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Latest Additions - 19/03/2019

BBC One Scotland (Threetime) - 2019

BBC One Scotland initially missed out airing their version of the Threetime ident on the first day in March. But they soon caught up with the other nations and started using their own variant of it.

BBC One Wales (Threetime) - 2019

The Welsh variant of the BBC One Threetime ident, for the late night youth programming strand on the flagship channel.

BBC Four (Born Digital) - 2019

A third Born Digital ident, this time featuring a soft brightly-coloured block being sliced again and again.

Latest Additions - 18/03/2019

BBC Four (Born Digital) - 2019

A second special 'Born Digital' ident from March 2019 to mark 30 years of the web, here showing paint on a speaker.

BBC Four (Born Digital) - 2019

As part of a special 'Born Digital' season in March 2019 to mark 30 years of the web, new idents were introduced to BBC Four showing things evoking satisfying feelings - or some marketing spiel like that, as they attempted to latch on to an internet theme seen on sites like Youtube. Here, a cake is decorated!

ITV (Bharti Parmar) - 2019

Bharti Parmar brings us her fifth ident for ITV Creates, first aired in the 7.30pm junction and featuring more shots of the artwork without the artist.

ITV (Bharti Parmar) - 2019

Ident 4 for ITV Creates from Bharti Parmar features more construction shots of that week's piece, and first aired into the 2pm junction on March 18th.

ITV (Bharti Parmar) - 2019

The third Bharti Parmar ident for ITV Creates, as first aired in the 12.30 junction on March 18th 2019.

ITV (Bharti Parmar) - 2019

Ident 2 from Bharti Parmar first aired at 9.25, featuring some construction shots of the work for that week.

ITV (Bharti Parmar) - 2019

The first broadcast from week 12 of ITV Creates began at 6am on March 18th, featuring Bharti Parmar's work. A logo constructed from patterned letters makes up the piece this time round.

Latest Additions - 17/03/2019

ITV1(Keira Knightley) - 2002

Keira Knightley stars in another celebrity ident from the initial 2002-2003 batch for ITV1.

Latest Additions - 16/03/2019

STV (Emmerdale - Long) - 2019

A longer form-up Emmerdale ident for STV from 2019. Featuring more moving footage from the opening titles in the first few seconds, before switching to another set of static shots from the show.

STV (Emmerdale - Mid) - 2019

Despite the repurposed 2019 idents for STV, programme-specific ones continued as before, complete with the original STV music rather than the STV2 tracks. Updated static shots from Emmerdale feature in a 2019 mid-length STV ident for use before the show.

Latest Additions - 15/03/2019

BBC One Wales (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

The Welsh variation on the second Wedding Guests ident, featuring the guests stepping towards the camera.

BBC One Wales (Wedding Guests) - 2019

BBC One Wales' version 1 of the Wedding Day ident for Comic Relief 2019, featuring the cast of the Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion staring at the camera.

BBC One Scotland (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

The second version of the Wedding Guest Comic Relief ident for BBC One Scotland.

BBC One Wales (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

The Welsh variant of ident 4 for Comic Relief 2019 also appeared on the channel in the morning of March 15th, the fundraising day itself.

BBC One Scotland (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

BBC One Scotland give us their premiere of the fourth Comic Relief ident on March 15th, featuring Donna and the Dynamos.

BBC One NI (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

The fourth Comic Relief ident as premiered on BBC One Northern Ireland on March 15th, featuring Donna and the Dynamos.

BBC One (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

A fourth Oneness ident for Comic Relief appeared on March 15th, the day itself. This time featuring a completely different scene and group of people to the Four Weddings and Funeral idents that had made up the rest of the special set.

BBC One Scotland (Wedding Guests 3) - 2019

BBC One Scotland are back in sync with the rest of the network to show the third Comic Relief ident, once again featuring the assembled guests putting on Red Noses for the occasion.

BBC One NI (Wedding Guests 3) - 2019

BBC One Northern Ireland's version of the third special Comic Relief 2019 ident.

BBC One (Wedding Guests 3) - 2019

A third variant of the Comic Relief 2019 ident, and this time the assembled group of Wedding Guests add some Red Noses, just in case you weren't sure what event this was marking.

Latest Additions - 14/03/2019

ITV (Promo - What's New At Ten) - 1999

Incase you were worried ITV were only bringing out top blockbuster drama for the newly vacant News At Ten slot, another trailer from that first week of the Nightly News reminding you of some of the new trashy shows you could find in the ten slot. With a very young Alan Davies appearing.

Latest Additions - 13/03/2019

Toggo (In Vision Continuity) - 2019

A second spot of invision continuity for Super RTL. Here presenter Marc lets you know what's coming up next.

Toggo (In Vision Continuity) - 2019

Although not widespread, In Vision Continuity is still present on the Super RTL channel. Here present Vanessa pops up in vision to let you know what's coming up next on the channel.

