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~ Latest Updates ~

This page contains a list of all the latest clips added to the website in one easy to find location.

Latest Additions - 19/08/2017

Courts - 1997

Remembering the legendary Bruce Forsyth who could turn his hand to anything, here he appears dressed as a judge in 1997 to promote the Courts furniture store. Courts ultimately folded in the UK in 2004, although stores under the name continue to trade in some other countries.

Latest Additions - 18/08/2017

ITV2 - 2017

Lots more random items, with highlights including 'longer amount of hot dogs' and everyone's favourite 'the life ring'.

ITV2 (Bumper) - 2017

Another filmed ITV2 bumper, this time featuring the hot dogs.

ITV2 (Bumper) - 2017

A short bumper from one of the filmed segments, sometimes used to break up programmes from trailers, and sometimes used to lead into an advert break. This one features the sticks of candy rock.

ITV2 - 2017

Clocks, Wellies, Fans, Hotdogs, and Jam Jars are just some of prizes you can win tonight on Take Your Pres.

ITV2 - 2017

Having initially been given a small set of filmed idents with ITV's full rebrand in 2013, they were replaced again in 2015 with this collection. As broadcasters always strive for that gimmick to make their idents 'unique' in the press releases, in this case there is no standard set of idents in the package. Instead lots of surreal video elements are available which can then be assembled in any random order on the fly to create a huge amount of possible permutations.

Latest Additions - 17/08/2017

ITV2 (Pool) - 2009

Someone offscreen dives into a pool, leaving us to see animated tiles at the bottom of the water. Water effects always being one of those features well suited to some of the lower bitrates on digital terrestrial.

ITV2 (City) - 2009

A rendered city filled with bright lights and references to both music and popular television shows is slowly panned around in this ITV2 ident.

ITV2 (Slide) - 2011

Slides on the channel looked very similar to the promo endboard style, with a green block over the top of a white background. Here promoting a website with some extra sponsorship credits present.

ITV2 (Promo) - 2011

A trailer from 2011 showing an example of the trailer and standard endboard style during this era. This particular trailer was for the late Peaches Geldof's very shortlived series 'OMG with Peaches Geldof'. A somewhat trashy attempt to break into ITV2 with a series designed to find weird people and then poke fun at them - despite any trailer claims to the contrary.

ITV2 (Break) - 2009

The break bumper sees the ITV2 logo slide out on to the screen.

ITV2 (Makeup) - 2008

The initial launch set of green idents for ITV2 were relatively shortlived, possibly with someone quickly agreeing the logo was almost completely lost in the sea of green, and later in 2008 they were replaced with a new set. The green channel logo itself was kept, albeit now rendered at an angle rather than flat and made larger onscreen. The idents were considerably less green and consisted of various surreal scenarios. In this version, some makeup spills before almost taking on a sentient life and destroying all who stand in its way.

Latest Additions - 16/08/2017

ITV2 (Cuboid) - 2003

Another simple animated ident from 2003. This time round the ITV squares are formed in the shape of a cuboid, before cutting to the Re:Play notation once more.

Latest Additions - 14/08/2017

Dave (Alarm Cockerel) - 2017

Come along to the Dave store and choose from our varied selection of alarm clocks. Unfortunately someone made a small typo on one of the order sheets, but we'll run with it!

Dave (Darts - Kebab) - 2017

Some friendly games down at the Dave pub again. As one guy plays pool, a darts game is going on in the background. Although people, possibly working to a new set of hipster rules, have been throwing shish kebab at the board instead.

Dave (Break - Sushi Belt) - 2017

A short break bumper this time based on the sushi belt ident.

Dave (Break - Horse) - 2017

A break bumper based on Dave's Horse Clamping ident.

Dave (Break - Bowls) - 2017

A break bumper based on the bowls ident.

Latest Additions - 12/08/2017

Channel 4 (Warning) - 2009

Coming back from a break on a show which requires a lot of content warnings, such as in this case where there are scenes of surgery, Channel 4 would include continuity at the end of each break over an animated slide.

