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Latest Additions - 18/07/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A third special 'Summer Evenings' ident from Drama for July 2019. This time mostly focused on actor Martin Shaw dancing at the garden party.

Latest Additions - 17/07/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A second special ident from Drama for their 'Summer Evenings' season, this time featuring swinging in slow motion in the garden.

BBC One NI (Hole In Oneness) - 2019

Following on from his stint in the booth, the next night Laurence Lyle appeared in a special NI ident. Poking some light-hearted fun at the Oneness branding, whilst also promoting more Open coverage on BBC One Northern Ireland.

Latest Additions - 16/07/2019

BBC One NI (Open For Summer IVC) - 2019

Laurence Lyle takes over the continuity booth for a special link into the 7pm junction on 15th July. Laurence is a comedy character being used to promote The Open coverage on BBC One Northern Ireland.

ITV (Weather Breakdown) - 2019

A short breakdown during the evening national weather on ITV. In the middle of the forecast, the picture freezes, before dropping back to a silent ITV breakdown slide, at least in Scotland. After showing this for a short period, the forecast continues as normal. Although this was recorded from STV, no local breakdown slide was inserted by the Scottish station.

Points West - 2019

The late titles to BBC Points West, featuring night time shots from around the region.

BBC London News - 2019

Lots of shots of London at night for the late edition of their local news, first aired on July 15th 2019.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

Some buildings at night, mixed with shots of nightlife, make up the late titles for the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire edition of Look North.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

Outdoor shots at night from around the region make up the late titles for the Yorkshire edition of Look North.

North West Tonight - 2019

Outdoor drone footage shot in the dark makes up the late titles to BBC's North West Tonight bulletin. First aired on 15th July 2019.

BBC Breakfast (Opening) - 2019

With Reith having launched on the news channel at 9am on the 15th, Breakfast didn't receive its refresh in the new font until the following morning. From the 16th July 2019, fonts were changed over to the new style on graphics, although the overall style of the titles remained unchanged.

Latest Additions - 15/07/2019

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A special ident from Drama for their 'Summer Evenings' season, airing from 15th July 2019. Notable for being some of the first special idents to appear on a UKTV station since the BBC Studios/Discovery split the prior month.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2019

Another special break bumper to mark Drama's 'Summer Evenings' season, based on the same footage as the dancing ident.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2019

A themed break bumper for Drama's 'Summer Evenings' season. The special break bumpers are usually based on the same scenes as the idents, just re-edited slightly different or at a later point. Here a scene slightly further on from the 'swing' ident appears.

Drama (Summer Evenings Promo) - 2019

Special presentation was introduced on Drama for Summer 2019 to mark a special 'Summer Evenings' season starting on 15th July. This was in a similar vein to what they'd done the previous summer, except no longer just for weekends (and tucked away in obscure morning junctions). Various actors from shows shown on the channel have gathered at a summer party. This presentation was used across promos, idents and breakbumpers for the season.

BBC London News - 2019

BBC London's version of the new Reith titles for their main evening programme, first introduced in July 2019.

Look North (NE & Cumbria) - 2019

From the first day of the Reith refresh in July 2019, BBC North East and Cumbria's updated Look North opening titles and headline sequence. There were no special late titles for the region on their late bulletin.

Points West - 2019

The July 2019 opening to an evening edition of Points West, from the first day of the refresh.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

The opening titles to the first evening edition of Yorkshire's Look North after the Reith refresh in July 2019.

North West Tonight - 2019

The evening programme titles for the North West after the Reith refresh of July 2019. Featuring lots of shots of the region once more, but with the different programme name on the end.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

A longer version of the BBC World News Countdown at 31 seconds, after the Reith font refresh in July 2019.

Points West - 2019

In line with all the other regions, Points West received a refreshed set of titles on July 15th 2019, using the BBC's own Reith font for all graphics.

ITV (121.Collective) - 2019

Another ident from 121.Collective's week on ITV Creates. Featuring more setup shots, alongside lots of closeups of hedgehogs enjoying the habitat.

