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~ Latest Updates ~

This page contains a list of all the latest clips added to the website in one easy to find location.

Latest Additions - 24/03/2018

BBC Two (Slide) - 1990

From late in the 'TWO' era, an updated slide style for the channel. Here being used to inform viewers of what is on the next episode of Saturday Night Clive.

Captain Birds Eye (Fish Quarter Pounders) - 1990

The late John Hewer played the famous Captain Birds Eye (or Birdseye, depending on your point of view) from 1967 through until 1998. The concept never changed much over that time - A jolly sea captain would ply a crew of children with plates of his finest fish fingers. In this advert from 1990, the children are looking a bit older, and the shape of the fish fingers is somewhat rounder.

Latest Additions - 22/03/2018

FilmFour (Launch Promo) - 1998

Another launch promo for FilmFour, this time promoting how to get the channel itself across the available subscription platforms of the time, rather than mentioning the Channel 4 simulcast.

Latest Additions - 21/03/2018

Kelloggs - 2000

Kelloggs welcome in the new millennium with a general advert for a bunch of their cereals.

Lloyds TSB - 2000

An extended ad marking the dawn of the new millennium from Lloyds TSB, as it was then known. After thanking all of their staff and their families for all their hard work over the previous year with behind the scenes filming footage from their latest commercial, it then launches into the new commercial itself. With the song 'What Can I Do' from The Coors providing the backing.

Latest Additions - 20/03/2018

Channel 4 (City - Turquoise) - 1998

Another city scene, albeit once again mostly seen out of focus as the 4 circles of connections appear immediately without any short video formup.

Channel 4 (City - Brown) - 1998

From late 1998, and the 4 circles drop in to view immediately rather than having a segment of unblurred video first.

Latest Additions - 19/03/2018

Budweiser - 1999

A later advert from the Budweiser Frogs campaign. This time round, some lizards who weren't able to get screen time due to those showstealing frogs begin plotting their revenge.

Budweiser - 1998

An ad from the famous Budweiser Frogs set from the late 90s. The concept itself was very simple - three frogs just repeat the name Budweiser over and over again.

Latest Additions - 18/03/2018

Channel 4 (Turquoise) - 2000

As transmitted on the first day of the brand new millennium for Channel 4, a turquoise version here, with an added water feature.

Channel 4 (Purple) - 1999

Revised soundtracks, and some different variations on the lines which included new ways for the Channel 4 logo to animate onscreen were introduced in a small refresh late in 1999. A purple variant here.

Latest Additions - 17/03/2018

Electricity Shares (Regional) - 1990

A second advert to promote the new shares in the regional electricity companies. This time round, Frankenstein's Monster doubles up as a cigarette lighter.

Electricity Shares (Regional) - 1990

The privatisation of the UK's electric network happened in two phases in 1990 and 1991. In the first phase in 1990, the 12 regions of Central Electricity Generating Board was split off into 12 companies in England and Wales, with shares being offered in each by the UK Government. A campaign was launched to promote this, showing a collection of horror movie characters looking at how they could get into the share offer.

Latest Additions - 16/03/2018

Channel 4 (Next) - 1998

A next slide from the Connections era on Channel 4, here promoting a change in the schedule.

Cheetos - 1990

Cheetos have proven a very successful brand in the US for many years, complete with their mascot and his famous catchphrase 'It Aint Easy Being Cheesy', however it has been a much more limited success story over here. Owners PepsiCo initially tried to launch the brand in the UK in 1990, bringing both the character and catchphrase over with him, although it was shortlived. After another aborted try in the early 2000s, the brand was finally brought back to the UK in 2015, although without the famous mascot from America.

Mars - 1989

A slightly different advert from Mars from 1989 in that rather than promoting a single bar this time round, it promotes a range of their different chocolates, instead showing how great they are from the fridge during a hot summer. Snickers still retains its UK name Marathon at this point.

Latest Additions - 15/03/2018

Yorkshire (Christmas Promo) - Christmas 1997

Several short 'Merry Christmas' film sequences were put together by Yorkshire for Christmas 1997 for use on both YTV and Channel 3 North East. Father Christmas and a no-expenses-spared Rudolph both feature, usually found sat around watching television. Some other variations from the same campaign, identical save for finishing with a giant 3 rather than the chevron on the top of the tree, can also be found on the Tyne Tees Misc page.

