Latest Updates

Latest Additions - 04/12/2023

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2023

An example of the festive trailer endboard style for S4C for Christmas 2023, featured here on a decidedly unfestive programme promotion.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2023

One of the break bumpers to accompany S4C's Christmas 2023 package.

S4C - Christmas 2023

S4C's 2023 Christmas Presentation package launched on December 4th and following a recent pattern of flipping between animated and live action sequences each year, saw a return to animated sequences. Following a trend of many broadcasters, the idents this time reused an older package from a decade earlier with some minor updates and the newer S4C logo applied.

Latest Additions - 03/12/2023

Channel 4 (Positively Purple) - 2023

Another Channel 4 ident to remind you of how important their accessibility services and inclusion are as part of International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3rd 2023. Once again, let us just forget all about that Red Bee incident!

Dave (Message) - Christmas 2023

For Christmas 2023, Dave introduced festive messages before programmes throughout the month using their 'text' house style slides.

Latest Additions - 30/11/2023

Dave (Break - Squirrel) - 2023

A reminder from Dave that no one can avoid being distracted by a squirrel.

Dave (Break - Danger) - 2023

A very graphic-heavy break bumper from Dave to accurately depict Grave Danger!

Dave (Break - Binge) - 2023

Dave gives their unique take on binge watching in another break bumper introduced from October 2023.

Dave (Break - Clouds) - 2023

The Dave bumper writers have their heads in the clouds in this one.

Latest Additions - 29/11/2023

Dave (Break - Bonfire 5) - 2023

Another break bumper for Bonfire Night 2023, this time at the shorter run length due to the shorter amount of text present.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 4) - 2023

A helpful PSA from Dave around the importance of not throwing things on bonfires.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 3) - 2023

Observations on fireworks in another special Bonfire Night 2023 break bumper.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 2) - 2023

Another Bonfire Night bumper, this time talking about the all-female alternative story of the Gunpowder Plot.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 1) - 2023

For Bonfire Night 2023, some special bumpers were added in. These were of a plain textual nature, with no graphics included as had been done for Halloween.

Latest Additions - 28/11/2023

Dave (Break - Birthday) - 2023

With birthday invision continuity being long gone, there has to be some place a birthday greeting could be fitted in to the modern TV channel.

Dave (Break - Scratch) - 2023

You would have to be above a certain age to remember the shortlived scratch and sniff TV fad of the 90s. But thankfully someone at Dave is clearly of that age!

Dave (Break - Pong) - 2023

In a bumper harking back to one which had appeared in the previous package too, the Dave logo bounces around the screen like a game of Pong. Also making for a rare bumper from the channel that continues animating throughout the entire sequence.

Dave (Break - Tea) - 2023

In case you ever needed a reminder you can put the kettle on during breaks, Dave has you covered. Though I'm not sure I'd ever want a cup of tea that was quite that shade of orange!

Dave (Break - Snacks) - 2023

A fullscreen snack background appears in this break bumper just to remind you you could be getting snacks yourself.

Latest Additions - 27/11/2023

Dave (Break - Attachment) - 2023

Another more graphical bumper, this time using email attachments as the topic.

Dave (Break - Observation) - 2023

Everything is getting a bit meta around the topic of observational comedy.

Dave (Break - Money) - 2023

Dave makes an offer that's nearly too good to be true in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Dentists) - 2023

How many dentists does it take to recommend a TV Channel?

Dave (Break - Lobster) - 2023

Someone at Dave needs to get rid of a lobster quickly in this bumper.

Latest Additions - 26/11/2023

Dave (Break - Ad-Free) - 2023

An Ad-Free space - just the sort of thing to sit nicely between the channel pres and the ads.

Latest Additions - 18/11/2023

Dave (Break - Catfish) - 2023

Dave casually reminding us that even catfish need love sometimes in another 2023 break bumper.

Latest Additions - 17/11/2023

Dave (Break - Accountant) - 2023

Another break bumper from Dave, this time hypothesising if they were an accountant.

Dave (Break - Bed) - 2023

Views on beds are made known in another Dave break bumper, introduced from November 2023.

Latest Additions - 14/11/2023

Sprite - 1990

From an era where The Coca Cola Company were promoting all their drinks brands in the UK using heavily Americanised adverts comes one for their lemon and lime Sprite drink.

Latest Additions - 12/11/2023

Channel 4 (Happy Diwali) - 2023

Slightly less effort from Channel 4 for their refreshed Diwali ident, now consisting of a single transition screen before sitting out the remainder of the ident on a static text caption.

Latest Additions - 10/11/2023

Dave (Break - Running) - 2023

Competitiveness, Dave-style in this bumper.

Dave (Break - Help) - 2023

A cry for help in another Dave break bumper from Autumn 2023.

