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Latest Additions - 22/01/2019

ITV1 (Corrie) - 2004

Several of the younger stars of Corrie star in this celeb ident. Another long one filmed on the Northern set which had been set up at Granada to film idents at the time.

Latest Additions - 21/01/2019

ITV (Patricia Volk) - 2019

A sixth ident, breaking the usual total seen on weeks up to now, from artist Patricia Volk. First aired into the 5pm junction on the 21st January, once again it provides a chance to see some of the construction work for the piece of art, just with some extra shots over ident 2.

ITV (Patricia Volk) - 2019

Ident 5 from Patricia Volk is another where the ITV logo is never actually revealed from an angle where it can be distinguished. This was first aired into the 4pm junction on January 21st.

ITV (Patricia Volk) - 2019

In the fourth ident from Patricia Volk for ITV Creates, the chosen angle is so abstract you can't even make out an ITV logo.

ITV (Patricia Volk) - 2019

The third ident from Patricia Volk, first aired in the 12.30 junction. This time around we take a look at the ITV artwork from some different angles.

ITV (Patricia Volk) - 2019

The second of Patricia Volk's idents as part of ITV Creates allows us to get a brief snapshot into how the artwork has been put together for that week, providing an extra bit of interest to the viewer. First aired at 10.30 on January 21st.

ITV (Patricia Volk) - 2019

Week 4 of ITV Creates introduced work from Patricia Volk, with this clip including the first ident as aired at 6am. Patricia's medium is ceramic sculpting, with the end result being a very smooth and rounded rendition of the ITV logo.

Latest Additions - 20/01/2019

CITV (Break) - 2004

The CITV break bumper from 2004, replacing the regular ITV1 bumper during the broadcast hours of the children's strand. The three different coloured elements of the CITV logo flash up separately, creating a logo which goes past in the blink of an eye, but which you can still very clearly make out the logo from.

CITV (Opening) - 2004

A special ident shown as a break between 'regular' ITV1 and CITV, showing one logo flipping to reveal the other at the start of the programming block.

Latest Additions - 19/01/2019

BBC2 (Affairs To Remember) - 1996

A logoless-copy of Shadow leading into a special afternoon movie strand on BBC2 from 1996, titled 'Affairs To Remember', with a large animated heart. Brand commissioners at ITV were rumoured to be a big fan of this segment!

Latest Additions - 18/01/2019

Look North - 1999

A young Ian White introduces the short late bulletin from Look North (Yorkshire) on the first day of 1999.

Latest Additions - 17/01/2019

Yorkshire Weather - 2000

Jon Mitchell provides an invision forecast for Yorkshire Television from 2000, sponsored by Yorkshire Electricity. Despite the combined GMG North operation being in full swing by this point, weather graphics were still tailored specifically to each region.

Latest Additions - 16/01/2019

Calendar (Opening) - 2004

Less than a year after the fresh Calendar look had hit the air, it was dropped in favour of the generic ITV plc news look in February 2004, also finally spelling the end for the long-lived Calendar music. As with the other regions, the new set that had been brought in with the 2003 relaunch lived on for a while longer, albeit now relit in yellow and blue to match the nationwide graphics.

Latest Additions - 15/01/2019

ITV1 (Next) - 2004

A blue animated next slide, from the late days of the 2003-2004 ITV1 look. Following the glassy style of the generic ident of the time.

ITV (James Brunt) - 2019

The fifth ident from James Brunt didn't appear on the channel until the early hours of January 15th 2019 at 3.55am. Featuring another 'in-construction' set of shots of his artwork.

Latest Additions - 14/01/2019

ITV (James Brunt) - 2019

The fourth ident from James Brunt, aired in the 3pm junction on January 14th.

ITV (James Brunt) - 2019

Ident 3 from James Brunt, first used in the 12.30 junction on January 14th 2019.

ITV (James Brunt) - 2019

The second James Brunt ident from 14th January 2019, showing the construction of the artwork once more. First aired into the 10.30 junction that day.

ITV (James Brunt) - 2019

The third week of ITV Creates began at 6am on January 14th, with artist James Brunt this time forming the logo out of leaves.

