ITV1 2004-2006

To coincide with the launch of ITV's newest channel, ITV3, the presentation package for ITV1 was also refreshed once more on November 1st 2004. Out went the celebrities, to be replaced by a more traditional computer rendered look. A new ITV1 logo was also introduced, featuring splitting up of 'itv' into blocks (well, the BBC do it you know), as well as a much more prominent '1'. From this date, all ITV plc productions were also credited to Granada - a shortlived production branding experiment before replacing the whole thing with ITV Productions a few years later.

In April 2005, just to undermine all the work made on the ITV1 brand over the past 2 years, the main ITV1 package was dropped during daytime hours in favour of calling the channel 'ITV Day'.

ITV1 (2004-2006) - Main

ITV1 Clouds - First New Ident Nov 2004

The first aired ident of a brand new look... and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was just any other day.

ITV1 Ribbons - November 2004

A sort of ribbon effect can be seen in the background of this ident.

ITV1 Clouds - November 2004

Reminiscent of one of the idents from the first ITV1 network look in 2002, this ident features clouds in the background.

ITV1 (Promo) - November 2004

An example of the updated trailer style after the 2004 rebrand for ITV1. Not all that much has changed, apart from the endboard.

ITV1 Next - November 2004

A clouds version of the next slide.

ITV1 Clouds Menu - November 2004

Following the examples of channel 4 and 5 perhaps, the ident into some programs features a menu rundown instead.

ITV1 Break Bumper - November 2004

One of the new break bumpers, based on the limited selection of idents.

ITV1 TTTV Promo - November 2004

Promotion of regional programmes changed little initially, apart from the addition of the new endcap. Tyne Tees still say 'Tyne Tees' over the promo, though the use of the region name over ITV1 varies from region to region. Over time this gradually phased to ITV1 (before the promos were ditched completely).

ITV1 Ribbons Long - November 2004

A longer version of the first ident on this page.

ITV1 Clouds - November 2004

Clouds again, this time in widescreen (with better sound).

ITV1 ECP - November 2004

The new ECP style. An exciting plain blue background replaces what we had before.

Granada Productions - November 2004

From November 1st, all ITV plc programmes were initially branded as Granada (but it wasn't a Granada takeover, honest). A nice endcap, and an unusual break for ITV in that it's animated for the first time in over a decade.

ITV1 Primetime - November 2004

Finally at 7pm the pres package comes into full use... and well, it's more adverts of course. Now clips of upcoming programs are shown in the ident as well as the ECP. There can't be many more places left for them to squeeze them. ;)

ITV1 Maya's Mad Monday - 2004

Not long after launch, and they're already introducing idents reminiscent of the previous look (ie Personality onscreen, horizontal logo at the bottom). Was it possibly designed for the old look? The ident itself was used throughout an evening to promote a series of sensational (and expensive, hence the heavy promoting) episodes for the soap Coronation Street, where scorned lover Maya firebombed a series of shops.

ITV1 Maya's Mad Monday (Short) - 2004

Shorter version of the Maya Corrie ident from 2004.

ITV1 Maya's Mad Monday (Breakbumper) - 2004

Even a break bumper, unusual in that it actually has accompanying audio. Thanks to Ashley for this one as well.

ITV1 - Christmas 2004

The following month, and the whole package changes to become more festive. The main Christmas 2004 theme for the channel centred on 4 characters replacing the standard 4 boxes. Whilst featuring heavily in promos, they are almost indistinguishable in the ident due to their tiny size. The background of the ident has also been replaced with an icy effect, and a festive jingle added. This is the short version of the ident.

ITV1 Break - Christmas 2004

The Christmas break bumper.

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2004

An example of the festive promo style for Christmas 2004. The first in the post-celeb era for ITV1, and instead of celebrities you have a small bunch of animated characters in the ITV1 colours.

ITV1 - Boat Race 2005

For a channel known for its heavy love of everything celebrity, 2005 saw an unusual special ident for ITV1 in order to mark the first time the University Boatrace was covered on ITV.

ITV1 - Boat Race Break 2005

A break bumper accompanying the boatrace ident.

ITV1 (Celeb Love Island) - 2005

The first incarnation of Love Island appeared on ITV1 in 2005. Under the name 'Celebrity Love Island' back then and airing on ITV1, it was subject to a huge build up publicity campaign. Here a special ident used a few days beforehand just to remind you of when it starts, incase you'd missed all the other promotion. Despite the hype, the initial incarnation of the show was a flop for ITV, although proved much more successful when revived for ITV2 over a decade later.

ITV Day (2005-2006)

ITV Day Aerobics - 2005

What better way to strengthen that 'ITV1' brand you've spent the last few years drumming into people their 3rd button is called, as having different names in regions was apparently weak in a multichannel market, than to go and try and persuade everyone the channel is now called ITV Day between the hours of 9.25 and 5pm? In this ident, a group of women feature doing aerobics. About as stereotypical a view of women as the company's Men and Motors channel's view of men perhaps, but a nice warm and bright ident anyway.

ITV Day Ribbons - 2005

A yellow 'generic' version of the primetime ribbon ident, used for introducing the news.

ITV Day Break Bumper - 2005

The ITV Day breakbumper based upon the yellow ribbons.

ITV Day ECP - 2005

A slightly different ECP in use during the daytime, telling us what's coming up next, then and later!

ITV Day Menu - 2005

Similar to the evening branding, some of the junctions in the day use idents with a menu for upcoming programmes overlaid.

ITV50 (September 2005)

ITV50 Promo (Party) - September 2005

ITV as a network celebrated 50 years of broadcasting in September 2005, even though it wasn't on air in many regions for a few more years after 1955. This elaborate promotion started running in the weeks leading up to the celebrations, featuring stars of ITV past and present mixed together via almost seemless video editing (Leonard Rossiter being one iffy exception at the end) in a glitzy ballroom setting.

ITV50 Ident (Blue Long) - September 2005

This is the long blue version of the ident.

ITV50 Ident (Blue Short) - September 2005

A shorter variant of the Blue birthday ident.

ITV50 Ident (Yellow Long) - September 2005

Shortly afterwards, the full presentation started to air, with two new main idents used throughout. The style of these didn't match the ITV1 package in use at the time, but rather resembled the previous October 2003-November 2004 look. Perhaps they'd been designed sometime earlier, who can say. The Yellow variant of the ITV50 ident, long version.

ITV50 Break Bumper (Blue) - September 2005

In the same style as above, the break bumper for the package.

ITV50 (Promo) - September 2005

A special ITV50 branded trailer, used as part of ITV's 50th anniversary celebrations. Similar to the ident, the trailer style looked like it had been designed during the earlier celeb look, departing from the separated ITV logo that had been introduced in 2004.



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