Toggo (Break End - Lights) - 2019

The ending break Toggo sting for the lights animation.

Toggo (Break - Lights) - 2019

For this Toggo/Super RTL break sting, one of the characters breaks into a beautiful light show for everyone else.

Toggo (Break End - Parachutes) - 2019

The end of break sting for the winter parachuting animation.

Toggo (Break - Parachutes) - 2019

This time round, the characters all parachute down from on high in another winter themed break sting for Super RTL.

Toggo (Break End - Snowman) - 2019

The accompanying end of break sting for the Snowman bumper.

Toggo (Break - Snowman) - 2019

The characters form up a snowman in this wintery Toggo break sting.

Toggo (Break End - Tree Jump) - 2019

The accompanying end of break bumper for the winter tree jump sequence.

Toggo (Break - Tree Jump) - 2019

A series of Toggo break bumpers themed up for the winter 2019 season on Super RTL, with the characters interacting with snow and lights. Here the orange character jumps from a tall tree.

Toggo (Sting - Woozle Goozle) - 2019

Woozle Goozle is a popular show based around a puppet character that has aired on the Super RTL channel since 2013. Here the title character appears in his own channel sting, not branded up for any particular season.

Toggo (Sting - Skating) - 2019

The characters are all seen ice skating in this winter-themed Toggo sting for Super RTL.

Toggo (Sting - Party) - 2019

One of several stings from the winter-themed package, still airing in February 2019. In this one, a bunch of characters are having a party.

Latest Additions - 12/03/2019

E4 (Action Figures) - 2019

E4's first new ident for 2019 appeared in March 2019. This time round featuring action figures in a battle scene, frozen in a moment in time.

Latest Additions - 11/03/2019

ITV (Isabel and Helen) - 2019

The fifth ident from Isabel and Helen for ITV Creates first aired in the 7pm junction on March 11th 2019, featuring more shots of the artwork.

ITV (Isabel and Helen) - 2019

The fourth ident for week 11th of ITV Creates first aired into the 2pm junction on March 11th. This time featuring the obligatory construction shots of the week's art.

ITV (Isabel and Helen) - 2019

Ident 3 from Isabel and Helen for ITV Creates, as first aired into the 12.30 junction on March 11th.

ITV (Isabel and Helen) - 2019

The second ITV Creates ident from Isabel and Helen, first aired into the 10.30 junction on March 11th.

ITV (Isabel and Helen) - 2019

A dual-headed team of artists for week 11 of ITV Creates, with Isabel and Helen constructing the ITV logo out of balls suspended on thin wire allowing them to move.

Latest Additions - 10/03/2019

Super RTL (Promo) - 2019

A German promotion actually under the parent 'Super RTL' brand, as it is trailering a family movie in an early evening slot.

Toggolino (Promo) - 2019

A Toggolino branded trailer from Super RTL, which still retains the cow theme that has been central to the Toggolino strand since the beginning.

Toggo (Promo) - 2019

An example of the 2019 channel promotion style for programming under the Toggo strand.

Toggo (Sting - Higher) - 2019

In this Toggo von Super RTL sting, the bees see who can get the highest. They don't appear to be too aspirational...

Toggo (Sting - Stuck) - 2019

Toggo stings on Super RTL follow the same seasonal animation style as the break bumpers, just with a larger logo and no 'Werbung' wording. Here, the bees fly through the Toggo logo, until one of them gets stuck.

Toggo (Break End - Hive) - 2019

The accompanying end of break sting for the 'hive' animation.

Toggo (Break - Hive) - 2019

All the bees fly into a hive in this spring themed break sting... well.. almost all of them.

Toggo (Break - Pollen) - 2019

Super RTL is a primarily children's oriented channel broadcasting to the German language countries, and is split into three strands throughout the day. The bulk of programming falls under the 'Toggo' brand, which features shows targeted for 6-13 year olds. The rest fall under either the 'Toggolino' brand, for pre-schoolers, or 'Super RTL' itself, which is reserved for more broader family shows from 8pm onwards. Branding changes throughout the day to match, with most of it being presentated via short stings and break bumpers. Here a spring-themed break bumper from 2019 features a bee-like creature getting an explosion of pollen to the face.

Toggo (Break End - Crash) - 2019

The accompanying end of break sting for the 'crash' bumper.

Toggo (Break - Crash) - 2019

In this spring-themed break bumper, one of the bees fails to pay due care and attention resulting in a crash.

Toggo (Break End - Pollen) - 2019

The accompanying Toggo-branded end of break 'pollen' bumper. Visually the same as the opening version, but with additional vocals to inform you the break is over.

