Granada Weather

Granada Weather (DCF) - 2001

A short lived sponsorship from Direct Car Finance.... bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Fawlty Towers episode.

Granada Weather (DCF) End - 2001

The ending to the Direct Car Finance sponsorship... and the guy has a nice new car.

Granada Weather - Christmas 2001

An out-of-vision forecast from Granada. Covering the region for Christmas Day 2001, although none of the graphics are particularly festive.

Granada Weather (Bath) - 2001

Sponsored by United Utilities. The sponsorship ads show areas around the house, each accompanied by a key word - in this case in the bath and 'Sanctuary'.

Granada Weather (Bath) End - 2001

The ending to 'Bath'.

Granada Weather (Fish) - 2001

A fishbowl, with the word 'House' this time.

Granada Weather (Fish) End - 2001

The Ending for 'Fish'.

Granada Weather (Shower) - 2001

A shower represents 'Alarm Clock'. Yes, they are getting stranger!

Granada Weather (Shower) End - 2001

And the accompanying ending to 'Shower'.

Granada Weather - 2002

Jon Mitchell provides Granada's Weather forecast invision in 2002, with the region by now sharing the same generic GMG weather graphics as well as just Yorkshire's presenters.

Granada Weather (Shower V2) - 2002

Another shower from a later batch of United Utilities sponsorship ads. This time, the steam forms shapes on the glass.

Granada Weather (Shower V2) End - 2002

The ending to the above shower clip.

Granada Weather (Kettle) - 2002

A kettle with steam coming out (as usually happens with kettles!) features in the ident this time

Granada Weather (Kettle) End - 2002

The ending to 'Kettle'.

Granada Weather (Shower V3) - 2003

It's that blasted shower again, only this time the steam forms a picture of a kite to symbolise windy weather.

Granada Weather (Shower V3) End - 2003

The end to Shower/Kite.



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