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Latest Additions - 16/07/2018

Drama (Summer Intro - Sharon) - 2018

Used occasionally to lead into one of the actual Summer Weekend shows are short introductions where the actors talk about their time on the show. Largely these are a collection of the same soundbites that have already heard in the Summer trailers, just now sandwiched between a regular Drama channel ident and a seperate Drama bumper, rather than being used as an ident directly like the short versions before unrelated shows are. Sharon Small from Inspector Lynley Mysteries appears in this one again.

Latest Additions - 15/07/2018

Drama (Summer Ident - Sharon) - 2018

Another of the somewhat elusive short Summer Weekend Idents for Drama. Generally being aired before shows unrelated to the star of them at present, and which may not even exist depending on who you ask. This time the form up features shots of Sharon Small from Inspector Lynley Mysteries before finishing on the Drama logo.

Latest Additions - 14/07/2018

Channel 4 (Sting) - 1995

Another 'modern art' style Channel 4 personality sting from late 1995.

Latest Additions - 13/07/2018

Tetley Tea - 1991

Although the round bags had now been on the market for 2 years, it was still considered a big selling point for Tetley in 1991. Here The Teafolk let everyone know how it'll improve those days when everything has turned a bit square.

Latest Additions - 12/07/2018

Channel 4 (Clive Anderson Sting) - 1995

From November/December 1995, another Channel 4 personality sting, this time featuring Clive Anderson. Who would move to the BBC the following year. With apologies for the poor reception on this clip.

Latest Additions - 11/07/2018

Anchor Butter - 1991

Football fever strikes the Anchor singing cows in 1991, as the video animation continues to improve.

Latest Additions - 10/07/2018

Channel 4 (Eurotrash Sting) - 1996

In the latter years of the coloured blocks, a series of stings featuring Channel 4 personalities interacting in some way with the 4 were introduced. Normally aired between trailers or leading into breaks, they were occasionally used in lieu of an ident into a show instead. In this case, a special Eurotrash themed version, featuring host Antoine de Caunes.

Latest Additions - 09/07/2018

Drama (Summer Ident - Mark) - 2018

Mark Williams of Father Brown fame stars in a short special ident for Drama, following the style of the summer weekends promo campaign, and aired here on July 8th 2018. Although a short film with the channel logo on it, used to lead into a programme, this may not be referred to as an ident officially - Similar to how I sometimes decide to call my spades a sporde instead. You're welcome to decide yourself on that one though!

Drama (Summer Promo) - 2018

Actually promoting a specific show this time around, this summer trailer from Drama focuses on Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Drama (Summer Promo) - 2018

For Summer 2018, Drama launched a new campaign to promote their Summer Weekend classics. Bringing in the stars of many of the shows and filming them in an appropriately summery setting. In this short version of a promo, they start naming some of the shows you'll be able to see over the season.

Latest Additions - 08/07/2018

Paramount Network (Menu) - 2018

A programme menu for Paramount Network, looking at some connected shows airing on the channel the following evening. With a very Channel-5-esque documentary in the middle, just in case you'd forgotten they were part of the Channel 5 family!

Paramount Network - 2018

Good to see those magic gardens are still finding work even after BBC One dropped them. Here featuring two children running away from the camera.

Paramount Network - 2018

Walking towards a bright UFO in the night sky for this Paramount Network ident.

Quest Red (Checkout) - 2018

The updated Quest Red logo applied to the existing Supermarket Checkout ident.

Quest (Outdoors) - 2018

The fourth of the Quest idents featuring outdoor elements, now slightly updated for 2018.

Latest Additions - 07/07/2018

Quest Red (Cat) - 2018

A refreshed logo for 2018 for sister channel Quest Red, but the cat continues watching that fishbowl just as it has always done.

Quest Red (Dog) - 2018

The updated Quest Red logo applied to the dog ident.

Quest Red (Donuts) - 2018

Matching the change of the main Quest station, in summer 2018 an updated Quest Red logo was introduced dropping the large map pin sitting above the logo. Similar to Quest, the existing idents were kept with only a minor refresh. Someone picks a donut off a table in this ident.

