ITV1 2006-2013

January 2006 saw what was to be the biggest rebranding in one go to ever take place on the ITV network for some years to come. As well as a new corporate logo, all 3 channels ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3 saw totally new presentation (ITV4 having already seen the new style from its launch the previous Autumn) and the news was revamped once again. Out went the four squares seen all over ITV, thankfully as did the somewhat ill-judged 'ITV Day' branding for ITV1 during the daytime. In came a variety of multicoloured logos, and a blanket used corporate font. The initial set of 'emotion' idents for ITV1 were replaced quite quickly with a more polished set which continued for several more years with minor edits to accommodate the launch of ITV1 HD in 2010.

ITV1 (Love) - 2006

ITV1, sporting a new yellow logo, burst onto the screen on the 16th January 2006. Or rather, whimpered onto the screen, as it brought with it the least impressive idents from the whole rebrand. In a typical modern marketing sense... well... it's people in random everyday situations, representing an emotion whilst the ITV1 logo opens up around it, thus symbolising the channel encapsulating that emotion. Still, it does mark a return to more traditional idents, after the 'advertise a programme in the ident' experiment of the previous presentation package. One can only presume this one represents love.

ITV1 (Surprise) - 2006

Another ident, this time slightly bouncier with people splashing water and jumping out of boxes, presumably to represent surprise.

ITV1 (Joy) - 2006

Another 'emotion' ident for ITV1, this time representing Joy.

ITV1 (Anticipation) - 2006

A man at the cinema awaits the arrival of his date, representing anticipation. Or possibly disappointment, depending on how long he's actually been waiting there...

ITV1 Break Bumper - 2006

Slighter smarter looking than the idents, and with the logo in it's complete form, is the break bumper for the channel.

ITV1 ECP - 2006

For the rebrand came both a new ECP, and a revised set of generic credits now featuring a series of coloured bars in the background. The new ITV productions endcaps also appeared from this date, to phase in in favour of the Granada Productions cap that surfaced in 2004.

ITV1 Menu - 2006

A sharp and effective run-down menu to complement the whole package, with some nice music. You just have to ignore the somewhat glitchy looping of the video.

ITV1 (Promo) - 2006

Another full scale rebrand and logo for ITV1 in 2006 brought with it another brand new trailer style. Shown here promoting 'Holiday Showdown'.

ITV1 (Menu) - Christmas 2006

No festive idents appeared on ITV1 for 2006, probably due to the fact the channel had only relaunched their main idents a few weeks prior. In a throwback to their token 2002/2003 efforts however, some simple star effects were added to the trailers and menus instead. An example of the menu style here.

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2006

Some small festive tweaks to the yellow ITV1 trailer style were also made for Christmas 2006.

ITV1 (Ident) - Christmas 2008

Whilst not groundbreaking, it was a pleasant surprise to see network ITV1 go to the trouble of a whole Christmas package given their lacklustre usual branding. The ident notes are given a jingly tweak, whilst an explosion of stars make up various festive symbols (and cripple video encoders).

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2008

Programme promotions on ITV1 are given some similar festive sparkle.

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Snowman) - Christmas 2008

A series of breakbumpers featuring individual shapes from the main ident, each made from lights. In this one, we have a snowman.

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Cracker) - Christmas 2008

This time round, it's a cracker!

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Pudding) - Christmas 2008

A Christmas Pudding on the stars this time.

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Snowflake) - Christmas 2008

A generic snowflake shape, made from lights. For all snowflakes being different, it's amazing how often this same shape gets used!

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Present) - Christmas 2008

A christmas present, though I'd not imagine it's very easy to open...

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Bauble) - Christmas 2008

A bauble in this bumper. Gotta collect all the shapes!

ITV1 (Break Bumper - Bell) - Christmas 2008

A bell, even swinging in motion, though not making much noise.

ITV1 HD (Market) - 2010

The initial set of 2006 'emotion' ITV1 idents were very shortlived, being replaced within a year by a new set featuring scenes with a splash of yellow added, a more sensible closed up version of the ITV1 logo and a new distinct jingle. For the launch of ITV1 HD in 2010, these were re-edited slightly to make the ITV1 logo bigger and add in 'HD' on the high definition broadcasts. This one features the scene of a marketplace.

ITV1 HD (Bike) - 2010

Another clip from the same batch and also from the HD channel - this time with a bike and a lot of dancing lights.

ITV1 HD (Fountains) - 2010

Yellow fountains spring out of puddles on a dark night in this ITV1 ident, complete with the HD moniker here.

ITV1 HD (Painting) - 2010

Yellow lines and curves are being painted on a building in this ITV1 HD ident.

ITV1 HD (Buildings) - 2010

Windows of buildings in a city flash with hints of yellow in this ITV1 HD ident. If you turn the corner on that street, there may be a giant 4 as well!

ITV1 HD (Flowers) - 2010

Yellow flowers sprout and flourish in a garden around the ITV1 HD logo this time.

ITV1 HD (Bubbles) - 2010

Children play and blow bubbles around in this ITV1 HD ident, with the bubbles moving in and out of the foreground.

ITV1 HD (Lanterns) - 2010

Added to the set in 2010 for the ITV1 HD launch rather than being an existing ident re-edited, this time around lots of paper lanterns are released into the sky.

ITV1 HD (Promo) - 2010

Featuring Ant and Dec, a promotion from April 2010 to highlight the launch of the new ITV1 HD channel and what it brings to the existing ITV1 service.

ITV1 - Christmas 2011

For Christmas 2011, the regular ITV1 idents were used, with some additional adornments overlaid using the Text Santa graphics that had been in use across the channel that year. Almost a throwback to Christmas presentation from the Hearts era. This one features the basketball ident.

ITV1 (Break) - Christmas 2011

A break bumper from the Christmas 2011 ITV1 package. Similar to the main ident treatment, the same regular bumpers were used, just with the addition of the animated Santa characters. Here cartwheeling over the ITV1 logo.

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2011

The Christmas promotion style from ITV1 in 2011 saw the same animated characters as were being used on idents added to the trailer endboards.

ITV1 - Christmas 2012

With it being the last Christmas for both the ITV1 name and old logo, they weren't about to let things go out quietly. An entire festive package was put together for the channel, featuring lots of clockwork toys rendered around a gold version of the ITV1 logo.

ITV1 (Break) - Christmas 2012

A break bumper for ITV1 in the same festive style.

ITV1 (Promo) - Christmas 2012

The trailer style for Christmas 2012 features some of the same clockwork themeing and the gold ITV1 logo that were in use on the main idents for that year. This was also to be the last Christmas before yet another full ITV rebrand.

ITV1 (ECP) - Christmas 2012

The Christmas themed ECP still features the clockwork imagery from the Christmas package, although the ITV1 logo is back to its regular yellow self - possibly for consistency when cross promoting the other channels.



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