CITV Presenters

Tommy Boyd 1992

This is one of the earliest recordings I have of in-vision CITV presentation. The bad-hair-day guy in it is Tommy Boyd, who used to present Wacaday on TV-AM (with Thanks to Geoff Cox for that info). He returned to present CITV in 1991, after having last done the job back in 1983. After the generic look fell through, CITV was dumped back in this 'broom cupboard' studio, with loads of strange objects in the background presumably swept off someone's desk in a hurry!

Stephen Mulhern 2001

In-vision presentation disappeared for several years, before Danielle and Stephen were brought back to the station in 1998 to front the new CITV. This is an example showing Steven in 2001.

Danielle 2001

... and now for a 2001 example of Danielle, whose surname is mentioned on tape somewhere, but I can never remember.

Thomas Darville 2000

Thomas Darvill was an extra presenter brought in in 2000. There was another female presenter Andrea (who appears in a file on the mistakes page of the site), but she quietly disappeared not long after starting. Thomas himself wasn't at CITV for long... although he was to more famously reappear many years later under a different screen name as part of the cast for a certain well-known Saturday night BBC TV sci-fi show...

Leah, David and Leigh - 2001

In September 2001, a vote was launched to try and find 2 new presenters. At the end of it, they actually appointed 3 of the 4, but never mind. Here is the first appearance of Leah, David and Leigh in the studio, shortly after the results had been announced. In December, Danielle and Tom suddenly left, leaving Stephen and these new 3 to present.

Leah and David - Christmas 2001

The studio takes on a slightly festive slant for Christmas 2001, as Leah and David present.

CITV Competition 2001(Example A)

With the relaunch in 1998, ITV included budgeting for competitions nearly every day. Often funded through deals with the companies supplying them. Here are just a few of the competitions from 2001, with different rhymes to accompany them. Some say this was when CITV was at its creative peak.

CITV Competition 2001(Example B)

This version is done by Tom.

CITV Competition 2001(Example C)

Here we have Danielle doing the chant. But this also shows her getting a bit tongue-tied trying to read out the question.

CITV Competition 2001(Example D)

...and just so he doesnt feel left out, here is a short version by Stephen.

CITV Competition 2001 (Example E)

A fifth example of the competition with Danielle and Stephen presenting over the top again.

CITV Competition - Christmas 2001

A different name and some festive presentation over the top now as we introduce a competition from Christmas 2001 on CITV.

CITV (IVC) - 2004

Andy Jaye and Gail Mckenna present a link from the final invision set at Birmingham, alongside an amazing bit of puppetry with a Spongebob cuddly toy.

CITV (IVC) - 2004

Competitions still feature on the last set from CITV. Now assisted by a puppet bag named 'Swag' to describe the prizes, here the main presenters and Swag introduce a Spongebob-themed competition and invite people to call in.

CITV (IVC) - 2004

Following on from the last link, Andy Jaye is out of the studio and into a swimming pool for the pre-recorded competition segment.

CITV (IVC) - 2004

The remaining CITV team present another link from right near the end of In-vision Continuity from Birmingham. By this time the cutbacks to the budget had become very obvious with a massively cutdown set compared to what had been seen in previous years. After the end of July, the studio was dropped completely with links done 'on-tour' throughout August, before the out-of-vision service began from Manchester at the end of that month.



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