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Latest Additions - 18/11/2018

Fruit Pastilles - 1990

An alternative edit of the 'You just can't help chewing' advert. The piranha once again features just with different vocals, and this time a ventriloquist's dummy is also involved.

Latest Additions - 17/11/2018

BBC1 (Menu & Closedown) - Christmas 1990

Closing down in the early hours of December 24th 1990, but first a menu for the shows in primetime for Christmas Eve and a brief weather forecast. Although with much of the Christmas Pres still waiting to go live later that day on BBC1, you could easily have missed it was so close to Christmas had they not told you!

Latest Additions - 16/11/2018

Channel 4 (Soap Weekend Promo) - 1995

For the first weekend of December 1995, Channel 4 devoted their airtime to 'Soap Weekend'. A marathon celebration of all things from the world of soaps, with soaps from other channels popping up, as well as themed specials of other shows to mark the occasion. A trailer for the weekend here from the day before it was all due to start.

Latest Additions - 15/11/2018

BT - 1990

Maureen Lipman stars in one of her many Beatie adverts for then-named British Telecom, that ran throughout the late 80s and into the early 90s. In this adventure, a new carphone is the focus using one of those modern 'mobile' networks. We're pretty sure the idea will never catch on!

Latest Additions - 14/11/2018

Channel 4 - 1989

A different block formation, with a different segment of the Fourscore music track played. In this version the blocks disappear off one side of the screen, before appearing again at the other side.

Latest Additions - 13/11/2018

BBC2 (Balloon) - 1995

One of the simpler idents from this era, the two is formed from a floating silver balloon. This particular one didn't survive the 1997 rebrand, possibly due to the launch of a more prominent balloon as the signature image over on BBC One.

Latest Additions - 12/11/2018

Channel 4 (Johnny Vaughan Sting) - 1995

The background that feels like it was rejected from The Crystal Maze pops up in another sting on Channel 4, this time with Moviewatch star Johnny Vaughan featuring.

Latest Additions - 11/11/2018

Channel 4 (Rory Bremner Sting) - 1995

Reusing the same background as above for this sting, only this time with impressionist Rory Bremner taking the foreground position.

Latest Additions - 10/11/2018

Channel 4 (Promo) - Christmas 1995

Always looking for a way to be the 'alternative' Christmas, for 1995 Channel 4 decided to dub the festive season 'Beastly Xmas', with a series of a animal related programmes going out. A trailer for the season here, featuring the same graphical style from the ident for that Christmas.

Latest Additions - 09/11/2018

Tetley Tea - 1990

The Tetley Teafolk promote their round teabags in 1990 with a cover of 'I Get Around' by The Beach Boys.

Latest Additions - 08/11/2018

Channel 4 (BBC1 Slide) - 1989

The somewhat unusual mashup of Channel 4 airing a slide to promote a BBC1 show, before moving onto their own slides. The reason for this was as part of a season of LGBT programming on Channel 4 aired in late slots in February 1989. Known as 'Out On Tuesday', this particular episode was going to be followed up with discussions from the producers as part of the BBC's Open Air programme the following morning.

BBC Two (Gripping) - 2018

Another dark and atmospheric ident, introduced on November 8th 2018.

Latest Additions - 07/11/2018

BBC Two Wales HD (Googly Eyes) - 2018

BBC Two Wales' version of the animated green blobs ident.

BBC Two (Googly Eyes) - 2018

Another character ident for BBC Two, this time around with two green blobs who look like they may have escaped retirement from CBBC in the mid 2000s making up the curve.

Volkswagen Golf (Changes) - 1987

This famous campaign for Volkswagen launched in 1987 and starred Paula Hamilton styled up as a Diana-esque character. Leaving her husband after the breakup of a marriage, she is seen throwing away luxury items, before deciding to keep the VW car. At the time, the advert was hailed as a sign of a car advert finally targeting women complete with a strong female lead, contrasting with the traditional style of car advertising. The song used in the ad is 'Changes' written by Alan Price.