Latest Additions - 14/03/2018

Persil Washing-Up Liquid - 1990

Robbie Coltrane pops up to promote Persil Washing Up Liquid in 1990.

PG Tips - 1990

The chimps feature in a PG Tips advert from 1990. Their famous pyramid bag was still a short while off at this point, so instead they promote their extra large square bags as having more room for the tea to infuse.

Latest Additions - 13/03/2018

Yorkshire (Promo) - Christmas 1997

Another promo from Christmas 1997, this time with the addition of a gold 'NEW' legend to the top right as well. Yes, promoted as new and it's not even a showing of You've Been Framed!

Latest Additions - 12/03/2018

Yorkshire (Promo) - Christmas 1997

For Christmas 1997, Yorkshire introduced festive intros and endboards to all their promos. Since the introduction of the Channel 3 branding across both Yorkshire and Tyne Tees, promos had already seen a more standardised look with each region namechecked, so the changes for Christmas across the two stations continued this approach just with a festive flick. This was to be the last full time dual-region promo branding to be introduced by Leeds, with region branding around network shows set to disappear completely a few months into 1998. A trailer here for the Christmas special of Gladiators, featuring the late children's presenter Mark Speight.

Yorkshire (Break Bumper) - 1997

The break bumper from the Channel 3 era, showing a chevron with a sparkle flying around it.

Latest Additions - 11/03/2018

Yorkshire (Mid) - 1997

A mid length version of the ident from the Channel 3 era, this time without the giant gold 3, although the shadows in the background remain. The focus is all on the spinning Yorkshire Chevron here.

Latest Additions - 10/03/2018

Granada (Summer Promo) - 1989

A long promotion for upcoming dramas in Summer 1989 on Granada. With footage from Evergreen, Murder on the Moon (known as Murder By Moonlight elsewhere), and the first of Tyne Tees' Catherine Cookson drama productions for the network, based on the novel The Fifteen Streets.

Granada (Promo) - 1990

A programme trailer from Granada in 1990. Unlike many of the regions who were happy just to take ITV branded trailers during this era, Granada generally preferred their trailers to at least namecheck them as Granada rather than ITV. Something which was probably much easier to do for the station who, as a big network contributor, were already making a lot of those trailers.

Granada (Next) - 1990

A much smarter, if somewhat plain, next slide from Granada in 1990. Here promoting a show from the late Jeremy Beadle.

Granada (Next) - 1989

A summer themed next slide from Granada in 1989. Could you imagine anyone ever getting away with that font choice on the mocks section of TV Forum too? With apologies for some reception issues on this.

Granada - 1989

The more familiar looking yellow-logo-on-blue static ident from Granada, as transmitted here in Summer 1989.

Granada - 1990

Granada largely shunned the ITV corporate look of 1989, although an ident was produced for them. Instead very quickly deciding to go their own way with a series of animated blue stripes in the 1990s. They weren't the most exciting idents ever, but at least they actually brought in some animation in an unusual break from the drab static idents the North West station generally seemed to prefer. Here featuring an announcement where they're apparently not even quite sure what the name of the show is.

Bounty - 1998

A friendly reminder of the possibly hallucinogenic effects of coconuts, courtesy of Bounty in the late 90s.

Yorkshire (Long) - 1997

Yorkshire Television received the Channel 3 treatment in 1996, to a degree. The changes weren't as drastic as what they'd enforced on fellow-owned Tyne Tees in the North East, with the Chevron and Yorkshire's name still remaining centre stage, as well as seeing the return of the signature Yorkshire notes of On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at remixed for the late 90s. However in the longest version of the ident, the same large gold 3 is seen appearing out of the Yorkshire logo for a short time, with the same 3 background as used for C3NE. Maggie also provides a very generic pre-recorded announcement here with as many names as possible crammed in, just incase any Yorkshire viewers felt like they were missing out on those by not being in the North East.

Latest Additions - 08/03/2018

Barclaycard - 1995

Rowan Atkinson stars in another advert for Barclaycard, this time self-charged with protecting the shopping for the beautiful Economic Adviser to the UN. In this advert, Atkinson's character is actually named as Richard Latham. Although the character idea would be largely the same in the later movies that followed, this name was not carried through.

