Blaze was launched as a free-to-air channel from A&E Networks UK (itself a joint venture between the US-based A&E Networks and Sky) in September 2016. The majority of the channel's output is made up of US-based reality shows from the parent A&E company, such as Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. Continuity on the station from launch was a little unusual in its use of pre-recorded double-headed presentation to try and create more of a 'banter' style, although this was later dropped in favour of a more traditional announcing style.

Blaze (American Restoration) - 2017

Blaze's 2016-2018 package largely consisted of idents themed around programming shown on the channel at the time, with a few graphical ones mixed in. Here an ident based on the show 'American Restoration'.

Blaze (Storage Wars) - 2017

Another ident for Blaze, this time themed around the imported show 'Storage Wars'.

Blaze (Pawn Stars) - 2017

The cast of American Reality TV show 'Pawn Stars' appear in another Blaze ident.

Blaze (Mountain Men) - 2017

Another US reality show, Mountain Men, appears in this Blaze ident from the 2016-2018 batch.

Blaze (Alligator) - 2017

One of several more generic idents for Blaze from the 2016-2018 era, based more around graphical elements rather than a particular show. Here an alligator crawls past the Blaze logo set against a solid coloured background. With the double-headed continuity reading out some exciting facts about alligators too.

Blaze (Sting) - 2017

A short sting for Blaze in 2017, primarily used for promoting their channel number across various platforms.

Blaze (Cake) - Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2019, Blaze introduced a small selection of purely graphical idents to the channel. Looping in a similar manner to their main idents which had been introduced in 2018. A Christmas Cake being cut up in various ways features in this ident.

Blaze (Presents) - Christmas 2019

A conveyor belt of presents features in the second Christmas 2019 ident from Blaze

Blaze (Tree) - Christmas 2019

The third festive 2019 ident from Blaze featured a Christmas Tree, with a person in the background repeatedly opening and closing a door to check on it.

Blaze (Lumberjacks) - 2020

In mid 2018 Blaze replaced their programme-based idents with a series of scenes which loop over and over in an optical illusion style. In this one, lumberjacks walk through a forest with chainsaws, ducking the Blaze logo as they go.

Blaze (Lumberjacks 2) - 2020

A second ident featuring the lumberjacks for Blaze from the 2018 batch.

Blaze (UFO) - 2020

In another 2018 looped ident for Blaze, a UFO abducts a walker in a field, before dropping them again without any clothes.

Blaze (UFO 2) - 2020

In a second UFO ident for Blaze, the walker runs on from the side of the screen. Although this time you don't see him deposited again.

Blaze (Dogs) - 2020

Dogs jump to catch a ball in this Blaze ident - or most of them do anyway!

Blaze (Workmen) - 2020

Workmen move around on different levels around a large engine in this Blaze ident from the 2018 batch.

Blaze (Workmen 2) - 2020

In a second workmen ident for Blaze, the workers descend staircases high-fiving at the bottom. Complete here with Christmas Day 2020 continuity, as Blaze opted to stick with their regular idents that year.

Blaze (Lock-up) - 2020

A man throws the fakest looking box ever seen into the back of a trailer in another Blaze ident. Featuring Christmas Day 2020 continuity from the channel again.

Blaze (Lock-up 2) - 2021

In another Blaze ident from the 2018 batch set at the lockup, a stuffed bear is being loaded onto the trailer. Aired here in their first clear junction of 2021 at 1am, albeit the event isn't acknowledged in any way.

Blaze (Overnight Filler) - 2020

A short entirely graphical piece of filler for Blaze, used in junctions overnight for reasons known only to themselves.

Blaze (Menu) - 2020

A solely graphical menu on Blaze, giving a rundown of programmes throughout the evening on the channel.

Blaze (Bumper - Santas) - Christmas 2020

Although there were no special idents for Christmas 2020 on Blaze, break bumpers/stings which had been used in previous years made a return. Mixing live action footage over the top of their solid colour backgrounds. Here dancing santas feature.

Blaze (Bumper - Cats) - Christmas 2020

Another festive break bumper that reappeared for Christmas 2020 on Blaze, this time featuring cats singing.

Blaze (Bumper - Turkey) - Christmas 2020

A turkey features in another festive break bumper/sting for Blaze. The Blaze logo animates in later and with an additional message compared to the others that reappeared in 2020.

Blaze (UFO Week) - 2021

Some special no-expenses-spared in vision continuity (sortof) for Blaze to mark 'UFO Week' on the channel, in late March 2021. This followed a style that had already been seen in the runup to the week.

Blaze (UFO Week Promo) - 2021

A promo for one of the shows on Blaze, featuring the 'UFO Week' special branding at the end.

Blaze (Queen Minute Silence) - 2022

Like many broadcasters, Blaze joined in airing a minute silence in honour of Queen Elizabeth II at 8pm on September 18th 2022. Requiring some special sombre presentation, as well as using a slide which had been used on Sky channels.



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