Latest Updates

Latest Additions - 30/03/2020

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - 2020

Barely a month into the new look, and a second broadcast award win saw a re-edit to the ident set for Channel 5. With no expense spared, two different sets of text now animate on and off the idents, albeit in a somewhat tidier manner than before. A dark green example here.

Latest Additions - 29/03/2020

Granada (Next) - Easter 1992

Some minor graphical tweaks to the next slide on Granada for Easter Sunday 1992.

Latest Additions - 28/03/2020

Granada - 1992

Presented here in full stereo from a NICAM broadcast, Granada's early 1992 stripe ident. Appropriately enough, with the NICAM legend present on the ident too. Aired on Easter Sunday 1992.

Latest Additions - 27/03/2020

Hammerite - 1992

Presented in NICAM stereo, the question to ask is 'Any old iron'? From the early 90s, this advert swiftly became embedded in the memories of the British public thanks to the catchy song to accompany it.

Latest Additions - 26/03/2020

Midland Bank - 1995

Midland Bank remind us what its like when you forget to sing during a karaoke in 1995. With an instrumental version of Rod Stewart's Maggie May playing as a fairly ungrateful brat moves out of his parental home.

Latest Additions - 25/03/2020

B&Q - 1995

A new logo, but 8 years on, and the same song for B&Q is still going. Different scenes make for a different set of lyrics this time round.

Latest Additions - 24/03/2020

Lloyds Bank - 1995

Another Tale of The Black Horse, and this time it's the legend of The Four Rings. A dying king sets a riddle for his two daughters which will lead them to untold riches.

Latest Additions - 23/03/2020

BBC1 (Olympics Promo) - 1992

Presented here in stereo, a trailer for the 1992 Winter Olympics on BBC1. Showing stylised graphics as part of the theme.

Latest Additions - 22/03/2020

BBC News (Late) - 1992

The BBC Nine O' Clock... ish... news from 1992. Although taken from a NICAM recording so with much clearer audio, stereo facilities don't appear to have filtered through to the news by early 1992.

Latest Additions - 21/03/2020

HTV (Next) - 1999

A similar style of next slide for HTV, just without the Christmas branding. During this era, genres of programming would appear on the slides too, here promoting news.

Latest Additions - 20/03/2020

Hellmann's Mayonnaise - 1999

It's one thing your dog being a bit flat. But you'd not want that it for your lunch. Luckily Hellmann's has you sorted!

Latest Additions - 19/03/2020

Kaliber - 1990

Billy Connolly appears in 1990 talking about his ball control. All to promote the alcohol-free lager Kaliber.

Latest Additions - 18/03/2020

BBC News Channel (Countdown) - 2020

A number-free version of the BBC News countdown. Featuring all the same footage just usually played out in a longer sequence and without the numerical countdown, this usually appears as a holding device to fill gaps where the news may not hit an exact top of the hour. Most commonly this is the case during specials simulcast with BBC One/Two. Here Simon McCoy introduces a special update on Coronavirus in March 2020.

Latest Additions - 17/03/2020

Diet Coke - 1995

One of the most famous Diet Coke adverts from 1995. A group of women take a 'Diet Coke Break' every day at 11.30 so that they can watch a workman remove his shirt.

Latest Additions - 16/03/2020

ITV (On The Mend & NHS Staff) - 2020

Ident 5 for the On The Mend batch, as first aired into the 5pm junction on March 16th 2020.

ITV (On The Mend & NHS Staff) - 2020

The fourth ident for the March 16th week first aired into the 4pm junction on the Monday. Complete with some slight audio glitching in the announcement.

ITV (On The Mend & NHS Staff) - 2020

Ident 3 from On The Mend and the NHS team first aired into the 3pm junction, showing lots of setup shots.

ITV (On The Mend & NHS Staff) - 2020

The second ident for the March 2020 ITV Creates, as first aired into the 2pm junction on 16th March.

ITV (On The Mend & NHS Staff) - 2020

Coming in the middle of a growing worldwide pandemic, March 2020's new ITV Creates celebrates work from On The Mend and NHS Staff showing the logo made up from (not real) body parts.

Latest Additions - 15/03/2020

Yorkshire (Next) - 1994

Bob Preedy again, this time with next continuity promoting the long running You've Been Framed, still in its Beadle days.

Latest Additions - 14/03/2020

Look North - 2000

The generic BBC News 'map' titles have arrived at BBC Yorkshire, but widescreen broadcasting is still a way off. What's the best way to fix this conundrum? Simple, just run the titles squashed anamorphicly! Helen Chéné presents a short bulletin, with the top headline being the 2000 fuel blockades coming to an end.