Latest Additions - 11/08/2017

Teletext/TTTV Text - 11/8/2001

From the day of the changeover from ITV to ITV1 in August 2001, a small selection of pages from the Teletext service (sadly not many due to mere minutes of footage available). If the rebrand of the onscreen presentation seemed understated, the changes to the text service go much further with no mention to be found at all. All pages still refer to ITV at this point. Teletext is sporting its later 'rounded' logo, whilst the Tyne Tees ancilliary service, although renamed to lose all trace of C3NE, continues to use their old 1998 TTTV. Completely ignoring anything to do with either the ITV generic or their own 2000 onscreen look.

BBC One (Llama Trekkers) - 2017

Another new addition to the set for August, Llama Trekkers features a group of people walking their llamas in Armagh. Beware all that ensuing drama!

BBC One (Bhangra Dancers) - 2017

Introduced in April, Bhangra Dancers is another of those idents which almost harks back to the Rhythm and Movement era, just without quite the same level of class. This may be why since it's original unveiling, it has seemed much rarer to appear than some of the others brought in at the same time.

Latest Additions - 10/08/2017

BBC One (Ten Pin Sting) - 2017

An additional sting introduced alongside the Ten Pin Bowling ident in July 2017, showing some of the beforehand preparation.

Latest Additions - 08/08/2017

BBC One (Fell Runners) - 2017

Introduced at the start of August, Fell Runners features a small group of people in the Mourne Mountains doing the least amount of running you've possibly ever seen.

BBC One (Ten Pin Bowlers) - 2017

Towards the end of July saw the introduction of Ten Pin Bowlers. Showing a little more action than some previous efforts, with a young team bowling before possibly celebrating that they've managed to knock over Parr who was standing in front of them with his camera.

Latest Additions - 07/08/2017

BBC One (Banger Racers) - 2017

Another ident introduced in June 2017, Banger Racers features a bunch of old cars racing around a track as some people stare into the oblivion of the camera once more.

BBC Two (Neon - Gay Britannia Mk2) - 2017

After it's first airing, the special BBC Two ident to mark the Gay Britannia season was quickly revised again at least on network, this time to use the correctly ordered pride colours in the light sequence. The second variant of this ident was then used for the rest of the season.

Latest Additions - 06/08/2017

Dave (Sushi Belt - Luggage) - 2017

The sushi belt features again, only this time with Dave's luggage going around it instead. This is the short version of this ident.

Latest Additions - 05/08/2017

Dave (Bike Rack - Jet Ski) - 2017

A bike rack containing lots of bikes, as you would expect. Until you reach Dave of course, who have decided to leave their Jet Ski there today.

More4 (ECP) - 2017

The 2017 end credit promotion style for More4 features the programmes 'flipping' over between one another.

More4 (Street) - 2017

The coloured triangular cards are sitting out in the street this time round. Careful now - if you leave them there too long, someone is liable to clamp them. Just ask Dave!

Yesterday - 2017

A lesson in pyrotechnics in this Yesterday ident as sparks and flames both feature heavily. Don't try this one at home kids!

BBC Three (Final 60 Seconds News) - 2016

One of the shows to be dropped completely with the move online was the channel's long running 60 Seconds News. From the final evening of BBC Three in 2016 (offically - ignoring the quietly hidden slots that lasted a little longer in the middle of the night for another month) - The last ever edition of 60 Seconds News goes out just after midnight, with both some of the invision news and the ticker along the bottom covering the fact it was their last ever show, alongside the actual news. Amazing how much you can fit into a minute!

BBC Three (Coming Up) - 2016

Although it wasn't intended to be used for long on the broadcast channel, a new coming up menu was put together as part of the new package.

BBC Three (ECP) - 2016

The ECP style was also updated to use the new BBC Three logo.

BBC Three (Online Promo) - 2016

BBC Three isn't closing, really, honest, we promise!! One of many trailers put together and aired heavily towards the end of their broadcast channel time to try and really hammer home their move online.

BBC Three (Promo) - 2016

A programme promotion in the 2016 BBC Three style.

BBC Three - 2016

A tablet and headphones feature (just so you know how hip and intouch with the modern generation auntie is), before a trio of unclothed people bounce up and down on the screen.

