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This page contains a list of all the latest clips added to the website in one easy to find location.

Latest Additions - 22/04/2017

Oracle - 4/10/1990

The ITV Oracle service from October 1990. The IBA engineering pages contain details of the Tyne Tees Nicam Stereo service due to launch from Pontop Pike at the end of that month. Meanwhile there's more accusations flying round in the teletext-based soap Park Avenue, and in the news it is announced that British Rail fares are due to go up on average by 9.5% from January - just incase anyone ever tells you prices have only increased by huge amounts since privatisation.

Latest Additions - 13/04/2017

Uptons - 1992

Grotty projector slides still in use at TTTV in 92 for a local ad, just to give us that warm cosy feeling that despite advances in technology and all the corporate changes behind the scenes, some things with Tyne Tees remain the same.

Shredded Wheat - 1992

The late Brian Clough starring in one of a series of adverts for cereal Shredded Wheat that ran throughout the 80s and 90s.

Lenor - 1992

Why smaller sometimes means better (an argument I have tried to make on many occasions). Indeed they could almost have labelled the new bottle of Lenor 'Fun Size'.

Lemsip - 1992

Set to the song Goodnight Sweetheart by The Spaniels, Lemsip promote their new nighttime remedy in 1992.

Latest Additions - 12/04/2017

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1992

John Virgo stars in this 1992 advert for KFC (still titled Kentucky Fried Chicken at this point), promoting their new Hot Shots range.

Hardisty Cycles - 1992

Hardisty Cycles were a small but successful family-run chain across the North East for many years, before finally closing in the early 2000s. Their jingle, used on both television and radio for years, was so well-known it became synonymous with bikes in the region.

Galaxy - 1992

An advert from 1992 for Galaxy, although the use of softened picture and shades of brown was consistent across their campaigns for so many years, it could have been picked from almost any year and still not looked out of place.

Fairy - 1992

One of the many ads from the days when Fairy still used its famous white bottle, and when promoting washing up liquid as being good to your hands still worked as a marketing slogan.

Ever Ready Gold Seal - 1992

From 1992, and the now discontinued Ever Ready Gold Seal line is advertised by the Forever Eddy story. A series of commercials extolling the virtues of how long the brand lasts.

Latest Additions - 01/04/2017

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 1996

HTV's Christmas 1996 presentation featured stop-motion popup books, quite rare to see in the 90s era of glossy 3D rendered graphics. Here it is seen leading in to a rundown promo for Christmas Day shows, with some of the most realistic snow effects ever seen (which do play havoc with less than perfect reception).

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 1996

The HTV Christmas 1996 popup style applied to a promotion for a Boxing Day Lee Evans show this time round.

HTV (Next) - Christmas 1996

From the HTV Christmas 1996 package, a slide telling us what's coming up next.

Teletext/C3NE Text - 31/3/1997

From very early morning on the 31st March 1997, less than 12 hours after the launch of Channel 5. As such quite a few of the pages are referencing the launch, as well as most of the launch night schedule being listed. As a critic, naturally Sam Brady already thinks the new channel is the worst thing ever, and see if you can spot the pages where Teletext haven't yet updated all of their adverts now that they cover 5 channels. Other news covered in this era involves a feature on the last British Rail trains running as the final franchise begins, and run up to the upcoming election.

Latest Additions - 30/03/2017

ITN (Short Bulletin - C5 Launch) - 1997

Just hours after Channel 5 launches, an ITN short update bulletin from overnight ITV on 31/3/1997. During the bulletin, Tim Willcox gives a very brief nod to the new station launched the previous evening. Check the accompanying Teletext service for some more views around the launch.

Latest Additions - 28/03/2017

HTV (Drama) - 1996

An HTV 'Drama' themed programme-genre ident from 1996. This was one of several idents from the mid 90s which broke from just the regular HTV logo to highlight different types of programming. Here it is used into an airing of Heartbeat.

Teletext/HTV West Text - 22/12/1996

Nearly Christmas 1996 from the HTV West region, with even the rather sparse local ancillary service making an unusual effort to festively style up their text pages. News stories of the day involve the Spice Girls winning the Christmas Number 1 spot for that year, and talk of how there'd be no blank cheque for a mooted 'Millenium Dome' exhibition at Greenwich.