Latest Additions - 13/01/2019

ITV Yorkshire - 2000

Initially in 1999, GMG North introduced all the filmed sequences for the Generic Hearts look in the Yorkshire region as well, with the huge new locally produced set relegated to use before a dwindling number of regional programmes only! It didn't take long for the filmed hearts sequences to also be dropped in favour of a small number of graphical only versions of the idents.

Latest Additions - 12/01/2019

Teletext/Yorkshire Text - 20/8/2000

Teletext Ltd's service from August 2000, as seen in the Yorkshire Television region. In the middle of the first season of Big Brother at this point, a lot of pages across both the television and news sections focus heavily on the show and the controversy surrounding 'Nasty Nick'. But if you like something different, there are interviews with Sue Barker, and a story on Basil Brush. In serious news, it's a sad time with stories focusing on the Kursk submarine disaster, as well stories mentioning continuing searches for those responsible for the murder of backpacker Kirsty Jones, and a funeral date being set for schoolgirl Sarah Payne. Up in the 600s, Yorkshire have their ancillary service, provided as ever by the people at Intelfax, with all the supporting information for shows you could ever need. And a brief identity crisis on p619 where someone has loaded the wrong header template...

ITV (Promo) - Christmas 1999

An extended playout of ITV's Christmas 1999 promo sting to lead into a trailer for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. For Christmas 1999, the National Promotions Unit in London used a fairy shaped tag character as their mascot. This same character was also added to the hearts idents in several regions, with the hearts package only having launched a month earlier.

Latest Additions - 11/01/2019

ITV (This Morning Promo) - 2004

Piers Morgan crosses ITV breakfast shows, in an early appearance on This Morning. A trailer here promoting the show, devoid of any ITV branding as was common style for the daytime shows on the channel.

ITV Weather (Wind/Norwin) - 1999

First commissioned in 1996, one of the most memorable set of sponsorship sequences produced during Powergen's era were the Weathergens. A bunch of elaborately dressed people, each designed to represent a particular weather condition. Here Norwin, representing wind, leads into a windy weather report for Christmas Eve 1999.

Latest Additions - 10/01/2019

LWT (Next) - 1999

An animated next slide complete with signature LWT jingle from 1999. This was based off the separated colour LWT branding that had been introduced in late 1996.

Latest Additions - 09/01/2019

Film on Four International - 1990

Prior to its launch as a full channel, the Film on Four brand appeared on films on the main channel usually part-financed by Channel 4 themselves. From 1990, the international variant of the opening ident attached to the start of movies falling under this strand.

Latest Additions - 08/01/2019

Yorkshire Weather - 1991

A short out-of-vision weather bulletin from Yorkshire in 1991, at the time being sponsored by National Breakdown. In the early 90s, forecasts were still regularly read out by the on-duty continuity announcer out of vision rather than by a dedicated in-vision weather presenter.

Latest Additions - 07/01/2019

ITV (Sutapa Biswas) - 2019

The fifth ident from the artwork produced by Sutapa Biswas, appearing into the evening on January 7th 2019.

ITV (Sutapa Biswas) - 2019

Ident 4 from Sutapa Biswas, aired on the 7th January 2019.

ITV (Sutapa Biswas) - 2019

Another ident from Sutapa Biswas, from week 2 of ITV Creates. First aired at 10.30 on 7th January into This Morning.

ITV (Sutapa Biswas) - 2019

The second ident from Sutapa Biswas, showing the artwork being put together.

ITV (Sutapa Biswas) - 2019

ITV idents from the second artist, Sutapa Biswas, started appearing from the 6am junction into GMB on January 7th 2019. The logo is made up from various coloured saris this time.

Latest Additions - 06/01/2019

BBC1 (Promo - With Stereo) - 1991

Broadcast just days before the official launch of NICAM Stereo on BBC1 on August 31st, a trailer for a BBC1 show with the addition of a 'Stereo Where Available' label.