Quest Red (Reading) - 2018

The updated 2018 version of the Reading ident for Quest Red.

Quest Red (Bubblewrap) - 2018

An updated version of the bubblewrap ident for Quest Red, featuring the new logo at the end.

Quest (Kitchen) - 2018

In summer 2018, a revised Quest logo was introduced. Gone was the large 'map pin' sitting above the name, keeping just the channel name written in a sans serif font with the pin making the starting Q. The idents were updated to feature this new logo and some small tweaks to the backing audio, but otherwise remain largely unchanged.

Quest (Construction) - 2018

The 2018 Quest logo featuring on the construction ident.

Quest (Driving) - 2018

The cars don't even notice the new Quest logo on this ident. Mind they'd not noticed when it changed from DMAX Italy either. Perhaps toy cars just lack the ability to perceive change.

Panasonic (Barcode VCR) - 1988

Panasonic advertising a VCR with an innovative feature in the late 80s. Before keying in Videoplus codes would become ubiquitous for the machines, the idea here was that you could scan in a barcode to set the machine's recording timer instead.

Latest Additions - 06/07/2018

Paramount Network - 2018

Walking down a smokey alley at night, where even the Paramount logo can be seen moving in and out of the light. Complete with some proper programme-tailored continuity during primetime hours.

Paramount Network - 2018

A couple run towards their car in the sand, casting away a bouquet in the process.

Paramount Network - 2018

Warriors walk towards battle in this Paramount ident.

Paramount Network - 2018

A couple walking down a jetty at night is the setting for this Paramount Network ident.

Latest Additions - 05/07/2018

Paramount Network - 2018

A longer formup on this Paramount Network ident. Featuring all the different walking-away scenes spliced together, before finishing with the airport once more. This ident tends to be appear more during Primetime hours, alongside the non-generic continuity.

Paramount Network - 2018

Other idents on Paramount Network consist of a single scene with people walking away from the camera. Here, a group walk away in an airport.

Paramount Network (Welcome) - 2018

To mark the launch of Paramount Network in the UK, a special simulcast block was cleared across all the Channel 5 channels for 8pm on 4/7/2018. With the slot essentially being used as somewhere to place this extended trailer for the new channel.

Paramount Network (Promo) - 2018

Promos on Paramount Network consist of clips, interspersed with large white text slides set against a blue background. An example of the style, here promoting the latest series of Suits - a show which had not been renewed by previous home Dave in 2017.

Latest Additions - 04/07/2018

Central (Next) - 1990

A purple branded next slide, devoid of any specific 'next' or 'later' references this time round so it can be used to promote multiple shows.

Latest Additions - 03/07/2018

Central (Promo) - 1990

Always keen to push their own presentation, Central were happily branding up trailers themselves in 1990 rather than just using ITV network branded ones direct from elsewhere. Here promoting 'Coasting' in the days before WordArt would leave that endboard text a big no-no.

Latest Additions - 02/07/2018

Teletext/LWT - 21/3/1993

London's teletext service from early into the new 1993 franchise eras for both Teletext Ltd and Carlton, and with the newly combined London News Network now providing a consistent 7 day service. Although dating from LWT's hours, as the individual ancillary services in the 600s hadn't launched and most references from Teletext are to both Carlton and LWT, you would struggle to tell it was the weekend. Headlines include an IRA blast in Warrington and the Russian parliament looking to impeach President Yeltsin. Meanwhile in more local news a tense wait is in place for details on how the Channel Tunnel will come into London.

Central (Later) - 1990

Promoting a show later on Central, this animated slide was often used in lieu of any ident into a different show.

Central (Next) - 1991

Another animated next sequence for Central, here promoting Wheel of Fortune after the break.

Latest Additions - 01/07/2018

Scotch Cassettes - 1988

Scotch video cassettes, with their famous 'Re-record, not fade away' advert of the 80s. Based on the classic song, Not Fade Away, originally by Buddy Holly and covered in a later 1964 release by The Rolling Stones.

