BBC One 2017 - October 2021 - 'Oneness'

For the Christmas 2016 package, the BBC had focused heavily on 'oneness' as a concept. To celebrate the launch of New Year 2017, we didn't return to the circles package that had been in use previously. Instead the Christmas package was taken further, and a full time set of branding 'celebrating people coming together in oneness' began. In a prime example of placing focus on hiring the person before actually coming up with the concept, acclaimed stills photographer Martin Parr was brought on board to produce each sequence. The end result is that each ident features a bunch of random people usually standing around in a location with little other processing or image stabilisation going on. Starting with only 2 in January 2017, but with new ones being added each month over the course of 2017. The set was replaced shortly into the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with lockdowns and rules on social distancing making shots of groups doing activities together look very out of place, before returning for a few months in July 2021.

BBC One (Mountain Rescue) - 2017

The third of the oneness idents to be introduced was brought in in January 2017. This time round we see a rescue team in the Brecon Beacons.

BBC One (Wheelchair Rugby) - 2017

Introduced in January 2017 was Wheelchair Rugby. A lower budget looking version of Hip Hop from the Rhythm and Movement era. The ident never saw anywhere near as much use as the others launched in January, however continues to pop up from time to time.

BBC One (Forest) - 2017

Not to be confused with the forest ident from the previous package, the new forest ident appeared within a few weeks of launch, and is a somewhat unique ident very rarely seen on air. Devoid of people, location or oneness branding and instead just showing a camera pointed at trees, the ident is intended for sombre situations where use of one from the regular set could be deemed inappropriate. Before its introduction such a situation arose very shortly into 2017 where both of the launch 'Oneness' idents were unsuitable for a show, resulting in them having to revert back to Kites from 2006. Initially the sombre ident had the sound of birds present, but when it reappeared to introduce news programmes after the London terrorist attack in June 2017 it had been muted.

BBC One (Skaters) - 2017

In March, Skaters was introduced, featuring a load of people roller dancing.

BBC One (Birdwatchers) - 2017

Introduced in March, Birdwatchers sees a bunch of birdwatchers standing around watching birds. This ident is commonly used by the English regions to introduce news, hence this variant being the North West regionally branded version.

BBC One (Birdwatchers Sting) - 2017

One of several short stings for BBC One. Based off the idents, just from different angles and with larger centred text. This one features the birdwatching group again.

BBC One (Birdwatchers Network) - 2017

The English Network version of Birdwatchers, devoid of any regional names.

BBC One (Bhangra Dancers) - 2017

Introduced in April, Bhangra Dancers is another of those idents which almost harks back to the Rhythm and Movement era, just without quite the same level of class. This may be why since it's original unveiling, it has seemed much rarer to appear than some of the others brought in at the same time.

BBC One (Cavers) - 2017

A new addition to the set in April 2017 was Cavers. Still standing around looking at the camera aimlessly, but there's some jingling so they've already got a candidate for reuse as a Christmas ident!

BBC One (Night Kayakers) - 2017

Introduced in May 2017, Night Kayakers did show an improvement over some of the earlier idents. Although the people in boats this time don't have any pieces of a moon to put together, instead just a camera to stare at.

BBC One (Night Kayakers Sting) - 2017

Introduced alongside the main ident, a sting based around Night Kayakers.

BBC One (Tandem Cyclists) - 2017

AKA, Capes on a shoestring budget. First introduced in May 2017, alas this time round the BBC couldn't afford a massive group of colour co-ordinated and choreographed cyclists. But never fear as intrepid Parr managed to find a smaller group of cyclists whilst in the park one day.

BBC One (Promo) - 2017

Creating continuity with the oneness idents, the 2017 trailer style now features the same swirling around the 'o' of 'one' both at the start and on the endboard. The endboard also featured an updated red background style.

BBC One (ECP) - 2017

The ECP style from 2017 - and it's somewhat plainer than it used to be.

BBC One (One Love Manchester) - 2017

To mark the special One Love Concert in Manchester on June 4th held in memory of the Manchester terror attack, a special ident from the BBC was used with some additional Manchester theming. Breaking completely from the Oneness theme for the occasion.