Calendar News (Promo) - 1991

A promo looking ahead to the evening Calendar show, which on the Friday night here focuses heavily on the upcoming League Cup Final between Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday due at the weekend. Sheffield famously went on to win the match, although Yorkshire's coverage became quite controversial for the region as they cut away from the celebrations to show War of the Monster Trucks instead.

Latest Additions - 05/01/2019

Calendar News (End) - 1991

The closing titles to a different bulletin from Yorkshire's short lunchtime update earlier in 1991. Same studio shot, but slightly different graphics in use.

Latest Additions - 04/01/2019

Yorkshire (Serving the Community Close) - 1991

The accompanying closing production cap version of the above chevron. Once again integrated into the closing of the 'Help Yourself' strand, and also promoting their community values.

Latest Additions - 03/01/2019

Dime Bar - 1994

One of several adverts for Dime Bar from the mid-90s featuring comedian Harry Enfield interview members of the public about their love for Dime Bars, then the name used in the UK. The Dime Bar was renamed as Daim in 2005 to match international naming.

Latest Additions - 02/01/2019

BBC One Wales (New Year Menu) - 2019

A Welsh New Year greeting from BBC One Wales over a menu just after the end of Breakfast at 9am. Although the nations were mostly re-using the same scripts as network for this junction to wish people a Happy New Year, BBC One Wales decide to add a lovely little extra touch at the start.

BBC One (New Year Menu) - 2019

BBC One welcoming us into the New Year over a menu at the end of Breakfast, at 9am the following morning. The same script was used in the nations, although Wales (see below) added it's own little extra.

Quest Red (First 2019) - 2019

Quest Red wishes everyone a Happy New Year in a junction which (according to my clock anyway) starts a few seconds before midnight, before spanning the changeover from 2018 to 2019. No similar special announcement went out on the main Quest channel. Happy New Year Everyone!

Film4 (Last 2018) - 2018

Film4 make their last announcement for 2018 at 11.35pm on the 31st. Appropriately enough into Back To The Future, resulting in some confusing references to them travelling to 2019.

More4 (First 2019) - 2019

A few minutes later, and another Happy New Year announcement over the ident for More4. Complete with a bit of trivia to start 2019.

More4 (Last 2018) - 2018

The last announcement from More4 for 2018, used around 11.05pm on the 31st.

More4 (First ECP 2019) - 2019

Just after midnight on January 1st, More4 wishes viewers a Happy New Year over an end credit announcement for 8 of 10 Cats Does Countdown. With a change of announcer since their pre-midnight junction.

E4 (First 2019) - 2019

Shortly after midnight on January 1st, E4 make their first announcement of 2019, and confirm no one has been drinking too heavily.

E4 (Last 2018) - 2018

The very last announcement from E4 for 2018 aired shortly after 11.35 and wishing viewers a Happy New Year.

E4 (Second To Last 2018) - 2018

E4 make a few acknowledgements of the fact it's New Year's Eve in some very shouty announcements running up to midnight. Here, their second to last announcement of 2018, aired at 11pm on the 31st.

Dave (First 2019) - 2019

Queued up on the schedule to hit just as midnight passed, the first announcement from Dave for 2019 wishes viewers a Happy New Year.

Dave (Last 2018) - 2018

On Dave, they make their last announcement of 2018 into the 11.20 junction with an acknowledgement of the upcoming new year.

ITV2 (First 2019) - 2019

ITV2's first announcement of 2019 makes some reference to the fact a new year has now started.

ITV2 (Last 2018) - 2018

Over on the multichannels, ITV2 make some very casual references to the new year on their very last 2018 announcement, played just barely before midnight on the 31st.

Channel 5 (First 2019) - 2019

The first scheduled junction of 2019 on Channel 5 doesn't use the regular channel continuity, but instead features a pre-recorded invision link from Jane McDonald.

Channel 5 (Last 2018) - 2018

Channel 5 make their last announcement for 2018 a little before midnight on the 31st as they introduce Jane McDonald to cover the changeover.

Channel 4 (First 2019) - 2019

Two hours later at 1am, Channel 4 make their first announcement for 2019. Welcoming viewers into the new year over a very long ident playout.

