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This page contains a list of all the latest clips added to the website in one easy to find location.

Latest Additions - 27/06/2017

ITV News At Ten - 2009

Bringing back the ITV News At Ten for the 285th time. In 2008 the programme was given an overhaul making it distinct from the rest of the ITV News look, and attempting to bring back the gravitas of the show from the early 90s with a brand new 'flying over London' set of titles and a unique set. Unsurprisingly, this was all to be ditched again little over a year later with the 2009 yellow rebrand. Headlines for this broadcast from early 2009 contain the announcement of Michael's Jackson's 'This Is It' tour - something that we all know now would never come to be.

Latest Additions - 26/06/2017

Woof! - 1989

Produced by Central Television for Children's ITV, Woof first went to air in 1989 and lasted for a total of 9 series through until 1997. Based upon books by Allan Ahlberg, the main plotline involved a boy who would involuntarily turn into a dog, with all the ensuing problems this would bring. Over the lifetime of the show, a total of 3 boy/dog pairs were used (with more than 1 dog used for the first section). From 1989, Edward Fidoe was introduced as Eric Banks. Adam Roper took over as Rex Thomas in Series 6 in 1993, before the final series, series 9 in 1997, saw Sebastian Mahjouri take on the role as Jim. A variety of other well known actors appeared over the years, with Liza Goddard featuring in a role as the teacher across all 9 series. This intro dates from the very first episode, repeated as part of CITV's Old Skool celebrations in 2013.

Woof! - 1993

With the continuing aging of both the child actor Edward Fidoe and the dogs filling in as his counterpart canine, at the start of series 6 of Woof in 1993 the main characters were replaced. Adam Roper took over the role of the 'boy who turns into a dog' as Rex Thomas, with Punch taking the role of the 'dog' form. Fidoe's character reappeared in a brief cameo for the first episode as part of the switchover, after which this new combination was to last for 3 more series. This episode was the first episode from 1993, and repeated as part of CITV's Old Skool Weekend celebrations in 2013.

Latest Additions - 21/06/2017

TTTV (Picture Fault) - 2001

Local weather conditions causing some transmission problems on a June afternoon in 2001. Maggie provides viewers with continuity apologising for the problems beyond their control.

Latest Additions - 18/06/2017

Retrace - 1996

A rather forgotten programme in the history of CITV with little online about it, Retrace was a drama series produced by Yorkshire Television in the mid 90s. Spread across a first series in 1996 and a shorter second series in 1998, the main storyline focussed around the 'Fisher' family. One day the father of the family vanishes without trace, shortly followed by notices in the media suddenly hunting him for an armed bank robbery. As the story unfolds, very soon the entire family find themselves on the run from an obscure branch of the government as they know a little too much about an experiment on an island. Starring Michael Jowett, Kim Brearley and Adam Scourfield as the children, and Raiph Arliss as the father. With apologies for some degradation in this clip.

Latest Additions - 16/06/2017

BBC One (Pitch Battle - Eastenders) - 2017

Another special ident based upon the upcoming Pitch Battle series on BBC One, this time leading into Eastenders. Aired June 16th 2017.

BBC One (Pitch Battle - One Show) - 2017

Promoting a new show from the BBC, Pitch Battle, this special sequence was used to introduce The One Show on 16th June 2017.

Latest Additions - 14/06/2017

BBC One HD (Holding Slide) - 2017

The red holding slide for BBC One HD, seen during regional slots on the HD channel was updated in 2017 to feature the new idents. As of early June 2017 Swimmers, Wheelchair Rugby, Birdwatchers and Mountain Rescue can be seen looping in the background of this.

Latest Additions - 11/06/2017

How 2 (Closing) - 1995

Datablast and an early STV email address both feature on the closing credits to this 1995 episode of How 2, shown as part of the CITV 30th Birthday weekend of archive shows.

How 2 - 1995

How 2 was initially produced by TVS, before moving to Scottish Television after TVS lost their franchise. Running from 1990 until 2006, it was designed as an educational show for children providing answers and experiments to questions started with a 'How'. Originally the show was presented by Fred Dinenage, Gareth Jones and Carol Vorderman, with Vorderman being replaced with other hosts in later series. The title itself was a throwback to an earlier long-running show 'How', produced by TVS' forerunner Southern Television, and also featuring Fred Dinenage. This episode, originally from the 1995 series, was repeated as part of CITV's Old Skool Weekend in 2013.

Latest Additions - 09/06/2017

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers Sting 2) - 2017

A second sting for Bog Snorkellers, this time featuring the pink balloons too.

Latest Additions - 08/06/2017

BBC One (Allotment Holders Sting) - 2017

One of the accompanying stings to go with the June Alloment Holders ident.

BBC One (Allotment Holders) - 2017

Another new ident introduced in the June 2017 batch. This time featuring some possibly world famous... Allotment Holders.

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers Sting) - 2017

An additional sting introduced in June 2017, this time based on Bog Snorkellers.

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers 2) - 2017

A different variation of the Bog Snorkellers ident. This time a slightly differently dressed group featuring a giraffe start out already in the bog.