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers) - 2017

Introduced in June 2017, 'Bog Snorkellers' joined the set. Doing exactly what it says on the tin once more, with an eclectic group of characters who really should have taken a more reputable taxi firm to that fancy dress party!

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers 2) - 2017

A different variation of the Bog Snorkellers ident. This time a slightly differently dressed group featuring a giraffe start out already in the bog.

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers Sting) - 2017

An additional sting introduced in June 2017, this time based on Bog Snorkellers.

BBC One (Bog Snorkellers Sting 2) - 2017

A second sting for Bog Snorkellers, this time featuring the pink balloons too.

BBC One (Boxers) - 2017

Another June 2017 introduction, Boxers is set indoors again. This time featuring a boxing group's reaction presumably to suddenly being told 'quick, teacher is coming back. Everyone look busy!'

BBC One (Allotment Holders) - 2017

Another new ident introduced in the June 2017 batch. This time featuring some possibly world famous... Allotment Holders.

BBC One (Allotment Holders Sting) - 2017

One of the accompanying stings to go with the June Alloment Holders ident.

BBC One (Banger Racers) - 2017

Another ident introduced in June 2017, Banger Racers features a bunch of old cars racing around a track as some people stare into the oblivion of the camera once more.

BBC One HD (Holding Slide) - 2017

The red holding slide for BBC One HD, seen during regional slots on the HD channel was updated in 2017 to feature the new idents. As of early June 2017 Swimmers, Wheelchair Rugby, Birdwatchers and Mountain Rescue can be seen looping in the background of this.

BBC One (Pitch Battle - One Show) - 2017

Promoting a new show from the BBC, Pitch Battle, this special sequence was used to introduce The One Show on 16th June 2017.

BBC One (Pitch Battle - Eastenders) - 2017

Another special ident based upon the upcoming Pitch Battle series on BBC One, this time leading into Eastenders. Aired June 16th 2017.

BBC One (Doctor Who Finalé) - 2017

Something a little different leading into the 2017 Doctor Who Finalé, as the continuity booth is invaded by Cybermen. Featuring a brief snippet of Test Card F from BBC2, both of which celebrated their 50th anniversary in July 2017.

BBC One (Peter Kay) - 2017

Like when 2 Doctors meet, July 2017 brought the BBC One idents from two totally different time periods clashing together as part of the introduction to a repeat of some of comedian Peter Kay's comedy sketches. A fairly standard airing of Bog Snorkeller starts things off, but with the announcement casually referring to what would follow at the very end of the link.

BBC One (Ten Pin Bowlers) - 2017

Towards the end of July saw the introduction of Ten Pin Bowlers. Showing a little more action than some previous efforts, with a young team bowling before possibly celebrating that they've managed to knock over Parr who was standing in front of them with his camera.

BBC One (Ten Pin Sting) - 2017

An additional sting introduced alongside the Ten Pin Bowling ident in July 2017, showing some of the beforehand preparation.

BBC One (Fell Runners) - 2017

Introduced at the start of August, Fell Runners features a small group of people in the Mourne Mountains doing the least amount of running you've possibly ever seen.

BBC One (Llama Trekkers) - 2017

Another new addition to the set for August, Llama Trekkers features a group of people walking their llamas in Armagh. Beware all that ensuing drama!

BBC One (Llama Trekkers Sting) - 2018

An accompanying sting for the Llama Trekkers ident. This is one of the shorter 4 second stings.

BBC One (CiN - 80s) - 2017

To lead into the Children in Need Rocks the 80s special on November 13th 2017, BBC One continuity takes a trip back to the mirror globe of the time.

BBC One (Strictly Come Dancing) - 2017

Two idents were introduced for Strictly Come Dancing in September 2017. Not only do they drop all references to Oneness, the ident is still based upon the circles theme which had been dropped 9 months prior. Whether they were some older rejected concepts that had been dug out for 2017, or whether the memo about the branding change just hadn't quite made it down to the Strictly team, we may never know!