Latest Additions - 07/03/2018

Teletext Holidays - 1995

An advert from 1995 with a difference - You need the Page 888 subtitles on as part of the advert. Luckily at TV Whirl, you can get those subtitles too just by hitting that little text button on your remote (or below).

Teletext Ad Subtitles - 1995

The subtitles for a Teletext Ad from 1995 - such a novelty, we don't even have a proper way to list this on the website. Just go to the Adverts > Q-Z section instead for context!

Nine O'Clock News - 1991

Introduced in 1988, and lasting through until 1993, this set of titles for the Nine O' Clock bulletin saw a much punchier sequence brought in than its predecessor with a transmitting tower blasting out the news for the nation. Headlines from this bulletin in August 1991 presented by Martin Lewis include Middle East peace talks, Bush warnings against the Soviets in the Ukraine, and the continuing fallout surrounding the BCCI bank raids of the previous month.

Latest Additions - 06/03/2018

FilmFour (Launch Promo) - 1998

For the launch of the original subscription based FilmFour (as it was stylised then) channel on November 1st 1998, Channel 4 chose to simulcast the first night free on their main channel too. A promo from the day before launch highlighting that special event.

Fruit & Nut - 1994

Cadburys bring back their famous 'Everyone's a Fruit and Nutcase' song for the mid-90s, this time with added CGI characters.

Latest Additions - 04/03/2018

Teletext/Yorkshire Text - 28/12/1999

With merely days to go until the new millennium, it's a very special time for everyone - and Teletext are not about to be left out of the party. They're running a countdown to the dawn of 2000, as well as taking a look back on the year and century, as well and looking forward to what various famous people will be doing for the new millennium. Worries are still abound for the dreaded Millennium Bug with lots of pages dedicated to reassuring people that it'll all be fine and that planes won't fall out of the sky. As well as several pages across the service devoted to ITV's 'Year of Promise' campaign - The network's bold plan for people to make lasting pledges to make a mark in 2000, which ultimately ended up being a complete flop for ITV. Away from the network pages, Yorkshire Television has a very well fleshed out ancillary service by this point, with pages selling things for almost every show they make, interspersed with information about schedules... oh and more from the ITV Year of Promise!

Latest Additions - 03/03/2018

Yorkshire (Short) - Christmas 1999

A short version of the 1999 Yorkshire Christmas ident, with the logo already formed up onscreen.

Yorkshire (Promo) - 1999

Into 1999, and the stencilled chevron has moved to the left rather than the right, matching the location of the ITV logo on network trailers. By then network trailers were supplied by the newly formed NPU in London and played out without any local branding for network shows, although regional trailers continued to be made in Leeds and voiced by the Northern team.

Yorkshire (Promo) - 1998

The dual-branded trailers from Leeds were to last until early 1998, towards the end of the 'Channel 3' era. The arrival of Granada saw them switch to producing ITV branded trailers for network shows, produced in either Leeds or London depending upon the show, but the same across all the GMG North stations. For local shows, Yorkshire branding was still used, albeit now with the logo positioned on the right in a 'stencil cutout' style to match the look of the network trailers. After the axing of the fully locally branded trailers, the endboard style once again became fairly inconsistent. Leeds would go through phases of introducing a new endboard style, but then usually not stick to it for long.

Yorkshire (Promo) - 1995

A different trailer for Yorkshire, and this time without Maggie providing voiceover for a change.

Yorkshire (Promo) - 1995

By 1995, Yorkshire Television had ditched branding up trailers as 'ITV' and instead were dual producing them locally for both themselves and Tyne Tees, with logo and continuity swapped as needed. Endboards were inconsistently designed across both stations until the 'Channel 3' rebrand in late 1996. Maggie Mash provides the voice for this trailer, and seemed to end up with the job of trailer announcing more than anyone.

Yorkshire (Next) - 1995

Into 1995, and a new style of slide for Yorkshire, once again used across both YTV and Tyne Tees.

Yorkshire (Next) - 1994

Bob Preedy provides continuity over another next slide from 1994.

Yorkshire (Next) - 1994

Into 1994, and the early sharing of Yorkshire presentation elements between Yorkshire and Tyne Tees had already begun. The gold chevron of the station has by now returned, but can be seen fading in and out at different times to the underlying slide allowing it to be overlaid with either Yorkshire or Tyne Tees' logo separately.

