Five USA has seen a little more stablity in its lifetime than sister channel Five Life/5*/Insert name this week. Having been initially launched as Five US, the only real changes its seen to the name in that time have been to match the style of naming for the parent Channel 5 (ie either Five or 5), and to add an 'A' to the end at one point. The channel remit has also remained fairly consistent, designed to show the best of Channel 5's American Imports.

Five US (2006-2009)

Five US - Christmas 2008

Five US first introduced this ident for Christmas 2006, and then continued to use it for nearly every christmas afterwards for the next decade, shown here in 2008. Happy Holidays text features alongside a giant Five US logo. Keen to get maximum value out of this, the ident even continued to be used at Christmas right through until 2015 despite the various channel rebrands with just a new FiveUSA or 5USA logo added in and the 'Happy Holidays' text sometimes removed.

Five US (Promo) - Christmas 2008

A cheerful, happy promo for Five US's Nightmare at Christmas, complete with festive lighting on the Five US logo.

5USA (2016-Present)

5USA - 2017

For the 2016 corporate rebrand, a new logo and new idents were introduced to 5USA. Three idents were brought in, all consisting of various scenes from an American location mixed together. The Statue Of Liberty, Police and Train Tracks appear in this one.

5USA - 2017

5USA - 2017

A third ident for 5USA, this time featuring Monument Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge.

5USA (Break) - 2017

Break bumpers consist of different solid colour graphic versions of the 5USA logo. Blue and Purple being used here.

5USA (Promo) - 2017

An example of the promo style on 5USA. Promotions usually feature large text, with the 5USA logo falling on at the end. This particular example also contains an add-on for the My5 ondemand service.

5USA (ECP) - 2017

The End Credit Promotion style for 5USA sees the credits shrunk to the bottom of the screen (with lots of black space left) and a large graphic placed at the top.



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