Channel 4 (Last 2018) - 2018

Channel 4 scheduled a long 2 hour edition of Gogglebox over the New Year changeover, meaning their last announcement for 2018 was made in the 11pm junction on the 31st.

STV (First 2019) - 2019

The first announcement for 2019 for STV is straight back into fairly regular announcements, with a content warning for the cheerful movie to follow required.

STV (Last 2018) - 2018

STV's final announcement of 2018 aired around 11.30, with them operating a different schedule to the ITV network due to their Hogmanay coverage.

UTV (First 2019) - 2019

Meanwhile on the other side of midnight at UTV, you'd be hard-pressed to know it was even a new year as a fairly mundane announcement links in to the late movie.

UTV (Last 2018) - 2018

Things are the opposite way around over on UTV. They acknowledge the fact the New Year changeover is about to happen as part of their link into the 11.45pm news.

ITV (First 2019) - 2019

Things are a bit more lively from ITV at the other side of midnight with their first announcement of 2019. Aired around 12.10, the new year is welcomed in over their fireworks ident, before rejoining the regular schedule for a cheery movie which requires content warnings.

ITV (Last 2018) - 2018

ITV make their final announcement of 2018 around 11.45 on December 31st. A fairly mundane one to introduce the ITV News that would take us across the new year.

BBC Two NI (Last 2018) - 2018

In Northern Ireland they decided to use the Cat's Tail ident for their final showing of the Christmas ident, bowing out with their last announcement of 2018 too.

BBC Two Scotland (Last 2018) - 2018

BBC Two Scotland crash out of a BBC Music trailer a little prematurely in order to make their last 2018 announcement. Indeed with the Scottish variant of BBC Two being replaced by BBC Scotland in February 2019, probably their last ever showing of a Christmas ident and their last ever new year announcement.

BBC Two Wales (Last 2018) - 2018

BBC Two Wales make their last announcement of 2018, over a final showing of the Christmas ident.

BBC Two (Good Morning) - 2019

A few hours later at 6.30am on January 1st, BBC Two officially open up the channel for the New Year, and straight into a sign-zone programme.

BBC Two (New Year 2019) - 2019

Into the very early hours on BBC Two, with their announcement around 3.20am.

BBC Two (First 2019) - 2019

At the other side of midnight, and BBC Two welcome everyone into 2019 with the appropriate 'Fireworks' style ident. Unlike BBC One, by the time this aired around 1.15am on January 1st, all the other nations had switched to using the network feed too.

BBC Two (Last 2018) - 2018

The last announcement of 2018 for network BBC Two, aired around 11.15 on December 31st, and the last chance to see their beautiful Christmas ident for that year.

ITV (Good Morning Britain) - 2019

With the logo no longer left aligned on idents and break bumpers, the opening to GMB when it returned on January 2nd saw a slight tweak. Gone was the left aligned opening logo replaced with... a centre aligned version. And still using 5 coloured segments rather than 3.

Latest Additions - 01/01/2019

BBC One Scotland (New Year Close) - 2019

BBC One Scotland are still up to do their own closing link into the BBC News Channel... although things don't manage to quite go as smoothly as planned.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2019) - 2019

Due to their differing schedule, continuity in BBC One Scotland stayed up much later into January 1st than the other nations. Here they link into the late weather themselves, not long after 3am in the morning.

BBC One Scotland (New Year 2019) - 2019

From the 1am junction on BBC One Scotland, with a timeshifted programme. The script being very similar to what had been used on it's pre-midnight showing in the other nations, only with Scotland now being able to reference the fact they were by now in the new year.

BBC One Scotland (First 2019) - 2019

The first continuity announcement of 2019 for BBC One Scotland, aired close to 12.30 on January 1st as they finished off their own Hogmanay Live show.

BBC One Scotland (Last 2018) - 2018

As per the normal routine, BBC One Scotland had a completely different schedule of programmes to mark Hogmanay, resulting in different timings and scripts on all their junctions for the night. The last 2018 announcement here (and the last use of their Christmas Ident), made around 11.30 to link into their Hogmanay celebration show. Continuity also references a trailer for the upcoming BBC Scotland channel that had just aired.

