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~ Latest Updates ~

This page contains a list of all the latest clips added to the website in one easy to find location.

Latest Additions - 15/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 15) - Christmas 2017

For day 15 on Channel 5, you can probably guess how this is going to go.

Latest Additions - 14/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 14) - Christmas 2017

14 idents for December down for Channel 5.

McDonalds (Money Saving Tips - Launderette) - 1996

Another McDonalds Ad from 1996, and one of a series of 'Money Saving Tips' from the mid 90s featuring footage with effects applied to make it appear like an old and worn film from the 70s (yes, not all of that is from my aging Betamax). Here they detail how to save on the costs of a launderette by donating your clothes to a second hand shop, before buying them back later!

Latest Additions - 13/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 13) - Christmas 2017

Unlucky for some, the thirteenth day of the Channel 5 advent calendar comes round.

Latest Additions - 12/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 12) - Christmas 2017

On the twelfth day of December, my true love gave to me - a Channel 5 advent calendar window that still didn't open. I was not impressed!

STV - Christmas 2017

Longer version of the above ident, with some additional Santa action.

STV - Christmas 2017

A night out and ice-skating, before more settling down on the sofa for this STV Christmas ident.

STV - Christmas 2017

Dinner parties, Santa and people on sofas in this STV Christmas 2017 Ident. With a clean version of the form-up music.

STV (Break End) - Christmas 2017

Coming out of a break on STV. The festive version of the STV logo at the very end fades back to the regular version in order to allow seemless transitions to the start of non-festive trailers.

STV - Christmas 2017

STV's 2017 Christmas presentation began airing on December 11th. Using the same style as the regular idents, but with a remixed soundtrack, newly filmed sequences cut in, and additional snow and ice effects overlaid. Families together, toasting marshmallows and fireworks feature in this one. Juxtapositioned with one of the least festive continuity links possible.

STV (Break Start) - Christmas 2017

The into and out of break animations for STV see some slight festive tweaks too.

Latest Additions - 11/12/2017

Channel 5 (Season Promo) - Christmas 2017

A promo showcasing a selection of festive highlights from 5 for Christmas 2017. Starting with the same graphics as the idents.

Channel 5 (Day 11) - Christmas 2017

Onto the 11th day of the festive Advent Calendar for Channel 5.

Lloyds Bank - 1996

Another 'Tales of The Black Horse' story from the Medieval Lloyds Bank campaign of the 90s, this time entitled 'The Unfounded Fear'. A local couple receive a letter from their bank manager that he'd like to see them. Cue visions of what horrors this may entail...

Latest Additions - 10/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 10) - Christmas 2017

Finally into double digits for the Channel 5 advent calendar.

Latest Additions - 09/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 9) - Christmas 2017

Getting further and further into the month with the 9th day of advent for Channel 5.

Latest Additions - 08/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 8) - Christmas 2017

Onto day eight of the advent calendar for Channel 5. Even the continuity mentions an 8 in an entirely coincidental manner!

Latest Additions - 07/12/2017

Ford Escort (Groundhog Day Special) - 1996

A special Ford advert broadcast during the ITV Movie Premiere of Groundhog Day in 1996. Asking the question 'What do you do in yours'... but over and over again.

Channel 5 (Day 7) - Christmas 2017

Seven days into December, and the seventh window on the Channel 5 advent calendar.

Channel 4 (Transport) - 2017

The block man transports people across the ocean in this Channel 4 ident, possibly intended as bait in the hope certain tabloid rags would kick up a fuss.

Latest Additions - 06/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 6) - Christmas 2017

Into day 6 on Channel 5 and the advent calendar opens another window. Or... has a sparkly box circling round it anyway.

ITV (Sea Fishing) - 2017

A man fishes into the sea for ITV this time. Perhaps just coming out of a breakup and taking some advice from friends a little too literally!

Latest Additions - 05/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 5) - Christmas 2017

Another day on the advent calendar for Channel 5, as it hits the same day as it's numerical identity.

BBC Two NI (1994) - Christmas 2017

In addition to the 2011 idents, BBC Two Northern Ireland only once again brought some older Christmas Idents back out of retirement, complete with the updated centralised logo. This version was first used for Christmas 1994 and had been brought back in Christmas 2016 by Northern Ireland pres.

BBC Two NI (Ding Dong Merrily) - Christmas 2017

Turkeys from 2011 again for Northern Ireland, only this time with 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' in the background as an audio track.

Latest Additions - 04/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 4) - Christmas 2017

Day 4 on the calendar for Channel 5. At least there are no snake charmers behind the squares!

Latest Additions - 03/12/2017

BBC Four (Snowy Landscape) - Christmas 2017

Rather surprisingly, an additional ident for the set for Christmas 2017 on BBC Four. This time featuring a snowy landscape scene, whilst also keeping true to the 'four quadrant' theme of the original idents.

BBC Two NI (Deck The Halls - Turkeys) - Christmas 2017

BBC Two Northern Ireland chose a different ident from the batch for their first transmission of the Christmas 2017 package, starting with the Turkeys with the same 'Deck The Halls' song as network had used over the top. Continuing a common practice there, Northern Ireland also ditched the right-aligned box on their copies in favour of a centralised and boxless version of the BBC Two logo.

Channel 5 (Day 3) - Christmas 2017

The third day of the advent calendar for Channel 5. There's definitely a pattern with these idents too, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

BBC Two (ECP) - Christmas 2017

The ECP style for the BBC sees some updates for the Christmas 2017 season too.

BBC Two (Promo) - Christmas 2017

The BBC Two Christmas 2017 promotional style has an endboard which follows that of the main idents. Now complete with the recently introduced excessing kerning style of font.

