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Yellow Pages (French Polishers) - 1989

The most famous advertising campaign for Yellow Pages, the big phone directory of businesses, aired during the 80s. They featured the book coming to the rescue when no-one else could. In this version, a young male needs some French Polishers to save his life after a crazy party at his parent's house. Originally owned by BT before being sold off as a separate company, the UK editions of the Yellow Pages itself were published from 1966 right through until the end of 2018, when the company finally decided to discontinue the ever-shrinking print copy in favour of going entirely online.

Yellow Pages - 1994

A selection of clips from all the past Yellow Pages ads was shown as part of this ad for New Year 1994.

Yellow Pages (Happy New Year) - 1995

Another seasonal advert from Yellow Pages, albeit one not as well remembered as their long-running Christmas campaign. This time wishing customers a Happy New Year instead.

Yellow Pages - Xmas 1997

Originally produced during the 'Good Old Yellow Pages' era in the early 90s, the famous Christmas version of the Yellow Pages advert well outlived any others from the campaign. Reappearing every Christmas without fail well into the 2000s, when only the internet largely killing off the big thick book resulted in the advert becoming increasingly irrelevant.


  • All the companies in the ads - too many to mention all personally

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