Channel 4 (It's a Sin - 2021)

To mark the launch of their new miniseries on January 22nd 2021, Channel 4 decided to throw back their presentation on the channel with an '80s Takeover Day'. Updating idents, trailers, break bumpers and more to recreate the era.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 1) - 2021

On January 22nd 2021, Channel 4 decided to throw back the channel presentation for the whole day to the 80s to build up to the start of their new series 'It's a Sin'. With a collection of old pres, featuring many idents made up from repurposed trailer graphics, as well as recreations of other elements to look like the style of the era put out across the channel all day. The first ident for the day aired at 5.50am on January 22nd rather appropriately into Countdown (their first show back in 1982). With them choosing not to just start with the usual Fourscore blocks, it already showed this was going to be a bit of a special day.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 2) - 2021

Here the traditional Fourscore coloured blocks feature, although unlike other appearances in recent times the ident has been updated to no longer appear completely static after forming with subtle zooming and lighting.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 3) - 2021

Another special ident from Channel 4 to mark 'It's a Sin', throwing back to the 80s.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 4) - 2021

In the third 80s throwback ident for Channel 4 to mark 'It's a Sin' a computer rendered head comes out of the TV screen.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 5) - 2021

The fifth 80s themed ident to air on 22nd January featured rain falling on the 4 blocks.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 6) - 2021

Ident 6 from Channel 4's throwback to the 80s on January 22nd 2021 to promote 'It's a Sin' features a swimming diving into a giant 4-blocks pool.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Ident 7) - 2021

Things are looking about as 80s as they come in the seventh special Channel 4 ident from January 22nd 2021.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Promo) - 2021

The promo for the 'It's a Sin' programme itself sees an 80s makeover, complete with 4:3 aspect ratio, some slightly overdone VHS effects and fuzzy audio.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Break) - 2021

The usual break bumper blocks for Channel 4 see a small refresh, bringing in the full colours of their original 80s logo.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Clock) - 2021

The special presentation into programmes on January 22nd didn't end with just idents. For news shows, recreated clocks had also been put together, just to create that authentic 80s feeling.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Clock 2) - 2021

A second outing for the recreated 80s style clock for Channel 4 was aired into the 7pm news junction on January 22nd 2021.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - Menu) - 2021

A special 80s themed menu for the evening's programming on Channel 4, once again highlighting the centrepiece 'It's a Sin' at 9pm that day.

Channel 4 (It's a Sin - ECP) - 2021

Whilst not quite the drastic 80s makeover that the rest of the presentation for the channel had seen that day, the ECP saw a small update on January 22nd. Combining the modern day ECP style with their coloured blocks logo from 1982.



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