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Latest Additions - 12/08/2020

ITN (Overnight Bulletin) - 1990

Phil Roman introduces a short overnight bulletin from ITN's virtual set, reporting on the early days of the Gulf Crisis in August 1990.

Latest Additions - 11/08/2020

Yorkshire Weather - 1991

Different graphics and a rather bumpy cut from the newsroom feature in this later out-of-vision Yorkshire Weather Forecast, read by the on-duty announcer Bob Preedy. The local forecast appears to be between sponsors at this point.

Latest Additions - 10/08/2020

ITV (Create & Young Carers) - 2020

The fifth ITV Creates ident from Create and the Young Carers first aired into the 5pm junction on Monday 10th August, sticking to the predictable format for these by now.

ITV (Create & Young Carers) - 2020

Another Create ident, featuring many of the same shots just in a different order to a different soundtrack. First aired into the 4pm junction on Monday 10th August.

ITV (Create & Young Carers) - 2020

The third ITV Creates ident from Create and the Young Carers first aired into the 3pm junction on Monday 10th August.

ITV (Create & Young Carers) - 2020

Another ITV Creates ident from August 2020 by Create and the group of young carers. This 'news safe' version first aired into the 1.30pm junction on 10th August.

ITV (Create & Young Carers) - 2020

After a break in July, presumably due to the limited numbers filmed before lockdown, a new ITV Creates set appeared at 6am on 10th August 2020. This time round featuring work by Create & Young Carers showing an ITV logo looking nothing like the actual ITV logo created out of blocks.

Latest Additions - 09/08/2020

Dave (Summer 2020 Break) - 2020

A themed break bumper, unusually featuring music, designed to draw attention to almost the entirety of the Summer 2020 schedule on Dave. Following the style of a longer 'comedy festival' promo that had already been in use on the channel.

Latest Additions - 08/08/2020

Carling Black Label (Funfair) - 1987

In another ad from the long running 'I'll bet he drinks' Carling Black Label stable, a man isn't going to let having his leg in a cast prevent him going on the rollercoaster!

Latest Additions - 07/08/2020

Crunchie - 1987

Do you get that Friday feeling every day? Or just have a very odd sense of dress? Either way you've probably been eating Cadbury Crunchies.

Latest Additions - 06/08/2020

Kia Ora - 1987

In a follow up to their original animated ad from earlier in the 80s, we all still adore a Kia Ora... albeit now you don't even need water!

Latest Additions - 05/08/2020

Channel 4 - 1988

With there being two Fourscore tracks, each over 3 minutes long, it allowed the same small set of block idents from the 1982 launch to have multiple variants with different segments of the backing music. Here another segment of the music is used.

Latest Additions - 04/08/2020

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1988

Further elements of the painted art Channel 4 promo style from Summer 1988 feature here, as well as a namecheck for ITV promoting a season of shows across both ITV and Channel 4 from filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Despite the vocal mention of ITV, the promo itself focuses solely on the Channel 4 side of things.

Latest Additions - 03/08/2020

ITV (ECP) - 2020

Also introduced in the July 2020 refresh, the new ITV End Credit Promotion style, now promoting ITV Hub more prominently.

Latest Additions - 02/08/2020

Coco Pops (Loch Ness) - 1995

In another outing for Coco and the gang, this time they're out to reveal the Loch Ness monster, with the aid of a giant bowl of Kelloggs Coco Pops.

Latest Additions - 01/08/2020

Ferrero Rocher - 1990

The familiar Ferrero Rocher music, only this time performed by a choir to give it a festive feeling.

Latest Additions - 31/07/2020

Scotch Cassettes - 1990

Our skeletal friend returns in a less memorable advert to recant tales of how he was at the Moon Landing. A memory which will never fade due to being recorded on a Scotch tape.

Latest Additions - 30/07/2020

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2020

A specially branded 'Summer Evenings' break bumper from Drama for 2020, following the same collage style as the promos and main ident, only focused on a particular programme instead. This time 'Death In Paradise'.

Latest Additions - 29/07/2020

Weetabix (History Book) - 1989

Another animated Weetabix advert, this time to promote their free(ish) illustrated 'History of Britain' book. This writer remembers having a copy in his possession for many years!

