ITV News 1999-2009

ITV Nightly News - 1999

On March 8th 1999, a whole new look was introduced across all of the Channel 3 news bulletins, coinciding with the controversial axing of News At Ten and the introduction of a new 'Nightly News' show at 11pm instead. At the same time, the ITN brand was removed from all titles to be replaced by 'ITV' instead, and a new studio was introduced. This bulletin dates from Thursday on that first week. Despite their efforts, the replacement Nightly News was not well received, and lasted only 2 years.

ITV Evening News (Coming Up Promo) - 1999

A short rundown of the top headlines from the ITV Evening News, shown in the break of the regional programme immediately prior to the main Evening News.

ITV News Summary - 2000

Despite the refreshed 1999 ITV News look elsewhere, the previous ITN look and studio lingered on for much longer in the overnight and early morning slots on the channel. With barely any change to what had been seen for most of the 90s besides replacing the 'ITN' logo with an updated 'ITV' one. Peter Rolston introduces a short bulletin here.

News at Ten - 2001

After two years persisting with the Nightly News, a huge drop in viewing figures, and several heated arguments between ITV and the then regulator the ITC, the network finally relented and reinstated the News at Ten slot in 2001. Unfortunately by that time, already having given the BBC a chance to swoop into the same slot in their absence. The clip here shows the titles that were eventually reintroduced to the News at Ten.

News at Nine - 2003

A Special set of Titles for the News At Nine, introduced for a temporary period during the Iraq War in 2003.

ITV News at Ten - 2009

Bringing back the ITV News at Ten for the 285th time. In 2008 the programme was given an overhaul making it distinct from the rest of the ITV News look, and attempting to bring back the gravitas of the show from the early 90s with a brand new 'flying over London' set of titles and a unique set. Unsurprisingly, this was all to be ditched again little over a year later with the 2009 yellow rebrand. Headlines for this broadcast from early 2009 contain the announcement of Michael's Jackson's 'This Is It' tour - something that we all know now would never come to be.

Morning News - 2001

The morning opening sequence of that era differed slightly from that used in other bulletins with less music, and the headlines missing the name down the left hand side. An attempt to give it a more distinct look, or possibly just someone from the graphics department wasn't out of bed that early?

ITV Evening News (One Month On Report) - 2001

The ending to the ITV Evening News from 11/10/2001. One month on from the events of September 11th, Andrea Catherwood hosts a short report as fire officers from every brigade in the UK gather at St Paul's Cathedral in London to remember victims from the fire service in New York.

ITV Evening News - 2004

To mark the first day of the new ITV plc, brought by the merger of Granada and Carlton, ITV introduced a major rebrand to all its news output. Both Regional and National bulletins changed, along with the ITV News Channel, to bring about an integrated corporate look like the BBC's they had so long envied. This clip features the title sequence for the Evening News, although no longer branded as such. An obviously broken Big Ben chimes at 6.30pm, before revealing the mostly computer generated new studio referred to as the 'Theatre of News'. Over all this, the musical notes that have become synonymous with ITV news can still be heard.

ITV Evening News End - 2004

The ending to the 2004 look for the Evening News... and at least we can still see ITN's name somewhere.

ITV Late News - 2004

The late news with Trevor McDonald... and by now it had moved from 10 O'Clock again, this time to a fixed position of 10.30pm. Or at least for a few years until they'd move it back to 10 again! No proper name for it now though, and Big Ben is still chiming on the half hour!

ITV Merger Report - 2004

From the first day of the new look in 2004 comes a report on the newly merged ITV plc.

ITV Evening News - 2006

The news was another of those features which had hitherto relied heavily on the 4 squares device, and the old itv style logo, so it had to change quite drastically to come into line with the new corporate look in 2006. With the ITV News Channel no longer a feature of the ITV stable its impossible to say how it would have looked there, but we can still see the changes to the national news. A view of the ITN atrium now fills the ITV News video wall, along with another evolution on the big ben titles. Teal seemed to be the in-colour for the ITV News at the launch of the 2006 look.



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