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Jaffa Cakes - 1983

Those Munchkins are always trying to munch your McVities Jaffa Cakes, as we're told in this 1983 ad.

John Smiths - 1997

Jack Dee in a John Smiths ad from 1997, with no gimmicks, no jokes and no penguins.

John Smiths - 1999

A short advert spoofing the famous Diet Coke break advert of the early 90s, this time to promote John Smiths Extra Smooth bitter.

John Smiths - 2004

Englebert Humperdinck in this ad for John Smiths... No nonsense!

John Smiths (Doorstep Challenge) - 2004

Danny Baker reprises his well-known role as the face of the 'Daz Doorstep Challenge' in 2004, only this time coming to the doorstep of Peter Kay with a generic branded washing powder instead to comic effect.

John West Tuna - 1998

John West endure the worst, namely an annoying guy playing music, to bring you the best!


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