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Latest Additions - 22/10/2020

ITV (Neequaye Dreph Dsane) - 2020

The final ident from Neequaye Dreph Dsane first aired into the 5pm junction on 22nd October, and features more post-production 'security camera footage' effects.

ITV (Neequaye Dreph Dsane) - 2020

Ident 4 from Neequaye Dreph Dsane first aired into the 4pm junction on Thursday 22nd October.

ITV (Neequaye Dreph Dsane) - 2020

The third ident from Neequaye's ITV Creates week first aired into the 3pm junction on Thursday 22nd October, and shows the art for the week being put together.

ITV (Neequaye Dreph Dsane) - 2020

With the work-safe ident being used into both the 6am and 1.30pm junctions on Thursday 22nd, the next in Neequaye's set didn't appear until 2pm. This time showing a much wider context to the artwork and highlighting detail beyond just the painting itself, alongside one of the faster audio tracks.

ITV (Neequaye Dreph Dsane) - 2020

The next set of ITV Creates idents to mark Black History Month appeared on Thursday October 22nd at 6am. This time a piece by Neequaye Dreph Dsane shows a painted portrait of his father done against an ITV-shaped wall.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Another promo from the S4C's Christmas 2019 package, this time with an endboard based on a ballet dancer.

Latest Additions - 21/10/2020

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2019

A programme promo from the Christmas 2019 S4C package. Endboards on promos used shots from the idents again, here featuring the dancing young people.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An extended general Christmas promo celebrating the big day from S4C in 2019.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2019

A girl blows snow in another break bumper from S4C's 2019 Christmas package.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2019

Two older people, seen ballroom dancing in some of the idents, are sat down sharing festive cheer in this S4C bumper.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2019

Break bumpers for S4C in 2019 took on the same scenes as the idents. Here a woman dances using crutches.

S4C - Christmas 2019

Lots of people dancing in a conga line in another S4C Christmas 2019 ident.

Latest Additions - 20/10/2020

S4C - Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2019, S4C returned to people idents for their seasonal package. This time featuring various dancers in festive scenes. Young people dance around a present in this ident.

Really (Promo - 13 Nights of Frights) - 2020

A specially themed '13 Nights of Frights' promo for Really's 2020 Halloween season.

Latest Additions - 19/10/2020

Really (Sting - 13 Nights of Frights) - 2020

13 Nights of Frights returned to Really again for Halloween 2020. Whether as a result of the pandemic, or just as a result of Discovery's usual limited interest in pres for the channel, things were scaled back onscreen compared to previous years. Idents and breakbumpers continued in regular form, in the case of idents not even using their appropriate 'haunted' one for most junctions in favour of their normal 'rescue' version. With special presentation being kept to use on trailers and this very rarely used text-based sting,

S4C - Christmas 2018

In another ident from the Christmas 2018 package for S4C, the elves are enjoying some time off after their work for the year has been completed.

S4C - Christmas 2018

One of several idents from the Christmas 2018 S4C package, here featuring the elves busy in the workshop. Different sequences were designed for use at different times throughout the festive period.

Latest Additions - 18/10/2020

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 package from S4C consisted of various scenes with animated elves in Santa's Workshop, featuring the logo and trapezium shape that had been introduced to the channel in 2014. Here the festive break bumper uses one such scene where a parcel taking on the distinctive shape of the logo slides down a chute.

Latest Additions - 17/10/2020

S4C (ECP) - Christmas 2010

An example of the End Credit Promotion style from S4C as part of their festive package for 2010.

S4C (Break End) - Christmas 2010

The accompanying end-of-break bumper from the S4C Christmas 2010 package features the same idea just animated in the other direction again.

S4C (Break) - Christmas 2010

The break bumper from S4C's Christmas 2010 package, featuring the logo animating away in a 'snow' effect.

Latest Additions - 16/10/2020

Channel 4 (Black and Proud) - 2020

A special simple ident from Channel 4 to mark their 'Black and Proud' series of programming. Aired here during Black History Month in October 2020.