BBC London News - 2019

London's version of the Reith titles, introduced at 1.30 on 15th July 2019. The region continues to have a slightly different endboard design to the rest of the network due to their lack of a distinct programme name.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region see their titles refreshed with the Reith font from 1.30pm on 15th July 2019.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

The main BBC Yorkshire region saw it's own refreshed titles as part of the nationwide rollout of the Reith font on 15th July. Shown here into the first lunchtime bulletin.

Look North (NE & Cumbria) - 2019

The introduction of the Reith refresh to the BBC regions on 15th July 2019 brought the North East and Cumbria titles back in alignment with the other regions once more. Here shown on their first lunchtime bulletin on launch day.

North West Today - 2019

With the North West being one of the few BBC regions to retain different names for the daytime and evening shows, the refreshed Reith font titles introduced on 15th July premiered first as 'North West Today' at 1.30pm.

ITV (121.Collective) - 2019

The fourth ident from 121.Collective, featuring more shots of that week's artwork. First aired into the news at 1.30pm on 15th July.

ITV (121.Collective) - 2019

Ident 3 from 121.Collective first aired into the 12.30 junction on 15th July.

BBC World News (Refresh Launch) - 2019

Although trailers had been going out earlier, BBC World News received the full Reith graphics update a few hours after the domestic channel at noon (UK time) on 15th July 2019. A very short burst of the refreshed countdown aired, before going into the second half of GMT with the new graphics.

ITV (121.Collective) - 2019

The second ident for 121.Collective's week features setup shots for the piece. First aired into the 10.30 junction on 15th July.

BBC News Channel (Coming Up) - 2019

A refreshed 'coming up' menu for the BBC News Channel, now using the Reith font.

BBC News Channel (Headlines) - 2019

The refreshed headline and title sequence for the BBC News Channel from the 9am news on 15th July 2019.

BBC News Channel (Countdown) - 2019

15th July 2019 saw the long anticipated rollout of the new BBC Reith font across the BBC's news service, bringing with it refreshed graphics. Countdown sequences on the News Channel were also updated to take advantage of the new font, with the first playout at 9am giving a chance to see a long version of the countdown.

ITV (121.Collective) - 2019

From 6am on 15th July, work from 121.Collective made up the week's ITV Creates piece, although a preview had been inadvertently aired before the local Granada News in the previous week. This time various reclaimed materials make up the ITV logo.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

The move to New Broadcasting House in 2013 brought with it a refresh to the countdown sequences for the channel as everything moved to HD equipment. The red swooshing lines were replaced with more complicated ones to symbolise the availability of the BBC's news across many devices, before finishing on shots of NBH. Since then, clips in the countdown have been updated or replaced as needed at regular intervals. Starting at 30 seconds here.

BBC World News (Headlines) - 2019

The 2019 top of the hour headline sequence for BBC World News. Very similar to how it appeared in earlier years, just now from their New Broadcasting House home, and with graphics in crisp high definition. Headlines include preparations for Storm Barry, and reports of a record fine for Facebook.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

A third countdown for World, with more shots from various reporters.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2019

Another countdown sequence for BBC World News, starting at 18 seconds, and this time featuring more Royal reporting.

BBC World News (Ident - Business) - 2019

A Business themed ident for BBC World News this time round. Business, business, numbers, numbers!

BBC World News (Ident - Documentary) - 2019

A third BBC World News ident from 2019, here used to introduce Documentary programming.

BBC World News (Ident - Current Affairs) - 2019

Another sting/ident, here used to introduce Current Affairs programming on the channel.

BBC World News (Ident - Sport) - 2019

The move to New Broadcasting House in 2013 saw the BBC World News channel gain access to new HD equipment, bringing with it minor refreshes to the onscreen presentation that would last for several more years afterwards. Here one of several special idents for the channel used to introduce standalone shows, which reference a particular genre - in this case Sport.

BBC World News (Headlines) - 2009

The 2009 top of the hour headline sequence for the BBC World News channel. Presented here by the late Komla Dumor, who passed away suddenly in 2014, and has since lent his name to the annual Komla Dumor Award from the BBC to bring African journalism talent to the screens.

