Granada Weather

Granada Weather (DCF) - 2001

A short lived sponsorship from Direct Car Finance.... bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Fawlty Towers episode.

Granada Weather (DCF) End - 2001

The ending to the Direct Car Finance sponsorship... and the guy has a nice new car.

Granada Weather - Christmas 2001

An out-of-vision forecast from Granada. Covering the region for Christmas Day 2001, although none of the graphics are particularly festive.

Granada Weather (Bath) - 2001

Sponsored by United Utilities. The sponsorship ads show areas around the house, each accompanied by a key word - in this case in the bath and 'Sanctuary'.

Granada Weather (Bath) End - 2001

The ending to 'Bath'.

Granada Weather (Fish) - 2001

A fishbowl, with the word 'House' this time.

Granada Weather (Fish) End - 2001

The Ending for 'Fish'.

Granada Weather (Shower) - 2001

A shower represents 'Alarm Clock'. Yes, they are getting stranger!

Granada Weather (Shower) End - 2001

And the accompanying ending to 'Shower'.

Granada Weather (Shower V2) - 2002

Another shower from a later batch of United Utilities sponsorship ads. This time, the steam forms shapes on the glass.

Granada Weather (Shower V2) End - 2002

The ending to the above shower clip.

Granada Weather (Kettle) - 2002

A kettle with steam coming out (as usually happens with kettles!) features in the ident this time

Granada Weather (Kettle) End - 2002

The ending to 'Kettle'.

Granada Weather (Shower V3) - 2003

It's that blasted shower again, only this time the steam forms a picture of a kite to symbolise windy weather.

Granada Weather (Shower V3) End - 2003

The end to Shower/Kite.



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