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~ Latest Updates ~

This page contains a list of all the latest clips added to the website in one easy to find location.

Latest Additions - 18/10/2017

4Music (Mug) - 2017

Stirring a mug of eyes whilst a cat fires lasers in for this 4Music ident from the 2015 package. Hey, I just write the description - I don't choreograph these things!

Latest Additions - 17/10/2017

4Music (Sandwich) - 2017

Idents from the 2015 package consisted of a mix of live action and video graphics. In this one a man makes a sandwich out of some tasty creatures. These idents were to last until September 2017.

Latest Additions - 12/10/2017

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

An evening of special continuity from Kunal Nayyar (known onscreen as Raj in the show) on E4 in order to mark the start of the 11th season of The Big Bang Theory in the UK on October 12th 2017. After a regular menu for the evening, a quick Q&A session starts over the café ident.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

Kunal Nayyar (Raj from The Big Bang Theory) in another link for E4 over the Café ident again.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

A third link from Kunal Nayyar (Raj) to mark the start of The Big Bang Theory Season 11, this time over the Canal ident.

E4 (Big Bang Theory Continuity) - 2017

Kunal Nayyar again providing the full link over the E4 Hill Walking ident, to mark the start of a new season of The Big Bang Theory.

Latest Additions - 11/10/2017

BBC One (Pudding) - Christmas 2016

Whilst BBC Two saw rehashes of previous years as expected, the idents for Christmas 2016 on BBC One were a bit of a mix and marked the end of the 'circles' package for the channel after 10 years. 4 main idents were introduced to air throughout December all with a loose circular object or theme, whilst on Christmas Day itself programmes were instead introduced by specially recorded groups of people to mark 'Oneness' - in a semi-preview of what was to follow for the whole of 2017. This particular main ident from December focusses on a Christmas Pudding.

Latest Additions - 09/10/2017

ITV (Kitchen) - Christmas 2016

Preparing a nice christmas dinner in the kitchen for this ITV christmas ident, aired in 2016 here.

ITV (Merry Go Round) - Christmas 2016

Christmas idents on ITV have been recycled each year since 2013, with some additions to the set in 2014. This particular variant as aired in 2016 features several Santas on a Merry Go Round.

Latest Additions - 07/10/2017

Film4 (Staircase - Chase) - 2017

Another staircase ident, this time with a chase going on up the stairs as the whole scene slowly rotates - logo included.

Film4 (Lodge - Hunter) - 2017

A third variant of the lodge/motel ident, this time with guns pictured and a man sitting in the chair on the right.

Film4 (Forest - Camp) - 2017

A third forest ident. It's daytime in this variant with some camping going on. Some of the same red balloons from the staircase ident also make a sneaky cameo.

Latest Additions - 06/10/2017

Film4 (Corridor - Paranormal) - 2017

A corridor in a hotel acts as the setting for this Film4 ident. And in this particular variant, some supernatural happenings can be witnessed with lights flashing on and off and room doors flying open.

Film4 (Lodge - Shower) - 2017

In this variant of the lodge ident, what can only be assumed to be the same woman can now be seen behind a shower curtain in the bathroom.

Film4 (Gas Station - Children) - 2017

A gas station features in this Film4 ident, and in this particular variant a group of children on bikes pop by. Probably planning to use one of those free tyre airpumps if they're anything like me!

Film4 (Staircase - Balloon) - 2017

A view up a large staircase for this ident, and in this variant a balloon floats up the middle.

Film4 (Lodge - Woman) - 2017

A hunting lodge/motel (depending on point of view) in this set of idents. In this first variant, a woman is sat on the edge of the bed getting dressed.

Film4 (Forest - Wolves) - 2017

A second variant of the forest ident. This time it's a bit lighter as wolves run past across the screen.

Film4 (Forest - Light) - 2017

Idents on Film4 from the 2014 package consist of scenes broken up by a screenroll as the Film4 logo forms, designed to look like a strip of film running. Most of the sequences then have different variations on how they end to increase the total number available in the package. This one features a forest scene, set at night and ending with a mysterious light floating around.

Film4 (Welcome) - 2017

To start each day on Film4, and delineate between the channel's proper airtime and the filler Teleshopping that is used in the channel space overnight, a short welcome sting is aired.

Film4 (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style for Film4, complete with red endboard.

Film4 (Menu) - 2017

Before each film on Film4, a short rundown menu showing other things in the day's schedule is aired. Looking like a parallax website design circa 2014, the screen slides vertically between still images from the various upcoming films and the signature red screens of Film4's graphics package.

Latest Additions - 05/10/2017

5USA - 2017

A third ident for 5USA, this time featuring Monument Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge.

5USA (ECP) - 2017

The End Credit Promotion style for 5USA sees the credits shrunk to the bottom of the screen (with lots of black space left) and a large graphic placed at the top.

5USA (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style on 5USA. Promotions usually feature large text, with the 5USA logo falling on at the end. This particular example also contains an add-on for the My5 ondemand service.

5USA (Break) - 2017

Break bumpers consist of different solid colour graphic versions of the 5USA logo. Blue and Purple being used here.

5USA - 2017

Scenes from Las Vegas appear in this 5USA ident.