BBC Three - 2016

In a move designed to give them a fresh brand in time for the main channel's closure and their move to 'online only' status, BBC Three introduced a new look to their whole pres package in the month before the planned move. The logo is now designed to sit well within a square for easy use in app icons, and in the idents features various graphical animations forming in and out of it. A periscope and surgical tools are just a few of the items in this one.

BBC Three (Promo) - 2009

An example of the 2009 trailer style for BBC Three.

BBC Three (People's Continuity) - 2009

Initially with the rebrand, a big fuss was made of the plan to have user submitted content for continuity. One such user submitted link into The Real Hustle is presented here filmed on a shaky webcam. As is often the case with these user interaction plans, the idea was quietly dropped quite quickly.

BBC Three (Sting) - 2009

The little people try and remove the giant plug from the hill in this short sting. Hey, don't blame me - like Catchphrase, I just say what I see!

BBC Three (Dancing) - 2009

BBC Three saw its first major rebrand in 2008. Out were the orange blobs and the boxed channel logo, and in were pink pipes, and small computer rendered people in surreal worlds. In this ident, a series of people dance on the street.

BBC Three (Spaghetti) - 2007

A story about how difficult it is to make spaghetti in this BBC Three ident.

BBC Three (Distraction) - 2007

One of the orange worms is talking away, when suddenly someone else comes crashing in creating somewhat of a distraction.

More4 (Café) - 2017

The coloured triangles are all in a café this time. Possibly the same café from E4, before it was hit hard by the recession.

More4 (Beach) - 2017

More4 saw it's first major rebrand in January 2012. Out was the old logo and all the shades of green, in favour of a new logo formed of triangles of coloured paper. This variant features the paper triangles on a beach.

More4 (Pub Quiz Channel Promo) - 2009

Jon Snow, Tony Robinson, Kevin McCloud and David Starkey feature in this trailer for More4 from 2009 promoting the channel as quite clever. With the locals tired of the four always knowing the answers to all questions, they find themselves barred from taking part in the local pub quiz. But they're not going to let that get in the way of things.

More4 - 2009

The circles form intercrossing horizontal and vertical lines in the background of the More4 ident this time. This particular link leading in to the final edition of More4 news in December 2009.

More4 - 2009

The green circles form slightly out of focus lines which then brush backwards and forwards for this ident.

More4 - 2009

The green circles slowly form lines and rotate in the background for this ident.

More4 - 2009

Green circles bounce up and down in this More4 ident.

Yesterday (UKTV Break) - 2017

Like other channels from UKTV, Yesterday has some elements of the shared blue UKTV graphics mixed in alongside the channel's own presentation. Here is their tailored version of the UKTV network break bumper, starting with the Yesterday logo front and centre, before circling through the other channels.

Yesterday (Promo) - 2017

An example of the 2017 trailer style for Yesterday, using the Y device to allow cutaway rotating graphics around it.

Yesterday - 2017

A longer version of the eclipse Yesterday ident. Just incase you'd not seen enough different camera angles of that large green Y.

Yesterday - 2017

In 2012, Yesterday was rebranded again, with themed idents that could be used for the broader genres of programming now in use, as well as a giant Y as part of the logo making for something easier to use in icons and other areas of limited space. In this version, the Y is providing an eclipse of the light.

Yesterday - 2011

Initiially after the rebrand from UKTV History to Yesterday introduced in 2009, the new Yesterday logo was set against green and white, designed to work well with the 'logos in circles' motif UKTV were going with for all their channels at the time. This set of branding lasted through until summer 2012.

Dave (ECP) - 2017

Using Dave's chalkboard style for this end credit promotion. The ECPs on Dave vary between either using the channel's own style, or the general UKTV blue style for cross-channel promotion.

Dave (UKTV Play - Promo) - 2017

Another Dave promo, this time advertising the availability of one of their own-produced shows via their on-demand video application UKTV Play.

Dave (Promo) - 2017

A promotion for Dave, featuring the chalkboard presentation graphic style that was introduced alongside the 2014 refresh.