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Daewoo - 1996

Car maker of the time Daewoo use sharks swimming through the streets to promote their vehicle showrooms as not filled with salesmen on commission, allowing you to pop in and out in peace. After growing their car business in the UK throughout the 80s and 90s, Daewoo ran into financial difficulties and sold the car division to General Motors in 2001. Over the years that followed the brand was phased out completely.

Daily Star - 1993

A 1993 ad for Daily Star, advertising it as a paper for those who like to think for themselves.

Dairylea - 1993

Forget worrying about lowering the minimum wage age - Kids will do anything just for the great taste of Dairylea!

Danish Bacon - 1988

1988, and what about a little bit of light gambling about whether you're really getting Danish Bacon, just to get you in the mood.

Danish Bacon - 1993

Peter Sallis features in one of his less famous voice acting roles - promoting Danish Bacon.

Danepak - 1996

One of a series of adverts for Danepak Bacon used in the mid-nineties, where the delicious smell of bacon causes a nose to take on a life of its own.

Danish Bacon - 1999

A throwback to the ever-famous scene from The Shining to promote Danish Bacon at the end of the 90s. One of a series of similar campaigns of this era, although less controversial than their Exorcist-based advert.

Daz - 1994

Danny Baker joins forces with a small child as he continues his search for even whiter whites. Part of a long running stint advertising the washing powder brand.

Daz - 1995

Ah the cheesy days of the past, its the famous Daz Doorstep Challenge.

Debenhams - Christmas 1992

Delta - 1996

Mel Smith helps Visa promote their 'Delta' card brand in the UK in 1996.

Del Monte - 1990

What does The Man From Del Monte say? Take a look in 1990.

Diamond White - 1991

A 1990 ad for Diamond White, in which things are not quite what they seem...

Diet Coke - 1992

A jolly little number from Coke from the early 90s! Clever editing together of footage creates a party full of the famous from throughout the ages.

Diet Coke - 1995

One of the most famous Diet Coke adverts from 1995. A group of women take a 'Diet Coke Break' every day at 11.30 so that they can watch a workman remove his shirt.

Diet Coke - 1997

1997, and the 'Just For The Taste of It' tagline returns to become the main focus of the song to promote Diet Coke once more.

Digital Equipment Corporation - 1996

Early visions of what the still unknown internet could become from 1996. Digital was then the trademark of the large Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), who would only continue through until 1998 before merging with Compaq. Ultimately ending up as part of HP when Compaq also fell into difficulty in the early 2000s.

Dime Bar - 1994

One of several adverts for Dime Bar from the mid-90s featuring comedian Harry Enfield interview members of the public about their love for Dime Bars, then the name used in the UK. The Dime Bar was renamed as Daim in 2005 to match international naming.

Dime Bar - 1995

Who doesn't like Armadillos? Harry Enfield stars in his probably best remembered advert for Dime Bars.

Do It All - 1992

Richard Wilson provides the voiceover this time around for the now defunct DIY chain Do It All.

Domestos - 1987

A late 80s Domestos ad set to the song 'Big Bad John'. The sheriff, in the form of a bottle of Domestos, patrols the toilet protecting people from all known germs. Apologies for the soft sound quality on this clip.

Domestos - 1990

Big Bad Dom sees a return to screens in 1990. Once again set to 'Big Bad John', but this time coming with a fresh new scent!

Domestos - 1990

Domestos seeing just how many 'Big Dom' adverts they can milk out of the theme with another variant from 1990.

Doritos - 1995

Halfway through Doritos and Chill and he gives you that look anyone? A dippy couple attempt to sex up the well known snack in the mid 90s.

Double Cream - 1986

It's the 80s, so who wouldn't want to have a giant tub of Double Cream flirting with them?

Double Decker - 1991

Mixing different shots together in splitscreen to advertise the Cadbury's Double Decker bar in 1990. Set to the notes from Love and Marriage.

Double Decker - 1991

The Cod Father and a Flamingo Dancer are among more items appearing in another set of Fascinating Combinations to advertise Double Decker. Once again set to Love and Marriage, the airing here dates from October 1990, before the Cadbury triangle was added to the top left of all their advert endboards.

Drifter - 1992

Talking in trendy speak in this ad, complete with normal English subtitles underneath.

Drifter - 1993

Following the same style, another subtitled advert for Drifter from 1993. This time featuring a pair of surfers.

Drink Drive - 1993

A hard hitting campaign for Drink Driving from the 90s, set to In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry.

Dulux - 1983

A watercolour depiction of the famous dog, among other scenes, features. All to promote the vast array of shades of white available from Dulux in 1983.

Dulux - 1991

A man, probably feeling like he was 'taking back control', paints the walls of his house to the patriotic notes of I Vow To Thee, My Country. While the Dulux dog lends an occasional helpful paw.

Dulux - 1992

An advert for Dulux in 1992, with the famous dog interspersed again! This time round showing how a coat of paint can change the mood of almost anything!

Dulux - 2001

A much more recent, and certainly more hilarious advert for Dulux from 2001, with some plasterceine figures. (And yes the dog is still around, albeit no doubt a different actor!)


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