Latest Additions - 05/03/2017

HTV - Christmas 2000

Christmas 2000 on HTV saw a festive addition to presentation. The end of 1999 had seen HTV adopt the original set of ITV hearts idents that had been taken on by many of the other non-Carlton regions. For Christmas 2000, a small adaption was made to the regular lines formup to add in the clockwork robin that had already been seen in use on the network trailer style for that year, as well as reintroducing a remixed version of the hearts jingle that had first been used on HTV the previous Christmas.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 2000

An alternative trailer with a different festive opening animation, and no use of the standard hearts endboard.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 2000

From Christmas 2000, the main promotional style for ITV that year featured a clockwork robin hopping around in various guises. The HTV logo continued to be overlaid over the ITV one on trailers, albeit with the colours now reversed to yellow on blue.

Latest Additions - 28/01/2017

Meridian - 1998

Meridian Television, from overnight 1998. The main ident of the time, just with a slight switching glitch present this time.

Meridian (Promo) - 1998

Another Meridian promotion from late 1998. No hearts endboard this time, but still with the Meridian logo overlaid in the top left.

Meridian (Promo) - 1998

Meridian's promotional style from late 1998 had adopted the new ITV hearts branding, just with the Meridian logo overlaid in the top left. Here a promotion for the latest series of STV production, Taggart.

Meridian Break - 1998

A brief flash of the Meridian breakbumper from 1998.

Meridian - 1998

No visual glitching on this Meridian ident, along with some actual continuity. Pre-recorded, but it was much rarer to hear in the overnight slots so we'll take whatever we can get.

Latest Additions - 14/01/2017

Teletext (South) - 8/10/1998

Teletext Ltd's service from the Meridian region of the country in 1998. The coming of the internet is showing up more prominently on the ITV text service now with both website addresses and contact methods updated to include emails. Alongside this growth, advertising is already looking harder to make work with ever larger amounts of space taken up for advertising on the text service. News stories of the day include floods of complaints over a proposed takeover of Manchester United by BSkyB, talk on EU funding rebates, and a variety of sections across the service looking back at the The Bill actor Kevin Lloyd as the coroner releases his verdict around the death earlier in 1998. Also don't miss a section on Page 382 for a company called 'Blockbuster Video'.

Latest Additions - 30/12/2016

BBC - Perfect Day - Christmas 1998

Originally produced in 1997, the Perfect Day film was put together to celebrate the diverse range of music produced by the BBC under their licence fee charter. A whole host of musical personalities appeared for only a minimal fee to take turns covering Lou Reed's song. The film was so popular that is resulted in a charity release for Children In Need, and continued to be shown for a considerable time afterwards - this slightly wintery version airing coming in during Christmas 1998. Several of those featured have passed away in the years since, including Lou Reed himself, however to this day the film remains one of the corporation's better remembered short pieces.

Latest Additions - 29/12/2016

Teletext on 3 - 18/3/1993

Moving on another month into March 1993, and the ITV service is getting closer to Teletext as most remember it. The homepage header has gained some blue, and the sections for Digitiser, Bamboozle and the timed segments have all moved over to Channel 4 instead. Instead in the space, an expanded news service is now being provided. Alongside more regional pages, even down to the city level in some cases just to hammer home how regional it now is. Page 350 brings us news of a new 'Green' service launching at Easter, whilst the news services of the day are heavily covering the BBC Director General John Birt's tax affairs.

Latest Additions - 24/12/2016

News of the World - Christmas 1992

Long before phone-hacking scandals would see the end of the tabloid paper, Turkey is happy to have made it past another Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year's television.

Lunn Poly - Christmas 1992

An animated Santa hearing about the unbelievable Lunn Poly deals at the end of 1992. One of a long running series of adverts for Lunn Poly featuring the tagline 'Get Away'.

Debenhams - Christmas 1992

Snowman-style animation features in this wintery advert for the Debenhams Boxing Day sale from 1992. Using Sail On from the Commodores as backing music track.

British Airways - Christmas 1992

From Christmas 1992, and British Airways let everyone know how special they make people feel... and apparently how their staff are some sort of giant omnipotent Gods in the sky! All whilst showing considerably more shots of sailing boats than of any planes.