Latest Additions - 09/11/2023

Dave (Break - Jokes) - 2023

Lined paper features in a very self-aware bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Bass) - 2023

Use of images in the foreground rather than the background features in this Dave bumper.

Latest Additions - 08/11/2023

Dave (Break - Channel of the Year) - 2023

After the very brief appearance of a plainer 'Channel of the Year' bumper a few months earlier, a cleverer take on this was reintroduced with the new Autumn break bumper collection.

Dave (Break - Riveting) - 2023

A witty pun on riveting in this Dave break bumper.

Latest Additions - 07/11/2023

Dave (Break - Banana) - 2023

Continuing the food theme with a banana-based break bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Cheese) - 2023

A more general break bumper for Dave, introduced from the start of November 2023. This time talking about cheese.

Latest Additions - 01/11/2023

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

In this break bumper, Dave helps you spot a witch.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Another longer halloween breakbumper from Dave for 2023, this time providing skeleton advice.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

More clever wordplay about in this halloween bumper from Dave.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Advice around ghosting from Dave in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

A pumpkin background is used on this halloween 2023 bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Another break bumper/sting from Dave for Halloween 2023, this time running shorter. The length of each is varied based upon how much text needs to be read.

Latest Additions - 31/10/2023

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Another Halloween 2023 break bumper, this time focusing on the first people dressing up as ghosts.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

From October 2023, Dave began reintroducing their topical break bumpers for more regular occasions, harking back to what had been done in the previous presentation package. Here one of several bumpers for Halloween 2023.

Latest Additions - 25/10/2023

Channel 4 (Black and Proud) - 2023

The refresh to the overall channel saw updates made to the special 'Black and Proud' ident for Channel 4 used during Black History Month in October 2023.

Latest Additions - 13/10/2023

Dave (Outsiders) - 2023

On October 11th, the third series of their Dave's 'Definitely-Not-Taskmaster' series Outsiders began airing on the channel, with a special ident to mark the occasion.

Latest Additions - 06/10/2023

ITV1 (Cityscape/Skyline - Big Brother) - 2023

The Skyline ident for ITV1 is also adapted with the eye device in order to promote the return of Big Brother on ITV2.

ITV1 (Break - Big Brother) - 2023

To promote the return of Big Brother to ITV2, special presentation was introduced across multiple channels in the ITV family. A special break bumper for ITV1 here.

Latest Additions - 27/09/2023

BBC Weather - 2000

Severe weather warnings abound and a small slip up with the day in this forecast from Helen Willetts in 2000.

Latest Additions - 22/09/2023

On Digital - 1999

Under the original name for the failed pay digital terrestrial television outlet, On Digital advertises the football you can have access to back in 1999.

Latest Additions - 17/09/2023

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1997

A promo for Channel 4's offbeat late night sports show 'Under the Moon', aired in 1997. People were encouraged to phone in during the late night show aired after midnight, so the trailer here gives a teaser of some of the upcoming topics for that evening.

Latest Additions - 11/09/2023

CITV (Website Promo) - 2004

A promotion for the CITV website in 2004 which by this point was still operating largely independent of the rest of the ITV site, other than for the change to move it onto the domain.

Latest Additions - 29/08/2023

Fairy Liquid - 1989

Almost as revolutionary as when Tetley made their teabags round, Fairy have introduced a revolutionary new cap in 1989. All those hours wasted carefully cleaning your washing up liquid bottle are now a thing of the past!

Latest Additions - 20/08/2023

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

The fourth special sting put out after the Women's World Cup Final makes a point about how it could have been much worse!

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

A third special break sting used in primetime following the Women's World Cup Final match on Sunday August 20th.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

Another special sting used following the Women's World Cup Final match on Sunday August 20th.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

More text-based stings/bumpers had been created to cover both outcomes of the World Cup Final match on Sunday August 20th. With Spain ultimately coming out on top over England in the match, the appropriate consolation series were added in to breaks within the evening schedule on the channel.

Dave (Football - Women's World Cup) - 2023

As well as special idents and continuity throughout prime time on Saturday 19th, the 10am and 11am junctions on Sunday 20th August received similar treatment to continue the build up to the Women's World Cup, which was due to kick off at 11am UK time. This made for a rare playout of idents with continuity during daytime hours on Dave.

Latest Additions - 19/08/2023

Dave (Football - Women's World Cup) - 2023

Following on from the bumper earlier in the week, on Saturday August 19th on the eve of the final, Dave expanded their special presentation to mark the England Women's team making it to the World Cup Final. This time round the usual 'football' ident had been re-edited, with bespoke continuity links recorded to reference the upcoming event.

Latest Additions - 16/08/2023

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

In another example of a topical break bumper for Dave, a bumper was added in on the channel at short notice on August 16th 2023 to mark England's Women's World Cup Team winning over Australia earlier in the day and making it through to the final of the tournament.