Latest Additions - 06/11/2018

E4 (Mecha Monster) - 2018

One more ident introduced in the late October batch. This time around a robot wielding the immense power of E4 comes down to stop a monster invasion. Before deciding to do some dancing. As you do! Complete with some trademark E4 continuity humour here to try and explain the US Midterm Elections...

E4 (Pirate) - 2018

A pirate follows a treasure map to an island in this late-October addition to the ident set... only to find someone has already beaten him to the E4 treasure.

E4 (Dog Head) - 2018

Another ident introduced at the end of October 2018 features a purple anthropomorphic dog pulling up in the woods with a special key to create the E4 logo.

Latest Additions - 05/11/2018

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Break) - 2018

A second break bumper from Horror's 'Haunted Halloween Season', once again featuring some clockface shots.

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Break) - 2018

One of the special break bumpers for Horror's 'Haunted Halloween Season' using a shot of the clock.

Latest Additions - 04/11/2018

Film4 (Film Fear - Forest) - 2018

This time the UFO/Forest ident is edited to bring in the 'Film Fear' branding, for Halloween 2018.

Latest Additions - 03/11/2018

Film4 (Film Fear - Gas Station) - 2018

For Halloween, Film4 saw a small adaption to their still only recently refreshed set of idents. To mark their 'Film Fear' season, the scene splits open with a fiery to reveal the words. Best not to ask what happens to the child on his bike or the gas station in such a situation...

Latest Additions - 02/11/2018

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Season) - 2018

Horror introduced special idents and break bumpers for Halloween 2018, not entirely unsurprisingly given the channel's stated core remit (even if it has been watered down by Sci-fi somewhat these days). A new ident featuring clocks and the number 13 was introduced for special 9pm films to mark their 'Haunted Halloween Season'. Shorter edits of this ident were also used for break bumpers.

Latest Additions - 01/11/2018

BBC Two Wales HD (Greyscale Worms) - 2018

A somewhat special airing of BBC Two Wales' version of the 'greyscale worms' style ident. Although still branded up and namechecking Wales, continuity is actually pre-recorded by the network announcer in London as part of a special ruse planned for a live edition of Inside No. 9 at the end of October 2018.

Latest Additions - 31/10/2018

E4 (Summoning) - 2018

A group of powerful beings summon the great E4 in the sky to take them away in another new ident from the end of October 2018.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 1987

In the Granada Continuity booth for Christmas Day 1987 with a backdrop featuring the same festive graphical elements that were in use across trailers and next slides that year. This style was also used on 'ITV' branded trailers which were picked up by several other regions that year.

ITV (Promo) - Christmas 1987

Prior to 1989, 'ITV' promo branding tended to be adhoc (if mentioned at all) and usually followed the house style of the region who'd produced it. Here Granada provide the Christmas 1987 trailer style for 'ITV', which was picked up and used by quite a few other regions that year. This same style was also used for local presentation elements in the North West. This particular promo gives a rundown of the evening's shows for Sunday December 27th.

Latest Additions - 30/10/2018

E4 (Mouth Party) - 2018

The end of October saw the next of the new idents appear on E4. In another surreal addition, the scene focuses in on various characters, showing parties happening in each person's mouth.

E4 (Mission Impossible) - 2018

Another new ident from the end of October 2018. This time round an obstacle course features, with an odd reward at the end.

Really (Bumper - Lift) - Halloween 2018

The thirteenth and final break bumper in the series for Halloween 2018 on Really features a lift display indicating it's on the 13th floor.

Really (Bumper - Cubicles) - Halloween 2018

For this Really bumper all the computers across a bank of office cubicles suddenly start displaying the number 13.

Really (Bumper - Microwave) - Halloween 2018

For this Really Halloween break bumper, a microwave counts down before stopping on 13 seconds.

Really (Bumper - Computer) - Halloween 2018

A computer starts displaying the number 13 in this break bumper, the second of only two special bumpers to also have an ident produced for the season.

Really (Bumper - Piccadilly Circus) - Halloween 2018

The displays at Piccadilly Circus all start showing the number 13 for this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - CCTV) - Halloween 2018

A bank of CCTV monitors suddenly start displaying the number 13 in this break bumper.