Yorkshire (Next) - 1991

Yorkshire Television using the 1989 ITV Generic template for their next slide here. With barely a whisper of a chevron to be seen.

Yorkshire (Break) - Christmas 1999

The Christmas 1999 break bumper across the GMG North regions featured the same imagery as appeared in the small box on the ident, just displayed fullscreen and without any logo. Leaving a somewhat vague picture to separate trailers from the main adverts.

Yorkshire (Break Bumper) - 1998

The 1998 Yorkshire Break Bumper. Similar in design to the ident, just without the words 'Yorkshire Television' underneath. Unlike the idents, the lighter 'daytime' background to this bumper appeared at all times of the day.

Yorkshire (Long) - Christmas 1999

With the ITV generic idents only arriving in November 1999, GMG had by then already commissioned locally branded Christmas idents for that year. So only weeks after the new corporate look had gone to air, the GMG North stations all swapped back to locally branded festive idents without an ITV logo in sight. Designed in Leeds, and following a similar style to the Yorkshire Television local rebrand that had been devised earlier that year, the left half was replaced with the relevant region's logo, whilst the right half featured Christmas imagery.

Latest Additions - 02/03/2018

Yorkshire (Short) - 1994

Bob Preedy provides continuity over a static version of this Yorkshire ident. Still based off the 1989 Generic ITV ident which had been modified by Yorkshire locally to improve the prominence of the chevron, this copy dates from shortly before the next look below was introduced - airing October 9th 1994.

Latest Additions - 01/03/2018

Channel 4 (4Later) - 1999

4Later was introduced as Channel 4's overnight strand for a time, after overnight closedowns were dropped, featuring the usual filler mix of cheap imports and low budget movies to fill those dead hours. Presentation during this segment featured a very different ident style to the rest of the day's presentation.

Channel 4 (Blue Green) - 1999

Another of the lines idents for Channel 4, this time set in a bluey-green shade.

Latest Additions - 28/02/2018

Lloyds Bank - 1994

The Lightning Loot - Another Tales of the Black Horse ad. A giant wants to buy a new cart from the local salesman, but is a little short on funds at the moment. Never fear, as the nearby Lloyds Bank branch can approve a personal loan on the spot. They apparently don't even mind if you demolish the branch in the process of applying, although I remain less convinced about this detail.

Latest Additions - 27/02/2018

BHS - 1994

The people of Portsmouth feature in a slightly bizarre advert for defunct clothing and homewares chain BHS in 1994. Cramming in as many nautical jokes as possible to promote their latest 'sail'...

Latest Additions - 26/02/2018

Yorkshire (Christmas Promo) - 1994

When Christmas promos were a much simpler affair. Maggie briefly introduces what movies are coming up on Yorkshire Television over the festive season in 1994.

Latest Additions - 25/02/2018

Yorkshire (Short) - 1994

In 1994, a new set of idents were introduced to Yorkshire Television, and were the first home-grown YTV effort to feature a different soundtrack to the famous 'On Ilkey Moor' notes that had been present since the station launch. Images, usually from the region, sit in a bar behind the chevron over various coloured backgrounds. A short version here, which doesn't include any music at all and a very short form up of the chevron.

Latest Additions - 24/02/2018

Channel 4 (Frasier) - 1999

More programme themed lines presentation. Kelsey Grammer, in his Frasier role, talks about his obsession with the number 4. Conveniently, it's also the next show on Channel 4.

Channel 4 (Red/Traffic) - 1999

Red bars for this Channel 4 ident, mixed in with blurred shots of car headlights.

Channel 4 (Red/Yellow) - 1999

Introduced in 1999, the next evolution for Channel 4's presentation involved placing the 4 logo in a right aligned white box, while coloured vertical lines scroll past in the background at differing speeds. Most commonly these would feature colour only, but it also allowed mixing in of background video footage. Red and Yellow are mixed together in this ident.

Latest Additions - 23/02/2018

Channel 4 (South Park) - 1999

Based around the South Park series which was airing on Channel 4 at the time, one of several programme-themed additions to the coloured lines presentation package from 1999. Used here with continuity before the break to let you know the show is up next.

Latest Additions - 22/02/2018

ITV (Promo) - 1991

A trailer from 1991 promoting the upcoming adaption of Great Expectations to the network. Most trailers from this era lacked any consistent network branding style, depending very much upon which region had originally produced it.

