The CBeebies Channel launched in February 2002 alongside CBBC, targeted at a much younger audience. With a mix of both homegrown BBC content and acquired content, the channel proved particularly popular with parents due to the lack of advertising in use on the channel.

Branding for the channel changed little in comparison with most other BBC Channels, with the yellow blobs and branding introduced in 2002 remaining in place with only minor tweaks and additions right through until 2023, long outliving the sister green blobs that had initially launched on CBBC in 2002 too.

CBeebies (Bugs) - 2002

CBeebies launched using a yellow version of the blobs, as a counterpart to the green ones that had launched the CBBC channel at the same time. These same characters were used on various animations and stings on the channel, with the overall branding package long outlasting the package on CBBC. This short animation was used to cut between invision studio shots, with 3 different versions featuring at launch - one for each of the bugs!

CBeebies (Advert) - 2002

A CBeebies advert, with the yellow bugs. Whatever you do, dont look at this if you're one of those people with an insane fear of the Tellytubbies!

CBeebies (Kerwizz) - Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 on CBeebies. Not much by way of idents though the Yellow Bugs had been given some festive treatment. However this short sequence, featuring the characters from Kerwizz (so I'm told from the CBeebies website) was dotted between some promos and before programmes.

CBeebies (Promo) - Christmas 2008

The accompanying festive trailer style for CBeebies from Christmas 2008. Although by this time the green blobs on the main channel had been retired, the yellow blobs lived on. Anyone got any Crunchies?

CBeebies - Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 on CBeebies and the presentation was similar to 2008, with the yellow bugs getting an added touch of sparkle.

CBeebies (Promo) - Christmas 2009

A festive promo for the CBeebies Channel, twinned with Rocky Biscuits. And yes... the floating BBC Cubes even popped up here, just incase any eagle eyed 4 year olds chanced to notice it!

CBeebies (Promo) - 2021

Unlike other channels, CBeebies and CBBC didn't receive a refresh to their logos or branding in the phase one BBC logo 'chameleon' rebrand of October 2021. However towards the very end of the year elements of the updated branding appeared on promos to aid the smooth flow between trailers when used on other BBC stations with the CBeebies logo now taking the newly positioned BBC blocks resulting in the logo now looking like a much sadder. This logo also made it to print media, however no other branding on the channel was refreshed.

CBeebies - 2023

Despite the refreshed blocks logo appearing in promotional material, a full refresh of the CBeebies channel using it never materialised with the same package that had been in use with only minor updates since 2002 remaining. Finally on March 15th 2023 a complete refresh was launched across both CBBC and CBeebies introducing more of the 'Chameleon' flow approach. It also saw the interstitial logo totally dropped in favour of a more textual creation, with the channel's character being created by the branding outside the logo instead. The yellow blobs were modernised with 'squarer' blobs taking on the role of the animated BBC blocks in trailers, keeping a familiar device for the young audience while also bringing it into 2023.

CBeebies - 2023

Another animation with the 2023 CBeebies blobs, this time including the tagline 'Discover and Do'.

CBeebies - 2023

A third CBeebies animation, this time promoting the fact it was a Wednesday.

CBeebies (Promo) - 2023

An example of the new promo style for CBeebies, showing both how the blobs are used during promotion of shows with a timeslot, before the blobs take on the normal job of the BBC blocks by morphing into the iplayer logo at the end.

CBeebies (Sting) - 2023

The main short linking sting or 'blip' used during junctions on CBeebies from the 2023 rebrand onwards.

CBeebies (Sting) - 2023

Another short CBeebies sting or blip, this time promoting Hey Duggee on the channel.

CBeebies (Sting) - 2023

A third promotional sting for CBeebies, this time featuring characters from the Austrilian animation Bluey.



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