Challenge is a channel dedicated to showing game shows, relying on a mix of both the vast archive of old ITV and FremantleMedia shows from the 80s and 90s, as well as some newer ITV hits such as The Chase. Officially launched as a subscription channel in February 1997, the channel's history reaches back even further to this with origins as The Family Channel, established from the remnants of former ITV South East franchisee TVS after it lost its franchise in 1993. Ownership has changed several times over the years since, initially being owned by Flextech at its 1997 launch. This became Virgin Media Television in 2009, who sold it on along with all their other channel interests to Sky, where ownership now resides. After many years as a subscription service, Sky moved the channel onto Freeview in 2011 following their closing down of Virgin 1/Channel One.

Challenge (Late Zone) - 2013

Bold colours, and a speechbubble logo made up the 2011-2013 look for Challenge. Late in this era, some slightly different dedicated branding for the late night slot was introduced branded as 'Late Zone'. A blue ident, with specially pre-recorded continuity provided by Pat Sharp of Fun House fame.

Challenge (Late Zone) - 2013

A second Late Zone ident, this time grey and brown in colour. With pre-recorded continuity provided by Hugo Myatt, better known as Treguard from the Knightmare series.

Challenge (Break - Late Zone) - 2013

An accompanying Late Zone break bumper from speechbubble era.

Challenge - 2017

After a short and undeveloped flirt with some animated characters inbetween, Challenge introduced a new logo and heavily white and orange themed presentation package in 2016. Idents consist of 3D rendered elements from various channel acquisitions in a spinning sphere. Wheel of Fortune, Bullseye and Countdown feature in this ident.

Challenge - 2017

A second ident, this time featuring Ninja Warrior, Robot Wars and Total Wipeout. With some specially pre-recorded continuity from Chris Tarrant to promote airings of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Challenge - 2017

A third ident, this time featuring Deal or No Deal, The Chase and Pointless. Played out clean on this occasion.

Challenge (Promo) - 2017

Challenge (ECP - Orange) - 2017

End Credit Promotions on Challenge use the main channel brand colours, with various rendered elements animated oround the times. As well as promoting the shows coming up on Challenge, they'll often give nods to shows on other Sky channels. Most commonly this tends to be on Sky's other Freeview channel Pick, however other channels from their broad collection can appear.

Challenge (ECP - Grey) - 2017

A grey ECP with LED signs placed around the edges with a very generic pre-recorded announcement. Played out here in 4:3 over the end credits to an episode of the Scottish Television production Wheel Of Fortune.

Challenge (ECP - Grey) - 2017

Another grey end credit promotion, this time with Total Wipeout-style obstacles placed around the edge of the screen. Played out here over the end credits to the original 90s version Supermarket Sweet, with the sorely missed Dale Winton.

Challenge (ECP - Orange) - 2017

Another variation on the orange end credit promotion, with travelator obstacles placed around the edge of the screen. Shown here over the end credits to a mid nineties edition of Catchphrase with Roy Walker.

Challenge (ECP - Yellow) - 2017

A yellow variation on the Challenge end credit promotion. Re-using a generic link over the credits to Wheel of Fortune here.

Challenge (ECP - White) - 2017

A white version of the Challenge ECP. Here in its native 16:9 aspect ratio as it is aired over the end credits to an episode of newer ITV gameshow The Chase. A show which has become the staple filler for much of the Challenge schedule now.

Challenge (Break - Say What You See) - 2017

Although the idents are very limited in number, the overall presentation package is bolstered with a very large variety of break bumpers. All featuring simple text elements in the channel's brand colours, they are grouped into ones featuring well known sayings from shows, and ones featuring quizzes or challenges. Looking first at the saying bumpers, "Say What You See", Roy Walker's famous Catchphrase words feature here.

Challenge (Break - Question or Nominate) - 2017

Question or Nominate features in this one, the often used set of words from gameshow 15-to-1.

Challenge (Break - Re-run the Fun) - 2017

Pat Sharp's well known phrase from Fun House appears in this break bumper.

Challenge (Break - Is That Your Final Answer?) - 2017

From Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the words famously associated with Chris Tarrant in the chair for this break bumper.

Challenge (Break - Phone a Friend?) - 2017

Another WWTBAM phrase in this bumper, asking if you'd like to Phone a Friend?