BBC World News (Breakfiller - News) - 2009

Another breakfiller sequence. And just in case you couldn't wait a few more minutes for your news, here the BBC fill the break with some more news.

BBC World News (Breakfiller - Coming Up) - 2009

More breakfiller material for BBC World News in 2009, here showing what is coming up on the channel, complete with local timezones.

BBC World News (Breakfiller - Clocks) - 2009

Due to not being licence-fee-funded, the BBC World News Channel has gaps included for commercial advertising. This is inserted in local markets, with the underlying feed being filled with material from London. Although these days this is normally just channel trailers, in days of past special breakfiller material used to be available. This could often be seen when a local broadcast had not sold any advertising to sit over the top. Here a breakfiller sequence from 2009 features world clocks (not clooks).

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2009

Another countdown sequence from 2009 on the BBC World News Channel.

BBC World News (Countdown) - 2009

A countdown sequence for BBC World News, where red lines swish around the screen, mixed with various scenes from BBC News. The sequence comes in here at 17 seconds onscreen, although similar to the domestic channel at the time, the countdown reaches zero about 3 seconds before the music finishes, meaning it's actually a 20 second countdown. This was used, albeit with tweaks to the actual clips, up until the move to New Broadcasting House in 2013.

BBC World News (Ident) - 2009

A short ident for the World News channel with continuity, usually used to introduce standalone shows outside the rolling news coverage on the channel.

Latest Additions - 14/07/2019

BBC London News - 2019

The news for BBC London up to July 2019, still remaining a bit of an oddity in their way of naming the programme for the London region.

Points West - 2019

BBC's news in the West of the country, with titles featuring local shots, used until July 2019.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

The titles for Look North in the East Yorkshire and Lincoln parts of the Yorkshire region, used until mid-July 2019.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

The titles for Look North in the main BBC Yorkshire region, used until mid-July 2019.

Look North (NE & Cumbria) - 2019

The North East and Cumbria version of Look North up to July 14th 2019, with the region having broken away from the standard reds and greys to inject their own colour into the news titles.

North West Tonight - 2019

The set of titles used on North West Tonight up until July 14th 2019, featuring shots from around the region.

Latest Additions - 13/07/2019

BBC One (Welsh Mountain) - 1999

Another balloon ident filmed in Wales, featuring a close up shot of the balloon rising by Snowdon.

Latest Additions - 12/07/2019

HTV (Menu) - 1999

Hearts branding for a Thursday Evening Menu on HTV West, giving us a rundown of some of the shows coming up. With an episode of The Bill being a change to the listings.

Latest Additions - 11/07/2019

HTV (Report) - 1999

HTV News report on a special project to raise Bristol Cathedral higher off its foundations, so that it is not lost among new developments in 1999.

Latest Additions - 10/07/2019

HTV (Next) - 1999

A darker hearts-themed next slide for HTV, dating from a few days before the main hearts idents would launch on the station.

Latest Additions - 09/07/2019

HTV (Rugby World Cup Break) - 1999

A specially tweaked HTV break bumper to mark the 1999 Rugby World Cup, which was being held in Wales that year.

Latest Additions - 08/07/2019

E4 (Candy Forest) - 2019

Another new E4 ident, first introduced in late June 2019. This time around a lumberjack cuts down candy trees on a giant sugar-coated world.

ITV (Julia Vogl) - 2019

A fifth ident from Julia Vogl, as aired into the 2pm junction on 8th July.

ITV (Julia Vogl) - 2019

Into the lunchtime news for Julia Vogl's fourth ident on 8th July. No artist shots this time, just a focus on closeups of the work.

ITV (Julia Vogl) - 2019

Ident 3 from Julia Vogl's week features construction and set shots of the art to a different track. First aired, as per the usual pattern for ITV Creates, into the 12.30 junction.

ITV (Julia Vogl) - 2019

The second ident from Julia Vogl as first aired into the 10.30 junction on day one of her week showing some shots with the artist.