Tyne Tees (Next) - 1991

After the generic look was dropped completely by the North East station in 1991, Tyne Tees introduced this slide to match the visual style of their new ident. Though clearly the slide was still based on the same basic template as their previous effort. The announcer this time is Clem Shaw, who did a brief stint on Tyne Tees between 1991 and 1992. (Info provided by Jase)

Dulux - 1991

A man, probably feeling like he was 'taking back control', paints the walls of his house to the patriotic notes of I Vow To Thee, My Country. While the Dulux dog lends an occasional helpful paw.

Golden Oatmeal Crisp - 1991

Another defunct cereal from Kelloggs in 1991, set to Beethoven's Symphony No 6. This time with a lot of people expressing their shock that you could make a tasty cereal out of oats! Who knows why else they would think the word 'oatmeal' was on the box.

Golden Crackles - 1991

Two adverts here for Kellogg's cereals in 1991, that have since been dropped from the market in the UK. Both of them with the word 'Golden' in the name. This first one is for Golden Crackles, and possibly is meant to present a harsh dystopian vision of the terribly localised impacts of climate change!

Vauxhall Astra - 1991

You've just washed your shiny new Vauxhall Astra, when right on cue a pigeon parks itself right above your driveway. What is a man to do?

Micro Chips - 1998

Panning past a montage of various houses to show how McCain Micro Chips make a meal in only 3 minutes, Quickety Quick! With remixed lyrics performed to the song 'Yakety Yak' from The Coasters.

Asda - 1991

One of a series of adverts for Asda from the early 90s, using Perfect from Fairground Attraction as a backing track. Plenty of 'everyday life' shots mixed in with items you could buy from Asda. Budding ident designers the world over may have been looking at this and thinking 'hmm, random lifestyle shots. Could we make channel idents out of this?..'.

Latest Additions - 20/02/2018

Oracle - 20/7/1991

From the summer of 1991. Oracle's own soap Park Avenue is preparing to make the move to Channel 4 so don't miss out on your chance to win some mugs with the old page number on. In news the popularity of the Tories in the polls is improving since the replacement of Thatcher with Major. More is uncovered about the failed Bank of Credit and Commerce, and President Bush (Senior) says its unlikely the USA will ever return to Iraq...

Granada Rentals - 1998

A young Jeremy Clarkson in one of his less well remembered roles. As the face of Granada Rentals in their latter days of 1998, promoting 'TV 2000' - an upcoming deal for digital television equipment, what with the impending launch of DTT later that year. With the rapidly declining TV rental market, Granada Rentals was merged with Radio Rentals in 2000 to form Boxclever, before the original operation fell into administration in 2003, nowadays having been sold on and existing as an online-only brand. A dormant business from the Granada Rentals operation remains registered at ITV plc's headquarters in London to this day.

Latest Additions - 19/02/2018

Calendar News (Late) - 1998

Presented by Lesley Alexander, the intro to a short late news bulletin from Calendar in 1998. Headlines include an attack on a West Yorkshire pensioner and a jail sentence for a man who tapped a streetlamp for his electricity supply.

5Select (White/Purple) - 2018

From later on launch day, a subtly different fourth ident for the new 5Select. The background is still white, but the foreground blocks are in purple rather than blue.

Latest Additions - 18/02/2018

Nationwide - 1998

Are you a Dunroamin or a Letsby Avenue? Another stop motion advert from the Nationwide from 1998, this time focussing on mortgages from the building society. This advert had originally aired at the same time as the above one in early 90s, before being brought back several years later with only a few slightly tweaked lyrics, a new singer and the addition of references to their website.

Latest Additions - 17/02/2018

Yorkshire (Evening - Short) - 1998

A shorter edit of the 1998 Yorkshire ident this time, with less buildup on the music. Evening version with Maggie again.

Latest Additions - 16/02/2018

Yorkshire (Evening - Long) - 1998

After the takeover by Granada, the Channel 3 project was very swiftly dropped. Whilst 'Channel 3 North East' had to have an entirely new ident put together to reintroduce TTTV, Yorkshire's set required fewer changes. The longest version of the ident with the giant gold three emerging from the chevron was simply dropped, and in the remaining shorter versions the background image lost all the ghosted 3s. Evening and daytime versions with different shades of blue existed, in various lengths as needed. A longer version of the evening ident here, with Maggie Mash providing continuity into the News at Ten.

