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Latest Additions - 19/09/2018

C4 (Circle) - 2018

To try and gain as much traction as possible for the launch of their new reality show 'The Circle' in September 2018, Channel 4 decided to use an accelerated flow junction off the back of their high rating 'Great British Bake Off'. A countdown starts during the usual ECP slot, using a pre-recorded announcement with most of the same wording that had been played repeatedly over other junctions in the weeks leading up to the show. After a brief break for sponsor bumpers, the special countdown continues, replacing the usual ident to to lead into the show itself.

Latest Additions - 18/09/2018

ITV (Promo) - 1989

Another launch-week 1989 generic promo, this time promoting the first Tuesday schedule under the new regime. Once again the trailer uses elements of the 'Get Ready for ITV' theme, as well as large animated ITV logos this time in yellow.

Latest Additions - 17/09/2018

Thames (IVC) - 1989

Shortly after midnight at the end of Thames' first full day of the new ITV generic look and Sally McLaren provides more in vision continuity. Although all other graphics have been updated for the new 'ITV' corporate look, the invision studio remains firmly Thames branded. Indeed the only way you could even tell from this link that the new look had launched is by the playout of the new corporate ident where a skyline would once have appeared.

Latest Additions - 16/09/2018

Thames (IVC) - 1989

Sally McLaren whips her trousers off in the continuity booth for this in vision link from 1989. Now featuring the 'triangle' logo in the booth, which had come in as part of the 21st birthday celebrations for Thames just with a large XXI in place of the 'Television' wording. Plenty of plugs abound here for the Thames branded clothing you can buy in their Euston Road shop, before finally leading us into a late night news summary.

Thames - 1989

Thames were initially fully onboard with the ITV generic look in 1989, launching it with their new and conveniently already triangular skyline logo that had already appeared as part of their 21st anniversary celebrations the previous month. This generic ident would be tweaked again later to feature an updated corporate Thames logo.

Latest Additions - 15/09/2018

Channel 4 - 1994

In the early 90s, remixed sountracks were introduced to replace the Fourscore notes that had been used since launch, although the idents themselves otherwise remained the same. Lots of small blocks fly across the screen from a point in the distance to form up the logo for Channel 4 here.

Channel 4 - 1994

A third variant with the blocks spinning as they come in to form up the logo.

Channel 4 - 1994

Another Channel 4 blocks ident with the updated 90s soundtrack. This time with the 4 starting off formed, before breaking apart, spinning round, and coming back together.

Latest Additions - 14/09/2018

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1994

A woman running in the dark to eventually find some Channel 4 blocks provides the interstitial footage between the shows in this lineup promo from 1994.

Latest Additions - 13/09/2018

Channel 4 (Sting - Car) - 1994

A short Channel 4 sting from 1994 featuring a pink car speeding up a multi-storey car park, before winding up in front of a television on the fourth level.

Latest Additions - 12/09/2018

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Ident) - 2018

In September 2018 new presentation was introduced to Horror's Sci-fi Zone section. Replacing the old space battle themed ident, a new opening sequence featuring a futuristic cityscape was introduced, complete with a newly designed circular logo for the strand. No 2-shaped Zoetropes anywhere in sight though!

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Promo) - 2018

An example of the updated September 2018 trailer style for the Sci-fi Zone segment on Horror. Featuring the same elements as the ident/stings to top and tail the promos. Here promoting the upcoming UK premiere of 'Under The Dome'.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Next) - 2018

The updated September 2018 next style for Sci-fi Zone. Various length next stings are used during the Sci-fi Zone segment, with a shorter version to lead directly into the show, or a longer version to show before a break. Each consists of elements of the main opening ident, mixed with footage from the particular show.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Next) - 2018

A shorter next sting, used to lead straight into Star Trek Enterprise here. This time using the wording 'Coming Next' rather than 'Continues Next' and with no voiceover.

Latest Additions - 11/09/2018

Corn Flakes - 1987

A mix of live action and animation in this lively little number for Kellogg's Corn Flakes in 1987. Where we hear that after just one bowl of Corn Flakes, the whole world will be rockin' to that crunchy golden jive. Even mascot Cornelius is starting to think it's getting a little late for all this!

Latest Additions - 10/09/2018

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1990

Promoting an evening of shows for Channel 4 in 1990, using a brush stroke '4' style between the programmes. With the addition of a human eye at the very end.

Latest Additions - 09/09/2018

Heat Electric (Creature Comforts) - 1990

One of the famous 'Creature Comforts' shorts from 1990, featuring Frank the Tortoise. Keen to find a new way to promote electric heating in the early 90s, the electricity board had turned to Nick Park of Aardman. Park had developed the short film 'Creature Comforts' earlier as part of a Channel 4 series, which had gone on to win an Academy Award. The Heat Electric advert commission took the concept of this, namely off-the-cuff-sounding voxpops set to claymation animals, and adapted this to promote the heating. The Creature Comforts campaign was fondly remembered for many years, with the idea being turned into a full series in 2003.

