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Halifax Property Services - 1989

The estate agents side of Halifax was less known than the retail building society/bank side of the business in later years, however at one time was a much more heavily promoted part of the company. An advert here from 1989. After being rebranded as Halifax Estate Agents, the remnants of the estate agents business were finally sold in 2009.

Halifax - 1991

An advert for Halifax from 1991, showing a load of pound signs dancing to 'We're in the moeny'... As pound signs do!!! Ah those jolly days before Halifax's ads became such frequent winners in the site's worst ad awards.

Halifax - 1992

Lots of people stack up to create a house in one of several memorable 'installation' adverts for the Halifax Building Society from the 90s.

Halifax - 1997

Another Halifax advert with people coming together to make a building from 1997. This time round using the song 'Consider Yourself' from the musical Oliver!

Halifax - 2001

Notorious for the number of times they won the 'Worst Ad Award' on this site at the time, in the early 2000s Halifax moved to a Marmite style of advertising featuring staff of bank branches covering pop songs. The most famous of them probably being Howard, although others would appear too. Here Yvonne McBride features in a cover of Livin La Vida Loca.

Hamlet Cigars (Motorbikes) - 1991

Hamlet became famous throughout the 80s for their advertising featuring a character lighting up a cigar as everything else failed around them. Here in a 1991 advert, from the dying days of cigar advertising being allowed on UK television screens, a driver is shown knocking over a large selection of motorbikes.

Hammerite - 1992

Presented in NICAM stereo, the question to ask is 'Any old iron'? From the early 90s, this advert swiftly became embedded in the memories of the British public thanks to the catchy song to accompany it.

Harp (Dog and Ball) - 1989

Harp (Gangmember) - 1990

Time for a sharp Exit.... A humourous ad featuring an interview with a former gang member, who of course has to keep his identity a secret.

Harp (Dating) - 1990

Time for a cool sharp Harp.... Another laugh, this time involving a find-a-date service.

Harp (Infidelity) - 1991

Harp (Haircut) - 1992

A man goes for a haircut in this Harp Lager advert. But when he sees who's come along to do the work, it's time to make the obligatory Sharp Exit.

Heat Electric (Creature Comforts) - 1990

One of the famous 'Creature Comforts' shorts from 1990, featuring Frank the Tortoise. Keen to find a new way to promote electric heating in the early 90s, the electricity board had turned to Nick Park of Aardman. Park had developed the short film 'Creature Comforts' earlier as part of a Channel 4 series, which had gone on to win an Academy Award. The Heat Electric advert commission took the concept of this, namely off-the-cuff-sounding voxpops set to claymation animals, and adapted this to promote the heating. The Creature Comforts campaign was fondly remembered for many years, with the idea being turned into a full series in 2003.

Heineken - 1990

And now we have a load of Heineken adverts throughout the years. Heineken deserve the award for making consistently funny adverts, for god only knows how many years. This one is from 1990.

Heineken - 1991

A loud man on his mobile phone causes some disruption at the bar. At least until a phonebox drops in, in another from the 'Only Heineken Can Do This' campaign.

Heineken - 1992

Not really managing to get into the right frame of mind to play the blues? Follow this invaluable lesson courtesy of Heineken.

Heineken (V2) - 1992

The follow on advert to the first 1992 ad and suddenly blues man is getting signed up for a lucrative record contract. Was it always intended to be produced, or had some advertising executives suddenly realised having their previous ad run with the message 'drink Heineken and your life will fall apart in an instant' mightn't have been the best marketing angle in the world?

Heineken - 1999

Binmen making a very quiet morning round for another How Refreshing, How Heineken advert campaign.

Heineken - 2001

Heineken did it once again in 2001, and produced some of the funniest adverts of the year! In total there were four of them, with more 'celebrities' being added in each one starting off with the late Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee. Presented now are the 1st, 2nd and 4th ones.

Heineken (Part 2) - 2001

Two more people were added alongside Paul Daniels and Debbie in the second version.

Heineken (Part 4) - 2001

In the last version, the collection of celebrities is fed to a pack of lions - oh joy!! What with Jimmy Saville in the background, I think it's safe to say we'll never see this campaign aired again!

Heinz Baked Beans - 1986

An old advert for Heinz Baked Beans with the famous 'Beanz Meanz Heinz' slogan. This slogan disappeared from the Heinz ads during the 90s. Despite that, it was revived for a marketing campaign by Heinz asking people to text them to vote whether they should keep the slogan they'd already quietly dropped years earlier. The eventual outcome of this was that the beans were renamed Heinz Beanz on a permanent basis in 2008.

Heinz Baked Beans - 1989

David Bellamy appears in this Heinz Baked Beans ad from 1989, showing him being handed beans by his mother in various locations as he grows up.

Hellmann's Mayonnaise - 1999

It's one thing your dog being a bit flat. But you'd not want that it for your lunch. Luckily Hellmann's has you sorted!

Holsten Pils - 1988

Comedian Griff Rhys Jones appears in one of several Holsten Pils where he is added to classic movie footage for humourous effect. Here, he's come to fix the plumbing...

Holsten Pils - 1991

One of a long running series of ads for Holsten Pils starring Jeff Goldblum, in days before Jurassic Park and Independence Day. Still with a vaguely festive feel to it this time around, as this airing dates from very early into January 1991.

Holsten Pils - 1992

Jeff Goldblum again with a lot of flowers for another Holsten Pils advert in 1992.

Homepride - 1991

Homepride - 1996

A few more years into the 90s for Homepride, and thankfully men now do the cooking and the stereotyped characters have been phased out.

Honda - 1997

Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey appear in blokey roles in absolutely no way connected to that of their Men Behaving Badly sitcom to promote Honda in 1997.

Honda (Change Something) - 2005

One of many inspirational Honda adverts from the 2000s. At this time diesel engines were still seen as something to advertise to the end consumer as the way forward.

Honey Nut Loops - 1990

Another colourful animated character from the Kelloggs heyday of children-oriented mascots features, as Loopy Bee cheerfully advertises Honey Nut Loops in 1990 - here still being highlighted as new.

Honey Nut Loops - 1991

Loopy Bee returns in another Honey Nut Loops advert in 1991, this time desperately trying to get attention from some children enjoying themselves with a plane.

Hovis - 2004

An animated ad from 2004 for Hovis; things have come a long way from kids cycling up hills on a bike.

HBSC - 2003

Eels and a group in a Chinese restaurant remind us of the importance of local knowledge in this HSBC advert from 2003. The banking brand having firmly replaced Midland Bank by this point.


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