Really launched in 2009 with its remit being more life-focused programming. Featuring documentaries about real life people and paranormal programming, it took over a lot of the non-home programming from the previous UKTV Style channel. Initially the channel branding was styled in a pop-art style with a circular logo like other UKTV channels, before changing to the current logo in 2013. The current branding and ident set expanded on this look in 2017, as well as adding the tagline 'Life on TV' to reinforce their position.

Really was spun out from the UKTV network into Discovery ownership in June 2019. This was as part of a split deal between previous joint UKTV owners BBC Studios and Discovery Networks which saw Discovery take on the lifestyle channels from the group.

Really (Eric - Short) - 2017

The 2017 ident package for Really focuses on some 'real life' people, each with their own story. The initial set launched in May 2017 with 4 people. This one features Eric, who survived a lightning strike in 2009. Idents come in both a shorter and longer version, the shorter versions usually being used without continuity during daytime, with the longer versions appearing in the evening. Short version featured here.

Really (Eric - Long) - 2017

The longer version of the Eric ident, with a slower formup and continuity included.

Really (Justice - Short) - 2017

Featured in the short version of this ident is Justice, who turned her life around after being arrested at 21 in order to help young people.

Really (Justice - Long) - 2017

Justice featured again, this time in the longer version of her ident with continuity included.

Really (Charlee - Short) - 2017

Short version of the ident for Charlee, one of only 300 female firefighters in the UK.

Really (Promo) - 2017

A programme promotion for the Really channel, following the 'framed' graphic style.

Really (ECP) - 2017

An example of the ECP style, branded up for Really.

Really (Break - UKTV) - 2017

Keeping in style with their other channels, a UKTV Network branded version of the break bumper exists, with the focussed channel starting on Really this time.

Really (Original Production) - 2017

New productions for UKTV channels begin with a brief slide using the teal UKTV Network style and mentioning the particular channel involved. A version leading into a new programme for Really here.

Really (James - Long) - 2017

Additional Really idents were added to the set on Monday 28th August 2017. Long version featured here with James, a police officer.

Really (Colin - Long) - 2017

Another one introduced in August, this time featuring Colin, a detective. Long version here.

Really (Adrian - Long) - 2017

Another one added in the August update, this time featuring Adrian and used for paranormal programming on the channel. Finishing with hints of green on the endboard.

Really (Kimberley - Long) - 2017

Kimberley, a blind artist with her guide dog feature in this ident from Really.

Really (Roger - Long) - 2017

Roger, a crime victim situated by some pylons features in this long Really ident, finishing with a red endboard. Added in August 2017.

Really (Roulette) - Halloween 2018

Special presentation was introduced to Really for Halloween 2018, marking '13 Nights of Frights' with a series of idents and trailers all themed around the number 13. In this one, a roulette wheel features, before falling back to a fullscreen Really logo complete with video glitching.

Really (Computer) - Halloween 2018

Another ident for Halloween 2018 on Really. This time a computer on a desk starts displaying the number 13 on screen.

Really (13 Nights Promo) - Halloween 2018

A special promo for the '13 Nights of Frights' season on Really, marking some of the shows that would be airing around Halloween.

Really (Bumper - Smartphone) - Halloween 2018

Although only 2 idents existed as part of the season, a much wider set of 13 bumpers to use around breaks were also produced. Each one again featuring the number 13. In this one, a smartphone displays a calendar full of 13s.

Really (Bumper - Birthday Candles) - Halloween 2018

Birthday Candles make up the 13 for this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Spiderweb) - Halloween 2018

The 13 is made up from a spiderweb in this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Darkroom) - Halloween 2018

The number 13 appears on developing photos in a photography darkroom for this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Condensation) - Halloween 2018

Another Halloween themed break bumper for Really, this time with the 13 made up from condensation on glass.

Really (Bumper - Arrival Board) - Halloween 2018

An airport arrivals board suddenly clears to reveal lots of the number 13 for this bumper.

Really (Bumper - Roulette) - Halloween 2018

The roulette wheel featured in one of the two themed idents for Really also appears in a break bumper here, with the ball sitting on number 13.

Really (Bumper - CCTV) - Halloween 2018

A bank of CCTV monitors suddenly start displaying the number 13 in this break bumper.

Really (Bumper - Piccadilly Circus) - Halloween 2018

The displays at Piccadilly Circus all start showing the number 13 for this Really Halloween bumper.

Really (Bumper - Computer) - Halloween 2018

A computer starts displaying the number 13 in this break bumper, the second of only two special bumpers to also have an ident produced for the season.

Really (Bumper - Microwave) - Halloween 2018

For this Really Halloween break bumper, a microwave counts down before stopping on 13 seconds.

Really (Bumper - Cubicles) - Halloween 2018

For this Really bumper all the computers across a bank of office cubicles suddenly start displaying the number 13.

Really (Bumper - Lift) - Halloween 2018

The thirteenth and final break bumper in the series for Halloween 2018 on Really features a lift display indicating it's on the 13th floor.

