BBC One Christmas

Traditionally at Christmas, the BBC would throw out all their traditional presentation in favour of a short set of festive decorations. In more recent years the re-use of these over many years has become more common along with ever longer appearances (from a matter of days in the 90s to over half the month as of 2015), however the fun and some of the mystery of what will appear from the BBC on a yearly basis still remains.

BBC1 - Christmas 1989

The 1989 Christmas ident from the BBC. Proof that despite the computer generated COW globe having been in use for a few years by now, there was still some love for mechanical models left.

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1989

An example of the BBC1 festive trailer style for Christmas 1989. With a large collection of toys all around the tree featuring that year. A trailer which also serves as a reminder on how many big names from the entertainment world are sadly no longer with us.

BBC1 (Closedown) - Christmas 1989

BBC1 closes down over a festive globe at the end of Boxing Day programming. The late Andy Cartledge provides continuity in the early hours of December 27th 1989.

BBC1 (Winter Promo) - 1989

As Christmas 1989 is nearly over once more, BBC1 takes a look ahead at what new shows are to come in the early months of 1990. Featuring a black silhouette animation style at the start and end.

BBC1 - Christmas 1990

The 1990 festive ident for BBC features the globe as an abstract image cast upon a moon in one corner.

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1990

An example of the promo style for BBC1 for Christmas 1990. Topping and Tailing trailers, a stop motion wizard character dances up a staircase to reveal toys. Here promoting a special of Bergarac.

BBC1 - Christmas 1993

This was the ident used for Christmas 1993, and features a static wintery scene, apart from the gently animating night sky.

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1996

The Christmas style for BBC1 in 1996 featured acrobatic toys, for want of a better way to describe them. Trailers also had a small additional bunch of presents added to the top right of the screen. This particular trailer promotes a Christmas Special of The Brittas Empire.

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1996

Another trailer from Christmas 1996, this time with a rundown of several programmes before finishing with a festive endboard.

BBC1 (Sting) - Christmas 1996

Several toys using a BBC1 drum as a trampoline in a short sting for Christmas 1996. I hope you can buy one of those drums in the BBC giftshop!

BBC1 (Sting) - Christmas 1996

A 1 logo being repurposed as a see-saw in this sting. Just beware auntie - Using acrobats on BBC One idents will simply never catch on.

BBC One - Christmas 1997

For Christmas 1997, and the first under the new corporate BBC style, a huge set of idents were produced using pictures and music for different parts of the Carol 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas'. The picture in the middle was usually circular, designed to be a replacement for the globe (an approach which would be reused in the main 2006 rebrand). This is just one of the examples, using the line 'A Partridge in a Pear Tree'.

BBC One - Christmas 2000

From Christmas 2000. The Balloon was kept in this festive logo, only this time we actually see someone flying it!!

BBC One - Christmas 2001

There were three variations on this ident, to coincide with the 3 toys. This was an interesting use of an ident to advertise a programme, with the Yellow 3-wheel Van symbolising the return of Only Fools and Horses after 5 years. Alas, this was to be the last year with the faithful BBC Balloon.

BBC One (Dog) - Christmas 2001

In a second variant of the Christmas 2001 package, this time the focus is on the dog.

BBC One (Sting) - Christmas 2001

One of several short stings based upon the toy theme to coincide with the main ident package. In this one, the dinosaur is blowing up one of the balloons they would float around on later... although not too successfully.

BBC One Christmas 2002/2003

The first ident to come about after the 2002 rebrand featured children dancing as snowflakes. As a signal of the way things would go in coming years with the need to cut spending at the BBC, in 2003 for the first time in over 2 decades, the BBC snubbed any new Christmas presentation, and reused the 2002 one. The official defence of the decision at the time was stated as 'it was popular with the viewers'. No doubt this'll be those same magical viewers they always interview who say they find channel DOGs useful...

BBC One - Christmas 2004

Thankfully for Christmas 2004 a new ident was introduced to BBC1, with BBC2 being 'Scrooge' in terms of presentation for that year. Children and red skies remain, only this time Christmas pudding spacehoppers are the order of the day, with an accompanying bouncy rendition of the BBC1 signature tune. Though the ident officially launched on Saturday 18th (this clip being it's first proper outing), it had been shown first a day earlier on Blue Peter, due to the ident being the result of a competition ran on the programme.

BBC One - Christmas 2004 Bumper

A shorter flash of the children on puddings and accompanying jingle, used inbetween programme promotions.

BBC One - Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005 saw another new ident. Somewhat more eery this time, children appear once again, with lots of floating baubles.

BBC One Promo - Christmas 2005

A promo from the 2005 package. Similar in style to 2004's promos, glitter sparkles over the usual BBC One logo, whilst the tagline 'The One for Christmas' has been adopted.

BBC One Bumper - Christmas 2005

The first of a series of short stings based upon the idents, designed to sandwich between junctions.

BBC One Bumper - Christmas 2005

A variant of the above, this time with the baubles floating off into the strange green sky. See what all that pollution does!

BBC One - Christmas 2006

The first year under the new 'circles' look introduced in late 2006 brought a brand new festive ident to the screens, with an oversized novelty snowball at the heart of it.

BBC One Promo - Christmas 2006

The promo style for BBC1's Christmas 2006 package. Whilst updated to the current channel design, the sparkles and endboard were broadly similar to the festive decoration that had been used for the previous presentation package.

BBC One (Ident) - Christmas 2008

A new ident from BBC One for 2008 (which shows how times have changed really when we had to herald this as a surprising thing!). A reappearance of Wallace and Gromit, last seen doing the ident rounds on BBC2 some years back, to promote the new short film out over the season. Presumably incase of any major disasters on the news that year, a more sombre version just featuring the end snow scene minus jolly characters on sled was also produced for before the news.