Latest Additions - 13/03/2020

Cadbury's Chocolate Milk - 1989

A jolly little number to advertise Cadbury's Chocolate Milk in the late 80s. One of the products from the Cadbury stable which ultimately didn't last in the market.

Latest Additions - 12/03/2020

Sky - 1990

Still fresh from the BSkyB merger earlier that month, Sky promote their subscription service with an advert for The World Masters snooker. Given what a killer part sport would play for the broadcaster in the following years, it's hard to remember a time where it was almost more of afterthought to their movies service.

Latest Additions - 11/03/2020

ITN (Evening News) - 1995

The Evening News from ITN, from 1995. Gone are the grand shots of the headquarter building or atrium in favour of a much more understated zoomed in shot of the studio itself.

Latest Additions - 10/03/2020

CITV (Engie Benji) - 2004

A simple programme-themed ident for CITV based around the animated show 'Engie Benji'.

Latest Additions - 09/03/2020

Channel 5 (Break - Light Green) - 2020

A silent variant of the new 2020 Channel 5 breakbumper, this time with the full numeral appearing onscreen in light green.

Latest Additions - 08/03/2020

Little Chef - 1995

Better times for the Little Chef chain in the mid-90s, as it was still a well known force in the service station market. Via various buyouts and mergers, the chain grew throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, even ending up a part of the Granada empire in the late 90s. However the 2000s were less kind. With the chain failing to modernise and losing the interest of their family audience, store numbers contracted and the group fell into administration more than once. Even a last ditch attempt to revive affairs with Heston Blumenthal wasn't enough, with the last remnants of the original chain disappearing in 2018.

Latest Additions - 07/03/2020

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Another Christmas 2019 promo using the CBBC 'cutout' style for that year. This time promoting parts of the website.

Latest Additions - 06/03/2020

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An extended amount of the 'cutout' Christmas 2019 theming is used in a promo for CBBC shows on BBC iPlayer.

Latest Additions - 05/03/2020

CBBC (Sting - Short) - Christmas 2019

A shorter sting using the Christmas 2019 'cutout' theme on CBBC.

Latest Additions - 04/03/2020

CBBC (Sting - Long) - 2019

In addition to the usual recurring festive idents, for Christmas 2019 a cutout visual style was added to the presentation. This same style was followed through on both stings and dedicated trailers for elements of the channel and website too.

Latest Additions - 03/03/2020

Channel 5 (Break - Light Green) - 2020

A longer break bumper for Channel 5, this time using the light green colourscheme.

Latest Additions - 02/03/2020

Channel 5 (Break - Teal) - 2020

Break bumpers after the 2020 rebrand are very similar to the idents, consisting of close up shots of the numeral and either the same sound effects, or silence. Here a teal example.

Channel 5 (Break - Pink) - 2020

Another break bumper example from Channel 5's 2020 rebrand, this time in the pink colour.

Latest Additions - 01/03/2020

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

Last but not least, appearing in this special break bumper for E4 is James Lock.

Latest Additions - 29/02/2020

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

For the February 2020 series, another E4 Celebs Go Dating bumper, this time featuring Olivia Bentley.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

Series 8 of Celebs Go Dating began in late February 2020, and with it another series of bumpers were introduced to the channel. This time round they were used a little differently, usually only appearing at the start of a break, and generally between trailers rather than actually leading into the break itself. Alison Hammond appears in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

Amy Hart is the star for another E4 Celebs Go Dating break bumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

Josh Ritchie features in this break bumper, with a throwback to a previous island-based reality show.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

Another Celebs Go Dating bumper, this time featuring Dean Gaffney.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

The first of the males, Malique Thompson-Dwyer, appears in this Celebs Go Dating bumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2020

Amy Childs in another Celebs Go Dating bumper for 2020.

Channel 5 (Pink) - 2020

Another pink ident from Channel 5 introduced in February 2020.

Latest Additions - 28/02/2020

Channel 5 (Light Teal) - 2020

The second 'light' teal variant of the Channel 5 ident.

Channel 5 (Light Green) - 2020

Another light green ident variant for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Dark Teal) - 2020

Another dark teal/blue ident, this time with the alternative angles featuring.

Latest Additions - 27/02/2020

Channel 5 (ECP) - 2020

An alternative ECP, this time using the teal colour palette instead.

Latest Additions - 26/02/2020

Channel 5 (Dark Teal) - 2020

A darker shade of teal features in this ident variation for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - 2020

A second dark green variation from Channel 5's 2020 package, featuring different angled shots.

Channel 5 (Light Green) - 2020

A lighter green Channel 5 ident variant.

Channel 5 (Orange) - 2020

Another orange variant, this time featuring different angles of the 5 logo in the build up.

