BBC Two (2007-2014)

The yellow personality 2s were replaced on February 18th 2007 with a new set of idents designed to provide a 'Window on The World', by looking at various scenes through a cut-out 2 shape. Although it started off promisingly, faith seemed to be quickly lost in the package, with idents disappearing, changes to soundtracks, the BBC logo, and some garish graphic experiments outside of the idents themselves.

BBC Two (Promo Teal) - 2007

Some coverage from BBC Two on the first day of the new look on February 18th 2007. At 10am the new look first hit the air, starting off first with the new style promotions for the channel. At launch they almost looked like a cross between the 1991-2001 idents, and Channel 4's promo style of the time, although as time went on the trailer style would become more and more inconsistent.

BBC Two (Cappuccino) - 2007

The first of the new idents to air on launch day was 'Cappuccino'. In this, a cup of coffee is sprinkled with powder via a conveniently situated 2 shaped filter. Being the first outing for the new look, it was allowed to run extended too with a vague reference in the continuity, in contrast to the almost non-existant launch of the previous 2001 look.

BBC Two (Seascape) - 2007

Dramatic waves crash through a cutout of a 2 in wood in another of the launch day idents for the channel.

BBC Two (Zoetrope) - 2007

A juxtapositioned modern scene looked at through a very old form of animation technology, namely the Zoetrope makes up the foundation for this BBC Two ident, aired here into the noon junction on launch day.

BBC Two (Promo Yellow) - 2007

Another example of a trailer from the 2007 look, this time using a yellow endboard. Aired here around the noon junction on launch day to promote Kombat Opera's performance of 'The Applicants'.

BBC Two (Chase) - 2007

The police pursue a fugitive through the woods in the first airing of this ident from the 1.25pm junction on launch day, in what could almost be mistaken for a rejected Channel 5 CSI ident. Several variations of this ident existed showing different points in the same story.

BBC Two (Mirror) - 2007

Fast moving scenes contrast with the image in a vehicle mirror for this ident from the new 2007 look for BBC Two.

BBC Two (Tent) - 2007

The door to a tent is slowly unzipped in this ident, aired here into the 4.35pm junction on the launch day for the new look in February 2007. Alternative variations of this ident would swap the scene that could be viewed through the 'window' outside the tent.

BBC Two (Cappuccino 2) - 2007

A variant on the cappuccino ident was used into the 5.20pm junction on launch day. This time sugar is seen added to the drink.

BBC Two (Menu) - 2007

An example of the new menu and slide style for BBC Two, as shown here in the 5.50pm junction on launch day.

BBC Two (Next - Summer of Great British Film) - 2007

Away from launch day now, and some tweaked graphics on the programme menu for BBC Two, to mark a special 'Summer of Great British Film' season on the channel in 2007.

BBC Two (Sting - Summer of Great British Film) - 2007

A special post-ident sting for BBC Two's 'Summer of Great British Film' season in 2007.

BBC Two HD Launch - 26/3/2013

The BBC launched BBC Two HD in March 2013, replacing the previously general BBC HD channel. After an upscaled ident and an airing of their 'What Next' trailer of the time, it's straight into their first HD show - an upscaled standard definition programme. The idents during this time also had a 'Channel of the Year' moniker added.



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