Christmas Box 2006


BBC One - Christmas 2006

The first year under the new 'circles' look introduced in late 2006 brought a brand new festive ident to the screens, with an oversized novelty snowball at the heart of it.

BBC One Promo - Christmas 2006

The promo style for BBC1's Christmas 2006 package. Whilst updated to the current channel design, the sparkles and endboard were broadly similar to the festive decoration that had been used for the previous presentation package.

BBC Two - Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 on BBC2 didn't bring any particular surprises. A rehash of the 2005 package was brought back out, although given the channel was already expected to rebrand early in 2007 this was understandable.

ITV1 Menu - Christmas 2006

No festive idents appeared on ITV1, probably due to the fact the channel had only relaunched their main idents a few weeks prior. In a hark back to their token 2002/2003 efforts however, some little star effects were added to the trailers and menu. An example of the menu style here.

ITV1 Promo - Christmas 2006

And an example of the 'festive' trailer style, though promoting a rather interesting programme here...

Challenge Anneka - Christmas 2006

In Christmas 2006, after a break of over 10 years, Anneka Rice finally reprised her role in a shortlive revival of her popular 90s programme Challenge Anneka. New technology and new graphics, but the same classic music remained - oh and a move from BBC1 to ITV.

five - Christmas 2006

Channel 5's Christmas offering from 2006, and an attempt to get people to donate money in an ident. Obviously someone missed the whole point that people tend to respond better to such messages when they have a reason 'why' it's there rather than just tacked on the bottom, but at least they made the effort. It also saw the return of the word 'five' to an ident, the channel name having been subtly absent on some very recent idents.