ITV1 2003-2004

For the start of the Autumn 2003 season on September 1st, the network presentation package was refreshed on ITV1. Brand new trailers, ECPs, next slides and idents were all introduced, building upon the yellow and blue squares theme introduced the previous October. This whole package lasted just over a year, before being replaced again in November 2004.

ITV1 Generic Short (Yellow) - Sept 2003

As with before, there were generic idents for use before the news. This is a short version, with Yellow squares floating around in the background.

ITV1 Generic Short (Blue) - Sept 2003

Like above, only this time with blue squares in the background. Anyone else think this bears a vague resemblance to the Blue Channel 5 ident from March-October 2002?

ITV1 (Next) - 2003

An animated next slide for ITV1 from 2003, from the first few weeks of the refreshed presentation package for September 2003. Shades of blue form and break up letters of the word 'NEXT' in the background. Complete here with the London announcement being truncated slightly early by the switch to the break from Leeds.

ITV1 (Ant and Dec) - Sept 2003

I know who the celebrities here are. I don't want to know, but I do. Yes, even after the 2003 rebrand, Ant and Dec still had a scary amount of overexposure on ITV1's idents.

ITV1 (Ant and Dec V2) - Sept 2003

Another junction and another Ant and Dec ident. Some things never change!

ITV1 - Sept 2003

Brand new sets and a remixed soundtrack featured in the new idents. A short version here, featuring some celebrity I don't know! (Hey, I dont watch enough ITV!)

ITV1 (Pauline Collins) - 2003

A short version of a celeb ident, this time featuring Pauline Collins.

ITV1 Generic - Xmas 2003

Christmas 2003, and whilst the celeb idents were nothing special once more, the generic ident for before the news was fantastic. Alas, I only have the short version of it here.

ITV1 (Corrie) - Xmas 2003

Okay, so the celebs still put in an appearance for Christmas 2003, but ITV put much more effort into the festive editing this time round. A short Corrie version here.

ITV1 (Emmerdale) - Xmas 2003

A short Emmerdale themed ident this time.

ITV1 - Long Blue 2004

Into the new year (sorry I didn't manage to grab any more Xmas versions!), and the long version of the blue squares news ident.

ITV1 (Melanie Sykes - Long) - 2004

Long version, with Melanie Sykes.

ITV1 (Melanie Sykes - Short) - 2004

Melanie Sykes appears again in a short version of her ITV1 celebrity ident, as part of the 2003-2004 set.

ITV1 - 2004

Short ident.

ITV1 - 2004

Short version, with Lynda Bellingham.

ITV1 (Emmerdale) - 2004

More Emmerdale stars in this short version from the 2003 package.

ITV1 (Newsreaders) - 2004

Long version of the ident, with Nicholas Owen and John Suchet.

ITV1 Brits - 2004

As with past years, ITV commissioned a set of special idents for the Brit Awards. In keeping with the trend, the 2004 set were bigger and better than the previous year, featuring various 'acts', as well as a remixed version of the ITV1 signature notes. Sadly, the long versions of these idents were very rarely seen over the two days they were on the air.

ITV1 Hell's Kitchen - 2004

Another special ident which appeared in the runup to Alan Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen on ITV1. The long version of this ident was particularly impressive however in keeping with the general policy of the ITV1, it wasn't shown all that often. All I managed to catch was the shorter version.

ITV1 Euro 2004

A special ident for the England v France Euro 2004 match, with a welcome break from human celebs.

ITV1 Euro 2004 Break

And the accompanying break bumper.

ITV1 2004

Two more short celebrity idents, grabbed in Summer 2004.

ITV1 2004

A short ITV1 ident from early 2004.

ITV1 (Next) - 2004

A blue animated next slide, from the late days of the 2003-2004 ITV1 look. Following the glassy style of the generic ident of the time.

ITV1 (ECP) - 2004

The refreshed look in September 2004 brought an updated style to the ECP too. ITV were at their peak of 'how much can we cram in an ECP' with cross-channel promotions, credits moving around and video all mixed together. With a finishing shot of the Granada LWT endcap, one of the few places where the LWT name still remained for a few more months, before these were replaced by 'Granada Productions' later in the year.

ITV1 (Corrie) - 2004

Several of the younger stars of Corrie star in this celeb ident. Another long one filmed on the Northern set which had been set up at Granada to film idents at the time.

ITV1 (The Bill) - 2004

Actors from The Bill appear again on the Southern set this time in this short celebrity ident from 2004.

ITV1 (Gaby Logan) - 2004

A short version of an ident with Gaby Logan, aired as part of ITV's 2003-2004 celebrity package.

ITV1 (Simon Cowell - Short) - 2004

ITV1 (Simon Cowell - Long) - 2004

A long version of the Simon Cowell ident, now with three times as many Simons!

ITV1 (Cat Deeley - Short) - 2004



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