Latest Additions - 09/03/2019

BBC One Scotland (Wedding Guests) - 2019

BBC One Scotland missed premiering the first Wedding Guests ident on the 7th March, having fallen back to the network feed instead. So on the 8th when the other nations were broadcasting the second ident in the series, Scotland instead played catch up and broadcast the missed first one.

BBC One NI (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

Northern Ireland also saw a second variant of the Wedding Guests ident premiere in the 9pm junction on March 8th.

BBC One (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

A second Wedding Guests ident for Comic Relief, first aired in the 9pm junction on March 8th. Very similar in style to the first, just with people stepping forward more.

Latest Additions - 08/03/2019

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2019

Jack Fowler features in another special E4 break bumper to promote series 6 of Celebs Go Dating.

Latest Additions - 07/03/2019

BBC One NI (Wedding Guests) - 2019

The Northern Ireland variant of the BBC One Comic Relief 'Wedding Guests' ident, which appeared in March 2019.

BBC One (Wedding Guests) - 2019

A special ident was introduced for Comic Relief in March 2019. Featuring the stars of their Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion.

TV4 Sweden (Break 3) - 2019

The Tjörn Bridge features in this break sting for TV4, being truncated a little early by playout here.

TV4 Sweden (Promo) - 2019

An example of the 2019 trailer style for TV4, also featuring promotion for their obligatory ondemand service.

TV4 Sweden (Menu) - 2019

Another menu for TV4, this time without continuity and promoting that most famous British export 'Hem Till Gården' (literally translating as 'Home to the Farm').

TV4 Sweden (Menu) - 2019

Menus on TV4 feature pictures of programmes growing and shrinking into focus against a light background. This version features continuity, as well as cross promoting a show on fellow-owned channel TV12.

Latest Additions - 06/03/2019

TV4 Sweden (Sting 1) - 2019

TV4 originally began broadcasting to Sweden via satellite in 1990, with terrestrial following in 1992. Since then the channel has provided a mix of imports, alongside their own dramas, sports coverage and a heavy news presence. TV4 also operates a large network of regional opt-outs on the channel from across the country. 2019 branding on the channel consists of shots of various locations with the 4 logo overlaid, with two different lengths of sting added around most junctions.

TV4 Sweden (Break 2) - 2019

Another break sting for TV4, and the sun is quite low in the sky for this one.

TV4 Sweden (Break) - 2019

Into break bumpers on TV4 essentially follow the same style as the regular stings, just with the addition of the word 'Reklam' to let you know adverts follow.

TV4 Sweden (Sting 4) - 2019

Getting off foot and into a car now for another TV4 sting.

TV4 Sweden (Sting 3) - 2019

A third sting for TV4, this time with a lone trekker walking through the snow.

TV4 Sweden (Sting 2) - 2019

A second sting for TV4. This time it's a longer edit, featuring buildings with a lot of snow.

Latest Additions - 05/03/2019

BBC One (Threetime) - 2019

To soften the blow of a return to the shorter pre-2016 length of their 10 O'Clock News, the BBC decided to air BBC Three programming on BBC One in a late night slot Monday-Wednesday. To mark this, a new 'Threetime' ident was introduced for the strand, showing both BBC One and BBC Three branding together.

BBC One NI (Threetime) - 2019

The Northern Ireland branded variant of the special BBC One/Threetime ident, first aired on March 4th 2019.

Latest Additions - 04/03/2019

ITV (Charley Peters) - 2019

Charley Peters' fifth contribution for ITV Creates. No construction shots this time, but a look at the art itself from several different angles instead. First aired into the 3pm junction.

ITV (Charley Peters) - 2019

The fourth ident for week 10 of ITV Creates first appeared in the 2pm junction on March 4th, and features a third set of construction shots for the work for that week.

ITV (Charley Peters) - 2019

The third of Charley Peters' idents for ITV Creates first aired in the 12.30 junction, and once again shows shots of the installation being put together.

ITV (Charley Peters) - 2019

Ident 2 from Charley Peters showing some of the construction shots for that week's ITV Creates piece. With an interesting insight into the scale of this that never came through in the first ident.

ITV (Charley Peters) - 2019

The 10th Week of ITV Creates featuring work by Charley Peters began on March 4th. This time with the ITV logo painted on walls of a large cube/room.

Latest Additions - 03/03/2019

TV6 (Sting - Brooklyn 99) - 2019

Another TV6 sting, this time using a quote from US TV series Brooklyn 99.

TV6 (Sting - Family Guy) - 2019

A sting based around the US animation Family Guy, featuring the use of a full colour piece of artwork rather than the greyscale imagery usually used.

Latest Additions - 02/03/2019

TV6 (Promo) - 2019

The 2019 trailer style for TV6. And only the finest British exports make it to Sweden, with E4's 'Tattoo Fixers' putting in an experience.

TV6 (Sting - Fast And Furious) - 2019

A short sting for TV6 based around the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, with another quote featured.