Latest Additions - 28/07/2020

Channel 4 (Break) - 1997

A Channel 4 break bumper, Connections style. Here featuring shots of the pet dogs.

Latest Additions - 27/07/2020

Granada (Promo) - 2000

A locally-branded trailer for Granada from well into the ITV Hearts era. Similar to the other Granada-owned stations, the regional logo has taken on the 'stencil' effect seen on the main network trailers.

Latest Additions - 26/07/2020

Coco Pops (World Cup) - 1995

A Des Lynam (or Lion) cameo in this Coco Pops advert from 1995. The Coco United team are losing badly in the Jungle World Cup, until hero Coco inspires them by showing them all the milk turning chocolatey.

Latest Additions - 25/07/2020

Dave (Mask Promo) - 2020

An extended version of the Dave 'Wear a Mask' Promo from July 2020, now including a cameo cat appearance.

Latest Additions - 24/07/2020

ITV (Promo) - 2020

The updated ITV promo style from 20th July 2020, with a new endboard design allowing for more text and better promotion of their ITV Hub platform.

Latest Additions - 23/07/2020

Dave (Mask Promo) - 2020

With the introduction of masks to shops in England from July 24th, Dave introduced a short promo the day beforehand to push wearing masks correctly.

Latest Additions - 22/07/2020

ITV (Break Bumper) - 2020

Monday 20th July 2020 saw a minor refresh to some of the presentation elements on ITV, with promos, ECPs and bumpers all given a slight refresh, in most cases with the purpose of increasing promotion of their ITV Hub online offering. Here a refreshed break bumper, changing some of the original layering effect.

Latest Additions - 21/07/2020

STV (Visit Scotland - Long) - 2020

As part of the reopening of tourism as COVID restrictions were lifted, July 2020 saw STV tie up with Visit Scotland to promote tourism in the country through some special idents. A long variant here.

STV (Visit Scotland - Mid) - 2020

A mid-length version of the same ident from STV and Visit Scotland.

STV (Visit Scotland - Long) - 2020

A second long Visit Scotland ident for STV, featuring different locations.

Latest Additions - 20/07/2020

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2020

Drama returns with special 'Summer Evenings' presentation into the same collection of programmes for Summer 2020. This year, most likely due to the impact of COVID, no people feature, and instead its a solely graphical affair.

Latest Additions - 19/07/2020

Central (Tonight) - 1989

Another promo from Central, with another variation of the endboard graphics. Promoting one of their own long-running shows for the network here with a trailer for 'Family Fortunes', even to the extent of telling us the families taking part that week. In this case, it's the Pancholi family versus the Baynham family.

Latest Additions - 18/07/2020

Central (Tonight) - 1989

No, not the news. Central use one of the myriad of graphical slides at their disposal to promote a show coming up 'tonight' in 1989.

Latest Additions - 17/07/2020

Channel 4 (ECP) - 1999

An ECP from the 1999 Channel 4 look, here being used to promote an accompanying CD for the series. This particular end sequence also features a rarer appearance of an LWT for Sky and Sky One endcaps on the terrestrial channel.

Latest Additions - 16/07/2020

Channel 4 (Big Breakfast Promo) - 1999

The Big Breakfast was Channel 4's long running breakfast show, on the air from 1992 to 2002. Here, a promo from 1999 promotes both The Big Breakfast and the The Bigger Breakfast, a post 9am set of branding which came into place during summer holidays.

Latest Additions - 15/07/2020

Philadelphia - 1990

Sara Crowe makes up only half of the famous Philadelphia duo in an early advert for the spread in 1990.

Latest Additions - 14/07/2020

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1990

Another Channel 4 promo, here for their latenight chatshow 'Verdict' designed to look at moral dilemmas. Featuring a 'jury' of people passing judgements.

Latest Additions - 13/07/2020

ITV (IACGMOOH Break) - 2002

Another breakbumper used on ITV to promote the first series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in August 2002, devoid of all regional mentions shortly before the full national branding would come in in the October.

Latest Additions - 12/07/2020

ITV (IACGMOOH Break) - 2002

One of several special ITV breakbumpers used ahead of the very first series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in August 2002, in the very last days before the full ITV1 national branding launched a few months later.