BBC One NI (First 2019) - 2018

The only announcement from BBC One Northern Ireland after midnight on January 1st, made shortly after 1am to welcome NI viewers to 2019. After that, they joined network for the night.

BBC One Wales (New Year 2019) - 2019

Another announcement from BBC One Wales around the 1.30 junction (give or take a few minutes due to late running live shows). BBC One Northern Ireland had already called it a night and returned to the use of network continuity by this point.

BBC One Wales (First 2019) - 2018

BBC One Wales make their first announcement of 2019, as they also return to the non-festive idents.

BBC One (New Year Good Morning) - 2019

The official introduction to BBC One from continuity for the day, in the 9am junction on January 1st 2019. The other nations opened with very similar scripts.

BBC One (New Year Breakfast) - 2019

A few hours later at 6am, as BBC One officially enters New Year's Day 2019, in broadcast terms. Taking the News Channel entirely at this time of the morning, there's a normal News Channel countdown into the Breakfast show.

BBC One (New Year Close) - 2019

And one final link before bed in the early hours of New Year's Day morning to lead into the overnight news on BBC One.

BBC One (New Year 2019) - 2019

Near the end of broadcasting in the very early hours of New Year's Day around 3.20 - and hoping for a summer like 2018 as we lead into the late weather report.

BBC One (New Year 2019) - 2019

Still referencing the New Year in the network BBC One junction, just after 1.30am on 1/1/2019.

BBC One (First 2019) - 2019

On the other side of the New Year, and we're back to the regular Oneness idents for BBC One. They're still good for wishing a Happy New Year over again.

BBC One (Last 2018) - 2018

The last appearance of the 2018 Christmas Ident for BBC One Network, aired just after 11.30 on December 31st to introduce their New Year Show. With a Happy New Year message from continuity too.

ITV (Menu) - 2019

A refreshed menu style for ITV from January 2019, making use of the cutout logo and card idea once more.

ITV (Ravi Deepres) - 2019

Ident 5 from Ravi Deepres, as aired on the first day of 2019.

ITV (Ravi Deepres) - 2019

A fourth ident from Ravi, with some different footage being projected this time.

ITV (Ravi Deepres) - 2019

Ravi Deepres provides us with his third ident, for the launch day of the 2019 ITV Creates campaign.

ITV (ECP) - 2019

A refreshed look also brought with it a refreshed ECP style. The coloured cut-out card style makes its appearance over end credits too.

ITV (Break) - 2019

Another break bumper for ITV, this time using blue card.

ITV (Break) - 2019

An orange version of the cutout ITV style break bumper.

ITV (Break) - 2019

Purple card is used for this ITV break bumper.

ITV (Break) - 2019

Red from a different angle for this break bumper.

ITV (Ravi Deepres) - 2019

A second ident from artist Ravi Deepres, from the first day of the new 2019 look.

UTV - 2019

With the new refresh for ITV from January 1st, the big question on everyone's lips (or everyone with an interest in TV pres anyway) was what would happen to their fellow-owned UTV station. The answer was revealed in the same 9.25 junction on January 1st, as they continued to air their existing idents based on the previous ITV package, with pre-recorded regional continuity. Other presentation elements such as trailers and break bumpers were refreshed in the new cutout style from ITV.

ITV (Break) - 2019

Another diagonal break bumper, this time using a red coloured card.

ITV (Break) - 2019

Another break bumper, this time falling in from the side in green.

ITV (Break) - 2019

The updated ITV break bumper style for the 2019 refresh features coloured stacks of cards collapsing onto each other, filmed from different angles. The ITV logo itself is made up by a 'cut out' effect. Yellow version here.

ITV (Promo) - 2019

A purple and grey stack of cards in another promo, here for the return of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

ITV (Promo) - 2019

Other presentation elements on ITV took on a 'paper cutout' effect from January 1st 2019. An example of the updated trailer style from this date, using a red and grey stack of cards.


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