Latest Additions - 30/06/2018

News at Ten - 1989

Computer graphics had arrived at ITN in the late 80s, leading to this famous sequence for the News At Ten. First introduced in 1988 and featuring a flyby over a rendered London at night, this set of titles would last right through until 1992. On this edition from June 30th 1989, headlines include new talks between British Rail and Unions, MPs against all Hong Kong Chinese being allowed into Britain, and a resignation in the White House over rent boy allegations.

LWT (Next) - 1989

A next slide from LWT in 1989 promoting News At Ten, although so devoid any of station branding it could have been used anywhere on the network.

LWT (Promo) - 1989

A trailer for LWT from 1989, still using their blinds branding at this point. Here promoting the thriller Star Trap.

Latest Additions - 29/06/2018

STV News Tonight (Final Edition Close) - 2018

The closing minutes to the final edition of the national STV News Tonight programme for STV2 as the channel prepared for closure at the end of June. Taking a look back at stories that had been covered on the programme in the short time it was on air, before throwing the script into the air as the camera pans out one final time.

STV2 (Promo Final) - 2018

With the closure of STV2 at the end of June 2018, a short promo put together looking at some of the highlights to have aired on the channel since its inception.

UTV (Havelock House Final) - 2018

The ending to the final broadcast of the main UTV Live evening programme from Ulster Television's Havelock House studios. Taking a look back at some shows from the station to have come from the building over the years, before joining Frank Mitchell for the weather from the roof.

Toys R Us - 1988

A reminder that the defunct Toys R Us did have adverts before the 1989 'Magical Place' one they became synonymous with for the rest of their life, with a live action one here from 1988. Also coming from a pre-internet era where it was still acceptable to suggest dolls and teddies were perfect for girls and action toys for boys, without being lynched by parents on social media.

Latest Additions - 28/06/2018

Channel 4 News (Bulletin) - 1989

Reporting on events in Tiananmen Square on June 4th 1989, it's a short afternoon bulletin from Channel 4 News. Presented here by Fiona Armstrong, and with a complete mishmash of fonts in use from ITN at that time.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 1988

Charles Foster is in the booth to provide Christmas Day 1988 continuity on Granada, leading here into the movie premiere of The Empire Strikes Back.

Granada (Next) - Christmas 1988

A festively adorned next slide for Christmas 1988 on Granada.

Latest Additions - 27/06/2018

ITV1 (Joy) - 2006

Another 'emotion' ident for ITV1, this time representing Joy.

Latest Additions - 26/06/2018

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

A third Under 7 Footballers sting introduced in June 2018. And a casual reminder that sometimes stings can be better when silent.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

Sting number 4 based on the Under 7 Footballers.

Latest Additions - 25/06/2018

BBC Breakfast - 2018

June 2018 saw updated titles for the joint BBC News Channel/BBC One breakfast show. Drone footage from around the MediaCityUK complex was in, albeit in a very brief manner.

Latest Additions - 24/06/2018

Channel 4 - Christmas 1993

One of several idents produced by Channel 4 for Christmas 1993, featuring city scenes with a large 4 appearing over the top as the focus of the image changes. Stylewise, you could almost be forgiven for thinking it was part of the Connections ident set that would follow a few years later.

Latest Additions - 23/06/2018

Carlton (Next) - 1997

A purple next slide from Carlton with continuity promoting daytime show Afternoon Live.

Carlton (Next) - 1997

A red version of Carlton's next slide, with continuity promoting the ITV Movie Premiere of Accidental Hero.

Carlton (Sun) - 1997

Another Sun ident variation from Carlton, from daytime and without the word London this time round.

Carlton (Next) - 1997

Next slides for Carlton in this package were available in a range of colours, and all featured a main primary colour with large white text over the top. A yellow version here, promoting Coronation Street.

Carlton (Turquoise) - 1997

Another 'LONDON' ident, this time just with the letters animating right to form CARLTON.

Carlton (Promo) - 1997

The 1997 promo style for Carlton, here promoting 'Bodyguards'. A small Carlton logo features in the top left, before finishing with an endboard style matching that of the other slides in use by the station. These endboards were available in a variety of colours.

