Channel 4 (Connections) - 1996-1999

The second main visual identity launched on Channel 4 came along in 1996. The distinctive shape of the logo was retained, however gone were the colours. With the logo now contained with a series of connected circles throughout all their presentation elements, and everyday scenes being used for the main ident package. It was a tough act to follow the original blocks, and a move which didn't prove particularly popular.

Channel 4 1996

When they finally replaced the coloured blocks, they came up with Connections. 4 circles, in different arrangements, one of which contained the 4. However it proved to be nowhere near as popular as the blocks. Nobody was interested in shots of a man washing his car, or people in a kitchen. Just a shame Channel 5 didn't learn from this mistake!

Channel 4 Christmas 1996

A Christmas 1996 version of the Connections ident. This is better than the normal ones, in my opinion, especially in its use of sound.

Channel 4 1998

Another of the connections idents - This time with a man washing his car! WOW!!

Channel 4 (City - Brown) - 1998

From late 1998, and the 4 circles drop in to view immediately rather than having a segment of unblurred video first.

Channel 4 (City - Turquoise) - 1998

Another city scene, albeit once again mostly seen out of focus as the 4 circles of connections appear immediately without any short video formup.

Channel 4 (Next) - 1998

A next slide from the Connections era on Channel 4, here promoting a change in the schedule.



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