Latest Additions - 23/12/2016

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - Christmas 1992

A festive version of the then still quite new corporate grey Tyne Tees logo. It's the same as usual, just with some more akin-to-the-station cheap and cheerful snow overlaid over the top!

TTTV (In Vision) - Christmas 1992

The invision studio for the first Christmas under Yorkshire Television's ownership took on elements from the general christmas trailer style for that year. Bill Steel gives us a rundown of some of the Boxing Day shows that year, as well as reading out the birthday greetings, before leading us into a Disney film premiere.

Latest Additions - 20/12/2016

Teletext on 3 - 18/2/1993

Continuing further into February 1993 and more pages from the early days of Teletext Limited. This time it's overnight, so their night time pages are operating (caution: with some adult themes contained). As well as that, the news of the time is covering Manchester's bid to host the 2000 Olympics in great detail.

Latest Additions - 18/12/2016

Teletext on 3 - 3/2/1993

Launching from the 1st January 1993 was the replacement for the Oracle service, namely Teletext. The first few months of Teletext's operation saw a lot of experimentation and moving around of pages as the new service found it's feet. News coverage from early February 1993 features coverage of a U-Turn on planned cuts to the armed forces. Meanwhile services better known for being on Channel 4 such as Bamboozle and Digitizer can initially be found on 3 - they would last here for 3 months before moving channel. There were also sections of pages only available at certain hours of the day. At the time of this broadcast, 'Evening' is showing from Page 320. Tucked way in the 600s was a series of test pages for the new planned ancillary service. Provisionally named 'ITV+', it was never to launch under that name with the ITV regions going their own ways instead.

Latest Additions - 17/12/2016

Oracle - 26/12/1992

Continuing the Oracle goodbyes a few days later on Boxing Day. With more looking back at more television history, as well as more letters from the public telling us all how their lives will just never be the same again without Oracle. Never fear though - at least they're making sure everyone knows where they can still find JobFinder in the New Year!

Latest Additions - 16/12/2016

Oracle - 24/12/1992

Christmas 1992 was a mixed time for staff of the Oracle text service. As well as the usual mix of festive graphics and Christmas greetings, a lot of the writers were saying their goodbyes. What with Oracle's license to provide the service due to end a week later, there were no guarantees on what sections would make it to the new Teletext service or where they'd be placed.

Latest Additions - 14/12/2016

E4 (Timeless - Black and White) - 2016

Even further back into the depths of time for the 9pm junction, and this time it's an era of black and white filmstrips. With authentic period Twitter signage!

E4 (Timeless - In Colour) - 2016

In order to countdown to the launch of their new series Timeless, in December 2016 E4 gave their idents some retro treatment. From the 8.30 junction, and we're hovering around the late 60s/early 70s for the channel.

TTTV Promo - Christmas 1992

In late 1992, after the takeover by Yorkshire, Tyne Tees used the network branded trailers, but had their own starting branding added to them by the YTV team. This example from Christmas 1992 also has an added ending, resulting in a totally seamless mishmash of voiceovers throughout.

Latest Additions - 15/10/2016

Oracle - 21/11/1991

Prior to the loss of their franchise to Teletext Ltd in 1992, Oracle used to provide the text service for ITV and Channel 4. From the end of 1991 here, and the main story of the day is a call for a referendum on Britain's membership of Europe, as debate on the Maastricht treaty which would take the then EC into the new age of the EU rattles on.

Teletext/C3NE Text - 26/02/1997

From early 1997, pages from the national Teletext Ltd service and it's local North Eastern variations, as well as the ever popular Channel 3 North East ancillary service. The stories of the day are the privatisation of London Underground, A Touch of Frost smashing the ratings... oh and don't forget the Chatton and Kielder transmitters will be off the air tonight.

Latest Additions - 08/10/2016

Nighttime Next - 1991

Several slides promoting shows coming up on Night Time, but none of which align or seem to match how they've done fonts.

Nighttime Next - 1991

A tweaked and more polished looking style from later in 1991 to the next slides.

Nighttime Promo - 1991

Played many times to fill space in the junctions and showing clips from much better shows than they usually tended to air comes this promo from the Night Time service in 1991 promoting them as the 'Right Time'. Continuity would regularly be thrown over the end of this promotion before jumping in to the next programme.

