Channel 4 @ 25 - 2007

Channel 4 at 25 (Blocks Breakbumper) - 2007

Every break of the birthday day featured a traditional blocks breakbumper (albeit zoomed in to bring it up to 16:9 standards), or one of 4's 'special event' idents of the 90s.

Channel 4 at 25 (Blocks Breakbumper) - 2007

Another lot of coloured blocks into another break.

Channel 4 at 25 (Blocks Breakbumper) - 2007

And formup 3 of the traditional block animations.

Channel 4 at 25 (Italia) - 2007

Still used into a break, this time it's the full Football Italia ident from the 90s complete with sound.

Channel 4 at 25 (Japan) - 2007

Fourscore and a bit of culture, in another classic ident used as a breakbumper for the birthday celebrations.

Channel 4 at 25 (ECP) - 2007

The presentation changes didn't just stop at a digging out of old idents however. The End Credit Promotions on the channel were updated to mimic the style of pres from launch, complete with a newly tweaked endboard.

Channel 4 at 25 (Menu) - 2007

And to go with the ECP... a traditionally mocked up Menu for the evening, with the channel's signature music playing in the background.

Channel 4 at 25 (Promo) - 2007

Even the programme promotions find themselves with a touch of nostalgia.

Channel 4 at 25 (Ident) - 2007

And not forgetting, the programme idents themselves. Not surprisingly, the original Fourscore comes out, proving you cant beat a classic.

Channel 4 at 25 (Ident B) - 2007

And another ident, with the more familiar mix of the Fourscore notes. Happy Birthday Channel 4!

Channel 4 at 25 (Special Break) - 2007

Tucked away in the graveyard of the Saturday night schedules on November 3rd was a terrestrial repeat of a documentary which had been aired several times on More4 in the runup to the birthday weekend. Only, there was to be a little treat in the ad breaks, introduced by this montage of idents over the years.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Disney) - 2007

Throughout the documentary, the advert breaks were made up from a mix of old besides new of several contemporary advertisers. The only exception to this was for the Disney DVD of The Jungle Book, where a special edit of the advert had been put together. A nice touch, if perhaps the most tenuous link ever!

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - BT) - 2007

BT adverts old and new unite.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Think!) - 2007

From a more public information perspective, the Green Cross Code campaigns collide with the more modern Think! approach.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - McDonalds) - 2007

McDonalds, proving they've been around a long time... by digging out a not-too-old-advert from yesterday.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Carlsberg) - 2007

Carlsberg proving how alcohol advertising has improved in budget somewhat over the years.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Coca Cola) - 2007

Yep, all the big corporates raided their advert archives for the birthday, and here comes Coca Cola!

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Iceland) - 2007

Amazing audio quality on this surviving copy of an advert for Iceland; at least the modern day sound is a bit clearer.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Lurpak) - 2007

Danish Lurpak; it's been around for years, but never looks much different!

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Gillette) - 2007

In a mammoth duo of adverts, Gillette reminded us of how they've been the best a man can get for some considerable years.

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Fairy) - 2007

If the quantity of plates a single bottle of Fairy cleans is always going up, does this mean by now they can wash dishes for every country in the world's cricket team?

Channel 4 at 25 (Advert - Marmite) - 2007

Someone's VHS collection appears to have been raided to find this old Marmite classic... with a kid who appears in Heinz Baked Bean ads too. Will they be digging the latter Paddington ad out in 25 years time, who knows!

Countdown @ 25 - 2007

With Countdown being the very first show to air on the channel back in 1982, no celebration of 25 years of Channel 4 would be complete without a special edition the programme that started it all of course. The opening titles to a very special 25th anniversary edition of Countdown, mixing together every set of titles since the programme launch. Carol hasn't aged a bit!



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