BBC Two (Holly and Ivy) - Christmas 2017

A third Christmas ident for BBC Two, and possibly a rejected candidate for a My Parents Are Aliens reboot. This time with 'The Holly and The Ivy' played over the top.

BBC Two (Hark the Herald) - Christmas 2017

'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing' features over the top of this second reused BBC Two Christmas ident.

BBC Two (Deck the Halls) - Christmas 2017

Not unsurprisingly, BBC Two continued to be the forgotten sibling for Christmas 2017 at the BBC. Similar to the practice of the last few previous years, a batch of previous idents were rehashed, just with new 'sung' audio tracks slapped over the top. This time round the animated package first introduced in 2011 made yet another return. Featuring 'Deck the Halls' played over the top of this one from first network transmission on December 2nd, 8.30pm.

Latest Additions - 02/12/2017

BBC One (Kettle) - Christmas 2017

Not mentioning 'Oneness' or featuring the father/daughter combo this time round. A kettle boils away in the kitchen for this BBC One Christmas 2017 ident. For when you want to let viewers know the following show contains hot, steamy action? During launch night this ident was used leading into sports programming, however in regular use it is often used as a second news ident.

BBC One NI (Supermarket) - Christmas 2017

The first airing of the Supermarket Christmas ident on BBC One Northern Ireland. With different announcement, and a slightly less glitchy start to the music than everywhere else.

BBC One NI (Lights) - Christmas 2017

The Northern Ireland first showing of the BBC One Lights ident, complete with different announcement to network.

BBC One (Supermarket) - Christmas 2017

Another BBC One Christmas 2017 ident, this time with the father and daughter riding up and down a supermarket aisle.

BBC One (Lights) - Christmas 2017

The father and daughter team work together to try and get the Christmas lights working in this short ident.

BBC One (Lights Sting) - Christmas 2017

A short sting featuring a shorter version of the Christmas Lights ident for BBC One, with larger centred text similar to the out of season Oneness stings from the rest of 2017.

BBC One (News) - Christmas 2017

Whilst Northern Ireland had music over their version of the news ident, Scotland, Wales and England all had a silent variant instead. Shown here from the Scotland feed.

BBC One (Programme Promo) - Christmas 2017

The Christmas 2017 individual programme promotion style for BBC One.

BBC One (Shows Promo) - Christmas 2017

A festively adorned promotion for BBC One giving a rundown of all their major shows for Christmas 2017. Before finishing with their 'Coming Together' tagline.

BBC One NI (News) - Christmas 2017

The news ident for the 10pm bulletin in Northern Ireland on the first day of transmission of the Christmas 2017 package. And unlike network, the ident has music.

BBC One NI (Washing Up) - Christmas 2017

The first broadcast of the Washing Up Christmas ident as aired on BBC One Northern Ireland. Very similar to network, just with a different announcement.

BBC One (Washing Up) - Christmas 2017

The first Christmas ident transmitted on BBC One at 8.10pm on 2nd December featured a less-than-perfectly looped sequence from the overall promotion film for the festive season and some notes from the remixed version of the Symphony music. Providing a welcome break from the usual oneness groups of people staring gormlessly at a camera.

Channel 5 (Day 2) - Christmas 2017

The second day of 2017 advent for Channel 5, and it looks very similar to the first day. Even complete with the slightly juddery video!

Latest Additions - 01/12/2017

Channel 5 (Day 1) - Christmas 2017

Christmas idents return to Channel 5 on 1st December 2017, after seeing a brief break for 2016. This time around presented in the style of an advent calendar. Day 1 shown here.

Latest Additions - 29/11/2017

ITV (Candy Floss) - 2017

Some fresh Candy Floss is being made in this ident for the channel.

Latest Additions - 28/11/2017

Channel 4 (Rise of the Robots Season) - 2017

A very simplistic ident to mark the 'Rise of the Robots' season on Channel 4. A Smart Home Device shaped as a 4 block and a mobile phone (not at all inspired on any devices by Google, Amazon or Apple) have a conversation with one another, here to lead into an episode of The Simpsons. With animation onscreen reacting to the voices of the continuity announcers.

Latest Additions - 26/11/2017

Quest (Menu) - 2009

More presentation from Quest in 2009 and in lieu of an ident, this time round there's a rundown menu from the channel to let you know what else is coming up. Would you even realise it was Christmas Eve on the channel too if not told by the CA?

Quest (Break) - 2009

A quick flash of the break bumper for Quest from 2009.

Quest (Parachute) - 2009

The launch package for Quest consisted of people performing different exciting activities in their own home. In this one, a woman parachutes into place on the bed in front of the TV. The main ident package, and accompanying yellow arrow logo was to last for the first 5 years of the channel.

Quest (Promo) - 2009

An example of the trailer style for Quest from it's launch year in 2009. With it being Christmas, they like to mention they're not going to be doing that traditional 'Christmas' schedule this year as they just like to do stuff instead. A copout surely even Channel 4 would have been proud of!

Quest Red (Warning) - 2017

An example of a programme warning from the channel. Very similar in style to announcements from the main Quest channel, just with the different use of colours.

Quest Red (Promo) - 2017

A slightly different promo style for a programme further in the future. This time featuring 'Quest Red' being shown onscreen during the promotion, rather than the date and time.

Quest Red (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style for Quest Red. Very similar in style to that of the main Quest channel, just utilising their different signature colours.

Quest Red (Dog) - 2017

A dog picks up a bone and runs forward in this Quest Red ident

Quest Red (Bubblewrap) - 2017

After removing a vase, what else are you going to do with all that bubblewrap?

Quest Red (Leaves) - 2017

A woman kicks around piles of leaves this time round.