Terms and Conditions

~ General ~

I have perhaps not made this clear before, so I will state now. The primary role of this site is a review and informative site, taking an often critical look at presentation and programmes throughout the years. I believe this is permitted under clause 30.1 of the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents act.

30.1 Fair dealing with a work for the purpose of criticism or review, of that or another work or of a performance of a work, does not infringe any copyright in the work provided that it is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement.

It should also be noted that I dont always take myself too seriously, hence the site is liberated with some tongue-in-cheek comments. No deep disrespect or insult is intended to anyone concerned, these are merely opinions.

Bear in mind that for all the companies concerned I fully respect your ownership of the copyright, and I must make it clear that I am not affiliated or connected with them in any way.

In the case of the adverts section, appearance of an advert does not constitute any particular endorsement. The same is true about adverts which dont appear. Again, I make no profit from the adverts. They are meant to show how marketing via TV in the UK has changed over the years, hence the reason for usually choosing an old and new variant of an ad for a certain product where possible.

~ Notes to Everyday user ~

1. The files are designed as a preview for some of our excellent television here in the UK(both home grown, and imported). They are designed to go alongside the review in showing what UKTV is like. I dont make any profit from them, so neither should you. Whatever you do, dont start selling them. The only people to make profit should be the makers. I will not be held responsible for any action which may ensue if you start doing this.

2. The site is designed as a review site, with some accompanying clips... not a download site. I do not, and will not supply full episodes of any programme, so don't even bother asking as such emails will be deleted unanswered. If you want to watch the stuff properly, go out and buy the tapes yourself.

~ Notes to Programme Makers ~

1. I have tried to be accurate when saying who has made the programmes. If I have put the wrong name on the Copyright of the file, then it is a genuine mistake. I most heartily apologize. Email me and I will correct it immediately.

2. I make as much effort as possible to give you credit, by mentioning the Company on the file, and the bottom of the page. If I have missed this anywhere, or you want me to add a specific credit or link to a certain web address, then email me, and it will be done immediately.

3. At the end of the day, its up to you whether or not I am allowed to keep the files online. If you want me to remove them, then email me, and I will oblige. In particular to those who are members of certain music bodies, I would urge you to contact ME first directly, as I will gladly remove the material. Realistically if you dont want it on here, then neither do I, so it's in both our interests.