Latest Additions - 08/09/2018

Little Be (Learn) - 2018

Another 'learning is fun' slot for Little Be. This time not focusing on letters of the alphabet, but instead taking a look at shapes or US defense buildings.

Latest Additions - 07/09/2018

Little Be (Next) - 2018

An example of the next slide style used during the Little Be block. One of the few elements on the block which doesn't flow quite as seamlessly into the other pres elements.

Little Be (Trampoline) - 2018

The Little Be shapes are all bouncing on an invisible trampoline this time round (or possibly just the mattress of a bed, depending on how cheap they're feeling).

Little Be (Bubbles) - 2018

The larger be blows out lots of small purple bubbles in this ident, with all but one of them then popping.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

Similar to the style used on the main ITV channel, break bumpers animate either forward or in reverse depending on the side of the break. Meaning they'll always start or finish in a state which links up to the continuous flow of other presentation elements in the block. The yellow version going into a break here is the same as the out of break bumper, just played in the opposite direction to end on the logo this time.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

A blue variation on the break bumper.

Little Be (Lap Bounce) - 2018

For this Little Be ident, the smaller be bounces on the lap of the larger be.

Latest Additions - 06/09/2018

BBC 4.1 (AI TV Season) - 2018

A short BBC Four season marking the growing role of AI saw the channel briefly rebranded as 'BBC 4.1' in early September 2018. With some minor edits made to a few of the regular channel idents and announcements to match.

Latest Additions - 05/09/2018

Little Be (Keepie Uppie) - 2018

Another Little Be ident, this time round with the 'child' shape skillfully bouncing a ball on it's head.

Latest Additions - 04/09/2018

Little Be (Open) - 2018

In September 2018, ITV launched its first block of children's programming away from the CITV brand for some time, surprisingly on ITVBe. Branding it up as 'Little Be', the 3 hour block was designed for showing pre-school targeted programming with surrounding presentation to match. The opener starts with the ITVBe logo transitioning using it's usual 'rings' animation to a night sky, which turns to daylight to reveal the simple Little Be shapes against a white background. These 3 shapes always finish at the same point, allowing seamless transitions between idents and break bumpers, similar to how the main ITV logo had worked when initially introduced in 2013.

Little Be (Chase) - 2018

For this ident, the purple shape forms a small creature which is then chased back and forth by the child across the screen.

Little Be (Ball) - 2018

The purple shape forms a ball this time which is then bounced back and forth between the two characters.

Little Be (Balloon) - 2018

Idents for Little Be consist of the 3 shapes animating in various ways. The smaller purple shape usually represents an object, which the two larger blue and pink shapes (representing parent and child) then interact with in some way. Here the purple shape becomes a balloon.

Little Be (Learn) - 2018

A short sequence for Little Be which uses the animated shapes of the channel to add in an educational element. Here teaching letters of the alphabet. It's not quite ITV Schools, but it's the next best thing!

Little Be (Promo) - 2018

A promotion for Little Be, designed for use both inside and outside the block. After showing the connections to ITVBe, it highlights some of the shows that can be seen on the new children's strand.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

A green version of the Little Be logo for this break bumper.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

Multiple coloured variants of the logo exist for break bumpers during the block. Here a yellow variation of the Little Be logo, with the channel name's jingle played.

Little Be (Close) - 2018

The closing animation for the Little Be block is essentially the same as the opening one, just played in reverse. The closing sequence from the first day of operation here, before leading into the first regular ITVBe continuity link.

Latest Additions - 03/09/2018

Central (Programme Change) - 1989

Reminding us they had an ident or slide for every occasion, Central lead into another show with dedicated 'Programme Change' presentation in 1989.

Central (Promo) - 1989

Another 1989 promo for Central with some different visuals at the start and end. This time around promoting Thames show The Bill.

Latest Additions - 02/09/2018

Central (Promo) - 1989

Highlighting the new Friday episode of Coronation Street in this 1989 promo for Central. This airing dates from Tuesday 17th October, with the first of the thrice weekly episodes to start later that week.

Central (ITV) - 1989

Central took some elements of the first generic look introduced on September 1st 1989. However being Central, they were quick to put their own spin on things. One of their own inhouse idents was re-edited to include the generic ITV formup animation as a secondary feature, whilst retaining their logo and jingle at the forefround. With this airing dating from October 1989 just over a month after the network look had debuted, and crashing into yet another programme here on the station.

