Dave 2022-Present (Witty Bumpers)

Initially when the 2022 package was launched on Dave, break bumpers were reduced to a small set from the frequently refreshed witty 'text' versions that had gone before.

In late 2023, the witty bumper approach was reintroduced to the channel. Now mixing both images and text, once again in a regularly refreshed rotation. Along with bumpers to mark special occasions.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

From October 2023, Dave began reintroducing their topical break bumpers for more regular occasions, harking back to what had been done in the previous presentation package. Here one of several bumpers for Halloween 2023.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Another Halloween 2023 break bumper, this time focusing on the first people dressing up as ghosts.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Another break bumper/sting from Dave for Halloween 2023, this time running shorter. The length of each is varied based upon how much text needs to be read.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

A pumpkin background is used on this halloween 2023 bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Advice around ghosting from Dave in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

More clever wordplay about in this halloween bumper from Dave.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

Another longer halloween breakbumper from Dave for 2023, this time providing skeleton advice.

Dave (Break - Halloween) - 2023

In this break bumper, Dave helps you spot a witch.

Dave (Break - Cheese) - 2023

A more general break bumper for Dave, introduced from the start of November 2023. This time talking about cheese.

Dave (Break - Banana) - 2023

Continuing the food theme with a banana-based break bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Riveting) - 2023

A witty pun on riveting in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Channel of the Year) - 2023

After the very brief appearance of a plainer 'Channel of the Year' bumper a few months earlier, a cleverer take on this was reintroduced with the new Autumn break bumper collection.

Dave (Break - Bass) - 2023

Use of images in the foreground rather than the background features in this Dave bumper.

Dave (Break - Jokes) - 2023

Lined paper features in a very self-aware bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Help) - 2023

A cry for help in another Dave break bumper from Autumn 2023.

Dave (Break - Running) - 2023

Competitiveness, Dave-style in this bumper.

Dave (Break - Bed) - 2023

Views on beds are made known in another Dave break bumper, introduced from November 2023.

Dave (Break - Accountant) - 2023

Another break bumper from Dave, this time hypothesising if they were an accountant.

Dave (Break - Catfish) - 2023

Dave casually reminding us that even catfish need love sometimes in another 2023 break bumper.

Dave (Break - Ad-Free) - 2023

An Ad-Free space - just the sort of thing to sit nicely between the channel pres and the ads.

Dave (Break - Lobster) - 2023

Someone at Dave needs to get rid of a lobster quickly in this bumper.

Dave (Break - Dentists) - 2023

How many dentists does it take to recommend a TV Channel?

Dave (Break - Money) - 2023

Dave makes an offer that's nearly too good to be true in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Observation) - 2023

Everything is getting a bit meta around the topic of observational comedy.

Dave (Break - Attachment) - 2023

Another more graphical bumper, this time using email attachments as the topic.

Dave (Break - Snacks) - 2023

A fullscreen snack background appears in this break bumper just to remind you you could be getting snacks yourself.

Dave (Break - Tea) - 2023

In case you ever needed a reminder you can put the kettle on during breaks, Dave has you covered. Though I'm not sure I'd ever want a cup of tea that was quite that shade of orange!

Dave (Break - Pong) - 2023

In a bumper harking back to one which had appeared in the previous package too, the Dave logo bounces around the screen like a game of Pong. Also making for a rare bumper from the channel that continues animating throughout the entire sequence.

Dave (Break - Scratch) - 2023

You would have to be above a certain age to remember the shortlived scratch and sniff TV fad of the 90s. But thankfully someone at Dave is clearly of that age!

Dave (Break - Birthday) - 2023

With birthday invision continuity being long gone, there has to be some place a birthday greeting could be fitted in to the modern TV channel.

Dave (Break - Clouds) - 2023

The Dave bumper writers have their heads in the clouds in this one.

Dave (Break - Binge) - 2023

Dave gives their unique take on binge watching in another break bumper introduced from October 2023.

Dave (Break - Danger) - 2023

A very graphic-heavy break bumper from Dave to accurately depict Grave Danger!