Latest Additions - 11/07/2020

Granada (Promo) - 1990

A rare appearance of the Granada G on the endboard in another 1990 promo for the station, here promoting the new series of 'Coasting' coming soon.

Latest Additions - 10/07/2020

Double Decker - 1991

The Cod Father and a Flamingo Dancer are among more items appearing in another set of Fascinating Combinations to advertise Double Decker. Once again set to Love and Marriage, the airing here dates from October 1990, before the Cadbury triangle was added to the top left of all their advert endboards.

Latest Additions - 09/07/2020

Frosties - 1989

Mascot Tony The Tiger brings the Kellogg's cereal to The Wild West in 1989.

Latest Additions - 08/07/2020

Classic Cigars (Gardening) - 1990

Russ Abbot in another Classic Cigars advert. And this time he's tasked with mowing the lawn, but without making too much effort.

Latest Additions - 07/07/2020

Channel 4 (Next) - 1995

Colourful kaleidoscopes are the order of the day for the 1995 next slide style for Channel 4.

Latest Additions - 06/07/2020

Philips TV - 1989

July 6th 1989, and Philips are advertising their new televisions on Granada, complete with a cityscape made of giant electrical components, some arty people, and an Oracle page dated in April.

Latest Additions - 05/07/2020

Granada - 1993

An already formed-up version of the 1993 Granada stripe, complete with continuity here introducing The Good Sex Guide. A show which was known to split the views of some of the ITV regions on whether or not to actually show it, with Bruce Gyngell in particular banning it from Yorkshire under his tenure.

Latest Additions - 04/07/2020

Granada (Promo) - 1993

Granada mark American Independence Day 1993 in a very subtle fashion. Here promoting a show based around American rock band The Doors, complete with some additional 'American Independence Day' branding on the endboard.

Latest Additions - 03/07/2020

Drink Drive - 1993

A hard hitting campaign for Drink Driving from the 90s, set to In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry.

Latest Additions - 02/07/2020

Citroën AX - 1993

Cupid is really struggling to bring about some love, but don't worry they have a Citrëon AX to help!

Latest Additions - 01/07/2020

ITV (Promo) - 1989

Another promo showing more of the available new trailer graphics from the first week of the 1989 Generic ITV look launch, once again shown here on Thames.

Latest Additions - 30/06/2020

CITV (Promo) - 1991

A CITV promo for Steven Moffat drama series Press Gang in 1991. As both the show and the strand were a Central production so they had quite a vested interest in it, the promo here was actually being shown during Central's primetime hours.

Latest Additions - 29/06/2020

BBC Select - 1993

A long version of the BBC Select holding loop from overnight in 1993. BBC Select was a relatively shortlived subscription service from the BBC broadcasting an encrypted overnights from 1992-1995. The service was aimed at professionals mostly in the nursing and teaching sector, and required the use of a special Videocrypt-S decoder to watch most programming.

Latest Additions - 28/06/2020

BBC1 (Closedown) - 1989

Nearly 1am on 28th June 1989, and a closedown over the COW globe heralds the end of another day of programming on BBC One. A rather brief and to the point message compared to some, with no namecheck.

Latest Additions - 27/06/2020

TV Times - 1987

Another TV Times advert, this time from March 1987. With the cover feature this time round being Rupert Everett from Another Country on Channel 4. Also featuring The World's Most Pointless Dice.

Latest Additions - 26/06/2020

Dulux - 1983

A watercolour depiction of the famous dog, among other scenes, features. All to promote the vast array of shades of white available from Dulux in 1983.

Latest Additions - 25/06/2020

HTV - 1999

Another variation of the soundtrack on HTV's last ident from 1999, here being used to lead into the national news.

Latest Additions - 24/06/2020

HTV (Crimestoppers) - 1999

Another community slot, Crimestoppers, was usually a serious and gritty affair. But HTV West decide to try and add some excitement and faster paced music to the slot in this film from 1999.

Latest Additions - 23/06/2020

TSB - 1992

A giant boot and nest feature in this TSB ad from 1992.

Latest Additions - 22/06/2020

Persil - 1995

Chariots of Fire, some washing detergent and just a touch of PMA in this 1995 ad.

