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Kaliber - 1990

Billy Connolly appears in 1990 talking about his ball control. All to promote the alcohol-free lager Kaliber.

Kelloggs - 2000

Kelloggs welcome in the new millennium with a general advert for a bunch of their cereals.

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1991

Celebrating 25 years of KFC in the UK in 1991, with a special offer meal from the Colonel.

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1992

KFC - 2000

An animated rendition of the Colonel is used as part of the UK launch campaign for Popcorn Chicken in 2000, a product which would do very well for the chain.

KFC - 2004

2004 for KFC and we'll let you decide which is sadder. The tragic life story of an unloved bucket, or the fact there's a tie in with Blockbuster rental stores still at this point.

Kia Ora - 1987

In a follow up to their original animated ad from earlier in the 80s, we all still adore a Kia Ora... albeit now you don't even need water!

Kitekat - 1993

Smith and Jones as you've (probably) never seen them before.

Kitekat - 1998

Think 'Men Behaving Badly' for this Kitekat advert from 1998.

Kit Kat - 1986

A humourous ad for KitKat in 1986. The Cold War was coming to an end yet little progress was being made. This ad combines that along with the fact that politicians are generally pointless and stubborn.

Kit Kat - 1994

Two people finding the ideal time to have another break with KitKat here as we can all enjoy reliving the giant mobile phones still in use by the mid-90s.

Kit Kat (Burger King) - 1994

Another Kit Kat advert, promoting an unlikely teamup between Kit Kat and Burger King in 1994.

Kit Kat - 1997

Elvis isn't dead. He's hiding away somewhere eating Kitkats!

KP Honey Roasted Nuts - 1987

If you were at any risk of forgetting its the 80s here, garish graphics and music are here to remind you in an ad for KP nuts.

Kronenbourg 1664 - 2000

The vital lesson on show here in 2000 is that Kronenbourg 1664 can cause fatal accidents, so should be concealed from public view.


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