Latest Additions - 15/10/2020

ITV (King Owusu) - 2020

The fifth ident from King Owusu features more construction shots. First aired into the 5pm junction on Thursday 15th October.

ITV (King Owusu) - 2020

Ident 4 from King Owusu first aired into the 3pm junction on October 15th, and featured lots of use of lighting in among another of the usual soundtracks.

ITV (King Owusu) - 2020

The third ident from King Owusu's week on ITV Creates, which also first appeared at 3pm on Thursday October 15th 2020. Featuring setup shots of the piece for the week.

ITV (King Owusu) - 2020

Another ident from King Owusu's ITV Creates set, first broadcast into the 1.30pm junction on October 15th 2020.

ITV (King Owusu) - 2020

The third week of Black History Month on ITV saw work from King Owusu, first appearing at 6am on Thursday October 15th.

Latest Additions - 14/10/2020

S4C (Promo) - 2010

An example of the 2010 promo style from S4C.

S4C (Slide) - 2010

The presentation slide style from S4C in 2010. Commonly used to promote shows coming up next on the channel, but here being used to promote a show on another day.

S4C (Election 2010) - 2010

A special ident from S4C to introduce Election 2010 coverage in Wales.

S4C (Next) - Christmas 2009

A festively adorned slide from the Christmas 2009 package, promoting shows next and later on S4C.

S4C (Break End) - 2009

From the other side of the break, the S4C bumper animates in the opposite direction.

S4C (Break) - 2009

The break bumper from S4C in 2009 features a simple black on white S4C logo animating down to a dot.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Another example of a Christmas 2009 promo from S4C, this time promoting a single programme on the channel.

S4C (Promo) - Christmas 2009

An example of the Christmas 2009 promo style on S4C, with the stars from the overall package that year featuring alongside festive updates to the endboard. Here the promo gives a rundown of Christmas Day shows on the channel.

S4C (Tree) - Christmas 2009

In a third (and shorter) Christmas 2009 ident for S4C, the golden stars finish up by a tree.

S4C (Lighthouse) - Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 presentation on S4C consisted of a large golden star flying around various scenes. This would feature on both the promos, and the idents for that year, with the star being mixed in to local location shots. Here stars fly through the countryside, before finishing at Ty Mawr Lighthouse.

S4C (City) - Christmas 2009

Another Christmas 2009 ident from S4C, this time with the stars in a more urban setting.

Latest Additions - 13/10/2020

Channel 5 (Promo) - 2001

Channel 5's promo style for this era usually consisted of endboards set in the main signature colours of the channel. Here an orange version, used to promote one of the many films being shown on the channel at the time.

Latest Additions - 12/10/2020

Channel 4 (Daytime ECP) - 2001

Daytime End Credit Promotions on Channel 4 during this era followed a similar style to the evening ones, just recoloured in some of the same garish colours used elsewhere in the strand.

Latest Additions - 11/10/2020

Channel 4 (Daytime) - 2001

More scenes mixed in with some slightly garish colours in another ident for Channel 4 Daytime from 2001.

Latest Additions - 10/10/2020

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

Another end of break bumper themed up specially for ITV2's showing of Love Island USA in September and October 2020.

ITV2 (Love Island USA ECP) - 2020

Special Love Island USA inserts were also filmed on location in the US for use on ITV2. Here one sequence is used as an ECP to promote the final of the series coming up next, however someone doesn't quite manage to apply the ECP template correctly...

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

Yet another break bumper themed up for Love Island USA on ITV2, aired here on October 9th 2020.

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

From the other side of the break, the accompany end-of-break bumper for ITV2.

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

Another Love Island USA ITV2 break bumper, used in September and October 2020.

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

The accompanying end-of-break version of the above ITV2 break bumper.

