Dave Lister 2009

Following on the back of the successful repeat showings of Red Dwarf on Dave, UKTV took the bold decision to commission a series of new specials in 2009. Being the first episodes of Red Dwarf into production for 10 years following many years of development hell for the series, it was needless to say a heavily promoted big event for such a relatively small channel. To mark the weekend of the first broadcast, Dave produced a specially themed 'Dave Lister' set of branding and idents, with stars of the show providing snippets of invision continuity.

Dave Lister (Craig Charles) - 2009

Here Craig Charles (Lister) introduces the first of the new episodes.

Dave Lister (Craig Charles v2) - 2009

Craig Charles again to introduce a classic episode from Red Dwarf, on the first night of the Easter weekend.

Dave Lister (Craig Charles v3) - 2009

Another classic episode, and some more continuity to accompany it.

Dave Lister (Craig Charles v4) - 2009

From the first night, Craig Charles appears one last time for the day with an intro to another classic episode.

Dave Lister (Chris Barrie) - 2009

The second night, and Chris Barrie (Rimmer) takes over the announcing chair to introduce a repeat of the Smeg Ups collection.

Dave Lister (Chris Barrie v2) - 2009

Rimmer takes us all into another classic episode.

Dave Lister (Chris Barrie v3) - 2009

Rimmer rounds off a second night of idents on the Dave Lister channel.

Dave Lister (Robert Llewellyn) - 2009

Kryten takes over continuity on the third night of the Easter weekend, introducing the final part of the Back to Earth trilogy.

Dave Lister (Robert Llewellyn v2) - 2009

And now Kryten brings us into a special making-of documentary for the new specials.

Dave Lister (Robert Llewellyn v3) - 2009

Introducing us into a classic episode, Robert pops up again, in full makeup.

Dave Lister (Robert Llewellyn v4) - 2009

And the final appearance from Kryten for the Sunday, introducing us to another classic episode.

Dave Lister (Danny John Jules) - 2009

Day 4 of the specials brings a repeat of all 3 parts... and some brand new continuity, this time presented by Cat (Danny John Jules).

Dave Lister (Danny John Jules v2) - 2009

Part II of Back to Earth (again), and up pops Cat again.

Dave Lister (Danny John Jules v3) - 2009

Cat attempts to count to 3 in order to introduce part III.

Dave Lister (Danny John Jules v4) - 2009

The last of the special continuity, and Cat introduces the making of documentary once more

Dave Lister (Promo/Menu)- 2009

An example of some Red Dwarf themed promos/menus from the channel... looking like they were possibly put together during someone's tea break, but then there is a recession going on...

Red Dwarf - 2009

After a 10 year hiatus, in which there were several aborted attempts to either start a movie, or produce a series 9, UKTV commissioned a series of one-off specials entitled Back to Earth, reuniting the cast of Red Dwarf for their first new adventures in a considerably long time. Still on a low budget, but now filmed in widescreen, and HD. Whilst the one of show was met with mixed reviews, the overall success of this led to the commissioning of a complete 10th series by Dave.



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