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The BBC carries regional news on BBC One throughout the day alongside it's national bulletins, broadcasting from a number of locations across the country, more so than even the traditionally regional ITV. This page contains coverage from a few of those regions over the years. With thanks to Ashley B for contributing to the Yorkshire and North West sections.

North East and Cumbria

BBC North News - 1996

A short news bulletin, from back in the days when the North East was served by 'BBC North'. The North region would be separated out again with Cumbria brought into the name in 1997.

Look North 1998

Look North is the name used across several of the Northern regions for the news programmes. This is the pre-corporate-look Newcastle version, serving the North East and Cumbria.

Look North 2001

The map-based titles for Look North after the BBC introduced their corporate look across all the regions.

Look North 2002

In September 2002, the BBC regions all adopted the 'LDN' style titles. This basically means pictures of people/places, rather than the maps. Here are the Newcastle Look North titles, showing scenes from the North East and Cumbria.

Look North End Credits - 2003

The end titles from the Septermber 2002 look.

Look North (NE & Cumbria) - 2019

The North East and Cumbria version of Look North up to July 14th 2019, with the region having broken away from the standard reds and greys to inject their own colour into the news titles.

Look North (NE & Cumbria) - 2019

The introduction of the Reith refresh to the BBC regions on 15th July 2019 brought the North East and Cumbria titles back in alignment with the other regions once more. Here shown on their first lunchtime bulletin on launch day.

Look North (NE & Cumbria) - 2019

From the first day of the Reith refresh in July 2019, BBC North East and Cumbria's updated Look North opening titles and headline sequence. There were no special late titles for the region on their late bulletin.

Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Look North - 1999

A young Ian White introduces the short late bulletin from Look North (Yorkshire) on the first day of 1999.

Look North - 2000

The generic BBC News 'map' titles have arrived at BBC Yorkshire, but widescreen broadcasting is still a way off. What's the best way to fix this conundrum? Simple, just run the titles squashed anamorphicly! Helen Chéné presents a short bulletin, with the top headline being the 2000 fuel blockades coming to an end.

Look North 2001

Well, in actual fact it's BBC North, as when this was recorded, the region hadn't been split, and still served Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North Midlands.

Look North - Short Bulletin titles - 2001

Ian White again presenting another short bulletin for BBC Yorkshire. The map titles showing an enlarged area versus those on the regular evening bulletins.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2001

Look North again, but now localised to just the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region. Presented here by Harry Gration, Christa Ackroyd and Clare Frisby

Look North 2002

The LDN-style people titles, introduced in September 2002.

Look North (Hull optout) - 2002

The 2002 opening titles to the then recently created Humberside opt out (presented from Hull).

Look North End Titles - 2002

The 2002 closing titles for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

The titles for Look North in the main BBC Yorkshire region, used until mid-July 2019.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

The titles for Look North in the East Yorkshire and Lincoln parts of the Yorkshire region, used until mid-July 2019.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

The main BBC Yorkshire region saw it's own refreshed titles as part of the nationwide rollout of the Reith font on 15th July. Shown here into the first lunchtime bulletin.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

The opening titles to the first evening edition of Yorkshire's Look North after the Reith refresh in July 2019.

Look North (Yorkshire) - 2019

Outdoor shots at night from around the region make up the late titles for the Yorkshire edition of Look North.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region see their titles refreshed with the Reith font from 1.30pm on 15th July 2019.

Look North (Yorks and Lincs) - 2019

Some buildings at night, mixed with shots of nightlife, make up the late titles for the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire edition of Look North.

North West

North West Today 2001

Finally - A programme with a different name. Actually, they have different names for each programme. North West Today is the lunchtime programme, whilst North West Tonight is for the evenings. Both featured Gordon Burns, showing where he got to in his post-Krypton Factor days.

North West Today End

The Ending from North West Today.

North West Tonight - 2003

The North West version of the 'people' titles, introduced in September 2002.

North West Tonight - 2005

2005 and the titles have moved on, designed to look even more like London's, right down to them listing channel numbers and frequencies. Of course whether we really needed reminding BBC One is on Freeview Channel 1 is open for some debate, but it keeps it complete I guess!

North West Tonight (50 Years) - 2018

BBC North West celebrated 50 years of North West Tonight (under varying titles) on 26th March 2018, with a potted look through their archives of the past 50 years in the region - even featuring some contributions from the good folks at Transdiffusion. Featured here is both the headline bed, with a recreated BBC1 North West mirror globe, and the report itself. Weather presenter Diane Oxberry, who's first appearance in the mid 90s featured in the lookback, would sadly pass less than a year after this feature was aired.

North West Tonight - 2019

The set of titles used on North West Tonight up until July 14th 2019, featuring shots from around the region.

North West Today - 2019

With the North West being one of the few BBC regions to retain different names for the daytime and evening shows, the refreshed Reith font titles introduced on 15th July premiered first as 'North West Today' at 1.30pm.

North West Tonight - 2019

The evening programme titles for the North West after the Reith refresh of July 2019. Featuring lots of shots of the region once more, but with the different programme name on the end.

North West Tonight - 2019

Outdoor drone footage shot in the dark makes up the late titles to BBC's North West Tonight bulletin. First aired on 15th July 2019.

North West Tonight - 2022

The graphics for all news output from the BBC was refreshed in April 2022 to introduce the new BBC logo that had first began appearing the previous October. The refreshed version of the BBC North West Tonight titles.

North Westminster

The sunday political programme for the North West, with the titles created in the BBC Generic News style.


BBC News West - 1999

Serving the West of England, a short BBC News West bulletin from 1999. With host David Passmore.

News West - 1999

The extended version of the 'News West' titles, to introduce the main 6pm bulletin for the West. The News West name would continue in use until 2000, when the 'Points West' name would be reintroduced, having been dropped originally in the early 90s.

Points West - 2019

BBC's news in the West of the country, with titles featuring local shots, used until July 2019.

Points West - 2019

In line with all the other regions, Points West received a refreshed set of titles on July 15th 2019, using the BBC's own Reith font for all graphics.

Points West - 2019

The July 2019 opening to an evening edition of Points West, from the first day of the refresh.

Points West - 2019

The late titles to BBC Points West, featuring night time shots from around the region.

Points West - 2022

The refreshed titles for BBC Points West from April 2022, bringing the updated BBC logo to the news output.



The local news from London. For a time this would go out in place of regional bulletins on News 24, particularly during 'Breakfast'. In later years, this was generally replaced with a cut to more sports news on the BBC News Channel opts. The LDN brand wasn't to last long, reverting to using the full 'London' name.

BBC London News - 2019

The news for BBC London up to July 2019, still remaining a bit of an oddity in their way of naming the programme for the London region.

BBC London News - 2019

London's version of the Reith titles, introduced at 1.30 on 15th July 2019. The region continues to have a slightly different endboard design to the rest of the network due to their lack of a distinct programme name.

BBC London News - 2019

BBC London's version of the new Reith titles for their main evening programme, first introduced in July 2019.

BBC London News - 2019

Lots of shots of London at night for the late edition of their local news, first aired on July 15th 2019.

BBC London News - 2022

The BBC London titles were refreshed in April 2022 as part of an introduction of the new BBC blocks logo to all news output.



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