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

Another ITV2 break bumper for Love Island. As with previous UK versions of the show, bumpers consist of an opening and closing version with the only difference being the direction the logo animates in.

ITV2 (Love Island USA Break) - 2020

COVID-19 scuppered plans for the UK series of Love Island in summer 2020. However not to miss out completely for the year ITV2 aired the USA version instead in late summer, still producing special break bumpers as they'd normally done when showing their regular version. The first of several bumpers here.

ITV (Alfie Kungu) - 2020

The fifth and final ident from Alfie Kungu featuring his ITV Creates piece for that week with some more setup shorts from the artist.

Latest Additions - 09/10/2020

ITV (Alfie Kungu) - 2020

The fourth ident from Alfie Kungu for his ITV Creates Black History Month contribution.

ITV (Alfie Kungu) - 2020

Ident 3 from Alfie Kungu's ITV Creates set, aired from Thursday October 8th 2020.

ITV (Alfie Kungu) - 2020

Another ITV Creates ident from Alfie Kungu for Black History Month, this time showing some of the setup work for the piece. First aired on October 8th 2020.

ITV (Alfie Kungu) - 2020

A second set of idents to mark Black History Month appeared at 6am on October 8th 2020. This time featuring the work of Alfie Kungu who had produced a much more colourful piece than the previous week.

Latest Additions - 08/10/2020

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2001

Look North again, but now localised to just the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region. Presented here by Harry Gration, Christa Ackroyd and Clare Frisby

Latest Additions - 07/10/2020

Channel 4 (Daytime Menu) - 2001

No continuity errors this time in another Channel 4 daytime menu. And this time round the main colourscheme uses a slightly less garish shade of blue too.

Latest Additions - 06/10/2020

Channel 5 (Martial Arts Weekend - Break) - 2001

Another break bumper from Martial Arts Weekend on Channel 5, here being used during the movie 'Kickboxer'.

Really (Haunted) - 2020

After 9 months of their single ident being used into all junctions, another ident for Really appeared around August 2020. This time featuring more of a spooky setting, primarily designed for use into the 'Most Haunted' style shows on the channel, although it can appear anywhere.

Latest Additions - 05/10/2020

Channel 4 (Promo) - 2001

Richard and Judy famously defected from ITV's This Morning to host a new Channel 4 chat show in 2001. Here the pre-launch promotion for their new show in their new home.

Latest Additions - 04/10/2020

Channel 4 (Daytime Menu) - 2001

A small slip up in the continuity announcement over the top of this daytime branded menu from Channel 4 in 2001. Different coloured variants of this menu existed, with the version here presented in that always popular shade of bright green.

Latest Additions - 03/10/2020

ITV (Britbox Break Bumper) - 2020

As part of their massive marketing blitz for Spitting Image on Britbox, ITV replaced their regular break bumpers in October 2020 with a number of bumpers promoting both the show and their subscription streaming service.

ITV (Britbox Break Bumper) - 2020

A second break bumper promoting Spitting Image on Britbox, in lieu of the usual ITV branded breaks.

Latest Additions - 02/10/2020

ITV (Hamed Maiye) - 2020

The fifth ident for Hamed Maiye's ITV Creates set, as aired from October 1st 2020.

ITV (Hamed Maiye) - 2020

Ident number four from Hamed Maiye's ITV Creates set to mark Black History Month, featuring setup shots again to a different soundtrack.

ITV (Hamed Maiye) - 2020

A third ident from Hamed Maiye's piece for ITV Creates, as aired from October 1st 2020.

Latest Additions - 01/10/2020

ITV (Hamed Maiye) - 2020

After another month off in September, a new ITV Creates set appeared at 6am on October 1st 2020 to mark Black History Month, with work by Hamed Maiye. Possibly one of the first ITV Create idents to have been produced post-COVID-19-lockdown, given the return to having a single artist rather than groups. News-safe version here.

ITV (Hamed Maiye) - 2020

Construction shots of the artwork from Hamed Maiye, as aired from October 1st 2020.