Channel 5 (Pink) - 2020

On 26th February 2020, Channel 5 introduced a refreshed look to their presentation. Keeping the same logo, but ditching the vague logo-less people idents in favour of a simpler set of coloured graphical idents, set in colours possibly intended to be a subtle throwback to their original launch colourscheme. Here a pink version, complete with their 'Channel of the Year' text overlaid. Two animations existed in each colour for the initial launch, with subtle audio variants existing for both.

Channel 5 (ECP) - 2020

The refreshed 2020 End Credit Promotion style for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Promo) - 2020

Another promo, this time ending in the teal graphics.

Channel 5 (Light Teal) - 2020

A teal variation on the new Channel 5 ident, introduced in late February 2020.

Channel 5 (Promo) - 2020

An example of the updated trailer style for Channel 5, as introduced in February 2020. Trailer endboards now feature the same coloured elements as the main idents, here finishing with orange.

Channel 5 (Orange) - 2020

In yet another throwback to their original colours, an orange variation of the Channel 5 ident.

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - 2020

A darker green variation of the Channel 5 ident, introduced in February 2020.

Latest Additions - 25/02/2020

CBBC (Dennis and Gnasher) - 2019

A special CBBC ident based around Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed from the channel.

CBBC (Danger Mouse) - 2019

Another special ident for CBBC, this time based around their Danger Mouse reboot.

Latest Additions - 24/02/2020

CBBC (Graphical - Long) - 2020

The full length version of the solely graphical CBBC ident/sting.

Latest Additions - 23/02/2020

CBBC (Slinkys) - 2020

Coloured slinky springs are used to make up this CBBC ident.

CBBC (Crawlers) - 2020

A non-festive version of the Wall Crawler ident, once again showing people throwing the toys against a window.

Latest Additions - 22/02/2020

CBBC (Neon Dance) - 2020

ITV Nighttime as you've never seen it before! Or more specifically, some children dancing with coloured lights for this CBBC ident.

CBBC (Drones) - 2020

The full length version of the 'Drone' ident, featuring more time focused on the controls for the drone. In an era of childhood obesity panic, it's good to see children getting all that essential finger exercise rather than carrying heavy weights.

Latest Additions - 21/02/2020

CBBC (Drones - Mid) - 2018

A child controls a drone to carry his coloured bag along in this CBBC ident/sting. A mid-length version.

Latest Additions - 20/02/2020

CBBC (Graphical - Short) - 2018

A short sting for the CBBC channel, made up solely of colourful graphical elements.

CBBC (Graphical - Mid) - 2018

A mid-length sting for the CBBC channel, featuring the logo animation made up of entirely graphical elements.

Latest Additions - 19/02/2020

CBBC (Crawlers) - Christmas 2017

Children throw wall crawlers against a window for another festive CBBC ident. Essentially the same as the crawler ident from the regular rotation, just with different visual effects and a festive soundtrack added in post production.

Latest Additions - 18/02/2020

CBBC (Igloo) - Christmas 2017

The Christmas ident set for CBBC features a different set of scenes, but still forming up the multicoloured logo with signature notes at the end. Children building an igloo out of coloured blocks feature for this one, one of several in the set that has been reused each Christmas since 2016.

Latest Additions - 17/02/2020

CBBC (Trampoline) - 2017

A new logo and presentation package were introduced to CBBC in 2016, aiming to give the channel a squarer logo which would work better in apps as they tried to be all hip and down with dem kids. Idents consist of scenes featuring the colours of the new logo, with the scene here showing trampolining.

Latest Additions - 16/02/2020

Children's BBC - 1992

This CBBC look first appeared in September 1991, albeit with a different soundtrack. This soundtrack would be replaced again with this more familiar version in 1992. Aired here as part of the 30th birthday celebrations for CBBC in September 2015.

Latest Additions - 15/02/2020

Corn Flakes - 1999

Need to wake your kid in a hurry? Well as it's not an ad placing during the children's shows of the era, Kelloggs would like to pretend the answer isn't Frosties or Coco Pops but instead Corn Flakes!

Latest Additions - 14/02/2020

BT - 1999

ET is back for another BT advert, and this time he's found a way to get into a children's birthday party without drawing too much attention.

Latest Additions - 13/02/2020

Danish Bacon - 1999

A throwback to the ever-famous scene from The Shining to promote Danish Bacon at the end of the 90s. One of a series of similar campaigns of this era, although less controversial than their Exorcist-based advert.

Latest Additions - 12/02/2020

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - 1994

1994, and the police need to coax a fugitive out of the mountains. Lucky for them they always come with boxes of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Latest Additions - 11/02/2020

BBC One NI (BBC Two) - 2020

BBC One Northern Ireland introduce the 6 O'Clock News on February 10th 2020... before promptly joining the BBC Two feed instead by mistake for a brief period.

