the extended film. Here the Cardiff gulls land in the scene.

S4C (Break - Gulls 2) - Christmas 2021

Another festive break bumper featuring the gulls for S4C.

S4C (Break - Seals) - Christmas 2021

Another festive break bumper featuring the seals from the Wally the Walrus segment of the film.

S4C (Break - Goats) - Christmas 2021

The goats feature in another 2021 festive break bumper for S4C.

S4C (Break - Puffins) - Christmas 2021

Another 2021 festive break bumper for S4C, this time featuring the puffin family.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2021

The updated trailer style for general programme promotions for Christmas 2021 on S4C.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2021

An alternative festive endboard in another example of 2021 festive promotion from S4C.

S4C (Menu - Goats) - Christmas 2021

The same sequences cut for the idents were also used for menus on S4C during the 2021 festive season. Here a menu based on the 'Goats' segment of the film.

S4C (Menu - Gulls) - Christmas 2021

Another festive menu for S4C in 2021, this time using the Gulls sequence of the film as the backdrop.



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