Latest Additions - 30/09/2020

Channel 5 (Martial Arts Weekend - Break) - 2001

From Martial Arts Weekend over Easter 2001, a specially themed break bumper, here used during the movie 'Martial Law'.

Latest Additions - 29/09/2020

Channel 5 (Martial Arts Weekend) - 2001

A special 'Martial Arts Weekend' ident, used on Easter Sunday 2001 to mark a collection of shows and movies on the channel. Here being used into the film Kickboxer.

Latest Additions - 28/09/2020

BBC2 (Promo) - 1986

A colourful promo from BBC2 in 1986 (which looks like it possibly escaped from the titles from Bruce's Play Your Cards Right), here promoting a new series of The Natural World on the channel. All TWO branding appears to have been thrown out the window for this one.

Latest Additions - 27/09/2020

Channel 5 (ECP) - 2001

An ECP from 2000-2002 in the Channel 5 era. Here using the green colour from their colour bars in the background.

Latest Additions - 26/09/2020

Channel 5 News (Short) - 2001

The intro to a short bulletin from Channel 5 News. Normally bulletins would fall on the hour in the earlier years of broadcasting, although as the giant clock on the 2001 set indicates this one was sitting in a different slot.

Latest Additions - 25/09/2020

BBC1 (Promo) - 1993

In another of the many short stings produced for the channel promos, a science themed '1' is attached to this BBC1 promo from late 1993.

Latest Additions - 24/09/2020

Trebor Extra Strong Mints - 1986

Stephen Fry and Ian McNeice appear together in a sinking hot air balloon to promote Trebor's Extra Strong Mints. Aired here in 1986, although the ad would reappear in the 90s too.

Latest Additions - 23/09/2020

BBC Weather - 1993

John Kettley provides the forecast covering Christmas Day 1993... and the big question as ever is will it be a white one?

BBC1 Ceefax - 22/12/1993

BBC Ceefax from December 1993. Another new look, albeit very pared back in both design and content terms. The 'At Speed' and 'In Depth' split between BBC1 and BBC2 Ceefax continues, complete with extra branding to hammer home the point. Headlines include Dominos UK vowing to continue their delivery time guarantee despite a lawsuit in the US, and Leeds is tipped for some festive snow.

Latest Additions - 22/09/2020

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - 1986

What should you do if you get stuck in a lift with a food trolley? Steal all those Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes of course.

Latest Additions - 21/09/2020

BBC1 (Promo) - 1992

Promoting 'Television's Greatest Hits' of 1980 on BBC1 in 1992. With both a 'BBC TV' and a decidedly more 90s ITN logo.

Latest Additions - 20/09/2020

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1993

A mix of the various BBC1 Christmas 1993 graphics breaking up shows in this promo as they run down the full primetime schedule for Christmas Day on the channel. With a mix of comedy specials, EastEnders and the movie premiere of Ghost.

Latest Additions - 19/09/2020

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1993

Another animated sequence from the BBC One's Christmas 1993 package sees animated penguins sliding around past a giant 1. This time in a promo trailing the yearly outing of Noel's Christmas Presents.

Latest Additions - 18/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Sara Pascoe appeared in the special break bumper for the last evening of 'Dave Loves' on Friday 18th September 2020.

Latest Additions - 17/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Phil Wang appears in the break bumper for Dave Loves on Thursday 17th September.

BBC1 (Promo) - Christmas 1993

Although festive BBC One idents didn't appear until Christmas Eve throughout the 90s, the festive trailer style would get an earlier and longer outing. In 1993, different animated animals from the polar regions and a santa sleigh make up the style for the year (with a giant 1 always sat somewhere in the background). Here, Polar Bears feature in a trailer for what would be the premiere year of the One Foot In The Algarve special.

