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Latest Additions - 21/05/2019

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2001

The first Christmas promo style after the ITV1 rename in 2001 featured an animated eskimo and stars dancing around the screen. A generic ITV1 ident basic off the same graphics package was also produced by the NPU in London, but ultimately only ended being used across the GMG North stations that year.

Latest Additions - 20/05/2019

ITV (Gayle Chong Kwan) - 2019

The 7pm junction on Monday 20th May brought the fifth ITV Creates ident from Gayle Chong Kwan.

ITV (Gayle Chong Kwan) - 2019

The fourth ident for Gayle's week, first aired into the 2pm junction, features more construction shots of the artwork.

ITV (Gayle Chong Kwan) - 2019

Ident 3 for Gayle Chong Kwan features some construction shots of the work for that week. First aired into the 12.30 junction on 20th May.

ITV (Gayle Chong Kwan) - 2019

The second ident for Gayle Chong Kwan's week on ITV Creates first aired into the 10.30am This Morning junction, and features more shots of the week's plastic-based artwork with a lot of flashing lighting.

ITV (Gayle Chong Kwan) - 2019

Week 21 of ITV Creates began at 6am on 20th May with work by Gayle Chong Kwan, featuring the ITV logo constructed from plastic bottles.

Latest Additions - 19/05/2019

Yorkshire Weather - Christmas 2001

How can we add some festive cheer to our local weather on a budget? Just stick Jo in a Santa Hat and stick a snowflake wipe on! Yorkshire Weather from Christmas 2001.

Latest Additions - 18/05/2019

BBC One (Dinosaur) - Christmas 2001

In the third BBC One ident of the set for Christmas 2001, the dinosaur is the toy to take the centre stage.

Latest Additions - 17/05/2019

ITV Weather (Snow) - Christmas 2001

ITV Weather sees a few festive additions for Christmas 2001 with weather presenters blowing magic stars and snow in the background. The forecast itself, presented here by Sian, remains a little more traditional, although the graphics have been updated and moved to 16:9 production by now. Even the Powergen sponsorship stings feature the snow here.

Latest Additions - 16/05/2019

TV Times - 1983

Although it was more common for TV Times ads to be tailored to that week's edition, sometimes more generic ads for the magazine would air. Here lots of stock photos of TV personalities and sections that appear in the mag feature, with no voiceover talking about any specific feature.

Latest Additions - 15/05/2019

BBC Two/News Channel (Sound Error) - 2019

BBC Two leads into a regular 9am News Channel simulcast on May 14th, only for faults to become immediately apparent. Although the headline bed plays, no audio from the studio can be heard as a result of sound desk problems. After several moments of even the headlines freezing, the channel crashes back to a pre-record from an hour earlier, still during Breakfast at that point. The problem would be fully resolved with a studio switch a short while later.

Latest Additions - 14/05/2019

ITV1 (Pauline Collins) - 2003

A short version of a celeb ident, this time featuring Pauline Collins.

Latest Additions - 13/05/2019

ITV (Liz West) - 2019

After the traditional mid-afternoon gap in new ITV Creates idents, the fifth one from Liz West first aired into the 7pm junction. Featuring shots of the coloured discs from various angles once more.

ITV (Liz West) - 2019

The fourth ident for week 20 of ITV Creates featured more setup shots of the work, and first appeared into the 2pm junction.

ITV (Liz West) - 2019

Ident 3 from Liz West is the first of two featuring some construction shots. With the first transmission occurring into the 12.30 junction on 13th May.

ITV (Liz West) - 2019

The second ident for Liz West's week first aired as per the normal schedule in the 10.30am junction, and features lots of different close up shots of the discs.

ITV (Liz West) - 2019

Back to the regular ITV logo for week 20's piece for ITV Creates, beginning at 6am on 13th May. This time around Liz West creates a piece by reflecting the logo off differently coloured discs.

Latest Additions - 12/05/2019

Channel 5 (Elevator) - 1998

The launch set of idents consisted of mixing live action into various buildups for the 5 logo. Here an elevator goes up the fifth floor, before we see various shots of the logo for reasons not totally apparent. Complete with continuity here promoting another typically sleezy show from the channel in its earlier days.

Latest Additions - 11/05/2019

BBC Four (Night Driving 2) - 2019

A second driving ident, desperately still hemming in their 'Enjoy The Trip' tagline as another night time drive is shown. Used once again into Saturday Night Dramas, initially appearing on broadcast from May 2019.

