UKTV Bright Ideas

UK Bright Ideas launched in January 2003 as their second channel on Freeview, albeit part time, and was designed to 'bring the best of UK Food and UK Style'. The channel lasted through until 2007, when it was closed to make way for the launch of Dave on Freeview.

UKTV (Firsts Promo) - 2005

A 2005 promo for channels across the UKTV network of the time. Here advertising a rather tenuous season of shows which were 'Firsts' of their kind.

UK Bright Ideas - Food Ident

A nice jolly tune accompanied the UK Bright Ideas ident. Each of the UK Bright Ideas idents featured a colour and lighting, grouped around the 4 main programming strands on the channel. This version, set in a kitchen, was used before cookery programming. Though who ever thought putting the channel name in white with all the lights used in the background was a good idea?

UK Bright Ideas - Garden Ident

A green setting and green lights make up the Gardening ident.

UK Bright Ideas - Home Ident

Everything has a warm yellowy glow for the Home ident.

UK Bright Ideas - Promo

An advert for one of the programmes on UK Bright Ideas, showing us UKBI's trailer style.

UKTV Bright Ideas (Gardens) - 2005

An updated version of the gardening ident to feature the updated UKTV Bright Ideas name. Complete with an announcement where we're very helpfully reminded UKTV Bright Ideas is part of the UKTV network... just in case we forgot!



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