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The BBC launched their UK rolling news channel, shortly before the advent of Digital, although it was planned primarily as a Digital channel. Initially launched in 1999 as BBC News 24, it was later renamed as the somewhat more mundane 'BBC News Channel' (although the word channel rarely appears on air). The channel often appears on the main terrestrial channels as filler material in late hours, or even as mainstream material during breaking news. Over the years the look of the channel has closely followed that of BBC World, their slightly older counterpart news channel for an international audience. At launch, both channels had a look very distinct from the news on the rest of the BBC, however from late 1999 onwards they have all followed a very similar corporate look.

BBC News 24 (10/1999-9/12/2003)

BBC News 24 - Main Titles (4:3)

The main titles, used every hour after the headlines on News 24.

BBC News 24 - Main Titles (16:9)

The opening titles, as they appear in widescreen!

BBC News 24 Countdown 2002

Leading up to the hour, a countdown is used. Sometimes, as in this example, they overlay a menu. The full playout of the countdown lasts 90 seconds, of which we usually saw about 30 or 40.

BBC News 24 Countdown 2002 (Longer Version)

This example is close to the full 90, starting at 75 seconds. It also has no menu overlaid!

BBC News 24 Countdown 2002 (16:9)

Another countdown, this time in widescreen, starting from 32 seconds!

BBC News 24 Promo

To fill in breaks, adverts like this are used. Basically, snippets of the days headlines are used, with the slogan 'Because the news never ends'. Sometimes they can be repeated twice in one break, which is going a bit over the top if you ask me!

BBC News 24 - Breakfast

The titles for the Breakfast programmes on News 24. This is one of those porgrammes that is simulcasted with BBC1!

BBC News 24 Countdown 2003

The January 2003, several new countdown sequences were introduced on News 24. It had the same music, however the visuals now featured that thing that branding people love so much - people! Lots of shots of people, possibly filmed by somebody who just realised how to use time-lapse cameras! This version starts at 35 seconds.

BBC News 24 Countdown 2003 (16:9)

A different version of the countdown, this time starting at 20 seconds, and shown here in Widescreen.

BBC News 24 - Iraq War Titles 2003

For the war in Iraq in March/April 2003, this set of special titles was introduced to News 24.

BBC News 24 (9/12/2003 Onwards)

BBC News 24 Opening - December 2003

After several weeks in a virtual studio (and one pushed back launchdate), BBC News 24 finally unveiled a brand new set and graphics package on the 8th December 2003. This file features the end of one of the new countdowns, building upon the existing style, a run down of the headlines, then into the new opening titles. Whatever the current top headline is, its animated into the opening sequence. In this case, it's the Rugby World Cup celebrations.

BBC News 24 Countdown - December 2003

Another variant of the new countdown sequence, this time starting at 20 seconds.

BBC News 24 Countdown - 2005

2005 dawns, and whilst the title sequence remains unchanged, a new set of countdown sequences are unveiled. Various images from the BBC around the globe are seen whilst red bands fly around, all set to another remix of the music. This clip cuts in at 47 seconds.

BBC News 24 Countdown - 2005

A second variant of the sequence, cutting in at 28 seconds this time.

BBC News 24 Countdown - 2005

And a third variant on the same theme, cutting in at only 19 seconds this time.

BBC News Channel (20th Anniversary) - 9/11/2017

BBC News Channel (Countdown) - 2017

A day like any other - counting down to the start of the broadcast day on the 20th anniversary of the launch of the news channel. Then it's into BBC Breakfast.

BBC News Channel (Birthday Launch) - 1997/2017

At 5.30pm, marking exactly 20 years since the launch of BBC News 24, the BBC News Channel revisits the original launch footage complete with countdown and flags from the very first branding package. Before leading into a retouched studio for the occasion.

BBC News Channel (Birthday Countdown) - 1999/2017

Marking 20 years since the launch of the original BBC News 24 this time with the red countdown from 1999. Or rather a mocked up HD recreation of it which had first appeared on TV Forum a few years earlier, and which the BBC decided to put out on broadcast as part of their celebrations.

BBC News Channel (Birthday Countdown) - 2003/2017

To celebrate 20 years of BBC News 24/BBC News Channel on November 9th 2017, a series of old countdowns from the channel were used into various junctions. Here the 2003 version makes a return, albeit complete with some slight zooming.

BBC News Channel (Birthday Countdown) - 1997/2017

Filling up the top of the hour with one more way of marking their 20th anniversary. A montage of classic program titles plays before going into the original 1997 flags presentation once more.

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