Latest Additions - 10/02/2020

ITV (Hermione Allsopp) - 2020

The fifth ident for Hermione's week on ITV Creates first aired into the 5pm junction on launch day.

ITV (Hermione Allsopp) - 2020

Ident 4 for Hermione's ITV Creates week features construction shots set to one of the more upbeat soundtracks. First aired into the 4pm junction.

ITV (Hermione Allsopp) - 2020

The third ident from Hermione Allsopp and HSF features more shots of the work for that week, and first aired into the 3pm junction on 10th February 2020.

ITV (Hermione Allsopp) - 2020

Ident 2 from Hermione Allsopp and the team first aired into the 1.30pm junction on 10th February. Featuring the more static 'news-safe' ident.

ITV (Hermione Allsopp) - 2020

10th February 2020 saw the next new ITV Creates ident for the year. This time featuring work from Hermione Allsopp and the Hastings Furniture Service showing the ITV logo made up from soft furnishings.

Latest Additions - 09/02/2020

HGTV (Sting - Blue) - 2020

The blue ident is shortened to make up another HGTV sting.

Latest Additions - 08/02/2020

HGTV (Sting - Pink) - 2020

Another HGTV sting, this time using cutdown segments from the pink ident.

Latest Additions - 07/02/2020

Domestos - 1990

Big Bad Dom sees a return to screens in 1990. Once again set to 'Big Bad John', but this time coming with a fresh new scent!

Latest Additions - 06/02/2020

Nationwide Anglia - 1990

Smith and Jones reprise their 'talking heads' setup, albeit less comedic than usual to plug the Nationwide in 1990. At this point in time, the building society was going by the name 'Nationwide Anglia', following their merger with Anglia Building Society in 1987. They would revert to their more commonly known name in 1992.

Latest Additions - 05/02/2020

Fruit Pastil-Lolly - 1995

A stick man, a factory, and a lot of creepy sound effects. What better way to advertise the Fruit Pastil-Lolly (other than to include that stray -le in the name perhaps!).

Latest Additions - 04/02/2020

Dave (Break - Hypothetical) - 2020

Another special breakbumper to mark the new series of Hypothetical on Dave in February 2020. With the countdown sitting at 1 day to go here.

Latest Additions - 03/02/2020

M&Ms - 1999

Red and Yellow are both going through an airport in this M&Ms ad from 1999.

Latest Additions - 02/02/2020

Anglia (News Promo) - 1996

From October 1996, a look ahead to what's coming up on the late Anglia News.

Latest Additions - 01/02/2020

Granada (Promo) - 1991

Another Granada promo, this time for series 2 of 'Cluedo'. Another of their many contributions to the network, Cluedo featured a mix of drama and studio-based action as celebrities attempted to guess who the murderer was each week.

Latest Additions - 31/01/2020

ITV2 (Promo) - 2000

A promo for ITV2 from 2000, filmed around LWT's South Bank Studios. Featuring one of the earliest logos for the channel where more prominence is given to the '2' numeral than to the 'ITV' brand.

Latest Additions - 30/01/2020

Channel 4 (Brookside Promo) - 1990

A promo for Channel 4's Brookside soap, which was still in its heyday in 1990 and airing 3 days a week.

Latest Additions - 29/01/2020

Safeway - 1995

Neil Morrisey provided the voiceover for a small child for a series of adverts for former UK supermarket chain Safeway in the mid-nineties. Here a very localised version (albeit with generic footage) to celebrate the opening of a new store in Wolverhampton - these days the location having been taken over by Waitrose.

Latest Additions - 28/01/2020

BT - 1999

ET, the alien from Spielberg's famous film, has popped up in numerous advertising campaigns over the years, most recently for Comcast/Sky in 2019. Here, some 20 years earlier, he's busy advertising BT, reminding Mum there's always a good reason to call for no reason.

Latest Additions - 27/01/2020

Heineken - 1999

Binmen making a very quiet morning round for another How Refreshing, How Heineken advert campaign.

Latest Additions - 26/01/2020

HGTV (Promo) - 2020

An example of the updated promo style for the new HGTV UK channel, used from January 2020.

Latest Additions - 25/01/2020

HGTV (Sting - Orange) - 2020

Short stings on HGTV consist of cutdown versions of the regular idents, and are used both to split up presentational elements or as break bumpers. Here one based on the orange ident.

Latest Additions - 24/01/2020

HGTV (Pink) - 2020

Pink colours make up the last of the launch idents for HGTV in January 2020.

Latest Additions - 23/01/2020

HGTV (Green) - 2020

Shades of bluey-green make up the HGTV ident this time round.


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