5USA - 2017

For the 2016 corporate rebrand, a new logo and new idents were introduced to 5USA. Three idents were brought in, all consisting of various scenes from an American location mixed together. The Statue Of Liberty, Police and Train Tracks appear in this one.

Latest Additions - 04/10/2017

5Star (Tunnel) - 2017

The third main ident from the launch set for 5Star features light being projected off the walls of a tunnel, as people go about their everyday business.

5Star (Hotel) - 2017

Light is projected onto the walls of a hotel in this 5Star ident. Everyone can relate to hotels, right?

5Star (ECP) - 2017

The End Credit Promotion style on 5Star follows a similar graphic style to the trailer endboards with shapes over a grey background.

5Star (Promo) - 2017

The promotional style for 5Star features coloured shapes against a grey background.

5Star (Drums) - 2017

As part of the overall rebrand for the Channel 5 family in February 2016, new presentation was added to the channel and the name was tweaked again from 5* to 5STAR. Each ident features a scene with shapes projected in coloured light against various surfaces. A man playing some drums on the street features in this one.

Latest Additions - 02/10/2017

My5 (Blue) - 2017

A second blue version, this time with pieces lighting up as they collide with other pieces in the background.

My5 (Yellow) - 2017

The other yellow variant of the ident with the logo pieces colliding. Same announcement again though!

My5 (Yellow) - 2017

The 'stream' version of the My5 ident, this time in Yellow. Complete with a very generic daytime announcement.

My5 (Promo - Yellow) - 2017

Another trailer, somewhat predictably using Yellow graphics this time.

My5 (Promo - Blue) - 2017

An example of the My5 trailer style promoting several shows with graphics and endboard in blue. Also providing an example of how branding both channel and ondemand content with the same name requires you to add 'TV' to the end of voiceovers.

My5 (Blue) - 2017

Presentation on My5 is quite light, with 2 cuts of the channel ident in both blue and yellow. In this blue version the pieces of the My5 logo in the background funnel slowly into a stream.

Latest Additions - 01/10/2017

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

James Argent runs his hand through his hair in another exciting E4 bumper for Celebs Go Dating.

Latest Additions - 30/09/2017

BBC Two (CBBC - Paint) - 2017

Welcoming live Saturday Morning Kids TV back to the BBC with a classic. BBC Two's paint ident reappears to introduce the show on BBC Two on September 30th 2017, complete with some recolouring in the CBBC signature colours.

Latest Additions - 26/09/2017

BBC One (Skaters) - 2017

In March, Skaters was introduced, featuring a load of people roller dancing.

Latest Additions - 20/09/2017

ITV (Break - Corrie) - 2017

To mark the introduction of a sixth weekly episode in September 2017, the regular ITV break bumpers saw some special Coronation Street theming throughout the day. The logos fade in and out as usual, only this time over shots from the street. Audrey's Salon features in this into-break bumper.

ITV (Break End - Corrie) - 2017

Another end of break Corrie themed bumper, this time showing a shot of the famous street sign.

ITV (Break - Corrie) - 2017

The doorway to number 8 in this into break Corrie bumper.

ITV (Break End - Corrie) - 2017

Another end of break Corrie bumper, showing a back street shot.

ITV (Break - Corrie) - 2017

Another into break bumper, this time featuring the exterior of number 9.

ITV (Break End - Corrie) - 2017

A Corrie themed end of break bumper, with the ITV logo forming up over the doors to The Rovers Return.

Latest Additions - 15/09/2017

BBC Four - Christmas 2016

After 10 years of the same single Christmas ident with only minor tweaks to the centre logo, a second one was added to the BBC Four set for Christmas 2015 featuring reindeer walking through a snowy woodland, brought in to mark a special programme airing on the channel that year. This has similarly seen the centre logo tweaked in the years it's aired since with this example from 2016.

Latest Additions - 13/09/2017

Dave (UKTV Original Production) - 2017

A new production sting was introduced to the UKTV Network from September 2017, inplace of the previous teal themed animation. Still used to lead into original productions for UKTV channels.

Dave (Golf - Car) - 2017

A golf buggy with a difference from Dave. At least if that car is there, it's not getting any parking tickets!

Latest Additions - 12/09/2017

E4 (Advertising Premiere) - 2017

A short sting used to introduce an advertising premiere on E4 in September 2017. Similar to how they sell advert premieres on the main Channel 4, during big shows (by E4 standards), they'll sometimes push a special premiere of an advertising campaign - here for Visit Scotland.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

Sarah-Jane Crawford in this Celebs Go Dating breakbumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2017

Another Celebs Go Dating bumper, this time featuring Charlotte Dawson.

4seven (Allotment) - 2017

Long before BBC One would think of it, 4seven are doing idents set on allotments.

4seven (Motorway) - 2017

Getting lost in a huge motorway junction for this ident.

4seven (Pool) - 2017

Just an everyday swimming pool with a right angle in it features in this 4seven ident.

4seven (Break) - 2017

A much darker break bumper for 4seven, as we're in to the late night shift on the channel.

4seven (Break) - 2017

Another one from the afternoon, with the 7 opening up somewhat.

4seven (Break) - 2017

A different angle and rotation for another break bumper.