Latest Additions - 10/05/2019

ITV1 (Promo) - 2004

The updated 2003-2004 promo style for ITV features more of the glassy squares. A 'New For 2004' graphic also features at the very start of this trailer, due to its airdate early in January 2004, although the rest of the trailer otherwise follows the house style from the era.

Latest Additions - 09/05/2019

Horror Channel (15th Birthday) - 2019

3rd May 2019 saw Horror Channel mark 15 years since the launch of the original station with a special ident for the occasion.

Latest Additions - 08/05/2019

Channel 5 (Promo) - 1998

The promo style for Channel 5 for 1998. Here promoting their UK version of the Fort Boyard gameshow, with flashes of their candy-cane colourscheme appearing throughout.

Latest Additions - 07/05/2019

ITV1 (Melanie Sykes - Short) - 2004

Melanie Sykes appears again in a short version of her ITV1 celebrity ident, as part of the 2003-2004 set.

Latest Additions - 06/05/2019

ITV (Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq) - 2019

Ident 5 for ITV Creates Week 19 features more close up shots of the artwork for that week. First aired into the 7pm junction on Monday 6th May.

ITV (Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq) - 2019

The fourth ident for Week 19 of ITV Creates once again aired first aired 2pm, and features more shots of the artist constructing the piece for the week.

ITV (Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq) - 2019

Ident 3 from Rubbena for ITV Creates first aired at 12.30 and features construction shots of that week's piece.

ITV (Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq) - 2019

The second ident for week 19 of ITV Creates features more shots of the week's piece, to a different audio track. First aired at 10.30, as per the norm.

ITV (Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq) - 2019

A very different style of ident for Week 19 of ITV Creates with the channel marking Deaf Awareness Week with artwork by Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq representing a signed version of the ITV logo made from hand casts.

Latest Additions - 05/05/2019

Channel 5 (Next) - 1998

The next slide from the launch package on Channel 5 was very similar to what had been revealed in pre-launch trailers. In it's early years, the new station quickly plumbed the depths with adult material in an attempt to bring in more viewers at a low cost, with continuity here teasing just one of their many such highlights.

Latest Additions - 04/05/2019

ITV1 (ECP) - 2004

The refreshed look in September 2004 brought an updated style to the ECP too. ITV were at their peak of 'how much can we cram in an ECP' with cross-channel promotions, credits moving around and video all mixed together. With a finishing shot of the Granada LWT endcap, one of the few places where the LWT name still remained for a few more months, before these were replaced by 'Granada Productions' later in the year.

Latest Additions - 03/05/2019

ITV1 (Next) - 2003

An animated next slide for ITV1 from 2003, from the first few weeks of the refreshed presentation package for September 2003. Shades of blue form and break up letters of the word 'NEXT' in the background. Complete here with the London announcement being truncated slightly early by the switch to the break from Leeds.

Latest Additions - 02/05/2019

ITV Drama Premieres (Sting) - 2003

A short computer animated sting, used to lead into Drama Premieres aired on ITV.

Latest Additions - 01/05/2019

ITV1 (Ally McCoist - Short) - 2003

Ally McCoist again in a shorter version of his ident for ITV1.

Latest Additions - 30/04/2019

DMAX (Explosion - Blue) - 2019

A blue variation of the generic explosion ident for DMAX. Essentially the same as the red one just with a different hue applied.

Latest Additions - 29/04/2019

ITV (Caroline Wright) - 2019

More close up shots of the coloured liquid for ident 5 of Caroline's week on ITV Creates, first aired into the 7pm junction.

ITV (Caroline Wright) - 2019

More setup shots for Caroline Wright's ITV Creates piece for the fourth ident, first aired into the 2pm junction on April 29th.

ITV (Caroline Wright) - 2019

Caroline Wright's third ITV Creates ident appeared into the 12.30 junction on April 29th, and features some of the setup for that week's ident.

ITV (Caroline Wright) - 2019

The second ident from Caroline Wright first aired into the 10.30 junction on the 29th. Featuring lots more shots of the colours mixing in to the glass shapes of the ITV logo.

ITV (Caroline Wright) - 2019

A very different ident style to start Week 18 of ITV Creates, with work by Caroline Wright. This time round people have to feature on the screen throughout to add coloured liquids into test tubes shaped like the ITV logo

Latest Additions - 28/04/2019

BBC2 Ceefax - 8/4/1983

In earlier years, the content on the Ceefax service differed between BBC1 and BBC2, with BBC1 generally containing fewer pages but running faster, and BBC2 containing more pages but running slower. In the earlier part of the 80s, branding differed between the two services too with BBC1 using blue and yellow, whilst BBC2 used red and yellow. The BBC2 service from April 1983 here, with headlines including experiments onboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, some 3 years before the fatal disaster involving the craft, and talk of armed police in Manchester. It's also just past the 100th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx. At this early point in the service's life, Fastext had not been launched, so the footer does not contain the familiar four colour navigation, and the page for subtitling had not been standardised on 888, differing by channel.

