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Horror Channel, usually referred to onscreen as only 'Horror', originally started life in early May 2004. In that initial guise, the life of the channel was shortlived, before being bought by Chellomedia (later AMC Networks). 2009 saw the channel brought under the same joint venture with CBS that would allow the launch of the CBS branded channels. However unlike the others the channel remained free of the CBS name although it has adopted the eye logo at times and branding and presentation follows a similar style to others in the family. The channel was added onto Freeview in 2015.

Although named as Horror, several hours of the channel per day were dedicated to other genres, with early evenings most weeknights and a lot of daytime being reserved for science fiction shows instead, many of these from the vast CBS back catalogue.

After several years of this setup where only post-watershed hours could be used for the Horror content, in June 2022 the decision was taken to rebrand the channel as 'Legend', although little other change was made to the channel's content.

Horror Channel (Pre 2022)

Horror Channel - 2017

Although the CBS name doesn't appear like other channels in the family, Horror had the same 'coloured ink' presentation as the other CBS channels introduced in summer 2017. This time with the ink colour set in red.

Horror Channel - 2018

Similar to the other CBS-branded channels, two versions of the main graphical ident for Horror exist. One with the logo centred, and this second variant with the logo on the left and social media details for the channel listed on the right.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Promo) - 2017

FrightFest is a season of films aired over August on Horror. Designed to show noteworthy horror films, the season usually sees a lot of special presentation from the channel each year. Here features a promo for some of the films from the 2017 season, using visual elements that would also appear on their special season ident.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2017

A special ident for Horror used to lead into films for their FrightFest season in 2017.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - In Vision Continuity) - 2017

An extended link introducing the evening's films in-vision on Horror, to mark the climax of their FrightFest season in 2017.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Ident) - 2018

Despite the channel name, Horror dedicates a block of most of each day's early evening schedule to airing sci-fi shows, with a heavily reliance upon the CBS/Paramount owned Star Trek series. Shows aired during this block are surrounded by special 'Sci-fi Zone' presentation. The main ident for the start of the block features here.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Promo) - 2017

A Horror promo branded up using the 'Sci-fi Zone' presentation style, here promoting 'The Invaders' on the channel.

Horror Channel (Promo) - 2018

An example of the regular trailer style for Horror, using the red ink theming for the endboard. Here promoting the network premiere of Rupture.

Horror Channel (ECP) - 2018

Horror Channel (TV) - 2017

Similar to the approach on the other CBS branded channels, during evening junctions (at least those which don't have the Sci-Fi branding), once the generic 'ink' ident and continuity has played are several filmed idents finishing with the Horror logo. In this one, a television flickers revealing some unnatural goings on.

Horror Channel (Car) - 2018

An abandoned car in the forest appears in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Radio) - 2018

A radio plays in the kitchen, before mysterious lights come on outside in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Mannequins) - 2018

An enclosed space full of mannequins for this Horror ident, although one of them isn't quite like the others.

Horror Channel (Poltergeist) - 2018

For this Horror ident, objects float upwards, controlled by an unnatural force.

Horror Channel (Witness) - 2018

A woman looks through a hole in the wall to witness some shocking things in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Doll) - 2018

The garden of an old house with a doll left there makes up the scene for this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Taps) - 2018

The reflection of some taps can be seen in a blood red bath in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Curtain) - 2018

In this ident for Horror the outline of someone can be seen looming ominously behind a curtain.

Horror Channel (Corridor) - 2018

Shaky camerawork putting Martin Parr to shame, with a scene moving down corridor for this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Woman) - 2018

A woman a little out of the ordinary features in this Horror ident.

Horror Channel (Warning) - 2017

The content warning screen for Horror, used on those occasions where the announcement over the ident isn't already enough.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Promo) - 2018

A promo for the August 2018 season of FrightFest movies on the Horror channel. This time round the theme is doors, and showing the horrors that lie behind them - a theme which would be carried through to the idents during the season.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

Special idents were used to lead into FrightFest movies during the 2018 season on Horror. Following on from the style set in the trailer, each features a door opening to reveal scenes from horror movies

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

The most commonly used FrightFest ident used during the 2018 season, particularly to lead into the second film each evening.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

A mattress doubling up as a door opens to reveal more movie scenes behind in this 2018 FrightFest ident.

Horror Channel (FrightFest - Ident) - 2018

Another door and another FrightFest ident. Advent calendars just aren't what they used to be!

