BBC National Weather


~ BBC National Weather ~

The BBC began their weather broadcasts in association with the Met Office in 1922, starting with radio before moving in to television broadcasts after the end of the second world war. Over the years, technologies have moved on in particular with the introduction of computers for both data collection and graphical representation. Throughout all that time, the BBC's relationship with the Met Office remained in place, although this is due to end in 2017 with a change of the contract to MeteoGroup for weather provision.

BBC Weather - 1996

The venerable Michael Fish presents the weather from 1996. This graphics set was originally introduced in 1996 and lasted through until 2000.

BBC Weather - 1999

Helen Young presents the weather from 1999. With the only minor changes to the graphics having been made since 1996 being a change to reflect the BBC rebrand as well as add in their web address.

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