Challenge (Break - Go Wild in the Aisles) - 2017

The fondly remembered Dale Winton's phrase from Supermarket Sweep features in this break bumper.

Challenge (Break - I'd Like To Buy a Vowel) - 2017

Words frequently uttered by the contestants on Wheel of Fortune appear in this bumper.

Challenge (Break - And Our Survey Says) - 2017

The words made famous on Family Fortunes over the years in this Challenge bumper.

Challenge (Break - Look at What You Could Have Won) - 2017

The late Jim Bowen's words from Bullseye are immortalised on this Challenge bumper.

Challenge (Break - Ask The Audience?) - 2017

For this bumper, another famous set of words from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire appear.

Challenge (Break - It's Your Show) - 2017

Reminding us that "It's Your Show" for this Challenge break bumper.

Challenge (Break - 3.. 2.. 1.. Activate) - 2017

The countdown made most famous by Robot Wars feature in this bumper.

Challenge (Break - You Can't Beat a bit of Bully) - 2018

Another famous catchphrase spoken by the late Jim Bowen in Bullseye features in this break bumper.

Challenge (Break - It's Only a Game... Isn't It?) - 2018

The words regularly spoken by Hugo Myatt in his role as Treguard in Knightmare appear in this Challenge bumper.

Challenge (Break - Time to Face The Chaser) - 2018

With it filling so much of the modern day Challenge schedule, it's inevitable that The Chase would have a break bumper on the channel dedicated to it. Here the words often spoken by Bradley Walsh appear.

Challenge (Break - Let The Wars Begin) - 2018

Another phrase out of Robot Wars in this break bumper.

Challenge (Break - First Aid) - 2017

Away from the programme slogans, one of several 'catchphrase' style break bumpers from Challenge. The opening part to 'First Aid' here.

Challenge (Break End - Storm in a Teacup) - 2017

The end of a break for another catchphrase-style bumper here, revealing the phrase to be 'Storm in a Teacup'.

Challenge (Break - Fill Your Boots) - 2018

The catchphrase this time shows the word 'Boots' being filled up. As Roy Walker would say, Just say what you see...

Challenge (Break End - Fill Your Boots) - 2018

The ending bumper, revealing the answer to be 'Fill Your Boots'.

Challenge (Break - Bite The Bullet) - 2018

For the opening bumper this time, the word 'Bullet' has a sudden bite removed from the corner.

Challenge (Break End - Bite The Bullet) - 2018

The ending break bumper reveals the catchphrase to be 'Bite The Bullet'.

Challenge (Break - NONIGUILT) - 2017

An anagram break bumper from Challenge. Here going into a break with 'NONIGUILT'.

Challenge (Break End - OUTLINING) - 2017

Revealing the anagram to be OUTLINING on the other side of the break for Challenge.

Challenge (Break - What K?) - 2017

Another type of challenge on the break bumpers consists of a clue for a word beginning with a certain letter. In this case, "What K is a small hill or mound?"

Challenge (Break End - What K?) - 2017

The ending break bumper to the 'What K' challenge, revealing the answer to be 'Knoll'.

Challenge (Break - What U?) - 2018

A bumper into another break on Challenge, this time with a clue around 'What U'.

Challenge (Break End - What U?) - 2018

Revealing the answer to the 'What U' teaser to be 'Undulate' at the other side of the break.

Challenge (Break - What J?) - 2018

Another 'What Word' break from Challenge, this time asking What J is to deride or scoff at?

Challenge (Break End- What J?) - 2018

An end-of-break bumper revealing the answer to the 'What J' teaser.

Challenge (Break - What G?) - 2018

What G is The Milky Way is the opening clue for this Challenge break bumper.

Challenge (Break End - What G?) - 2018

The accompanying end of break bumper, revealing the answer to the 'G' teaser.

Challenge (Break - What H?) - 2018

An opening teaser break bumper for Challenge asking What H is the Eve of All Saints Day?

Challenge (Break End - What H?) - 2018

The closing break bumper, revealing the answer to be 'Halloween'.

Challenge (Break - What Y?) - 2018

Another challenging Challenge word teaser to lead in to a break, and this time it's a word beginning with Y.

Challenge (Break End - What Y?) - 2018

A reveal of the 'What Y' teaser to end another break on Challenge.



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