BBC Two (Menu) - 2004

A slightly different menu from 2004 on BBC Two, this time cross-promoting things on multiple channels, without using an ECP.

Latest Additions - 27/04/2019

BBC Two (Menu) - 2003

A short run-down menu of evening shows on BBC Two, using clips from the 'Circus' ident to break between different programmes.

Latest Additions - 26/04/2019

BBC Two (Drum) - 2004

Complete with special Channel of the Year branding for 2003 here, in this ident the 2 bounces around in time to a Reggae Drum. First introduced as part of a special season on the channel, this was subsequently kept in regular rotation. Concerns over the 2 appearing backwards that had led to the re-editing of 'Fish' had clearly been dropped again by this point.

Latest Additions - 25/04/2019

BBC Two (Paintbrush) - 2004

First introduced in late 2002 and shown here in 2004, the considerably less famous 'Paint' ident for BBC Two. Here the 2 character paints a numeral on the screen using a pot of purple paint, before turning it into a face.

Latest Additions - 24/04/2019

BBC Two (Sticker) - 2004

In this yellow ident, the 2 character attempts to stick the purple BBC Two box on the screen... only for it to become attached to him instead.

Latest Additions - 23/04/2019

BBC Two Wales (Sparking Balls) - 2019

BBC Two Wales' initial airing of the first 2019 ident followed a day after the network and NI showings, shown here into the 6pm junction on April 23rd.

BBC Two (Sparking Balls) - 2019

BBC Two's first ident for 2019 appeared on April 22nd and features the curve made up from lots of bouncing coloured balls, in another extreme test for video encoders. Rumours have it this one is called 'Sparky' officially, although given the amount of time people have spent arguing over the 'official' names for most of the BBC Two set since they launched, we'll still stick to our more descriptive naming scheme.

Latest Additions - 22/04/2019

BBC Two NI (Sparking Balls) - 2019

The first new ident for BBC Two for 2019 appeared on Easter Monday 2019, aired into the 8pm junction on the 22nd April on both BBC Two Network and BBC Two Northern Ireland (shown here). Wales skipped using it on this junction, and BBC Two Scotland had by this time ceased their version of the channel. This time the curve is made up from various shaped balls or bubbles.

ITV (Laurie Nouchka) - 2019

The fifth ident for Laurie Nouchka features more close-up shots of the artwork to give a better view of the London architecture, all set to one of the lesser-used soundtracks. Following the typical pattern, it first aired into the 7pm junction on the first day.

ITV (Laurie Nouchka) - 2019

Ident 4 from Laurie Nouchka's features the artwork looked at from more angles and first aired at 2pm on the first day of the week.

ITV (Laurie Nouchka) - 2019

Laurie Nouchka's third ident, as first aired in the 12.30 junction, with some more shorts of the artist working on the piece.

ITV (Laurie Nouchka) - 2019

The second ident from Laurie Nouchka first aired into the 10.30 junction on April 22nd and features shots of the artwork being set up for that week set to another of the usual rotation of soundtracks.

ITV (Laurie Nouchka) - 2019

Starting off Week 17 of ITV Creates at 6am on 22nd April was work by Laurie Nouchka, with the ITV logo made up from patterned fabrics depicting London buildings.

Latest Additions - 21/04/2019

five (Bouquet) - 2003

A man waits with a bouquet of flowers by the coast in another five ident.

Latest Additions - 20/04/2019

five (Climbing) - 2003

Indoor rock climbing, with a five logo slapped over the top of it. The basis for another mundane ident from the 2002 look.

Latest Additions - 19/04/2019

five (Restaurant) - 2003

More from the cavalcade of mundane tediousness from Channel 5 in 2003. And for this ident a person is hammering something up on the wall of a restaurant.

Latest Additions - 18/04/2019

Anglia (Birthday Club) - 1995

The end of CITV, and back to some more birthdays invision on Anglia with Birthday Club.

Anglia (Birthday Club) - 1995

In vision continuity had been mostly dropped from Anglia by the 90s. However announcers would still appear onscreen alongside the famous puppet character BC to read out birthdays well into the 2000s on the station.