Latest Additions - 01/09/2018

Horror Channel (Corridor) - 2018

Shaky camerawork putting Martin Parr to shame, with a scene moving down corridor for this Horror ident.

CBS Action (Microscope) - 2018

Looking at microscopic lifeforms in this CBS Action ident.

CBS Action (Helicopter) - 2018

A helicopter at sunset appears in this CBS Action ident.

Horror Channel (Curtain) - 2018

In this ident for Horror the outline of someone can be seen looming ominously behind a curtain.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

Special idents were used to lead into FrightFest movies during the 2018 season on Horror. Following on from the style set in the trailer, each features a door opening to reveal scenes from horror movies

Latest Additions - 31/08/2018

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

Another door and another FrightFest ident. Advent calendars just aren't what they used to be!

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

A mattress doubling up as a door opens to reveal more movie scenes behind in this 2018 FrightFest ident.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

The most commonly used FrightFest ident used during the 2018 season, particularly to lead into the second film each evening.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Promo) - 2018

A promo for the August 2018 season of FrightFest movies on the Horror channel. This time round the theme is doors, and showing the horrors that lie behind them - a theme which would be carried through to the idents during the season.

Horror Channel (Woman) - 2018

A woman a little out of the ordinary features in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (ECP) - 2018

The End Credit Promotion style for Horror.

Latest Additions - 30/08/2018

Horror Channel (Promo) - 2018

An example of the regular trailer style for Horror, using the red ink theming for the endboard. Here promoting the network premiere of Rupture.

Horror Channel (Warning) - 2017

The content warning screen for Horror, used on those occasions where the announcement over the ident isn't already enough.

Horror Channel (Taps) - 2018

The reflection of some taps can be seen in a blood red bath in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Doll) - 2018

The garden of an old house with a doll left there makes up the scene for this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Witness) - 2018

A woman looks through a hole in the wall to witness some shocking things in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Poltergeist) - 2018

For this Horror ident, objects float upwards, controlled by an unnatural force.

Latest Additions - 29/08/2018

Horror Channel (Car) - 2018

An abandoned car in the forest appears in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Radio) - 2018

A radio plays in the kitchen, before mysterious lights come on outside in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Mannequins) - 2018

An enclosed space full of mannequins for this Horror ident, although one of them isn't quite like the others.

Horror Channel (TV) - 2017

Similar to the approach on the other CBS branded channels, during evening junctions (at least those which don't have the Sci-Fi branding), once the generic 'ink' ident and continuity has played are several filmed idents finishing with the Horror logo. In this one, a television flickers revealing some unnatural goings on.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Ident) - 2018

Despite the channel name, Horror dedicates a block of most of each day's early evening schedule to airing sci-fi shows, with a heavily reliance upon the CBS/Paramount owned Star Trek series. Shows aired during this block are surrounded by special 'Sci-fi Zone' presentation. The main ident for the start of the block features here.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Promo) - 2017

A Horror promo branded up using the 'Sci-fi Zone' presentation style, here promoting 'The Invaders' on the channel.

Latest Additions - 28/08/2018

Horror Channel (FrightFest - In Vision Continuity) - 2017

An extended link introducing the evening's films in-vision on Horror, to mark the climax of their FrightFest season in 2017.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2017

A special ident for Horror used to lead into films for their FrightFest season in 2017.

Horror Channel - 2017

Although the CBS name doesn't appear like other channels in the family, Horror had the same 'coloured ink' presentation as the other CBS channels introduced in summer 2017. This time with the ink colour set in red.

Horror Channel - 2018

Similar to the other CBS-branded channels, two versions of the main graphical ident for Horror exist. One with the logo centred, and this second variant with the logo on the left and social media details for the channel listed on the right.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Promo) - 2017

FrightFest is a season of films aired over August on Horror. Designed to show noteworthy horror films, the season usually sees a lot of special presentation from the channel each year. Here features a promo for some of the films from the 2017 season, using visual elements that would also appear on their special season ident.

Latest Additions - 27/08/2018

CBS Action (Bullets) - 2018

Bullet shells fall to the ground in this CBS Action ident. Different to some in that the objects actually fall in front of the CBS logo instead of just in the background.

CBS Action (Ticket) - 2018

A police officer writes out a ticket in this ident.

CBS Action (Police Car) - 2018

A police car (with the registration plate 'police' just to make extra sure you know) skids across the view in this CBS Action ident.

CBS Action (Sirens) - 2018

The flashing lights of a police car make up the background to this CBS Action ident.

Latest Additions - 26/08/2018

CBS Reality (Air Ambulance) - 2018

A helicopter doctor with the London Air Ambulance service features in this ident for CBS Reality.