Latest Additions - 21/06/2020

Natrel Plus Antiperspirant - 1992

Defunct antiperspirant product Natrel Plus advertises how to fool a pack of wolves in the early 90s.

Latest Additions - 20/06/2020

ITV Evening News (Coming Up Promo) - 1999

A short rundown of the top headlines from the ITV Evening News, shown in the break of the regional programme immediately prior to the main Evening News.

Latest Additions - 19/06/2020

Pick HD (Dog) - 2020

One of the most compression-challenging idents for Pick featuring a dog shaking off water finally appeared closer to how the director intended with the launch of Pick HD in 2020.

Latest Additions - 18/06/2020

Pick HD (Cat) - 2020

The cat pick ident, as shown in HD in June 2020.

Latest Additions - 17/06/2020

Pick HD (Wine) - 2020

One of the idents from the Pick package to severely suffer from the SD compression finally appeared in a more presentable HD form with the launch of Pick HD in June 2020.

Pick HD (Popcorn) - 2020

The popcorn variant of Pick's ident, as finally shown in high definition from June 2020.

Pick HD (Police) - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a lot of changes to football coverage in 2020, resulting in it being suspended for several months in the spring. When it finally returned to screens, Sky announced a selection of the matches would air on their free channel Pick rather than just on Sky Sports. Off the back of this announcement, an HD version of the channel was rushed into service finally giving the chance to see some of the idents that had been introduced in 2016 in Full HD and without complex visuals turning to mush. The police car variant here.

Latest Additions - 16/06/2020

ITV (Same Sky & Regent High School) - 2020

The fifth and final ITV Creates ident for the Same Sky/Regent High School week first aired into the 5pm junction on Monday 15th.

Latest Additions - 15/06/2020

ITV (Same Sky & Regent High School) - 2020

The fourth ident from June's ITV Creates batch first aired into the 4pm junction on the Monday.

ITV (Same Sky & Regent High School) - 2020

Ident 3 from Same Sky and the Regent High School features more of the same shots of the week's work, set to another of the usual soundtracks. First aired into the 3pm junction on Monday 15th June.

ITV (Same Sky & Regent High School) - 2020

The next of the June ITV Creates batch of idents first aired into the 2pm junction on Monday 15th June.

ITV (Same Sky & Regent High School) - 2020

June 2020's new ITV Creates first appeared at 6am on Monday 15th June. Promoted as another ident filmed before lockdown, the ident features people from community arts charity Same Sky and Regent High School putting together the ITV logo from coloured light boxes.

Latest Additions - 14/06/2020

Anchor Dairy Cream - 1992

Not a talking cow in sight for another product from Anchor. But there are a lot of cats. ALL THE CATS!

Latest Additions - 13/06/2020

BBC One (Clock) - 2000

The final version of the network clock on BBC One from the balloons era, prior to it being dropped with the 2002 rebrand.

Latest Additions - 12/06/2020

BBC One West - 1999

The West region's variant of the BBC One balloon from 1999.

Latest Additions - 11/06/2020

Vauxhall Frontera - 1995

Vauxhall film scenes from lots of abstract camera angles to show the 'off-roadiness' of their new Frontera in 1995.

Latest Additions - 10/06/2020

Tetley Tea - 1992

No teafolk in sight in 1992, as Tetley take a different approach to advertise their freeze dried tea. In the early 90s, all of the brands were rushing out their own versions of instant tea, so in order to give themselves the edge Tetley make the offer of allowing you to keep the empty jar afterwards.

Latest Additions - 09/06/2020

BBC Two (Promo) - 2004

A 2004 promo for BBC Two... but with the BBC One box making a brief cameo appearance to cross promote a show on the other side.

Latest Additions - 08/06/2020

BBC Scotland (Sting) - 2020

Another BBC Scotland sting, this time based off the night cobbles ident.

Latest Additions - 07/06/2020

Holsten Pils - 1992

Jeff Goldblum again with a lot of flowers for another Holsten Pils advert in 1992.

Latest Additions - 06/06/2020

Nighttime (Next) - 1992

Text showing in multiple places onscreen for this next slide from the Granada Night Time service. Well when you've such a small audience, why worry about consistency?