BBC One (Drone Racers) - 2018

With the dawn of the new year, a return to the regular Oneness idents for BBC One as they wish us a Happy New Year in the first announcement. The first ident to air on network being a new one - Drone Racers. An ident which had originally been produced back in Summer 2017, but then held back until the start of the following year.

BBC One NI (First 2018) - 2018

The first announcement for 2018 from Northern Ireland, aired shortly before 1am on BBC One and welcoming us into the New Year from the local team. Unlike Wales and Network, NI didn't air the new Drone Racers ident in this first junction instead going with the Night Kayakers ident to mark the return to regular Oneness presentation.

BBC One Scotland (Wild Campers) - 2018

Being on a slightly different schedule due to the Hogmanay celebrations, BBC One Scotland got to air the new Wild Campers ident before network shortly after 1.30am on the 1st January. Another ident that had been filmed some months prior and had even made it onto the BBC Creative case study.

BBC One (Wild Campers) - 2018

Following not long afterwards on network BBC One, the main network version of the Wild Campers Oneness ident.

BBC One (First Good Morning) - 2018

Banger Racers was used post-Breakfast to start off the first day of 2018 on BBC One. After welcoming people to the New Year, the scripted reason for the choice of ident was revealed to lead into the New Years Day film. Although the other nations had their own announcements for this junction, they followed the same script from the network.

BBC One (Big Day) - 2018

In the absence of any further new idents after the dawn of 2018, keeping presentation on BBC One fresh usually fell to short stings instead. Here a special sting from May 2018 to mark the day of both The Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final, with the circle of the O being formed from both a ring and a football. As well as some clever wording that can be read either as 'Big Day' or 'One Big Day', or at least on network it can. Not a 'oneness' anywhere in sight!

BBC One Scotland (Big Day) - 2018

BBC One Northern Ireland (Big Day) - 2018

Another BBC nation. This time it's the BBC One Northern Ireland variation of the 'Big Day' sting.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers) - 2018

Six months since the last new ident had appeared on BBC One, in time for the World Cup 2018 the latest Oneness ident was introduced. A group of under 7s train by kicking footballs towards the cameraman, possibly explaining why he's shaking so much.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers) - 2018

Another Under 7 Footballers ident, this time with some different actions being performed by the assembled young players.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

An accompanying sting for the Under 7 Footballers ident, introduced in June 2018.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

Another sting for BBC One, based off the Under 7 Footballers. Slightly longer in duration than the other one.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

A third Under 7 Footballers sting introduced in June 2018. And a casual reminder that sometimes stings can be better when silent.

BBC One (Under 7 Footballers Sting) - 2018

Sting number 4 based on the Under 7 Footballers.

BBC One (Sausage Dog Walkers) - 2018

As a reminder viewers are not the target audience for these, puff pieces for design publications first unveiled the next batch of 2018 Oneness idents on July 13th, before beginning to air on the actual channel the following day. Following very much the same style as the 2017 batch, continuity scripts for the first junctions airing any new ones were also specifically written to hem in a reference to the new visual. Here a bunch of Sausage Dog Walkers appear, with the Tyne Bridge in the background just to make extra sure you know it's set in Newcastle for regional representation. The location itself is only a stone's throw from the original home of Tyne Tees Television on City Road.

BBC One (Cheerleaders) - 2018

Not making quite as much effort to hammer home the fact they're in Manchester, Cheerleaders appear in this BBC One ident, first aired July 14th 2018. By the very nature of the group, this one looks somewhat more choreographed than a lot of the other Oneness idents.

BBC One (Swing Dancers) - 2018

Set in the very broad 'County Durham' area, as someone from London possibly decided it was too little-known a location to be any more specific, is Swing Dancers. Another one which with a bit more polishing could have escaped straight out of the Rhythm and Movement set of the early 2000s.

BBC One Scotland (Sausage Dog Walkers) - 2018

BBC One Scotland with their first showing of Sausage Dog Walkers. Most of the ident launch scripts for the nations were used with only minor tweaks from what was supplied to them by the network, just to remind folks of how much autonomy they have. Complete with most of the same badly hemmed in references stashed away in the dialogue.