Really (Bumper - Roulette) - Halloween 2018

The roulette wheel featured in one of the two themed idents for Really also appears in a break bumper here, with the ball sitting on number 13.

Really (Bumper - Arrival Board) - Halloween 2018

An airport arrivals board suddenly clears to reveal lots of the number 13 for this bumper.

Really (Bumper - Condensation) - Halloween 2018

Another Halloween themed break bumper for Really, this time with the 13 made up from condensation on glass.

Really (Bumper - Darkroom) - Halloween 2018

The number 13 appears on developing photos in a photography darkroom for this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Spiderweb) - Halloween 2018

The 13 is made up from a spiderweb in this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Birthday Candles) - Halloween 2018

Birthday Candles make up the 13 for this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Smartphone) - Halloween 2018

Although only 2 idents existed as part of the season, a much wider set of 13 bumpers to use around breaks were also produced. Each one again featuring the number 13. In this one, a smartphone displays a calendar full of 13s.

Latest Additions - 29/10/2018

Really (Roulette) - Halloween 2018

Special presentation was introduced to Really for Halloween 2018, marking '13 Nights of Frights' with a series of idents and trailers all themed around the number 13. In this one, a roulette wheel features, before falling back to a fullscreen Really logo complete with video glitching.

Really (Computer) - Halloween 2018

Another ident for Halloween 2018 on Really. This time a computer on a desk starts displaying the number 13 on screen.

Really (13 Nights Promo) - Halloween 2018

A special promo for the '13 Nights of Frights' season on Really, marking some of the shows that would be airing around Halloween.

Latest Additions - 28/10/2018

BBC Two Wales HD (Coloured Threads) - 2018

The first new ident to appear on BBC Two Wales HD whilst still in its testing phase was the coloured threads ident, shown at the same time as the network premiere into the 10pm junction on October 27th.

BBC Two (Coloured Threads) - 2018

Despite only 16 idents for the launch set, it was a very short wait for additional ones to appear. On October 27th the next new ident made it to air, this time featuring coloured threads breaking apart around the 2 curve, with a much longer sequence before looping animated for this one.

Latest Additions - 27/10/2018

BBC Two Wales HD (Red Lines) - 2018

It was announced in October that HD versions of BBC Two would be launching for Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland being the only nation omitted due to the impending replacement of the channel with BBC Scotland in 2019. Although the channels were slated for an official launch in November 2018, test transmissions began on satellite of the Wales variant in late October, finally allowing some of the more challenging idents from the new look BBC Two to be shown properly.

Latest Additions - 26/10/2018

B&Q - 1987

From the late 80s, and DIY chain B&Q puts together a nice little ditty to celebrate the fact 'You can do it if you B&Q it'. The music may long since have disappeared, however the retailer continues to use the slogan to this day.

Latest Additions - 25/10/2018

LWT (Promo) - 1987

Another LWT promo from 1987, this time for a single show. Complete with LWT branding in the top left, and some very 80s typography.

Latest Additions - 24/10/2018

LWT (Break) - 1987

The breakbumper from the 'blinds' era of LWT.

LWT (Next) - 1987

A branded up next slide for LWT from 1987.

Teletext (Yorkshire) - 1/1/2000

Welcoming in a new Millennium with Teletext on Channel 4 from January 1st 2000. The Digitiser section as being broadcast on the day here, making their own predictions for the next 5 years ahead. More pages to follow...

Latest Additions - 23/10/2018

LWT (Promo) - 1987

Not quite as much use of computer graphics with the inhouse trailers still in 1987. With a rundown of Sunday evening shows on LWT, featuring some TVS-era Catchphrase, before looking at the rest of the light entertainment and drama to follow that evening.

Latest Additions - 22/10/2018

ITV1 (Anticipation) - 2006

A man at the cinema awaits the arrival of his date, representing anticipation. Or possibly disappointment, depending on how long he's actually been waiting there...

