CITV Channel (2006 Onwards)

Following on from the long-running afternoon strand on ITV1, and after many years of rumour and debate, CITV was finally launched as a standalone channel in its own right on 11th March 2006. The remaining afternoon strand on the main ITV channel, which had already been running on a shoestring for some time, was completely withdrawn from the main channel before the end of 2006.

With the channel receiving no brand update in the October 2022 refresh, and the lack of any marking of their 40th birthday, its future had already been in doubt for some time. But the CITV Channel was finally closed on September 1st 2023 as part of a push towards online streaming. The CITV brand was not kept for this replacement online service, however the existing presentation elements in use at the time of the channel closure continued to be used for small PSB requirement slot hidden on ITV2 mornings.

CITV (Snowman) - Christmas 2008

The 2006 rebrand had brought CITV's logo back into alignment with the current ITV logo for the first time in many years, a feature which would remain in place with subsequent corporate ITV rebrands. For Christmas 2008, the main CITV Channel idents consisted of various shapes in a Kalaiedoscope effect. In a recession, it's handy to save money by only animating a bit of the screen and letting reflections do the rest!

CITV (Toy) - Christmas 2008

We've had snowmen, now it's time to mirror toy drummers. With obligatory My Parents Are Aliens spaceship superimposed over the top naturally!

CITV (Break) - Christmas 2008

Even the bumpers into breaks see a bit of festive decoration, matching the shape of the onscreen identifier.

CITV (Promo) - Christmas 2008

A short sequence wishing a Merry Christmas and promoting the CITV Channel at the same time. Most likely designed to air outside the main channel in some of the now well hidden ITV1 children slots.

CITV (Next) - Christmas 2008

The animated next slides see some extra snow for the season.

CITV - Christmas 2009

ITV's Christmas Presentation for 2009 was fairly sparse, though there is a recession going on! ITV1 saw a rehash of the same 2008 package, whilst ITV2 didn't even see any cheap sparkles added to their logo for once. ITV3/4 were similarly neglected. The CITV Channel saw more effort, probably as the channel's main branding had only changed a few months earlier and christmas is probably one time children's channels aren't short on budgets!. An example of one of the idents here.

CITV (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Channel promos saw no expense spared, with snowflakes added over the top. Bright yellow backgrounds for children's presentation hasn't been done before either...

CITV (Break) - Christmas 2009

The break bumper for the channel sees a similar addition of snow for the season.

CITV (Break 2) - Christmas 2009

A second break bumper, once again with snow over the top.

CITV (Promo) - 2013

An example of the trailer style under the Big Yellow C look from 2013.

CITV (Peacock) - 2017

With the company wide rebrand of ITV at the start of 2013, a new look was brought in to the CITV channel as well. Idents were a mix of animation mixed with live action scenes, and completely animated sequences based upon ideas from children themselves using the 'C' letter of the logo. In this one, Maria Alves sees a Peacock. This package would last through until 2018.

CITV (Bouncy) - 2017

In another animated CITV ident based on a children's drawing, Olivia sees a bouncy.

CITV (Bouncy Castle) - 2017

A third ident for the CITV Channel, based on 'bouncy fun' by Thomas Carey. With the C forming the base for a bouncy castle.

CITV (Claw Machine) - 2017

In another child-inspired ident for the CITV Channel, Tom Bloor sees a claw grabbing machine made up from the C of the channel logo.

CITV (Break - Love) - 2017

A very brief break bumper for the CITV channel in 2017, using the word 'Love'.

CITV (Break - Fun) - 2017

Another word-based break bumper for the CITV Channel, this time using the word 'fun'.

CITV (Break - Boom) - 2017

In a third word-based break bumper for the CITV Channel, the word this time is 'Boom'.

CITV (Break - Glasses) - 2017

A break away from the word play in another bumper for the CITV Channel, this time featuring the channel logo in glasses.

CITV (Break - Plane) - 2017

A worryingly low-flying plane with a CITV banner features in this break bumper for the channel.

CITV (Break - Submarine) - 2017

Another animated break bumper for CITV, this time set underwater with a submarine.

CITV (Promo) - 2017

An example of the CITV Channel promo style from 2017, here promoting a new series of Spy School.

CITV (Present) - Christmas 2017

Festive idents used from 2017-2020 consisted of the C from the CITV logo interacting with seasonal scenes. Here they open a present to be caught out by a pie, as always happens at Christmas.

CITV (Snowball) - Christmas 2017

The C from the CITV logo is involved in a snowball fight in another ident for the channel first used Christmas 2017.

CITV (Break - Icicle) - Christmas 2017

Festive break bumpers from 2017 onwards featured the same scenes as the idents, just shortened. Here one based on the 'icicle' ident first used in 2017 and repeated in subsequent years.

CITV (Promo) - Christmas 2017

A Christmas season 2017 promo for the CITV Channel, using a computer game pixel artwork style to promote shows on the channel that year.

CITV (Sprout) - Christmas 2019

In another festive ident from the same batch used from 2017 onwards, the C character has found a large stack of sprouts.

CITV (Icicle) - Christmas 2019

In the fourth of the batch of Christmas CITV idents first introduced in 2017 icicles rain down on the C from above.

CITV (Break - Sprout) - Christmas 2019

Another festive break bumper for CITV first introduced in 2017, this time based around the 'sprout' ident.

CITV (Break - Sprout) - Christmas 2019

The festive CITV break bumper based on the 'snowball' ident, first introduced in 2017 and reused in subsequent years.

CITV (Break - Present) - Christmas 2019

The fourth festive CITV break bumper introduced in 2017 was based upon the 'present' ident, albeit from towards the end where the only part visible is the remnants of the exploded pie.

CITV (Skateboard) - 2021

A non festive ident for CITV, showing some of the set in use as of 2021, which were first introduced to the channel in 2018 and remained in use for the rest of the channel's lifetime. Following the same style with the C as a character, here they appear skateboarding.

CITV (Music) - 2021

In this CITV channel ident, the C character listens to some loud music.

CITV (Coconuts) - 2021

A crab, in a possible nod to CITV 1998, knocks some coconuts out of a tree and onto the C character in this ident for the channel.

CITV (Football) - 2021

This time, in another CITV channel ident, the C attempts to score a goal with a football, to no avail.

CITV (Piñata) - 2021

A Piñata is the focus of this ident, with a now-blindfolded C character attempting to extract goodies.

CITV (Treasure) - 2021

In another ident for the CITV channel, the C character appears underwater searching for treasure.

CITV (Break - Skateboard) - 2021

A break bumper for the CITV Channel, based on the Skateboard ident.

CITV (Break - Music) - 2021

Another CITV Channel break bumper, this time based on the music ident.

CITV (Break - Coconuts) - 2021

Based off the coconuts ident, another break bumper for the CITV Channel.

CITV (Break - Football) - 2021

The fourth break bumper for the CITV Channel features elements from the channel's football ident.

CITV (Break - Piñata) - 2021

A break bumper based on the Piñata ident shows the scene in the aftermath.

CITV (Break - Treasure) - 2021

For the CITV Channel break bumper based on the treasure island, all you actually see are the fish at the end.



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