Latest Additions - 14/08/2023

Fairy Liquid - 1990

From an unusually long-lasting era where huge groups of schoolchildren and squeaky plates were seen as the best way to advertise how long washing liquid could last, Fairy brings out another one showing how far a bottle stretches.

Latest Additions - 05/08/2023

BBC News (Late) - 1990

A late bulletin from the BBC in 1990, now under the 'transmitting tower' era of titles, with Martyn Lewis presenting.

Latest Additions - 28/07/2023

Yesterday (Break - Originals) - 2023

Another break bumper from summer 2023, this time using shots from Joanna Lumley's Japan.

Latest Additions - 27/07/2023

Yesterday (Break - Originals) - 2023

Abandoned Engineering features on this break bumper from the 'See Where Curiosity Can Take You' package for Yesterday.

Latest Additions - 25/07/2023

Yesterday (Break - Originals) - 2023

Another Yesterday bumper based off the 'See Where Curiosity Can Take You' originals promo. This time 'How To Build a Motor Car' is the programme featured.

Latest Additions - 24/07/2023

Yesterday (Break - Originals) - 2023

Another break bumper from Summer 2023, this time using another UKTV Original 'Hornby: A Model World'.

Latest Additions - 23/07/2023

Yesterday (Break - Originals) - 2023

Another break bumper from the 'See Where Curiosity' batch, this time based off Reto Electro Workshop.

Yesterday (Break - Originals) - 2023

The 'See Where Curiosity' promo was also cut into smaller segments to make break bumpers for use on Yesterday in summer 2023. A bumper based around 'Secrets of the London Underground' here.

Yesterday (Promo - Originals) - 2023

A summer 2023 promo from Yesterday designed to showcase the channel's original programming through the use of the tagline 'See Where Curiousity Can Take You'.

Latest Additions - 17/07/2023

Dave (Break - Schitt's Creek) - 2023

To mark the coming of Canadian sitcom 'Schitt's Creek' to Dave from July 17th, UKTV revisited their occasionally seen practice of adapting the channel name to 'David', as part of a phrase referencing one of the characters in the show. This appeared in countdown break bumpers on the channel running up to the first airdate.

Latest Additions - 09/07/2023

Dave (Channel of the Year Sting) - 2023

Following the awarding of 'Channel of the Year' to Dave in the Broadcast Awards in July 2023, UKTV decided to eschew the habit many channels have followed of crudely slapping the accolade in text over their existing idents or stings. Instead a dedicated short sting in the house style was added into the mix on the channel.

Latest Additions - 06/07/2023

Channel 4 (System) - 2023

Warehouses and elephants are some of the films to feature in this ident.

Latest Additions - 01/07/2023

Channel 4 (Identity) - 2023

Throwbacks to the original coloured blocks of 4 in a shop feature alongside crashing kitchen supplies in this ident.

Latest Additions - 29/06/2023

Channel 4 (Love) - 2023

Life, love and death feature in this sequence, with teenagers, funerals, butterflies and a collapsing box around the 4 logo.

Latest Additions - 24/06/2023

Channel 4 (6pm Last Junction) - 2023

The final junction with the giant blockman idents aired at 6.30pm into Hollyoaks, leading to a somewhat jarring announcement followed by the obligatory serious content warning.

Channel 4 (6pm Second to Last Junction) - 2023

The full ident set finally rolled out on Channel 4 on June 14th, marking the end of the 'blockman' idents at the same time. Throughout the day, Channel 4 made repeated references to the impending rebrand and the end of the 'giant' idents. The second to last junction into The Simpsons at 6pm on June 14th here.

Latest Additions - 17/06/2023

Channel 4 (The Land) - 2023

The new idents finally launched at 7pm on June 14th with a stunningly visual if somewhat pretentiously narrated extended film. Each consisted of various scenes shown within the cube block of the '4' as a camera pans round to move on to the next scene. In theory these scenes could be mixed together in different orders to create an almost infinite array of ident sequences appropriate to different programmes or junction lengths, however in reality at launch only 5 predefined edits were put together. Burning forests, crashing oceans and global warming feature in this ident.

Latest Additions - 13/06/2023

Carlsberg - 1990

An exciting courtroom location makes up the setting for this Carlsberg advert, one of many playing on the famous "Probably The Best Lager In The World" slogan.... albeit very loosely.

Latest Additions - 05/06/2023

Channel 4 (Pride) - 2023

With the dropping of the 'blocks' animation style, special idents for Channel 4 had to take on a new style too. And inkeeping with the channel's long-running indecisiveness over whether to feature their logo or not, the first such idents featured the square style design, but without any 4 logo present in the foreground (though plenty of room for them to add obligatory hashtags). For the start of Pride Month in June 2023, an updated Pride ident for the channel began airing in this style.

