ITV3, the latest channel to join the ITV family, launched on Freeview, Cable and Satellite (after a hasty and messy 11th hour closure of the highly popular Granada Plus channel) at 9pm on November 1st 2004. Aimed at a more mature audience, the channel features a mix of films and dramas drawing heavily upon the vast archive of the various companies ITV acquired over the years.

For those still mourning the loss of the individual production company logos from all ITV programming since November 2004, the excessive policy of pretending everything was made by Granada/ITV, as is done on the parent channel, isn't quite as rigidly enforced here.

ITV3 (2004-2006)

ITV3 (Launch Promo) - 2004

A promo from shortly before launch showing some of the upcoming highlights on the new ITV3 channel. Serving as proof of just how last minute the closure of Granada Plus allowing them to launch ITV3 in its place on satellite was, the promo still only advertises the channel as being exclusive to cable and Freeview 2 days before it was due to begin.

ITV3 (Launch Promo) - 2004

Another launch promo for ITV3, this time giving a run down of some of the shows to feature in the schedule on launch night. Once again with no signs of the satellite spacd 2 days before the launch of the channel.

ITV3 (Launch ECP) - 2004

Continuing the heavy pre-launch promotion for ITV3 here with mentions in an ECP on the main channel too.

ITV3 - The Launch 1/11/2004

In the last hour before launch, a huge countdown began, similar to that which marked the launch of channel 5. Given that, and all the promotion ITV had been giving the channel in the run up to launch, you might have expected a nice big welcome to the screen. Alas it was not to be. The launch turned out to be a rather damp squib consisting of an ident, and straight into programming.

ITV3 2004 - Frost

David Jason in an 'A Touch of Frost' ident, one of the programs which will feature heavily on the new channel.

ITV3 2004 - Promo

An example of the new trailer style. That spinning cube at the beginning is nice enough anyway!

ITV3 2004 - Promo B

An alternative endboard style for this ITV3 promo.

ITV3 2004 - Break Bumper

A break bumper, advertising 'Hack Mondays', one of the many programming strands on the channel at launch.

ITV3 2004 - Break Bumper 2

A generic version of the break bumper, without any mention of programming strands.

ITV3 2004 - Ident '3'

A third ITV3 ident, this time featuring a giant '3'. Giant 3? Someone should tell tell them Yorkshire tried that with Tyne Tees eight years earlier, and it didn't go down too well!

ITV3 (2006 - 2013)

ITV3 - 2006

The ITV3 package remained mostly untouched until January 16th 2006, when the complete rebrand of the ITV network was brought in. A more stylish look to the idents for ITV's third channel to reflect their more mature target audience. Reds mix in with assorted imagery, in keeping with the red logo in the bottom left. All we need now are some dancers!

ITV3 - 2006

What's the time Mrs Random Obscure Ladybird?

ITV3 Break Bumper - 2006

Break Bumper for ITV3, in the style of book pages turning.

ITV3 Break Bumper - 2006

An alternate style bumper, where the pages turn the other way!

ITV3 (Blinds) - 2009

Some blinds are opened as the scene rotates to reveal two people in a forest.

ITV3 (Thread) - 2010

Focussing in close detail on some fine needlework in this ident for ITV3.

ITV3 (2013 - 2022)

ITV3 (Typing) - 2017

For the 2013 rebrand, ITV3 gained a new set of presentation all based upon a blue colour scheme. The various ident sequences now all consist of origami scenes set inside of belljars. In this one, a man is writing at a typewriter, and appears to have been doing so for a very long time.

ITV3 (Forensics) - 2017

ITV3 (Ocean) - 2017

People fish from a boat at sea, before the origami scene reveals just what lies beneath the watery depths.

ITV3 (Flowers) - 2017

The belljar this time contains a flowery garden scene, with origami flowers growing out to fill the space.

ITV3 (Night Wolves) - 2019

In another ident from the original 2013 set, Wolves are seen running through the night. Before its revealed they're all safely contained in a belljar as usual.

ITV3 (Break) - 2017

Break bumpers on ITV3 feature the logo on blue with various light effects around them. This version has a spotlight moving across.

ITV3 (Break) - 2017

Light streams in a window in this break bumper.

ITV3 (Woodcutter) - Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2019, although most of the digital offshoot channels saw no change, ITV3 brought back their Christmas idents which had last been seen in 2015. Featuring some more festive scenes set in the belljar.

ITV3 (Manor House) - Christmas 2019

In another returning festive ITV3 ident, two different classes of people celebrate a Christmas meal.

ITV3 (2022 - Present)

ITV3 (Station) - 2022

Following the other ITV family of channels, ITV3 adopted the common ident set from November 15th 2022. In their version of the train station ident, figures from a historical past can be seen on the platform.

ITV3 (Rural) - 2022

For ITV3's variant of the countryside/rural ident, people with metal detectors are seen sweeping the area.

ITV3 (Café) - 2022

The ITV3 version of the 'café' ident sees the shop turned into the location for a crime drama at night.

ITV3 (Beach) - 2023

ITV3's version of the 'beach' ident features a throwback to a classic ship painting, introduced in January 2023.



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