TTTV Break Bumpers

Over the years Tyne Tees has often had some little idents which go at the start of Ad-Breaks. Providing a break between the programme and the advert, they were always silent, lasted only a second, and tended to be based around the main channel ident of the time to help enforce that extra bit of brand recognition for the station. Here are just some of them over the years.

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - 1990

This break-bumper first appeared in the 1970's. Bizzarely it was re-introduced during the generic ITV period. (Thanks to Jase for mentioning that - it certainly gave me a good laugh!!)

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - 1991

When the first ITV generic look was dropped by the station in 1991, Tyne Tees finally introduced a nice computer-generated bumper, using a 'spotlight' effect.

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - 1992

At first, when TTTV changed the last few frames of their ident, altering the background, the bumper above was still used. However, they soon introduced this bumper to match the ident.

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - Christmas 1992

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - 1993

When the modern 'chunky' lettering was introduced in October 1992, the break-bumper was changed to match. The way it is formed, however, is very similar to the one above.

Channel 3 NE Break Bumper - 1997

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - 1998

The break-bumper for the hastily reintroduced TTTV Ident in 1998.

Tyne Tees Break Bumper - 1998 V2

An alternative version of the above bumper. This time only the outline of the lettering is seen. Apologies for the quality of this clip!

ITV Break Bumper - 2000

In 1999, the ITV-branded bumpers appeared, several months before the Generic idents. At first on TTTV there was only the splash version(The one below!), however they later introduced the full set of heart-Bumpers provided by ITV.(alternating them on different days!). This example is just one of them!

ITV1 Break Bumper - 2001

As with most of the ITV stuff, when ITV changed its name to ITV1 in August 2001, there was only a slight change to the Break Bumpers.

ITV1 Break Bumper - 2002

The new break bumper for ITV1 (No more Tyne Tees even on the idents now) from October 2002.

ITV1 Break Bumper - November 2004

One of the new break bumpers from 2004, based on the limited selection of idents that were introduced in November of that year.



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