Latest Additions - 21/10/2018

Channel 4 (Elvis 4 Ever) - 1995

At the start of January 1995, Channel 4 ran a special marathon of Elvis Presley movies, linked under the branding 'Elvis 4 Ever'. Johnny Vaughan, famous at the time for his role in 4's Moviewatch programme, provided short invision links, before a series of simple animations were included for the regular continuity announcer to speak over.

Latest Additions - 20/10/2018

Granada (Brown Glass) - 1999

The last set of fully regional idents for Granada were introduced in 1996, and featured their signature G appearing in a series of abstract settings. This set would also span the changeover from presentation in Manchester to presentation coming from Leeds. A short version from early 1999 here, featuring the G rendered in a more graphical brown glass effect, with continuity now being provided by Maggie Mash as part of the centralised GMG North team.

Latest Additions - 19/10/2018

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Another break bumper for the Celebs Go Dating series, this time featuring Callum Izzard.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Eyal Booker appears in another Celebs Go Dating bumper for E4.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Appearing a few days into the series, Amy Tapper from Gogglebox appears in this break bumper.

Latest Additions - 18/10/2018

ITV Sport Classics - 2000

From the dead overnight slot where no one really cared about ITV brand consistency comes ITV Sport Classics. A reshowing of classic sports footage designed to cheaply fill up night time broadcasting hours. Although aired here in 2000 so nearly 2 years after the lowercase itv logo had been introduced, the highlights show itself had been edited together in the mid-90s so continues to use the 1989-1998 IT\* Sport branding. The programme was also a rare chance to see a London News Network production outside of the capital, albeit credited with the somewhat crudely edited 'London Sports Network' endcap instead.

Latest Additions - 17/10/2018

BBC Two Scotland (Blocks) - 2018

The industrial blocks style ident, as it appears on BBC Two Scotland.

BBC Two Scotland (White Wrap) - 2018

BBC Two Scotland's variation on the white wrap style ident, usually used into more serious programming.

Latest Additions - 16/10/2018

Granada (ITV - Traffic) - 2000

By the end of the 90s, Granada owned most of the large Northern regions, and had moved their own playout operations to Yorkshire in Leeds. With the other large party Carlton having dropped out of the project, Granada were more than happy to implement the second generic ITV look across all their regions in 1999. Initially all the different filmed variations for the hearts idents were introduced, with this one featuring people driving in a car.

Latest Additions - 15/10/2018

BBC Two Scotland (Stones) - 2018

BBC Two Scotland gets its own version of the black and gold stones ident.

BBC Two Wales (Stones) - 2018

The BBC Two Wales version of the black and gold stone ident.

Latest Additions - 14/10/2018

Channel 4 (Space Cadets) - 1997

William Shatner appears in this Channel 4 ident, providing a pre-recorded link for 'Space Cadets'. Space Cadets was a one-hit comedy panel series aired in 1997 and hosted by Bill Bailey and Craig Charles. One of the episodes had featured Shatner as a guest, hence his availability to record the link for it.

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1997

A next slide from 1997, with some alliteration used to promote an episode of Pet Rescue following after the break. Followed here by a brief break flash.

Latest Additions - 13/10/2018

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1997

Another promo from this era. Only this time with it advertising an underwater based show, all the regular endboard graphics take on a watery edge.

BBC Two (Smoke) - 2018

The smokey ident finally makes its network (and thus HD) appearance, shown here into the 3.30pm junction on October 13th 2018. Signalling the last of the initial launch set to air on the channel.

Channel 4 (Puppies) - 1997

Another pet-based ident from this era. This time round, some puppies are playing in the background.

Latest Additions - 12/10/2018

Channel 4 (Promo) - 1997

An example of the trailer style for Channel 4 during the connections era, introduced in late 1996. Here promoting a show in their 'Access All Areas' strand.

Channel 4 (Dalmations) - 1997

The connections idents all featured an everyday life scene, which the 4 circles arranged in different ways would overlay. Here a very short Channel 4 Connections ident with dalmations going past in the background.

Channel 4 (ECP) - 1997

The End Credit Promotion style for Channel 4 in 1997. Although more commonly used for promoting supplemental information for programmes still at this such as phone numbers and related books.