TV6 (Sting - How I Met Your Mother) - 2019

Neil Patrick Harris appears as his character 'Barney' in this How I Met Your Mother themed sting for the channel.

Latest Additions - 01/03/2019

TV6 (Sting - Short) - 2019

TV6 began broadcasting in Sweden in 2006, taking over from the previous youth targeted channel ZTV. Owned by Nordic Entertainment Group (previously Modern Times Group), the channel focuses heavily on entertainment imports from the US and UK with added Swedish subtitling. The visual style for the channel makes use of bold graphics, with the colours red and black against white used across most presentation. A short sting here, used around breaks and into programming.

TV6 (Sting - Lethal Weapon) - 2019

As well as the generic graphical stings, several other stings featuring quotes from films and TV series are also used on TV6 in Sweden, mostly in English due to the heavy use of imported shows on the channel. Here one features a quote from the Lethal Weapon US TV series.

TV6 (Sting - Long) - 2019

A longer version of the TV6 channel sting/ident, used to lead into programmes.

TV6 (ECP) - 2019

The ECP style from 2019 for Sweden's TV6 channel, making heavy use of the channel's 3 signature colours.

Latest Additions - 28/02/2019

North East News - 1999

Vicky Locklin presents a late bulletin for Tyne Tees in 1999. The overall title sequence for Tyne Tees' News throughout the latter half of the 90s appeared unusually grandiose for a local news show, with it's mix of golden graphics and such a big orchestral-sounding piece of music.

Latest Additions - 27/02/2019

News at Ten - 1996

Slightly tweaked titles to the News At Ten from 1994, essentially the same as before except for the removal of all the shots of the ITN headquarters, and with an updated ITN logo overlaid.

ITV Nightly News - 1999

On March 8th 1999, a whole new look was introduced across all of the Channel 3 news bulletins, coinciding with the controversial axing of News At Ten and the introduction of a new 'Nightly News' show at 11pm instead. At the same time, the ITN brand was removed from all titles to be replaced by 'ITV' instead, and a new studio was introduced. This bulletin dates from Thursday on that first week. Despite their efforts, the replacement Nightly News was not well received, and lasted only 2 years.

Latest Additions - 26/02/2019

ITV (Promo - What's New At Ten) - 1999

From the first week of the controversial move of the ITV News to 11pm, ITV are on the charm offensive to convince you of the amazing new programming this will bring you to the 10pm slot. Trailers are adorned with special 'What's New At Ten' branding.

Latest Additions - 25/02/2019

BBC Scotland (The Nine) - 2019

The opening to the first ever edition of The Nine, from February 25th 2019. Introduced once again by a countdown clock overlaid onto the studio. What better way to really try and hammer home the fact you're for the people, honest 100% truth there guv'nor, than by including endless photos of people for the opening sequence too?

BBC Scotland (The Seven) - 2019

From the 7pm junction on the first weeknight of the new channel, The Seven is essentially a rundown of headlines that will feature on the upcoming 9pm bulletin. Introduced by continuity over a clock which is overlaid augmented-reality style onto the studio.

ITV (Alec Stevens) - 2019

Ident number 5 from Alec Stevens, with a faster paced soundtrack again.

BBC Scotland (Rain) - 2019

A second version of the Rain ident, this time with the droplets turning the glass logo a bluey-green rather than pink. First aired 3.15pm on February 25th.

ITV (Alec Stevens) - 2019

The fourth ident from Alec Stevens for ITV Creates, as aired at 2pm on Monday 25th. Lots of shots of the artwork from different angles this time, but no artist in sight.

ITV (Alec Stevens) - 2019

Ident 3 from Alec Stevens for ITV Creates, first shown in the 12.30 junction on 25th February. Featuring more setup shots with the artist.

ITV (Alec Stevens) - 2019

The second ITV Creates ident from Alec Stevens, showing shots of his work being put together for week 9. First aired into the 10.30 junction on February 25th.

ITV (Alec Stevens) - 2019

Week 9 of ITV Creates, starting on February 25th, was the first week not to have been revealed in the original late December press release. Featuring work by Alec Stevens, the idea this time is a small sculpted version of the ITV logo with ridges which when lit (and you squint really hard) represents an old cue dot.

Latest Additions - 24/02/2019

BBC Scotland (The Nine Promo) - 2019

One of the heavily promoted features of the new channel was a flagship Scottish news programme at 9pm known as 'The Nine'. With no programme airing on the first night due to the launch being on a Sunday, a short 90 second look ahead to what to expect from the new show was aired instead, and showing the very different style they would have to the rest of the BBC News output.

BBC Scotland (Promo) - 2019

The promo style for the new BBC Scotland channel once again makes use of a variety of bold colours, alongside textual elements promoting the channel numbers. Seen here promoting Jamie Genevieve #Unfiltered.


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