BBC One (Bumper) - Christmas 2008

In addition to the main ident, the usual series of short stings were produced for between trailers, once again featuring Wallace and Gromit.

BBC One (Promo) - Christmas 2008

A promo to highlight some of the festive treats on the BBC flagship channel for Christmas 2008. And the logo gets a little bit of a snowy makeover!

BBC One Wales - Christmas 2009

On December 12th 2009, the annual Christmas presentation went to air on the BBC. Not a surprise to anyone this time round, given it had been heavily spoiled in the runup via Youtube, the main ident features the centrepiece of the schedule, Doctor Who, now with a festive slant. Shown here is the Welsh Variant, almost identical to the network, save for the obvious added word.

BBC One Wales (News) - Christmas 2009

Also from the Welsh variant, a second version of the ident was produced for usage before news, this time featuring only a calm shot of the sky. Many of the networks were caught out by the Tsunami disaster several years earlier, finding having only cheerful idents for use into serious news highly awkward.

BBC One Wales - Christmas 2009

As had become common with previous years of the BBC's christmas presentation, several short stings were introduced for usage between promos. This one features the breath of a reindeer forming the BBC One Wales logo.

BBC One Wales (Promo) - Christmas 2009

A festive trailer, tweaked for the Welsh presentation of BBC One. Seasonal trailers across all the BBC channels for Christmas 2009 shared the same 'floating cubes' forming the BBC logo, but with each channel stamping its own style on subsequently.

BBC One (Pudding) - Christmas 2016

Whilst BBC Two saw rehashes of previous years as expected, the idents for Christmas 2016 on BBC One were a bit of a mix and marked the end of the 'circles' package for the channel after 10 years. 4 main idents were introduced to air throughout December all with a loose circular object or theme, whilst on Christmas Day itself programmes were instead introduced by specially recorded groups of people to mark 'Oneness' - in a semi-preview of what was to follow for the whole of 2017. This particular main ident from December focusses on a Christmas Pudding.

BBC One (Washing Up) - Christmas 2017

The first Christmas ident transmitted on BBC One at 8.10pm on 2nd December featured a less-than-perfectly looped sequence from the overall promotion film for the festive season and some notes from the remixed version of the Symphony music. Providing a welcome break from the usual oneness groups of people staring gormlessly at a camera.

BBC One NI (Washing Up) - Christmas 2017

The first broadcast of the Washing Up Christmas ident as aired on BBC One Northern Ireland. Very similar to network, just with a different announcement.

BBC One (Shows Promo) - Christmas 2017

A festively adorned promotion for BBC One giving a rundown of all their major shows for Christmas 2017. Before finishing with their 'Coming Together' tagline.

BBC One (Programme Promo) - Christmas 2017

The Christmas 2017 individual programme promotion style for BBC One.

BBC One (Lights Sting) - Christmas 2017

A short sting featuring a shorter version of the Christmas Lights ident for BBC One, with larger centred text similar to the out of season Oneness stings from the rest of 2017.

BBC One (Lights) - Christmas 2017

The father and daughter team work together to try and get the Christmas lights working in this short ident.

BBC One NI (Lights) - Christmas 2017

The Northern Ireland first showing of the BBC One Lights ident, complete with different announcement to network.

BBC One (News) - Christmas 2017

Whilst Northern Ireland had music over their version of the news ident, Scotland, Wales and England all had a silent variant instead. Shown here from the Scotland feed.

BBC One NI (News) - Christmas 2017

The news ident for the 10pm bulletin in Northern Ireland on the first day of transmission of the Christmas 2017 package. And unlike network, the ident has music.

BBC One (Supermarket) - Christmas 2017

Another BBC One Christmas 2017 ident, this time with the father and daughter riding up and down a supermarket aisle.

BBC One NI (Supermarket) - Christmas 2017

The first airing of the Supermarket Christmas ident on BBC One Northern Ireland. With different announcement, and a slightly less glitchy start to the music than everywhere else.

BBC One (Kettle) - Christmas 2017

Not mentioning 'Oneness' or featuring the father/daughter combo this time round. A kettle boils away in the kitchen for this BBC One Christmas 2017 ident. For when you want to let viewers know the following show contains hot, steamy action? During launch night this ident was used leading into sports programming, however in regular use it is often used as a second news ident.

BBC One NI (Last 2017) - Christmas 2017

The last announcement for 2017 from the Northern Ireland team, before leading us into the New Year. Also signalling the end of the Christmas presentation for BBC One (one special airing post New Year excepted).

BBC One Scotland (Hogmanay Build Up) - Christmas 2017

Due to the greater significance of New Year in Scotland, BBC One Scotland airs a different schedule to the rest of the network to cover their Hogmanay celebrations. The build up continuity link from shortly before 10pm on the 31/12/2017.

BBC One Scotland (Last 2017) - Christmas 2017

The last continuity link from BBC One Scotland for 2017 from around 11.30pm, leading in to their Hogmanay show.

BBC One Scotland (First 2018) - Christmas 2017

Due to their opted out schedule, BBC One Scotland had one additional airing of the Christmas ident into the 12.30am junction. However being their first link of the New Year, it was still used to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 from the Scottish team.

BBC One Wales (Last 2017) - Christmas 2017

The last link from BBC One Wales for 2017, aired around 11.20pm on New Years Eve, and also marking the last regular use of the Christmas idents. There would be no announcement from Wales post-midnight, with them airing a silent version of Drone Racers before crashing back into the network feed instead.



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