BBC Two NI (Stones) - 2018

BBC Two Northern Ireland's showing of the Black and Gold stones ident.

Latest Additions - 11/10/2018

E4 (Creature - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Another ident to mark National Coming Out Day. This time the Creatures one features a message from broadcaster June Sarpong.

E4 (Construction - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

To mark National Coming Out Day, E4 replaced their continuity links with specially pre-recorded messages throughout October 11th 2018 in association with LGBT rights charity Stonewall. Adele Roberts from Radio 1 provides a message here over the construction ident.

E4 (Ocean - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Annie Wallace from Hollyoaks provides a National Coming Out Day message over the Ocean ident. Appropriately into Hollyoaks itself, although with no reference to the programme so the regular announcer chimes in at the very end.

E4 (Animals- #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

The Animals/Social Media ident, this time with Tom Allen providing a message for National Coming Out Day in October 2018.

E4 (Holes - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Another National Coming Out Day link from E4, this time with film director Dustin Lance Black providing his own message.

E4 (Chips - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Comedian Suzy Ruffell provides a message over the Chips ident for E4 on National Coming Out Day 2018.

E4 (Wickerman - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Ollie Locke from Made In Chelsea provides the National Coming Out Day message over the Wickerman ident.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Vas J Morgan appears in another Celebs Go Dating break bumper for E4.

BBC Two NI (Smoke) - 2018

BBC Two Northern Ireland aired the 'smoke effect' style ident before it appeared on network, marking the last of the launch batch of idents to go out.

Latest Additions - 10/10/2018

BBC Two (Stones) - 2018

A broken up stone effect makes up the curve for this BBC Two ident, appearing a little later than some of the others on October 10th.

BBC Two Wales (Brown Pins) - 2018

The Brown Pins style ident, as seen on BBC Two Wales this time.

Latest Additions - 09/10/2018

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Olivia Attwood appears in a fifth Celebs Go Dating bumper for E4.

Latest Additions - 08/10/2018

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Just over a week into the new look special Celebs Go Dating bumpers appeared once more on E4, usually used to lead in and out of breaks, although occasionally used just to break up other channel elements. Marking the fifth series of the reality show, the celebs now appear against new E4 backgrounds, with Sam Craske featuring in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Another Celebs Go Dating series 5 break bumper, this time featuring Alik Alfus.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Chloe Sims stars in this Celebs Go Dating break bumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Another Celebs Go Dating break bumper, this time starring Mutya Buena.

Latest Additions - 07/10/2018

BBC Two NI (Brown Pins) - 2018

BBC Two Northern Ireland's variant of the 'brown pins' style ident.

BBC Two Wales (Blocks) - 2018

The Welsh variant of the rising and falling blocks ident for BBC Two.

BBC Two (Blocks) - 2018

A regular airing of the rising and falling blocks ident for BBC Two network, without any sign zone text this time round.

Latest Additions - 06/10/2018

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - 1993

Legendary stalwart for the station Colin Weston is in the booth at Granada this time round. Here leading in to the uncut showing of Fatal Attraction in 1993.

BBC Two Wales (Fluffy) - 2018

BBC Two Wales has its very own orange fluffy creature too!

Latest Additions - 05/10/2018

E4 (Break Purple - Ooze) - 2018

The purple background version of the 'ooze' break bumper, where the E appears to leak a substance.

BBC Two NI (Slide) - 2018

An info slide for BBC Two Northern Ireland, here giving details of the Action Line. The background to this is not completely static, but animates very subtly so as to not distract attention from the information provided.

Latest Additions - 04/10/2018

BBC Two (Smoke - Autumn Promo) - 2018

Some early glimpses of the next ident in the series appeared in this Autumn on BBC Two Promo. A smokey effect makes up the 2 curve this time round. All promos since the September 2018 rebrand start and end with visual effects from the ident set, allowing them to flow almost seemlessly into one another if a matching ident and promo go together.

Latest Additions - 03/10/2018

BBC Two Scotland (Brown Pins) - 2018

The brown pins ident, as seen on BBC Two Scotland.


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