Latest Additions - 17/04/2019

Anglia (Break) - 1996

An animated break bumper for Anglia. Used throughout the 90s, it features the coloured triangles of the station logo flying away.

Anglia (Next) - 1995

A yellow themed slide for Anglia, this time being used to promoting a show elsewhere in the schedule rather than coming up next.

Anglia (Next) - 1995

A next slide for Anglia in 1995, promoting Shortland Street up next. Blue-themed, with some subtle flag animation to the left hand side of the screen.

Latest Additions - 16/04/2019

Anglia (Next) - 1996

By 1996, the next slide style on Anglia is following the same style as trailer endboards from that era. Here using the wording 'Music'.

Anglia (Promo - New) - 1996

Following the same graphical style, but this time titled 'New', to mark programming coming throughout November on Anglia.

Anglia (Promo - Premiere) - 1996

A 'Premiere' endboard for this trailer, as Anglia highlight the network showing of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Latest Additions - 15/04/2019

ITV (Fiona Grady) - 2019

The fifth ident from Fiona Grady features more shots of the artist prepping the piece, and first aired into the 7pm junction on the Monday of her week.

ITV (Fiona Grady) - 2019

Ident 4 from Fiona Grady first aired into the 2pm junction, and features the obligatory shots of the artist putting together that week's ITV Creates piece.

ITV (Fiona Grady) - 2019

Fiona Grady's third ident for ITV Creates first aired into the 12.30pm junction on April 15th, featuring more shots of the art set to one of the other soundtracks from the set.

ITV (Fiona Grady) - 2019

The second ident from Fiona Grady first aired into the 10.30am junction, with some more creative uses of light and camera angles this time.

ITV (Fiona Grady) - 2019

Week 16 features the work of Fiona Grady, who uses light through coloured perspex for her interpretation of the ITV logo. Although in the first ident, the logo almost looks more like a bit of an afterthought.

Latest Additions - 14/04/2019

Anglia (Promo - Sunday Corrie) - 1996

The channel dog has been tweaked in 1996 in a trailer for the introduction of the Sunday episode of Coronation Street, spoofing the famous film Psycho. Other than the dog, the trailer itself doesn't take on any additional Anglia branding and remains the same as what was supplied to them from Granada.

Anglia (Promo - Drama) - 1996

Into 1996, and trailers on Anglia have taken on a little more colour to their endboards. With a similar graphical style now being used across the United Media owned stations, different endboards exist to draw attention to themes - in this case, Drama.

Anglia (Promo) - 1995

A 1995 promo from Anglia, largely remaining the same as it had been supplied to them by Yorkshire here, just with the addition of the channel dog and re-voiced to include the Anglia name.

Anglia - 1995

Anglia dropped their famous knight in 1988, replacing it with a fresh flag logo designed by Lambie Nairn. This refreshed look would serve them throughout the 90s, and through ownership changes, until their replacement with the generic hearts in 1999. A silent version of the ident here, although a version complete with jingle also existed.

Latest Additions - 13/04/2019

Channel 4 (Birthday Promo) - 1983

Channel 4 turns 1 year old in November 1983, so promos see the addition of the birthday candle logo that had been used for various presentational elements around that time.

Latest Additions - 12/04/2019

Fox's Glacier Mints - 1983

A sweet and simple animated advert for Fox's Glacier Mints, where a fox tries to tell us polar bears should not be on mints... to no success!

Latest Additions - 11/04/2019

Channel 4 (Next) - 1989

A next slide from the first year of the fourth channel, and off-colour stills are still the order of the day with better computer technology still being a little way off.

Latest Additions - 10/04/2019

BBC2 (Closedown) - 1983

The late John Glover closes down BBC2 for the night in April 1983, taking a look at the schedules for the next day first, before playing us out some soothing music over slides of butterflies.

Latest Additions - 09/04/2019

BBC1 (Promo) - 1983

All the colours of the rainbow as we run down Sunday evening shows on BBC1. A promo here from February 1983, back when Last of the Summer Wine was still only the young age of 10.

ITV (CJ Mahony) - 2019

Ident 5 from CJ Mahony first aired into the 7pm junction on the 8th (recording here from an overnight repeat). Featuring very brief and staged shots of the artist 'putting up' the work again, set to a different soundtrack, but otherwise very similar to ident 4.

Latest Additions - 08/04/2019

ITV (CJ Mahony) - 2019

The fourth ident from CJ Mahony features the artist placing some of the wall boards, before taking a walk around the work. As first aired into the 2pm junction on April 8th.