BBC One (Birdwatchers Sting) - 2017

One of several short stings for BBC One. Based off the idents, just from different angles and with larger centred text. This one features the birdwatching group again.

BBC News At 10 (Election Opening) - 2017

The opening to the News at 10 on the eve of the 2017 General Election, and we're already in the special studio as we look over headlines on the final day of campaigning both nationally and at the local (North West in this case) level.

Latest Additions - 07/06/2017

BBC News At 10 (Election Close) - 2017

Closing the BBC News At 10 on the eve of the critical election of 2017.

BBC One (Boxers) - 2017

Another June 2017 introduction, Boxers is set indoors again. This time featuring a boxing group's reaction presumably to suddenly being told 'quick, teacher is coming back. Everyone look busy!'

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers) - 2017

Introduced in June 2017, 'Bog Snorkellers' joined the set. Doing exactly what it says on the tin once more, with an eclectic group of characters who really should have taken a more reputable taxi firm to that fancy dress party!

Dave (6 Second News) - 2015

Gently ribbing BBC Three's 60 Second News, Dave came up with their own occasional take on fast news bulletins with some short sequences designed to sit in breaks entitled '6 Second News'. This one from 2015 was put out as part of the Transfer Deadline Day in 2015.

Milkshake (Out Credits) - 2003

Milkshake is the special presentation used by Channel 5 around their children's programming, consisting of a person sat in a very small invision studio to link programmes in a traditional 90s style - something that continued long after many larger stations completely dropped all invision presentation. The special opening and closing sequences for the strand were made up from animated children's drawings.

Latest Additions - 04/06/2017

BBC One (Promo) - 2017

Creating continuity with the oneness idents, the 2017 trailer style now features the same swirling around the 'o' of 'one' both at the start and on the endboard. The endboard also featured an updated red background style.

BBC One (ECP) - 2017

The ECP style from 2017 - and it's somewhat plainer than it used to be.

BBC One (Forest) - 2017

Not to be confused with the forest ident from the previous package, the new forest ident appeared within a few weeks of launch, and is a somewhat unique ident very rarely seen on air. Devoid of people, location or oneness branding and instead just showing a camera pointed at trees, the ident is intended for sombre situations where use of one from the regular set could be deemed inappropriate. Before its introduction such a situation arose very shortly into 2017 where both of the launch 'Oneness' idents were unsuitable for a show, resulting in them having to revert back to Kites from 2006. Initially the sombre ident had the sound of birds present, but when it reappeared to introduce news programmes after the London terrorist attack in June 2017 it had been muted.

BBC One (Cavers) - 2017

A new addition to the set in April 2017 was Cavers. Still standing around looking at the camera aimlessly, but there's some jingling so they've already got a candidate for reuse as a Christmas ident!

BBC One (Night Kayakers) - 2017

Introduced in May 2017, Night Kayakers did show an improvement over some of the earlier idents. Although the people in boats this time don't have any pieces of a moon to put together, instead just a camera to stare at.

BBC One (Birdwatchers) - 2017

Introduced in March, Birdwatchers sees a bunch of birdwatchers standing around watching birds.

Take The High Road - 1988

Take The High Road (later renamed just 'High Road') was a long running soap produced by Scottish Television from 1980 until 2003. Originally shown across the ITV network, it was dropped from most of the regions South of the Border in the 90s with only the Scottish stations, UTV and Border Television continuing to show it until the end. The premise focussed on the fictional village of Glendarroch in the highlands and the happenings of the people living there.

BBC One (Promo) - 2007

The standard trailer style from 2006 saw the BBC One logo placed bottom centre once more. Except for the final frames where it would once again appear in the circle in the middle of the screen, forming up against a red background.

BBC One (Menu) - 2009

As part of the 2006 package, the ident sequences were used with a red wash over the top for any previously 'static' screens such as breakdown slides, menus and later holding slides on the HD channel. An example of a menu showing programmes coming up later from 2009.

BBC One (ECP) - 2009

The ECP style from 2009, designed to allow different channels to be promoted in different areas of the screen.

BBC One (Ashes to Ashes) - 2009

The circle motif allowed some creativity with programme specific idents. Smoke from an Audi Quattro creates the circle in an ident produced in conjunction with the BBC series Ashes to Ashes in 2009.

BBC One (Coloured Capes) - 2009

It's a rainy day, but never underestimate the power of cyclists to bring out the sun again.

BBC One (Helicopter) - 2009

Often used as a lead in to the news. A lone helicopter over the ocean and some powerful music feature in this ident.

BBC One (Forest) - 2009

Deep in the forest a world of fantasy is to be found. Trees, fairies and rabbits all dance around to form up the circle.

BBC One (Motorbikes) - 2009

Bikers race around in a fast paced ident to form up the circle this time round, on completely the opposite end of the scale from the calmer sequences of Moon

BBC One (Lawn/Cropcircles) - 2009

Whilst many of the idents seemed to be an exercise in trying to be as artistic as possible, others in the set ranged to the downright bizarre. In one of the more surreal idents, possessed women mowing lawns show everyone how cropcircles are truly formed.