Latest Additions - 22/06/2018

Carlton (Slot Machine) - 1997

A new set of idents were introduced to Carlton in 1996, only a year after their last set had appeared. Bold colours continued to be used, but people were gone - replaced with simple animations and text effects centred around the large Carlton logo. Here a slot machine briefly animates the 'Carlton' lettering into place.

Carlton (Sun) - 1997

One of several variations of textual ident where a small sun animates into place in the Carlton logo. This was also one of a small number of idents in the set to feature the word 'LONDON', in an attempt to hammer home the fact they were your ITV station for London.

Latest Additions - 21/06/2018

LWT (Promo) - 1997

The 1997 promo style for LWT. Here promoting the Stars In Their Eyes Live Final during the week in Carlton's airtime.

Latest Additions - 20/06/2018

BBC1 (Closedown) - 1991

In the early hours of June 20th 1991, Jane Westrop closes down BBC1 at the end of another day of programmes. Featuring the initial 'larger' version of the BBC1 clock.

BBC1 (Slide) - 1983

A static slide with continuity for BBC1 from 1983. Slides like this were used to briefly promote shows either coming up next, or somewhere completely different in the schedule. In this case highlighting a film coming up tomorrow morning on the channel.

Latest Additions - 19/06/2018

ITV (Promo) - 1993

The colours green and purple, and a man shaving himself feature as the wraparound to another trailer in the 1993 ITV promo style. Here promoting Barrymore.

ITV (Promo) - 1993

Introducing entertainment show Blind Date here, the colours lime and pink are used this time, alongside a ballerina.

Latest Additions - 18/06/2018

Carling Black Label - 1990

One of the most famous of all the 'I'll bet he drinks' adverts for Carling Black Label aired in 1990. Evoking the 1955 The Dam Busters film, a German sentry is responsible for blocking all the bouncing bombs being sent in his direction.

Latest Additions - 17/06/2018

Thames - Christmas 1991

Initially Thames had used the generic ident supplied to them in 1989, however not long after the loss of their franchise had been announced they switched to using their own creation full time. Here an airing from Boxing Day 1991, with audio sounding subtly different to usual in a variant which seemed to only appear for a few days around Christmas. And a... very.... spaced... out continuity announcement.

Carlton - 2001

Hearts splashing, exploding out of fireworks, and finishing with a balloon in this Carlton ident, finishing with an orange endboard.

Carlton - 2001

Whilst initially involved with the creation of the ITV Hearts look in 1999, Carlton decided to drop out of the main project and commission their own new look for the regions they owned at that point. The result was the Lambie Nairn creation which included hearts, but made it clear Carlton was the 'star' of the ITV network. Themed around different genres, this set would last through until the end of the Carlton name in London in 2002, being updated like Granada's to include both the website and the 'ITV1' brand during their lifetime. Lights make up the hearts in this ident, before ending with a purple endboard.

Carlton (Promo) - 1993

A 1993 Carlton branded promo, with a presentation endboard style matching that of their initial ident set.

Thames (New Year Promo) - 1991

A New Year's Eve themed promo from Thames Television in 1991, reminding us that Peter Falk did play roles outside of Columbo.

Thames (Menu) - Christmas 1991

A Christmas themed menu for shows on Boxing Day night on Thames. Although verbally continuity refers to Thames, onscreen ITV branding is used.

Thames (Break) - 1991

The break bumper for Thames from 1991, still throwing back to the generic 1989 look.

Thames - 1985

Thames Television's most famous skyline ident consisted of a selection of London landmarks reflected over water. This was to last the station over 20 years and, due to it being so recognisable globally, is still generally applied to all archive material sold by FremantleMedia, even productions dating into the 90s. Here being used as a frontcap for a 1985 production repeated on CITV's Old Skool Weekend, due to the large amount of children's productions Thames had been responsible for.

LWT - 2002

With the arrival of the 1999 ITV Hearts look, LWT initially took the same idents as the other Granada-owned regions on the network. However a short while later they were allowed a little autonomy, and broke away to create their own 'Videowall' ident. Still featuring throwbacks to the hearts, but with a decidedly more LWT-esque glitz to it. This lasted through to 2002, with only minor tweaks to add things like the ITV1 name and the address. LWT stalwart Glen Thompsett provides continuity.