BBC One NI (Sausage Dog Walkers) - 2018

A rare break away from the network script for BBC One Northern Ireland's first showing of Sausage Dog Walkers. They drop the vocal dog references in favour of letting the ident itself play out clean for longer, only chiming in to announce the show at the very end.

BBC One NI (Cheerleaders) - 2018

Back to just using the network script as is for the first Northern Ireland airing of Cheerleaders. Perhaps someone from London had quiet words with them for missing the references out on Sausage Dogs!

BBC One Scotland (Cheerleaders) - 2018

And just incase you want to hear the same announcement from 3 different people, BBC One Scotland's first showing of Cheerleaders, from July 14th 2018.

BBC One NI (Swing Dancers) - 2018

BBC One Northern Ireland's first showing of Swing Dancers uses the same reference, but at least goes to the trouble of swapping the script order around to announce the show first.

BBC One Wales (Swing Dancers) - 2018

Less variation on the Wales version of BBC One for their first airing of Swing Dancers, reusing the network script almost verbatim.

BBC One (Taekwondo Club) - 2018

The last of the batch of 4 idents introduced in July 2018 was a little later to actually make it to air, the first broadcast being tucked away in quite a late night slot on the channel. Since then, it has commonly popped up to introduce sports related programming, such as with this airing to introduce coverage of the European Championships in early August. Another of those 'da kiddies are our future' idents, this time round it's set in a Taekwondo club in Trafford.

BBC One (Volunteer Lifeguards) - 2018

The next new ident in the Oneness series appeared in early August 2018, this time featuring volunteer lifeguards on a beach in Exmouth. One of two variations for this one.

BBC One (Volunteer Lifeguards) - 2018

The second version of the Volunteer Lifeguards ident had it's first airing a few hours after the first, in the dead hours of the night on August 7th. Featuring far fewer surfboards this time around. An airing of the ident from later the same morning features here.

BBC One (Volunteer Lifeguards Sting) - 2018

One of the shorter length stings based upon the Volunteer Lifeguards.

BBC One (Steel Pan Band) - 2018

Already launched at different times in the nations, Steel Pan Band first aired on network in a quiet 11am junction on Monday 13th August 2018. A band from Plymouth actually provide some music for a Oneness ident for a change, although it's usually abruptly cut short by the announcement.

BBC One (Threetime) - 2019

To soften the blow of a return to the shorter pre-2016 length of their 10 O'Clock News, the BBC decided to air BBC Three programming on BBC One in a late night slot Monday-Wednesday. To mark this, a new 'Threetime' ident was introduced for the strand, showing both BBC One and BBC Three branding together.

BBC One NI (Threetime) - 2019

The Northern Ireland branded variant of the special BBC One/Threetime ident, first aired on March 4th 2019.

BBC One Wales (Threetime) - 2019

The Welsh variant of the BBC One Threetime ident, for the late night youth programming strand on the flagship channel.

BBC One Scotland (Threetime) - 2019

BBC One Scotland initially missed out airing their version of the Threetime ident on the first day in March. But they soon caught up with the other nations and started using their own variant of it.

BBC One (Wedding Guests) - 2019

A special ident was introduced for Comic Relief in March 2019. Featuring the stars of their Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion.

BBC One NI (Wedding Guests) - 2019

The Northern Ireland variant of the BBC One Comic Relief 'Wedding Guests' ident, which appeared in March 2019.

BBC One Scotland (Wedding Guests) - 2019

BBC One Scotland missed premiering the first Wedding Guests ident on the 7th March, having fallen back to the network feed instead. So on the 8th when the other nations were broadcasting the second ident in the series, Scotland instead played catch up and broadcast the missed first one.

BBC One Wales (Wedding Guests) - 2019

BBC One Wales' version 1 of the Wedding Day ident for Comic Relief 2019, featuring the cast of the Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion staring at the camera.

BBC One (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

A second Wedding Guests ident for Comic Relief, first aired in the 9pm junction on March 8th. Very similar in style to the first, just with people stepping forward more.

