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On Digital - 1999

Under the original name for the failed pay digital terrestrial television outlet, On Digital advertises the football you can have access to back in 1999.

One2One (Vic Reeves) - 1997

For mobile network One2One in the late 90s, various celebrities talked about who from history who they'd like to have a one to one with. Here Vic Reeves describes how he'd like to have a chat with comedian and actor Terry-Thomas.

One2One (Parkinson) - 1999

People who have a personal connection to Michael Parkinson talk about their experiences with the man for this commercial for mobile network One2One, part of a series of similar adverts. One2One would later become T-Mobile in the UK, and eventually form part of EE.

Opal Fruits - 1991

Opal Fruits was the original UK name for 'Starburst' chews, before being rebranded to match the global brand in the late 90s, although the name tends to resurface as part of nostalgia drives every few years. Here a jolly little advert using the original name from 1991, promoting them as the chew 'Made to make your mouth water'.

Options - 1990

A horror movie to promote Options Hot Chocolate in 1990, featuring random people turning to chocolate. At this time, Ovaltine were pushing their name quite prominently on the drink, although this would be dropped in later years.

Oracle - 1986

An ad for teletext service Oracle, specifically focusing on their holidays section. And how much better it is than 'Ordinary TV'.

Oracle - 1987

Promoting the financial pages on teletext service Oracle in the late 80s. You can now relive those crazy days of >10% interest rates!

Oracle - 1991

Oracle, if you've not seen the extensive coverage elsewhere on the site already, used to provide the teletext service on ITV and Channel 4, up until it was outbid by the unimaginatively named 'Teletext ltd', losing it's franchise in 1993. Here is an advert from 1991 for their service.

Orange - 2004

Still in the days before the UK operation was merged with T-Mobile, the future is still looking bright and orange.

Oriental Express - 1992

If The Borrowers had been done on such a shoestring budget that they all resided within the confines of a freezer, you might have ended up with this advert for Oriental Express from 1992.

Oxo - 1989

The Oxo family became well established on our screens throughout the eighties and nieties, as we followed them growing up. The final advert was broadcast in the late 90's, and featured only the Mother and Father, as everyone had already left. This one, from 1989, shows one of the ads from the family's heyday and features the late Lynda Bellingham.


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