Dave (Break - Squirrel) - 2023

A reminder from Dave that no one can avoid being distracted by a squirrel.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 1) - 2023

For Bonfire Night 2023, some special bumpers were added in. These were of a plain textual nature, with no graphics included as had been done for Halloween.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 2) - 2023

Another Bonfire Night bumper, this time talking about the all-female alternative story of the Gunpowder Plot.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 3) - 2023

Observations on fireworks in another special Bonfire Night 2023 break bumper.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 4) - 2023

A helpful PSA from Dave around the importance of not throwing things on bonfires.

Dave (Break - Bonfire 5) - 2023

Another break bumper for Bonfire Night 2023, this time at the shorter run length due to the shorter amount of text present.

Dave (Message 1/12) - Christmas 2023

For Christmas 2023, Dave skipped a new batch of break bumpers and instead introduced festive messages before programmes throughout the month using their 'text' house style slides. These all aired close to 9pm, with a different message featured each day from viewers.

Dave (Message - 2/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave (Message - 3/12) - Christmas 2023

The festive message from Dave for December 3rd. Complete with some reminders of why putting a busy pine needle image on a slow zoom is a challenge for MPEG2 encoders (Dave on satellite was usually fine, but this problem seemed to be much more prevalent on the terrestrial and Dave Ja Vue broadcasts).

Dave (Message - 4/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave (Message - 5/12) - Christmas 2023

On the Fifth Day of December, Dave's generic announcement and textual messaging gave to me...

Dave (Message - 6/12) - Christmas 2023

The Dave festive viewer message for December 6th 2023. With a programme reference thrown in for good measure too (one way of increasing your chances of getting your message used!)

Dave (Message - 7/12) - Christmas 2023

Another festive message from Dave, this time for December 7th.

Dave (Message - 8/12) - Christmas 2023

8 days into December 2023 and 8 messages from Dave viewers so far.

Dave (Message - 9/12) - Christmas 2023

Obligatory disclaimers are included in day 9's Dave Christmas 2023 message.

Dave (Message - 10/12) - Christmas 2023

The Dave festive message from December 10th, broadcast a little later in the day due to how junctions sat on the Sunday.

Dave (Message - 11/12) - Christmas 2023

The 'chat style' previously seen in break bumpers makes an appearance for December 11th's festive message.

Dave (Message - 12/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave (Message - 13/12) - Christmas 2023

Another message from Dave, complete with the same pre-recorded announcement as used the day previous.

Dave (Message - 14/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave (Message - 15/12) - Christmas 2023

What better way to mark December 15th than with a reuse of the 'Welcome to December' announcement from the start of the month?

Dave (Message - 16/12) - Christmas 2023

16 days into December and another Christmas message from Dave.

Dave (Message - 17/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave (Message - 18/12) - Christmas 2023

Another Christmas message from Dave viewers for December 18th 2023.

Dave (Message - 19/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave's festive greeting for December 19th, and the continuity announcements are getting even more repetitive than the different descriptions I'm managing to come up with for the clips on here.

Dave (Message - 20/12) - Christmas 2023

December 20th, and another greeting from a Dave viewer as we near Christmas now.

Dave (Message - 21/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave presents their daily night time festive message for December 21st.

Dave (Message - 22/12) - Christmas 2023

Dave (Message - 23/12) - Christmas 2023

Nearly at the end with day 23 of the festive calendar for Dave

Dave (Message - 24/12) - Christmas 2023

Reaching Christmas Eve and another advent calendar message from Dave.

Dave (Message - 25/12) - Christmas 2023

The non-decoration date argument for Christmas - do you end your advent calendar on December 24th or December 25th? Dave decided to go with the 25th, and put out one final message in the 9pm junction on Christmas Day 2023. Well it's a way to guarantee at least one primetime Christmas Day viewer!

Dave (Break - Loading) - 2024

After taking a break throughout December and January, a fresh batch of 'witty' break bumpers appeared on Dave from February 2024. Here a progress indicator shows 2024 loading.

Dave (Break - See it, Say it) - 2024

Everyone's favourite overused train phrase features in this Dave bumper from the February 2024 batch.

Dave (Break - Valentines) - 2024

Dave reminds us of how February-specific some of the new batch of bumpers are with a Valentine's Day themed bumper. This was used from the very start of February.

Dave (Break - Spandau Ballet) - 2024

Another February-specific bumper from Dave, this time referencing popular music.

Dave (Break - Bingo) - 2024

Dave (Break - Heckling) - 2024

Another 2024 break bumper, this time using heckling as the subject.