BBC One NI (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

Northern Ireland also saw a second variant of the Wedding Guests ident premiere in the 9pm junction on March 8th.

BBC One Scotland (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

The second version of the Wedding Guest Comic Relief ident for BBC One Scotland.

BBC One Wales (Wedding Guests 2) - 2019

The Welsh variation on the second Wedding Guests ident, featuring the guests stepping towards the camera.

BBC One (Wedding Guests 3) - 2019

A third variant of the Comic Relief 2019 ident, and this time the assembled group of Wedding Guests add some Red Noses, just in case you weren't sure what event this was marking.

BBC One NI (Wedding Guests 3) - 2019

BBC One Northern Ireland's version of the third special Comic Relief 2019 ident.

BBC One Scotland (Wedding Guests 3) - 2019

BBC One Scotland are back in sync with the rest of the network to show the third Comic Relief ident, once again featuring the assembled guests putting on Red Noses for the occasion.

BBC One (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

A fourth Oneness ident for Comic Relief appeared on March 15th, the day itself. This time featuring a completely different scene and group of people to the Four Weddings and Funeral idents that had made up the rest of the special set.

BBC One NI (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

The fourth Comic Relief ident as premiered on BBC One Northern Ireland on March 15th, featuring Donna and the Dynamos.

BBC One Scotland (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

BBC One Scotland give us their premiere of the fourth Comic Relief ident on March 15th, featuring Donna and the Dynamos.

BBC One Wales (Donna and the Dynamos) - 2019

The Welsh variant of ident 4 for Comic Relief 2019 also appeared on the channel in the morning of March 15th, the fundraising day itself.

BBC One Scotland - 1/4/2019

BBC One Scotland start up the day on April 1st 2019 with some of the wildest comedy imaginable...

BBC One NI (Open For Summer IVC) - 2019

Laurence Lyle takes over the continuity booth for a special link into the 7pm junction on 15th July. Laurence is a comedy character being used to promote The Open coverage on BBC One Northern Ireland.

BBC One NI (Hole In Oneness) - 2019

Following on from his stint in the booth, the next night Laurence Lyle appeared in a special NI ident. Poking some light-hearted fun at the Oneness branding, whilst also promoting more Open coverage on BBC One Northern Ireland.

BBC One NI (Wales Continuity) - 2019

A power failure at BBC One Wales HQ on 16th August resulted in Northern Ireland having to be be drafted in as the disaster recovery site. Whilst they spun up the full playout facilities to allow both stations to be played independently, Northern Ireland's continuity was played out on Wales too with additional references added for viewers. Here an apology for a Wales programme they are not able to show due to the technical issues.

BBC One NI (Wales Continuity) - 2019

The joint DR service from BBC One Northern Ireland on 16th August 2019 results in a rare junction where both Northern Ireland and Wales are namechecked by continuity. This was the last combined junction before the separate Wales-branded playout from NI was brought online.

BBC One (Children in Need Sting) - 2019

After a fairly quiet 2019 for BBC Oneness pres, a new sting appeared in November 2019 in the run up to the Children in Need event.

BBC One (CIN - Hoopers of Hulme) - 2019

Based off the same theme as the sting, at 8pm on 13th November the first airing of a special ident to go alongside that year's Children In Need event appeared. Titled 'Hoopers of Hulme', with all gormless camera stares and mentions of 'Oneness' completely absent.

BBC One NI (CIN - Hoopers of Hulme) - 2019

BBC One Northern Ireland first aired the special 'Hoopers of Hulme' ident for Children In Need into the 8pm junction on Wednesday November 13th, the same as the rest of the BBC One nations.

BBC One Scotland (CIN - Hoopers of Hulme) - 2019

In keeping with the other nations, BBC One Scotland's first airing of the 'Hoopers of Hulme' ident for Children In Need was at 8pm on 13th November 2019. With continuity leaving things a little tight.

BBC One Wales (CIN - Hoopers of Hulme) - 2019

The Welsh variant of the special Children In Need ident 'Hoopers of Hulme', first aired at 8pm on 13th November.



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