Latest Additions - 29/05/2023

Smarties - 1991

One of several 'Only Smarties Have The Answer' adverts using early CGI from the early 90s. In this version, you're encouraged to apply for some really cool shades. You could get them absolutely free, for only 20p + 8 tokens from buying packs of Smarties. Bargain!

Latest Additions - 24/05/2023

Channel 4 (Menu) - 2023

The piecemeal refresh continued throughout May, with End Credit Promotions and standalone next pointers receiving the refreshed 'colour' look from May 24th 2023. An example of a full screen menu pointer, as used from that date.

Latest Additions - 20/05/2023

Access - 1988

Access Card in 1988 promotes their use in international markets, as part of the attempt to grow the Mastercard name some years before it would take over globally.

Latest Additions - 15/05/2023

Dave (Mental Health Awareness Week) - 2023

Dave brings out their serious ident in May 2023 for a two-headed continuity link from two of the channel announcers focused around Mental Health Awareness Week.

Latest Additions - 09/05/2023

Channel 4 (Streaming) - 2023

Within a few days in May 2023 an additional ident had appeared from Channel 4, further pushing their streaming service.

Latest Additions - 05/05/2023

BBC News Channel (Countdown) - 2023

Another variation of the BBC News Channel countdown from after the 2023 refresh and merger.

Latest Additions - 03/05/2023

Channel 4 - 2023

Later on May 3rd 2023 a refreshed version of the generic coloured ident that had first appeared in November also came into use alongside the 'block man' idents. The main 4 numeral was now recoloured in the same lime green to match other presentational elements, with tweaked acoustics.

Channel 4 (Promo) - 2023

Following on from the soft-launched ident and break bumpers in November 2022, in May 2023 further elements of this brand refresh were rolled out. The refreshed promo style, used from May 3rd 2023 and pushing streaming first with the broadcast showings secondary. Wording on promos for other Channel 4 owned channels was updated on the same day.

Latest Additions - 02/05/2023

Legal & General - 1990

Legal and General in 1990 showing everyong just how easy it easy to grow your own umbrellas. Never again must you spend a pound at Poundland!

Latest Additions - 30/04/2023

BBC News Channel (Countdown) - 2023

In April 2023, following a month of 'soft' trials, the BBC News Channel in its original form was replaced by a single channel showing a rebranded version of the international BBC World channel with a small number of UK optouts for large stories. As part of this, both channels were rebranded as 'BBC News' with a clunky rollout of the Chameleon graphics. The same countdown sequences continued to be used just now with refreshed graphics overlaid.

Latest Additions - 23/04/2023

Dave (Earth Day) - 2023 - 2023

To mark Earth Day 2023, UKTV spared no expense putting together special presentation to encourage people to switch off the lights and help reduce their carbon footprint. The Dave logo appears against a plain white background, before changing to a dark background midway through to emphasise watching TV in the dark. Of course, the savings from switching off that 5w LED bulb most people now have versus the savings from switching off the 60w+ TV which would have been showing Dave at the time has had to be glossed over somewhat for commercial reasons...

Latest Additions - 10/04/2023

S4C (Y Swn) - 2023

Following on from S4C's 40th birthday at the end of 2022, in April 2023 a special film Y Sŵn was aired - a film drama about the struggle to found a Welsh Language channel. To mark the occasion, this time round S4C put out special presentation throughout Sunday 9th April day based off their original launch identity from 1982.

Latest Additions - 05/04/2023

BBC Four (Digital Promo) - 2004

One of the many more general digital promos the BBC aired in the early 2000s to promote their digital channels, this time with a particular focus on BBC Four. And in a novel twist, someone has decided using cuddly toy monkeys to advertise digital telly would be a great new idea.

Latest Additions - 31/03/2023

CBeebies (Sting) - 2023

A third promotional sting for CBeebies, this time featuring characters from the Austrilian animation Bluey.

Latest Additions - 30/03/2023

CBeebies (Sting) - 2023

Another short CBeebies sting or blip, this time promoting Hey Duggee on the channel.

Latest Additions - 29/03/2023

CBeebies (Sting) - 2023

The main short linking sting or 'blip' used during junctions on CBeebies from the 2023 rebrand onwards.

Latest Additions - 28/03/2023

CBeebies (Promo) - 2023

An example of the new promo style for CBeebies, showing both how the blobs are used during promotion of shows with a timeslot, before the blobs take on the normal job of the BBC blocks by morphing into the iplayer logo at the end.

Latest Additions - 27/03/2023

CBeebies - 2023

A third CBeebies animation, this time promoting the fact it was a Wednesday.

Latest Additions - 26/03/2023

CBeebies - 2023

Another animation with the 2023 CBeebies blobs, this time including the tagline 'Discover and Do'.


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