Nighttime Break - 1991

As it was no easy task finding someone to spend money advertising in the dead-of-night slots, many of the programme breaks didn't show adverts. Nowadays they tend to be filled either by PIFs or general ITV Promotions, but in days of past a slide with music would be played out. The idea was that Granada would provide the musical interlude along with cuedots, and then the regions could overlay their ads over the feed, similar to how they had done for Channel 4 during the 80s. Tyne Tees abandoned selling adspace for a period in the early nineties, letting the raw feed play out in most cases. A bit of an upbeat track for this one, just to make sure you're still all awake.

Nighttime Break - 1991

Another 1991 breakfiller and it's a piano piece to help calm those nerves! Nerves their idents probably triggered in the first place.

Nighttime - 1991

A static version of the logo used as an ident again here. Granada were nothing if not inconsistent with their use of the presentation package on their overnight service.

Nighttime - 1991

Another variant of the Night Time 'cat' ident. This time we've lost the creepy eyes, but replaced it with what sounds like a voiceover from the cutting room floor of Knightmare.

Night Shift (Shorter) - 1993

A shorter version of the Night Shift ident from Yorkshire, this time with the ending 'Night Shift' logo missing and instead the name of the next programme shown. And it's in Stereo you know! The shared Night Shift service wasn't too last ultimately, with Yorkshire reverting to using the standard Tyne Tees or Yorkshire branding throughout the night in the mid nineties, a practice which continued through to 1998.

Night Shift - 1992

After Yorkshire took over in late 1992, Night Time disappeared from Tyne Tees screens, to be replaced by YTV's own dual region service 'Night Shift' - If nothing else, a slightly more original name, with a somewhat jollier ident than its predecessor. The Night Time service continued on Granada past this point.

Nighttime - 1991

A slightly later Night Time ident, which remained in use for the rest of the 'Night Time' era and well beyond Tyne Tees' taking of the service. What better way to help keep all those insomniacs awake a little longer too than showing a load of slightly possessed eyeshots!

TTTV (News Promo) - 1996

A preview of the upcoming news from Tyne Tees very early into New Year 1996. Also promoted was the 'Tonight' show, which used to run separately to the news until 1996, at which point a new combined news programme was introduced as part of the Channel 3 North East rebrand known as... 'North East Tonight'. Yes, the same creativity went into that name as everything else in the C3NE launch. The old 'Tonight' programme brand didn't die off completely however, as it continued on Yorkshire for a time.

ITV (Promo) - 1993

This advert is in the same style as the one above, only once again it's only branded as 'ITV' due to appearing in the Yorkshire Tyne Tees joint overnight service.

ITV (Promo) - 1992

A short promo from Tyne Tees in 1992... and although they still had the autonomy to add their own branding, Tyne Tees were happy to just use the promo they'd been supplied.

ITV (Promo) - Christmas 1992

From the same Christmas and another trailer in the same festive style, only this time the branding only refers to ITV rather than Tyne Tees. As Yorkshire fed out a single branded Night Shift service overnight during this era, trailers shown in the overnight slots would have the regional start and end replaced with a generic 'ITV' brand. Also of note, the entire trailer is based off The Darling Buds of May, which did have a Christmas Special on that year, but is not referenced at all in this particular trailer.

TTTV Advert - 1993

And here is a short advert from early 1993, showing the added Tyne Tees bit at the start.

Tyne Tees Community Link - 1993

The takeover of Tyne Tees by Yorkshire brought about changes to the PSAs. They now became known under the name 'Community Link', with a cold heartless look and 'jingle', presumably to match the cold and heartless ident package the station had now been given.

Tyne Tees - 1992

The 90s would be a very different age for Tyne Tees, following the bid process of the 1991 franchise round and changes in rules around the ITV network. Destined to soon lose their own choices over branding, this was one of three similar idents introduced by Tyne Tees after the Generic ITV look was dropped but retaining the same music. The first one in 1991 featured the same animation as this, but with a black background at the end. This was slightly changed in January 1992 to the multicoloured background shown here. In May, the ending logo was slightly changed again, this time to a blueish background, in what would be the final outing for the joined up lettering which had served the station well for so many years.