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Vauxhall Astra - 1991

You've just washed your shiny new Vauxhall Astra, when right on cue a pigeon parks itself right above your driveway. What is a man to do?

Vauxhall Frontera - 1995

Vauxhall film scenes from lots of abstract camera angles to show the 'off-roadiness' of their new Frontera in 1995.

Vauxhall Nova - 1991

A strange mix of real action and computer animation as Vauxhall explain how to train your new Vauxhall Nova to be a good car, and not attack the postman!

Vauxhall Tigra - 1995

The Tigra From Vauxhall... Fun.... if you like that sort of thing!!

Volkswagen Golf (Changes) - 1987

This famous campaign for Volkswagen launched in 1987 and starred Paula Hamilton styled up as a Diana-esque character. Leaving her husband after the breakup of a marriage, she is seen throwing away luxury items, before deciding to keep the VW car. At the time, the advert was hailed as a sign of a car advert finally targeting women complete with a strong female lead, contrasting with the traditional style of car advertising. The song used in the ad is 'Changes' written by Alan Price.

Vitalite - 1990

One of several animated Vitalite adverts run in the early 90s, set to the song of The Israelites by Desmond Dekker. The Sun and his Sunflower posse are in the city here in 1990 for another reworked set of lyrics for the song.

Vitalite - 1991

In this next Israelites cover, the sun with his disembodied white gloved hands releases some poor caged sunflowers. At launch in 1983, the spread was originally produced by Kraft Foods, before the brand was sold on to St Ivel in the mid 90s, eventually ending up under the ownership of Dairy Crest.

Vitalite - 1992

Another advert for Vitalite, featuring a cover of The Israelites, this time even being presented as a singalong. Although by now, some of the words are starting to get a little long to join in.

Vitalite - 1993

Woaaaahhh-ohhh! Vitalite... That's right!! The sun is back in 1993... or for a short while at least. He's been getting grumpier in his old age, and with them introducing so many long words to the spread now too, he finally snaps and goes on strike leaving the moon to take over.


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