Really (13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Really's 13 Nights of Frights season returned in 2019 despite the change in owners since the previous year. Complete with new presentation to match. Idents feature a collection of clips cut together, most of them showing paranormal interference.

Really (13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Another special 13 Nights of Frights ident from Really used in the runup to Halloween 2019. Similar in style to the previous ident, and ending the same, just with some different shots used during the build up.

Really (13 Nights of Frights Promo) - Halloween 2019

A 13 Nights of Frights branded promo for Really, using the same music and meter footage from the idents themselves. Here the channel promotes a Live Paranormal Investigation event on their Facebook page.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

A selection of break bumpers were once again put together for Really's '13 Nights of Frights' around Halloween 2019. This time featuring footage of the various scopes and meters that had appeared in the special ident, albeit with no actual channel logo present.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

A second '13 Nights' breakbumper for Really, this time featuring a radio.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

An EMF Sensor features in another special '13 Nights' breakbumper for Really.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Another electronic meter in another special break bumper for Really.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

The analogue meter from the end of the special Really idents and promos features in this break bumper. A little different to the others in that it lacks both the music and overlaid yellow text promoting the season.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Yet another meter (or 'spirit box') for another special '13 Nights' break bumper on Really, for Halloween 2019.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Another break bumper from Really's '13 Nights of Frights' season. Possibly being sponsored by the Smart Meter people...

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

More analogue meters feature in this special Really break bumper.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

The radio monitor features in another Really break bumper, just from a slightly different angle and showing a different temperature.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Reminding you that pretty much everything they could find that looked like a meter got turned into a bumper with another Really '13 Nights of Frights' break bumper.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

A thermal imaging camera appears in this special Really break bumper, just to give something a little different to 'yet another meter'.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

A scope measuring white noise (or so the label says) appears in this Really break bumper.

Really (Break - 13 Nights of Frights) - Halloween 2019

Another Really break bumper, possibly featuring a rejected Doctor Who prop...

Really (Rescue) - 2019

After the Discovery takeover of Really, playout initially continued to be handled to UKTV. This was switched over fully to Discovery's control around 21st November 2019, and at the same time all the people idents on the channel were dropped in favour of a single ident featuring a car window being smashed by rescue services.

Really (Promo) - 2020

Really received the refreshed matching promo style alongside the other Discovery-owned channels in April 2020 as the new owners continued to make their mark, and bring in more focus on their 'D-Play' platform. All other aspects of the channel's branding saw little change.

Really (Haunted) - 2020

After 9 months of their single ident being used into all junctions, another ident for Really appeared around August 2020. This time featuring more of a spooky setting, primarily designed for use into the 'Most Haunted' style shows on the channel, although it can appear anywhere.

Really (Sting - 13 Nights of Frights) - 2020

13 Nights of Frights returned to Really again for Halloween 2020. Whether as a result of the pandemic, or just as a result of Discovery's usual limited interest in pres for the channel, things were scaled back onscreen compared to previous years. Idents and breakbumpers continued in regular form, in the case of idents not even using their appropriate 'haunted' one for most junctions in favour of their normal 'rescue' version. With special presentation being kept to use on trailers and this very rarely used text-based sting,

Really (Promo - 13 Nights of Frights) - 2020

A specially themed '13 Nights of Frights' promo for Really's 2020 Halloween season.

Really (Promo) - Christmas 2020

Festive presentation for 2020 on Really consisted of refreshed trailers using a tag and wrapping paper style - a style which was applied in a similar manner across other Discovery-owned stations. Here a general seasonal promotion for Really, wishing viewers a Merry Christmas at the end.

Really (Promo) - Christmas 2020

A Really promo for Christmas 2020, this time promoting an individual show.

Really (Coast) - 2021

After ringing in the New Year with their old idents, a few hours later on January 1st 2021 a new set of idents were introduced to Really, showing a promising sign of continued investment and love into the channel from Discovery Networks. Each of them features a collection of objects around a theme being attracted to the Really logo. Here, items with a coastal theme are attracted towards a logo sitting on the rocks. Scenes from these would also feature in break bumpers from January 1st.

Really (Handyman) - 2021

In the second ident of the 2021 new look for Really, various tools such as screwdrivers and hardhats are attracted to the logo. Shown here from the first day of airing on January 1st 2021.

Really (Lights) - 2021

Lightbulbs and torches are attracted to the Really logo in their third 2021 ident.

Really (Buttons) - 2021

Buttons, screws and other small objects are attracted to the Really logo this time round.

Really (Break - Coast) - 2021

Each ident from Really's 2021 set came with a matching breakbumper, based on the same footage just without any sound. Here a bumper based on the 'ocean' ident.

Really (Break - Handyman) - 2021

A Really break bumper based on the 'Handyman' ident, from the new 2021 batch for the channel.

Really (Break - Lights) - 2021

Another Really breakbumper, this time using footage from the lighting ident.

Really (Break - Buttons) - 2021

The 2021 break bumper for Really based on the buttons and screws ident.


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