ITV (Julia Vogl) - 2019

Week 28 of ITV Creates, starting on July 8th, features the ITV logo cut out of cardboard to reveal a patterned box interior.

Latest Additions - 07/07/2019

HTV (Year of Promise Report) - 2000

HTV West's local news programme gets on the 'Year of Promise' train in 2000 with a special report on one of the many things done as part of that region's involvement in the campaign. Complete with more of the special Year of Promise branding, just with a slight HTV twist. And a web address that includes a stray dot at the end.

Latest Additions - 06/07/2019

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2019

The end-of-break ITV2 bumper featuring Molly-Mae Hague.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2019

Another later addition to the ITV2 Love Island break bumpers features Molly-Mae Hague.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2019

As the Love Island series progressed, additional break bumpers were added in to the rotation (with others removed) to reflect the changes in contestants. Here Danny Williams appears in a promotional start-of-break bumper for the channel.

ITV2 (Love Island Break) - 2019

Danny Williams again in his end-of-break Love Island bumper for ITV2.

Latest Additions - 05/07/2019

HTV (Next) - 2000

An updated next slide design for HTV after the launch of the hearts idents, now featuring the blue hearts background, and the updated logo that came with the idents. Although the HTV logo itself had been the same between their Wales and West variants since the early 90s, the slide does reference the HTV West web address.

Latest Additions - 04/07/2019

CITV (Town) - 1997

In late 1996/early 1997, the presentation set was refreshed with a new set of sequences referred to as 'CITV town'. A collection of paper-maché models filmed in a stop-frame animation style, initially using a contemporary town, although later switching to a medieval themed one. This would be the final 'out of vision' presentation to feature on the channel for a while.

ITV (Year of Promise Promo) - 2000

A trailer for ITV's Year of Promise, broadcast early in 2000. Year of Promise was ITV's way of celebrating the Millennium with the idea being to encourage people to make lasting pledges of changes they would make or things they would do that could improve things for others. With a backing from a wide range of companies, ITV made a big push for the campaign initially. However whilst well-meaning, the idea ultimately flopped, with the public not really understanding the idea and instead mistaking it as just another charity telethon fundraiser. The campaign was downplayed quite quickly by ITV as 2000 went on, and very few of the 'permanent monuments' that were planned to be erected around the country survive today.

Latest Additions - 03/07/2019

HTV (Break) - 2000

HTV received its own version of the 'splash' hearts break bumper, as part of the second generic look for the network. Unlike some regions which only contained the 'ITV' name, HTV remains prominently featured here. These didn't appear on the channel until the main heart idents also launched, in contrast to some regions which received them a year earlier.

HTV (NPU Promo - Year of Promise) - 2000

To highlight ITV's 'Year of Promise' in 2000, specially branded endboards were added to the end of every trailer supplied by the NPU in London. With the flop of the whole Year of Promise project on the network these were to be shortlived, reverting to regular branded ITV endboards by the summer. HTV continued to overlay their logo in the top left throughout this era, but left the network endboards intact.

Latest Additions - 02/07/2019

BBC News (Weekend) - 2000

A BBC1 bulletin dating from 2000 during the yellow 'thunderclap' era. Devoid of any specific time mentions due to the weekend slot, and still in 4:3 at this early point, it is introduced here by the national version of the BBC1 balloon clock. Headlines include Tony Blair's 'slight policy shift but not a U-Turn' on GM Crops and flooding in Mozambique.

Latest Additions - 01/07/2019

ITV (Yvette Hawkins) - 2019

Another setup ident featuring the artist, as first aired into the 2pm junction on launch day for Week 27 of ITV Creates.

ITV (Yvette Hawkins) - 2019

Yvette Hawkins appears in a setup ident, first shown into the 1.30pm junction on July 1st.

ITV (Yvette Hawkins) - 2019

The third ident from Yvette first aired into the 12.30 junction and features more closeup shots of the work for that week's ITV Creates. Showing some of the detail present on the maps that have been used for the origami shapes.

