Food Network

Food Network was first launched in the UK in 2009, as part of a more international rollout of the channel brand from Discovery. As implied by the name, the channel features a heavy focus on food-related programming. With the split of UKTV in June 2019, Discovery took full control of the Good Food channel, promptly closing it down in favour of merging its content with the existing Food Network channel.

Food Network (Dancer) - 2017

First introduced in 2015, before being updated with a revised logo in 2017, this set of idents for Food Network were based around various creative characters preparing food. Here a dancer makes cakes and scones in the kitchen in a shorter daytime edit of the ident.

Food Network (Boxer) - 2017

A boxer makes bread in a not-at-all-threatening manner in a second ident from the 2017 set for Food Network.

Food Network (Scientist) - 2017

In a third ident from the 2017 batch for Food Network, a scientest prepares eggs with meticulous attention to detail.

Food Network (Break Bumper) - 2017

The break bumper for Food Network, dating from the 2017 logo refresh.

Food Network (Promo) - 2017

An example of the 2017 promo style for the Food Network channel, seen here promoting 'Bakers vs Fakers'.

Food Network (Cake) - Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2018 and Christmas 2019, Food Network used a series of idents made up of seasonal food. Here cakes make up a festive scene.

Food Network (Gingerbread) - Christmas 2019

In another ident from this set, shown here around Christmas 2019, gingerbread makes up the main focus of the festive food scene.

Food Network (Break) - Christmas 2019

Two break bumpers featured in the Christmas 2018/2019 Food Network set, each showing a festive take on the channel's circular logo. In this variant, the logo features a bauble decorated cookie.

Food Network (Break) - Christmas 2019

In the second break bumper from the Christmas 2018/2019 package for Food Network, a white cookie with a festive hat on makes up the channel logo.

Food Network (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An example of a general Christmas season promo for Food Network, from Christmas 2019 here. Showing examples of the festive trailer graphics, as well as giving a taste of the shows on the channel that year.

Food Network (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Another festive promotion from Food Network for the 2019 season, this time for a specific programme. Here promoting Gordon Ramsey's Ultimate Seasonal Specials, with a remix of Santa Claus is Coming To Town.

Food Network (Winter - Potatoes) - 2020

A new package of idents were introduced to Food Network in April 2020. Featuring seasonal foods, the ident set rotates every few months with different shots of food for that particular season being depicted. Here a Winter ident from later in 2020, featuring warming potato dishes.

Food Network (Winter - Christmas) - Christmas 2020

For Christmas 2020, Food Network had an additional ident mixed in with their winter food set, depicting seasonal foods. This was used with the other idents in the run up to the New Year, before being retired from January 2021.

Food Network (Promo) - Christmas 2020

For Christmas 2020, Food Network followed the same festive promo style as other stations owned by Discovery, featuring a present tag set against red. Here a full season promo for the channel, ending with a fullscreen slide of the tag and wrapping paper motif.

Food Network (Promo) - Christmas 2020

Another festive promo from Food Network in 2020. This time the promotion is for a specific show on the channel, so features the full endboard with date and time set in the seasonal style.

Food Network (Winter Bumper - Mince Pies) - Christmas 2020

The Christmas 2020 bumper for Food Network featured a short focus on just the mince pies from the full ident, complete with jingling bells for audio. This was used for both breaks and sometimes a short ident.

Food Network (Winter - Healthfood) - 2021

With the start of the New Year, although the other Winter idents continued, the Christmas food ident was replaced with one depicting healthier leafy foods instead.

Food Network (Winter Bumper - Healthfood) - 2021

Used from January 2021 in place of the 'Mince Pies' bumper, an alternative short bumper based off the full 'healthy foods' ident instead. This was used as a bumper into breaks or between presentation elements, and also as a short ident during daytime.

Food Network (Winter Bumper - Chocolate) - 2021

Another short bumper from the winter foods set for Food Network. Similar to the approach taken with their idents for the Winter season, this one was in use before Christmas, and continued in January.

Food Network (Winter Bumper - Potatoes) - 2021

A shot of just the potatoes with butter featuring in another Winter bumper, based on the matching ident.

Food Network (Spring - Roast Dinner) - 2021

Roasted meat, pasta and various greens, finishing on shots of asparagus. All to make up a dinner-style ident for Food Network as part of their Spring set of idents. These idents were first introduced in Spring of 2020, and are shown here in Spring 2021.

Food Network (Spring - Breakfast) - 2021

Eggs and bacon are among the breakfast items to be shown in another Spring ident for Food Network.

Food Network (Spring - Afternoon Tea) - 2021

The third of the spring set of idents for Food Network features savouries, tea and cakes, all making up an afternoon tea selection.

Food Network (Spring Bumper - Doughnuts) - 2021

A pink doughnut with coloured sprinkles added features in a Spring bumper for Food Network, once again used before both breaks and daytime programmes.

Food Network (Spring Bumper - Peas) - 2021

Another Spring bumper for Food Network, this time featuring a close up shot of peas.

Food Network (Promo) - 2021

Food Network took on the same trailer style as all other Discovery-owned stations in April 2020, using red endboards to match the colourscheme of the channel.



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