Dave (Break - Tuesday) - 2024

References to February again in this break bumper from Dave.

Dave (Break - Space Invaders) - 2024

Games have advanced somewhat from Pong to reference Space Invaders now in this February 2024 break bumper from Dave. This break bumper only appeared to be used for a single day at the start of the month before being dropped again.

Dave (Break - Insults) - 2024

A collection of 80s insults feature in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Room) - 2024

Another Dave break bumper asking if the other channels are in the room with us now. One of the few from the February 2024 batch to not use a plain colour background.

Dave (Break - Mor) - 2024

Another new bumper added in February 2024 on Dave.

Dave (Break - Chatter) - 2024

Just some indistinct background chatter on this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Out of Office) - 2024

An Out of Office autoresponder is the theme for this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Band) - 2024

Another bumper to actually reference the month of February, this time based off band name puns.

Dave (Break - Pancake 1) - 2024

Special breakbumpers were added to Dave for Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) on February 13th 2024, interspersed with others from the February batch.

Dave (Break - Pancake 2) - 2024

Another special Dave break bumper for Pancake Day 2024.

Dave (Break - Valentines 1) - 2024

The very next day in February saw further special break bumpers for Dave to mark Valentine's Day.

Dave (Break - Valentines 2) - 2024

A second Valentine's Day break bumper from Dave for February 2024.

Dave (Break - Rollercoaster) - 2024

Another new batch of witty bumpers were introduced in March 2024. Referencing rollercoasters first.

Dave (Break - Subliminal) - 2024

No subliminal messages in break bumpers from Dave here.

Dave (Break - Hug) - 2024

Because sometimes even the TV needs a hug!

Dave (Break - Scripted) - 2024

Dave talks about things being scripted in this March break bumper.

Dave (Break - Elements HeHe) - 2024

One of two bumpers based upon elements of the periodic table for Dave.

Dave (Break - Elements SArCaSm) - 2024

The second element-based break bumper introduced in March 2024.

Dave (Break - Dreams) - 2024

Motivational talk about dreams in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Drill) - 2024

A rare bumper to use an image from the March 2024 batch.

Dave (Break - You've Got This) - 2024

Dave talk about things you have and haven't got in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - No Jokes) - 2024

Dave come up with clever warnings to try and prevent people stealing jokes in the middle of the night. Clearly they don't realise the Youtuber-generation would just call them 'Found Jokes' and steal them anyway!

Dave (Break - Serious Career) - 2024

Dispelling myths that joke writing is not a real job in this bumper.

Dave (Break - Facial Recognition) - 2024

A more animated break bumper with sound from Dave for March 2024, to mimic a facial recognition scan.

Dave (Break - British) - 2024

A thirteenth March break bumper detailing "How To Be British", courtesy of Dave.

Dave (Break - Horses) - 2024

April 2024 brought another fresh batch of witty break bumpers for Dave. Here a pun around horses.

Dave (Break - Anagram) - 2024

Some more clever wordplay from Dave in this April 2024 bumper.

Dave (Break - Laugh) - 2024

Passing comment about how we'll all laugh about this one day in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Bob Mortimer) - 2024

A break bumper to show appreciation for comedy legend Bob Mortimer. Though admittedly, it could have repurposed for anyone really.

Dave (Break - Not a Break Start) - 2024

Normally the Dave witty break bumpers will appear at only one side of an advert break, with the other side still using a regular channel bumper. However ever ones for mixing things up, with the April 2024 batch a break bumper designed to appear in two parts at either side of the same break appeared. In the first part going into the break we're told 'This is Not An Ad Break'...

Dave (Break - Not a Break End) - 2024

This is shortly followed by a second part bumper at the end of the break, which apologises for the fact it was a break.

Dave (Break - Age) - 2024

A casual reminder around aging in this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Pie Chart) - 2024

Using simple pie charts to put across important information in this break bumper.

Dave (Break - Dog Lie) - 2024

One of the regular dog break bumpers is repurposed for this witty version in April, just now with a different caption overlaid.

Dave (Break - Chicken) - 2024

For this break bumper, Dave invites everyone to play a very different game of chicken.

Dave (Break - Drama) - 2024

Some mixing of channel brands is used in this Dave break bumper, just to make sure you're all paying attention.



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