BBC One (Windows) - 2007

The dazzling reflections off windows are used to form up the circle this time around.

BBC One (Moon) - 2007

A calm and peaceful scene as people in boats put together pieces of the moon.

BBC One (Hippos) - 2007

Possibly one of the best remembered of the whole set, in this ident hippos swim underwater to form the circle motif.

BBC One (Flowers) - 2007

In their original cuts, the 2006 idents featured some quite long and heavily artistic form ups, although these were later shortened to fit broadcast better. Children dance around with flowers in the build up to this one.

BBC One (One Love Manchester) - 2017

To mark the special One Love Concert in Manchester on June 4th held in memory of the Manchester terror attack, a special ident from the BBC was used with some additional Manchester theming. Breaking completely from the Oneness theme for the occasion.

Latest Additions - 29/05/2017

Blue Peter Night - 1998

Remembering John Noakes. For a special night to mark 40 years of Blue Peter, the BBC dedicated the whole evening to the long running children's show. The late Mr Noakes reprises his role in the studio alongside fellow stalwarts Peter Purvis and Valerie Singleton to link together the evening.

Latest Additions - 15/05/2017

BBC1 Ceefax - Diana's Funeral - 6/9/1997

Everyone remembers the unprecedented disruption to the TV schedules following the tragic death of Princess Diana at the end of August 1997. From the day of her funeral in early September 1997 comes the coverage from BBC1's Ceefax service too giving a rare insight to a day we'll never see the likes of again. Similar to the broadcast, the BBC's textual medium has almost blanket coverage across the news (with a much smaller section for Mother Teresa). Television and radio listings are thrown out of the window, with a rare now and next page with all but one channel showing the same thing. Travel sections are dedicated to getting people in and out of London, and sporting pages detail events being called off. Even areas such as children and music have their own unique angle on the events of that day.

Latest Additions - 12/05/2017

BBC1 Ceefax (South East) - 25/12/1998

From the South East region, Christmas 1998 on the BBC, and it's time to see what the festive schedules are looking like for that year - especially that varied schedule on BBC News 24. In news, Richard Branson's balloon challenge ends in failure, and with the end of the year being close everyone is doing their look back at events of the past 12 months. Also on page 619, don't miss some a feature on that well remembered BBC trailer from 1998 looking back over decades of children's television.

Latest Additions - 07/05/2017

HTV (Entertainment) - 1997

Also in the new yellow ripple style, an upbeat ident for 'Entertainment' - with a music track that almost sounds like it escaped from Central's audio library.

HTV (Drama) - 1997

Late 1997 and programme genre idents are still around, only now they've had a makeover. Now looking much closer to the yellow ident that would finally follow in 1999, albeit with more water ripple effects added in. This variant is for Drama, and retains the same music as the 1996 example.

HTV (Next - Drama) - 1997

Another next board, this time drama themed.

HTV (Next - Entertainment) - 1997

Similar to the ident set, the next boards from 1997 on HTV also had genre theming added to them. Here the channel promotes an Entertainment show next.

HTV (Later) - 1997

Part of a very complete presentation kit in 1997, this short sequence gives details of a show coming up later on HTV.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

Another variation on endboard style to promote Jack Dee's latest show. No fullscreen yellow. This time some blue triangles just slide on from the bottom left.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

Both starting and ending graphics on this trailer for Dover, complete with the 'New' text. Although this time the endboard is a slightly less integrated looking clockwipe effort.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

A shorter trailer for Talking Telephone Numbers - this time with no opening HTV branding, but closing endboard.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

One of a few examples of late 1997 promotions from HTV now. Promos in this era used several variations of animation and wipes all based around the HTV logo set against a yellow background. Video was then usually mixed into the triangular segments. In this trailer, two different dramas on that evening are promoted.

Latest Additions - 22/04/2017

Oracle - 4/10/1990

The ITV Oracle service from October 1990. The IBA engineering pages contain details of the Tyne Tees Nicam Stereo service due to launch from Pontop Pike at the end of that month. Meanwhile there's more accusations flying round in the teletext-based soap Park Avenue, and in the news it is announced that British Rail fares are due to go up on average by 9.5% from January - just incase anyone ever tells you prices have only increased by huge amounts since privatisation.

Latest Additions - 13/04/2017

Uptons - 1992

Grotty projector slides still in use at TTTV in 92 for a local ad, just to give us that warm cosy feeling that despite advances in technology and all the corporate changes behind the scenes, some things with Tyne Tees remain the same.

Shredded Wheat - 1992

The late Brian Clough starring in one of a series of adverts for cereal Shredded Wheat that ran throughout the 80s and 90s.

Lenor - 1992

Why smaller sometimes means better (an argument I have tried to make on many occasions). Indeed they could almost have labelled the new bottle of Lenor 'Fun Size'.

Lemsip - 1992

Set to the song Goodnight Sweetheart by The Spaniels, Lemsip promote their new nighttime remedy in 1992.