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Ident) - 2018

In September 2018 new presentation was introduced to Horror's Sci-fi Zone section. Replacing the old space battle themed ident, a new opening sequence featuring a futuristic cityscape was introduced, complete with a newly designed circular logo for the strand. No 2-shaped Zoetropes anywhere in sight though!

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Next) - 2018

The updated September 2018 next style for Sci-fi Zone. Various length next stings are used during the Sci-fi Zone segment, with a shorter version to lead directly into the show, or a longer version to show before a break. Each consists of elements of the main opening ident, mixed with footage from the particular show.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Next) - 2018

A shorter next sting, used to lead straight into Star Trek Enterprise here. This time using the wording 'Coming Next' rather than 'Continues Next' and with no voiceover.

Horror Channel (Sci-fi Zone - Promo) - 2018

An example of the updated September 2018 trailer style for the Sci-fi Zone segment on Horror. Featuring the same elements as the ident/stings to top and tail the promos. Here promoting the upcoming UK premiere of 'Under The Dome'.

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Season) - 2018

Horror introduced special idents and break bumpers for Halloween 2018, not entirely unsurprisingly given the channel's stated core remit (even if it has been watered down by Sci-fi somewhat these days). A new ident featuring clocks and the number 13 was introduced for special 9pm films to mark their 'Haunted Halloween Season'. Shorter edits of this ident were also used for break bumpers.

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Break) - 2018

One of the special break bumpers for Horror's 'Haunted Halloween Season' using a shot of the clock.

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Break) - 2018

A second break bumper from Horror's 'Haunted Halloween Season', once again featuring some clockface shots.

Horror Channel (15th Birthday) - 2019

3rd May 2019 saw Horror Channel mark 15 years since the launch of the original station with a special ident for the occasion.

Horror Channel (Swinging) - 2019

In 2019, a small batch of additional graphical idents were introduced to Horror. All red in colour, many of them commonly find use outside of prime time instead of the generic ink ident, whilst the evening junctions continue to use the live action set from 2017. Here the Horror logo swings towards and away from the screen.

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Season) - 2019

Haunted Halloween returned to Horror in late October 2019 with a new set of idents to mark the occasion. This time round a simple affair featuring movie footage with a red colour wash and the channel logo slapped on top.

Horror Channel (Haunted Halloween Season) - 2019

A second Haunted Halloween ident. And in a lovely show of consistency, saturation of the red colour has been massively reduced compared to the first ident for the season.

Horror (Possessed Season) - 2020

Horror was unusually lacking in new special presentation for Halloween 2020, however a week later in November went with special 'Possessed Season' branding instead. A season of Saturday 9pm films running throughout the month. Each ident features footage from the featured movie, just treated with text effects and a special logo.

Horror (Possessed Season) - 2020

From November 14th on Horror, the second special Possessed Season ident leads into The Exorcist 3.

Horror (Possessed Season) - 2020

Leading into a premier of The Heretics is the third ident for Horror's Possessed Season, aired on November 21st 2020.

Horror (Possessed Season) - 2020

The fourth and final ident for Horror's Possessed Season aired at 9pm on November 28th, leading into the film Deliver Us From Evil.

Horror (Vintage Vault) - 2022

Another special ident from Horror for a strand of vintage horror movies on the channel.

Legend (June 2022 Onwards)

Legend (Launch Promo) - 2022

In June 2022, it was (quietly) announced that changes would be coming to the CBS channels. The most notable, and thus well promoted, of these was that 'Horror' would be rebranded as 'Legend' finally acknowledging the large number of pre-watershed hours spent on non-Horror related content on the channel. The pre-launch promo letting viewers know of the impending change.

Legend (Hotel) - 2022

As expected, Legend quietly launched in place of Horror at the 8am start of day time on June 30th. With a series of idents much the same as before just recoloured. And a schedule unchanged from that of Horror Channel's the day before - just without the need to brand up huge chunks of it as 'Sci-fi Zone' any longer. A horror-movie style hotel features in this ident.

Legend (Generic) - 2022

The 'inkblot' style idents that had been in use on all the CBS channels and Horror for many years remained after the Legend rebrand, just complete with a new colourscheme.

Legend (Bumper) - 2022

The updated inkblot style bumpers for Legend, differing slightly from prevoius in the positioning of the logo on the right hand side of the screen rather than centralised.

Legend (Promo) - 2022

An example of the new programme promotion style for Legend, here promoting a sci-fi show without any need for special 'Sci-fi Zone' branding any longer.



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