ITV (CJ Mahony) - 2019

CJ Mahony's third ITV Creates ident first aired into the 12.30 junction on April 8th, and features the art from different angles with a different audio track.

ITV (CJ Mahony) - 2019

The second ident from CJ Mahony first aired into the 10.30 junction, as has been common for the ITV Creates series. This time round featuring the art from various changing angles, with the lighting being moved across it.

ITV (CJ Mahony) - 2019

Week 15 of ITV Creates began at 6am on April 8th with work by CJ Mahony. This time the ITV logo is made up of large wall boards viewed from above.

Latest Additions - 07/04/2019

DMAX Germany (Game-Tipp) - 2019

A common practice among German broadcasters is to shore up channel income with spin-off gaming, which can then be promoted during airtime. Listed as a 'Game Tipp', the spot here is essentially a DMAX branded commercial for a particular simulator with a loose show tie-in.

BBC Four (Satisfying) - 2019

Although 5 'satisfying' idents were produced for the Born Digital season, only 4 actually aired during it. The fifth finally appeared a few weeks later at the start of April instead, with any references subsequently talking about it only describing them as 'satisfying' now. This one features another block of (presumably) sand being sliced. With the batch of idents being so generic in nature and making no real reference to the season they'd come with, it was little surprise that they were kept in the rotation from March onwards, providing BBC Four with with a mini-refresh on the cheap.

DMAX Germany (Promo) - 2019

An example of the 2019 promo style for DMAX in Germany.

DMAX Germany (Survival - Long) - 2019

Computer rendered survival-themed objects appear in this long version of another DMAX Germany sting.

DMAX Germany (Garage Rehab) - 2019

Another DMAX Germany sting, this time based around the show Garage Rehab. Featuring some re-use of the object models from the generic motoring sting.

DMAX Germany (ECP) - 2019

The ECP style for DMAX Germany in 2019. Entirely graphical in nature here, without any continuity present.

DMAX Germany (Antiques) - 2019

Solely computer rendered objects and no people appear in this more generic 'antiques' based sting for DMAX.

DMAX Germany (Motoring - Long) - 2019

A longer version of the motoring sting for DMAX, with more computer-rendered objects appearing in the longer runtime.

DMAX Germany (Motoring - Short) - 2019

A shorter version of a generic motoring-based 'objects' sting for DMAX, without any particular shows or personalities featured.

DMAX Germany (Treehouse Masters) - 2019

The programme Treehouse Masters makes up the theme for another DMAX Germany sting.

Latest Additions - 06/04/2019

BBC Four (Night Driving) - 2019

A new ident from April 2019 featuring night time driving, used for a series of Saturday Night Dramas on BBC Four. Most of the initial announcements over this ident also include the tagline 'Enjoy The Trip'.

DMAX Germany (Alaskan Bush People - Long) - 2019

A longer formup version of the Alaskan Bush People sting for DMAX Germany. Beware those flying axes!

DMAX Germany (Steel Buddies) - 2019

Steel Buddies is the featured programme in this DMAX sting, with the star of the show and other engineering related items forming the channel logo.

DMAX Germany (Sheriff) - 2019

The Discovery-owned entertainment channel DMAX launched in Germany in September 2006, replacing the XXP channel that had been purchased that year. With a heavy slant towards adventure and motoring shows often produced by Discovery US and redubbed in among some homegrown fare, the channel has since been replicated in other markets due to the success in German speaking countries. Idents are rarely used for programming with the channel employing accelerated flow techniques around starting junctions, so channel branding relies on stings during internal breaks. In 2019 various lengths featured, with characters from shows or sometimes just general objects flying in a reverse explosion to form the DMAX logo. Each sting can be used with the words 'Werbung' overlaid for breaks or sometimes with the channel's tagline on the end.

DMAX Germany (Alaskan Bush People - Short) - 2019

Another sting for DMAX Germany, this time based around the show 'Alaskan Bush People'. Here featuring the 'Werbung' text overlaid as it leads into a break.

E4 (Adult Swim) - 2019

Stuffed animal toys in a gym for another Adult Swim Fridays sting. Shortly after launch of the strand on E4, the second black Adult Swim logo was moved to allow the insertion of an additional sponsorship message for Peperami.

Latest Additions - 05/04/2019

DMAX (Break End - Dark Blue) - 2019

End of break bumpers on DMAX have a twist over their start of break brethren in that they come complete with audio to match the logo animation. A dark blue variant here.


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