Latest Additions - 15/02/2018

Crest - 1991

Launched in the US in the fifties, the Crest brand in the UK has largely been phased out in favour of 'Oral B' by owners Procter & Gamble. Prior to the purchase of Oral B in the late 2000s however, their toothpaste products were marketed heavily in the UK as Crest too. Here in a simple 1991 advert promoting how much Crest helps improve that nightmare visit to the dentist for children.

Latest Additions - 14/02/2018

BBC Two (Next) - 1986

A static next slide for BBC Two, promoting an airing of Mission Impossible.

Latest Additions - 13/02/2018

5Select (Blue) - 2018

A blue version of the 5Select ident. Even more similar to the My5 branding that had preceded it now with the same music and same blue colour-scheme.

5Select (Channel Promo) - 2018

Used for promoting the new channel name in the run up to launch with a date, before being used on the channel after launch without date. A look at some of the er... completely different programming that'll be available compared to My5 before it.

5Select (Purple) - 2018

My5 (as a channel) was replaced by 5Select on February 13th 2018, after an aborted earlier planned launch as 5Prime in the January. Opening the new day on the new 5Select at 9am... without any mention of the fact at all.

5Select (Promo) - 2018

An example of the new programme trailer style for 5Select.

5Select (White/Blue) - 2018

The second ident to air on the new 5Select, and this time the background is a white/grey colour.

Frisps - 1991

A man stands by a bar. The opening line not to a joke this time, but to an advert for KP's Frisps from 1991 demonstrating just how much their snack can improve your dancing skills.

Latest Additions - 12/02/2018

True Crime (Break - Red) - 2017

A third breakbumper featuring the True Crime logo, this time themed in red.

True Crime (Break - Orange) - 2017

A different glass shatter break bumper, this time themed in Orange.

True Crime (Break - Blue) - 2017

Break bumpers consist of glass shattering over the True Crime logo, with a flash of a particular colour. Blue in this one.

True Crime (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promotion style for the True Crime channel.

True Crime - 2017

One of several filmed idents for the True Crime channel, featuring a woman burying something. Possibly something totally innocuous, but she's now going to be an instant suspect due to it being a channel with the name 'Crime' in it. Used from the channel's launch through to its rename in 2018.

E4 (E-Sting - Sloth Party) - 2015

From that brief era where sloths were very popular, a bunch of them hold a party in this E4 E-Sting, brought in with the 2015 batch.

E4 (E-Sting - Whack-a-shark) - 2015

An octopus whacks a variety of sharks, until a larger shark appears to sort things out.

E4 (E-Sting - Shadow) - 2015

Rabbit, Fox, Horse - the less well known variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Silhouettes of various animals morph on the wall, before finishing with an E4 logo for this E-Sting.

E4 (E-Sting - Moo-Tings) - 2015

One cow spurting milk on another cow, whilst a third cow flies past in the background. It's either the plot to a dodgy adult film, or the plot for another 2015 E-Sting - you decide!

E4 (E-Sting - Chameleon) - 2015

Another 2015 E-Sting competition entry. This time, a chameleon gets more than he bargains for.

E4 (E-Sting - Graham Flannel) - 2015

Internet sensation (probably) Graham Flannel for E4 this time. Some puppetry, a flyswatter, and a laugh not-borrowed-from-The-Simpsons for this 2015 E-Sting.

E4 (E-Sting - Eggstore) - 2015

A guy, in a truck covered in speakers, hauling a giant egg, all features this 2015 E-Sting. You just know it represents E4 due to all those E4 logos on it!

E4 (E-Sting - Sheep Sucking) - 2015

Just some sheep innocently grazing in the field, until a giant vacuum comes along of course!

E4 (E-Sting - Estore) - 2015

Russian dolls almost inexplicably sat among some shopping for this E-sting from the 2015 competition.

E4 (E-Sting - Belly of the Whale) - 2015

Showing what happens inside the belly of an E4-shaped whale for this E-Sting. Proof of the terrible effects upon wildlife that marine pollution has.

E4 (E-Sting - Animal House) - 2015

Footage of various animals is mixed in with drawn elements to create the 'Animal House' E-Sting, from the 2015 competition.