ITV (Yvette Hawkins) - 2019

Ident 2 from Yvette Hawkins as first aired into the 10.30 junction follows the usual pattern by featuring different angled shots of her work for that week.

ITV (Yvette Hawkins) - 2019

Into the second half of the year on ITV Creates, and week 27 features artwork from Yvette Hawkins. This time around an ITV logo bearing little resemblance to the proper shape is made up from smaller Origami map shapes.

Latest Additions - 30/06/2019

Teletext on 4 (Midlands) - 20/2/1994

A 1994 service from Teletext Ltd, still under the 'Teletext on 4' branding at this point. Officially it's from the Midlands region, although the importance of the regional service on 4 was less prominent than on 3, mainly affecting things like show and cinema listings. The Winter Olympics are in full swing at this point, so a lot of pages are dedicated to this. Meanwhile Digitiser is taking a look at Amiga Public Domain software, and full motion interactive movies on the Mega CD. In the 300s, the Intelfax-produced Ancillary service '4-Tel' for Channel 4 can also be found, providing important backup information for shows on the channel.

Latest Additions - 29/06/2019

Yorkshire Weather - 1998

A weather forecast from the sky-blue Yorkshire era, post Channel 3, with a graphical scheme to match the main channel branding. Debbie Lindley presents, whilst the sponsor is Yorkshire Electricity.

Latest Additions - 28/06/2019

Quilted Velvet - 1998

A few years after the last of comedy series Keeping Up Appearances had aired, a Hyacinth Bucket-inspired character tries to appear better than the neighbours with how she keeps her bathroom here.

Latest Additions - 27/06/2019

BBC One (NI Water) - 1998

When your balloon breaks down over Northern Ireland waters, and you need a boat to give you a tow!

Latest Additions - 26/06/2019

BBC One - 1998

Another of the Balloon globe idents for BBC One, this time shot very close up to the balloon.

Latest Additions - 25/06/2019

BBC Two (Aerial) - 1998

One of several new additions to the BBC Two set in 1997, this time around the 2 logo is represented by a fuzzy television with an aerial being tuned in.

Latest Additions - 24/06/2019

ITV (Sargent and Seers) - 2019

Another ident showing Keith Sargent operating the machine for that week makes up ident number 5, as first aired into the 2pm junction on 24th June.

ITV (Sargent and Seers) - 2019

The fourth ident for Sargent and Seers for their ITV Creates week, as first aired into the 1.30pm junction.

ITV (Sargent and Seers) - 2019

Ident 3 from Sargent and Seers into the 12.30 junction, and this time round Keith appears operating the zoetrope machine.

ITV (Sargent and Seers) - 2019

10.30am on launch day, and the second ident from the Seers and Sargent team shows the zoetrope from various angles.

ITV (Sargent and Seers) - 2019

Bringing us to half way through the year for week 26 is work from Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent showing the ITV logo as viewed through a Zoetrope. First aired at 6am on 24th June, although continuity makes no mention of Sargent's involvement.

Latest Additions - 23/06/2019

BBC Two (Time Season Promo) - 1999

A trailer for BBC Two's 'Time Season'. Part of the BBC's Millennium celebrations kicking off in 1999, thus complete with the special Millennium branding that was applied throughout the countdown year.

Latest Additions - 22/06/2019

BBC Two (Promo) - Christmas 1998

The 1998 festive trailer style for BBC Two, and one character gets quite a nasty shock from the tree lights in order to light themselves up. er... Merry Christmas?

BBC Two - Christmas 1998

A return to the creepy and surreal for BBC Two's Christmas 1998 presentation. Two small characters feature in the ident for that year, as well as popping up across other areas of pres.

Latest Additions - 21/06/2019

BBC Two Wales (Intense Rings) - 2019

The Welsh version of the BBC Two 'rings' style ident, first introduced in June 2019.

BBC Two NI (Intense Rings) - 2019

BBC Two Northern Ireland's version of the 'Intense' rings ident, which first appeared in June 2019.


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