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The BBC carries regional news on BBC One throughout the day alongside it's national bulletins. The BBC continue to increase there regional new service, having added new opt outs within the last few years. This page contains news titles from a few of those regions. Thanks to Ashley B for all the Yorkshire and most most of the North West clips.

North East and Cumbria

BBC North News - 1996

A short news bulletin, from back in the days when the North East was served by 'BBC North'. The North region would be separated out again with Cumbria brought into the name in 1997.

Look North 1998

Look North is the name used across several of the Northern regions for the news programmes. This is the pre-corporate-look Newcastle version, serving the North East and Cumbria. Thanks to Iam Burn for the clip.

Look North 2001

The map-based titles for Look North after the BBC introduced their corporate look across all the regions.

Look North 2002

In September 2002, the BBC regions all adopted the 'LDN' style titles. This basically means pictures of people/places, rather than the maps. Here are the Newcastle Look North titles, showing scenes from the North East and Cumbria.

Look North End Credits - 2003

The end titles from the Septermber 2002 look.

Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Look North - 1999

A young Ian White introduces the short late bulletin from Look North (Yorkshire) on the first day of 1999.

Look North 2001

Well, in actual fact it's BBC North, as when this was recorded, the region hadn't been split, and still served Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North Midlands.

Look North - Short Bulletin titles - 2001

The shorter titles from a shorter bulletin.

Look North 2002

The LDN-style people titles, introduced in September 2002.

Look North (Hull optout) - 2002

The 2002 opening titles to the then recently created Humberside opt out (presented from Hull).

Look North End Titles - 2002

The 2002 closing titles for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

North West

North West Today 2001

Finally - A programme with a different name. Actually, they have different names for each programme. North West Today is the lunchtime programme, whilst North West Tonight is for the evenings. Both featured Gordon Burns, showing where he got to in his post-Krypton Factor days.

North West Today End

The Ending from North West Today.

North West Tonight - 2003

The North West version of the 'people' titles, introduced in September 2002.

North West Tonight - 2005

2005 and the titles have moved on, designed to look even more like London's, right down to them listing channel numbers and frequencies. Of course whether we really needed reminding BBC One is on Freeview Channel 1 is open for some debate, but it keeps it complete I guess!

North West Tonight (50 Years) - 2018

BBC North West celebrated 50 years of North West Tonight (under varying titles) on 26th March 2018, with a potted look through their archives of the past 50 years in the region - even featuring some contributions from the good folks at Transdiffusion. Featured here is both the headline bed, with a recreated BBC1 North West mirror globe, and the report itself. Weather presenter Diane Oxberry, who's first appearance in the mid 90s featured in the lookback, would sadly pass less than a year after this feature was aired.

North Westminster

The sunday political programme for the North West, with the titles created in the BBC Generic News style.


BBC News West - 1999

Serving the West of England, a short BBC News West bulletin from 1999. With host David Passmore.



The local news from London. For a time this would go out in place of regional bulletins on News 24, particularly during 'Breakfast'. In later years, this was generally replaced with a cut to more sports news on the BBC News Channel opts. The LDN brand wasn't to last long, reverting to using the full 'London' name.



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