LWT (Next) - 2002

Another famous LWT voice Trish Bertram provides continuity over this next slide. This time with an additional ITV2 logo present as they cross promote shows on the sister station to ITV1.

LWT (Next) - 2002

Next slides towards the end were a little less creative than they had been in earlier years for London Weekend, now consisting of a formed up version of the videowall ident with continuity. Glen provides continuity again here.

LWT - 1993

A static version of the 1993 ident, complete with very generic continuity.

LWT - 1986

The identity for London Weekend for much of its life consisted of the initials LWT made out of Red, White and Blue. Here they were making their mark with the newly available computer graphics software in the mid 80s. One of a few variations on the 'blinds' animations used to form up the letters, this one from 1986 was used here as a frontcap on productions for the network until these were dropped network-wide in 1987.

LWT - 1993

LWT originally took the generic ITV look in 1989. However a few years later to mark their continuation past the franchise renewal, they decided to replace what had been supplied to them with their own alternative creation. The LWT logo takes centre stage once more alongside a much smaller ITV logo, complete with a punchier remix of the 1989 David Dundas theme.

LWT (Next) - 1993

A short but attention-grabbing animated slide to promote the next show up on LWT in 1993.

LWT (Break Bumper) - 1993

The break bumper from LWT in 1993. Still heavily borrowing from the generic IT\* look with its use of the triangle device.

Latest Additions - 16/06/2018

STV (World Cup - Mid) - 2018

Now, forget that continuity script that's gone before, because all that matters now is we can recycle it again. A shorter version of the STV World Cup ident, with shots arranged in different positions.

STV (World Cup - Long) - 2018

For the World Cup 2018, STV introduced some special idents for use throughout the tournament. The long version here, featuring lots of various footballing and crowd shots.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

Another sting for BBC One, based off the Under 7 Footballers. Slightly longer in duration than the other one.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers) - 2018

Another Under 7 Footballers ident, this time with some different actions being performed by the assembled young players.

Channel 4 - 1991

An alternative string section of the Fourscore track used over the blocks ident here - with the audio actually starting before the preceding trailer has faded out. Additionally featuring the Stereo legend, which was commonly highlighted onscreen by all broadcasters in the early years of NICAM broadcasting.

Latest Additions - 15/06/2018

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers) - 2018

Six months since the last new ident had appeared on BBC One, in time for the World Cup 2018 the latest Oneness ident was introduced. A group of under 7s train by kicking footballs towards the cameraman, possibly explaining why he's shaking so much.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

An accompanying sting for the Under 7 Footballers ident, introduced in June 2018.

BBC1 (Promo - Pre Rebrand) - 1991

Two promos spanning the 1991 Lambie Nairn rebrand. The same visual style is used in and out of the trailer, but with the fonts and BBC1 logo changed as appropriate after the 16th. Firstly from 14th February, a trailer still in the old look.

BBC1 (Promo - Post Rebrand) - 1991

The second of two trailers, this time from 3 days later on the other side of the 1991 rebrand. The surreal art style at the start and end of the trailer is near identical. The only changes are some slight re-framing of the end footage, updated font usage and addition of the new '1' logo. A verbal reference is also made to 'your new look BBC1' - probably a reference to both the changed visuals and a fresh schedule.

Latest Additions - 14/06/2018

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Eyal Booker appears in this ITV2 bumper performing some top notch dancing for the camera.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Georgia Steel featuring in the ITV2 Love Island themed break bumper this time.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Another ITV2 Love Island break bumper featuring a different shot of Hayley.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Hayley Hughes appears in this ITV2 break bumper.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Another ITV2 Love Island bumper, this time featuring Josh, an online sports presenter.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Another ITV2 Love Island bumper, this time featuring Charlie.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Rosie Williams appears for this ITV2 bumper.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2018

Dani Dyer features in this ITV2 Love Island break bumper.


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