CBS Reality (Model) - 2018

An amputee takes part in a glamour model photoshoot for this CBS Reality ident.

CBS Reality (Dog Handler) - 2018

A police dog handler features in this CBS Reality ident. And they even get the dog to face the camera on cue.

CBS Reality (Surgeon) - 2018

For this ident, the focus has turned to a surgeon.

CBS Reality (Firefighter) - 2017

Focusing in on a firefighter this time round for CBS Reality.

CBS Reality (Ex-Convict) - 2017

With echos of prison sounds playing in the background, an ex-convict looks out over a night time scene in this CBS Reality ident.

CBS Reality (Nurse) - 2017

A hospital nurse is featured in this CBS Reality ident.

CBS Reality (Forensics) - 2017

A forensic investigator on a crime scene is the main focus of this ident for CBS Reality.

Latest Additions - 25/08/2018

CBS Reality (Promo - Originals) - 2017

A summer 2017 promo highlighting several of the original commissions for the CBS Reality channel. With a somewhat running theme throughout all of them.

CBS Reality (Channel Promo) - 2018

A general channel promotion for CBS Reality from summer 2018.

CBS Reality (Promo) - 2017

An example of the 2017 onwards promo style for CBS Reality. Be warned that this trailer contains some references to domestic violence.

Drama (Summer Intro - Jenny) - 2018

The longer Summer Weekends intro featuring Jenny Agutter. With the actress talking about what she thinks people like about Call The Midwife, inbetween shots of her gardening.

CBS Reality (Break) - 2017

The short break bumper for CBS Reality, where the ink fills the channel logo rather than appearing behind it. Slightly shorter variants of the main graphical ident are also sometimes used as a bumper instead of this.

CBS Reality (Barrister) - 2017

In addition to the 2 graphical idents, a series of filmed idents were introduced with the 2017 rebrand. These ususally play out in peak time junctions immediately after the graphical ident without continuity. Each ident depicts a 'real' person in society turning to face the camera. Here a barrister features.

CBS Reality (Paramedic) - 2017

A second 'people' ident for CBS Reality, this time featuring a paramedic stood by an ambulance.

Drama (Summer Ident - Jenny) - 2018

Jenny Agutter features in another short summer ident for Drama. Chosen primarily due to her appearance in the series Call The Midwife, which was aired as part of the Summer Weekends strand on the channel.

CBS Reality - 2017

CBS Reality was the first of the CBS channels to receive the ink rebrand in April 2017. Coloured ink in the channel's signature colour, in this case yellow, moves around in the background with the logo depicted in white in the foreground. Two variants of this main graphical ident are used throughout the day.

CBS Reality - 2017

In the second generic graphical ident for CBS Reality, the logo is moved to the left with social media details listed on the right hand side.

Latest Additions - 24/08/2018

CBS Action (Holster) - 2017

One of several filmed idents introduced with the December 2017 rebrand on CBS Action. These play immediately after the graphical 'ink' ident in some peaktime junctions. Outside of peak times, only the graphical ident is used. A gun holster appears in this one.

CBS Action (Sheriff) - 2017

A sheriff loads his gun in this ident for CBS Action.

CBS Action (Windmill) - 2017

A windmill is the focus for this CBS Action ident, reminding you that there's now no way to stop that locomotive before it plunges into the ravine!

CBS Action (Menu) - 2017

The updated menu style for CBS Action after the 2017 rebrand. Here being used to promote several shows coming up on the channel 'tomorrow'.

CBS Action (Promo) - 2017

An example of the refreshed trailer style from late 2017. Mostly the same as it had been before, but with new style endboards.

CBS Action (Warning) - 2017

A short sequence from CBS Action designed to carry content warnings such as flashing images. White text appears over the orange ink background.

CBS Action (ECP) - 2017

The end credit promotion style for the channel, more commonly used during peak hours.

CBS Action (Break) - 2017

The updated break bumper style from the December 2017 rebrand. Similar to the other channels, the coloured ink appears inside the lettering this time rather than behind it.

CBS Action - 2017

Following the style already set by the other channels, 2 variations of the ink ident exist for CBS Action. One with the logo centred, and this version with the logo on the left and social media details on the right hand side.

CBS Action - 2017

CBS Action became the next of the CBS channels to receive the 'inkblot' rebrand in late 2017, bringing it in line with the rebrands that had already taken place for Horror and CBS Reality. Similar to their other channels, 2 main graphical versions of the ident exist this time in orange, over which continuity is read. During peak junctions, a second filmed ident then shows immediately afterwards without continuity.

Latest Additions - 23/08/2018

CBS Action (Promo) - 2017

The promo style for CBS Action from 2017. This would last through until the package was replaced in December 2017.


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