Latest Additions - 05/06/2020

BBC Scotland (Sting) - 2020

A third sting from BBC Scotland sting, using the butterfly ident as a base this time.

Latest Additions - 04/06/2020

BBC Scotland (Sting) - 2020

Another BBC Scotland sting, this time based off the birds ident.

Latest Additions - 03/06/2020

BBC Scotland (Sting) - 2020

In spring 2020, several stings (other names are available) were introduced to BBC Scotland, using the same graphical style as the idents for the channel. Here one based on the rain ident.

Latest Additions - 02/06/2020

BBC One (Promo) - 1998

Still in the early years of life after the major 1997 rebrand for the BBC, and trailers on BBC One were still heavily on-brand in their original and clean Lambie-Nairn text-only look.

Latest Additions - 01/06/2020

British Gas - 1992

Don't you just love to be in control, with British Gas.

Latest Additions - 31/05/2020

BBC One (Isolation Disco Sting) - 2020

One of the earliest social distancing stings to appear on BBC One was based upon the Isolation Disco ident, and appeared in some nations on the first day of the idents going to air.

Latest Additions - 30/05/2020

BBC One Wales (In Bloom) - 2020

BBC One Wales was the first to start airing the 'In Bloom' ident, with it appearing in Wales several days before the rest of the nations.

Latest Additions - 29/05/2020

BBC One NI (In Bloom) - 2020

The Northern Ireland variant of the 'In Bloom' social distancing ident.

Latest Additions - 28/05/2020

BBC One Wales (Cabaret Cooking) - 2020

BBC One Wales' variant of the Cabaret Cooking Social Distancing ident, as first aired at 9pm on May 13th.

Latest Additions - 27/05/2020

BBC One NI (Cabaret Cooking) - 2020

BBC One Northern Ireland's variant of the Cabaret Cooking ident.

Latest Additions - 26/05/2020

BBC One (Cabaret Cooking) - 2020

The next ident to appear on the 13th May into the 9pm junction on all nations was Cabaret Cooking, with all the nations premiering it at the same time.

Latest Additions - 25/05/2020

BBC One NI (Choir Rehearsal) - 2020

BBC One Northern Ireland bucked the trend of the other nations, and aired Choir Rehearsal first into the 8pm junction on 20th May 2020.

BBC One Scotland (Choir Rehearsal) - 2020

Choir Rehearsal for BBC One Scotland, as it appeared into the first 9pm junction on 20th May 2020.

Latest Additions - 24/05/2020

BBC One Wales (Choir Rehearsal) - 2020

The BBC One Wales variant of the Choir Rehearsal ident, first aired 9pm on 20th May.

Latest Additions - 23/05/2020

BBC One (Knit Club Sting) - 2020

Another Oneness sting based off the 2020 social distancing idents. This time scenes from the Knit Club ident feature.

Latest Additions - 22/05/2020

BBC One NI (Knit Club) - 2020

The crazy mavericks at BBC One Northern Ireland pres broke away from the other nations on the 20th May, airing the 8pm and 9pm idents the opposite way round to everyone else that evening. Knit Club appears here into the 9pm junction instead.

BBC One Scotland (Knit Club) - 2020

BBC One Scotland's variation of the 'Knit Club' social distancing ident, as aired at 8pm on 20th May.

BBC One Wales (Knit Club) - 2020

The BBC One Wales variant of the Knit Club ident, as aired at 8pm alongside network on 20th May 2020.

Latest Additions - 21/05/2020

BBC One (Choir Rehearsal) - 2020

9pm on 20th May everywhere except Northern Ireland saw the first airing of the 'Choir Rehearsal' Oneness ident, showing lots of smaller videos of people singing to build up a choir performance.

BBC One (Knit Club) - 2020

Insert your own 'First Rule' joke here. The next additions of the 'socially distant' idents first appeared on 20th May, completing the initial batch of 8 which had been promised in their glossy press releases. 8pm saw the first showing of 'Knit Club', featuring various people doing knitting from different locations.

Latest Additions - 20/05/2020

BBC One Scotland (Capoeira Group Practice) - 2020

BBC One Scotland's variation on the Capoeira Group Practice ident, first aired on 13th May 2020.


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