Latest Additions - 16/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves ECP) - 2020

Also from the Lou Sanders evening on 16th September, some special End Credit Continuity provided by the comedian herself.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For 16th September 2020, Dave dedicated their evening to Lou Sanders. Here featuring the obligatory special Break Bumper.

Latest Additions - 15/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Nish Kumar featured on the special 'Dave Loves' break bumper for 15th September 2020.

Latest Additions - 14/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

The start of the second week of 'Dave Loves' on 14th September featured Josh Widdicombe with a themed break bumper for the channel to match.

BBC2 Ceefax - 14/9/1986

On 14th September 1986, BBC2 Ceefax are focusing on events in Greece which had been struck by an earthquake the previous night. Meanwhile the SDP are calling for cancellation of the planned Trident nuclear missile system and rejected commiting to renationalisation of British Telecom or British Gas during their party conference. In less serious news, Sheila Starfish is making a statue of Reg the Octopus to hang things on.

Birds for all Seasons - 1986

Birds for all Seasons was a three part series of documentaries focused on the avian world, aired in September 1986 on BBC Two. Featuring narration by Magnus Magnusson and some ghastly music for the opening titles. With apologies for some minor tape distortion at the start.

Latest Additions - 13/09/2020

Oracle (TVS) - 1/1/1986

Welcoming in the brand New Year 1986 with ORACLE from the TVS region. In the news, tensions continue in Ulster. Meanwhile Reagan and Gorbachev are pledging peace in their New Year broadcasts. Oh, and just wait until you find out about those simpler British Rail fares on page 125. Or find out when your local relay will be updated for Channel 4 on the IBA engineering pages on 297.

Shreddies - 1986

Animated crows perform a bouncy cover of Elvis hit 'I'm All Shook Up' in order to remind everyone of just hot great Shreddies are with hot milk.

Latest Additions - 12/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

A generic 'Dave Loves' bumper marking all the people to feature over the two week event.

Latest Additions - 11/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For Friday 11th September's special 'Dave Loves' evening, Rose Matafeo features, with an accompanying special break bumper put out on the channel.

Latest Additions - 10/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

A dual-header for Thursday 10th September, with a special break bumper for Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont's evening of 'Dave Loves'

Latest Additions - 09/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For Wednesday 9th September 2020 Dave devoted their evening to James Acaster, with an accompanying 'Dave Loves' break bumper to match.

Latest Additions - 08/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Tuesday 8th September 2020 saw Dave devote their evening to comedian Katherine Ryan, with shows featuring her. And to go alongside this, another special break bumper for the channel.

Latest Additions - 07/09/2020

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For September 2020, Dave decided to theme nights around the various comedians to have appeared on the channel, dedicating schedules to a personality each evening under the title 'Dave Loves'. As part of this, break bumpers featured a short snippet of that evening's comedian. Here, from Monday 7th September, Romesh Ranganathan features, using a clip of him from his appearance on Taskmaster.

Latest Additions - 06/09/2020

BBC2 (Promo) - 1986

Another Screen Two promo from the next film in that series, Insurance Man. Although in a sign of how inconsistent trailers were, this one features neither the =2= logo nor the 'Screen Two' logo that had been used the previous week. At this point, the TWO rebrand was also just around the corner though.

Latest Additions - 05/09/2020

BBC2 Ceefax - 11/1/1987

BBC2 Ceefax from January 1987, and the more familiar Ceefax Blue look is in place. Being the more 'in depth' Ceefax on BBC2, there's a lot more of a wider magazine selection of pages, with quizzes and art galore in addition to the usual news and sport you'd expect. As well as the Telesoftware service in the 700s, allowing downloads of listings for compatible micro computers of the 80s. In the news, headlines include the Government refusing to comment on a potential nuclear weapons crash, and concerns continue to grow around fuel supplies in the Soviet.

BBC1 (Slide) - 1986

The following year in the COW globe era, and slides for BBC1 are looking somewhat sharper as computer use grows. Here BBC2 continuity provide detail on what's on their big sister channel.


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