Channel 4 - 2004-2015

On the 31st December 2004, Channel 4 finally unveiled their much awaited new presentation package. Despite what was widely expected given the trend with companies these days, Channel 4 stuck with their famous 4 logo, this time with a set of surreal yet artistic scenes forming the logo for only a fraction of a second when viewed from a certain angle. Whilst very good from an artistic point of view, the general ident style does not lend itself well to allowing for special idents like the last set. To this end, special schools, daytime and christmas presentation are all out.

The package was to see a long lifespan of nearly 11 years, finally being retired in late 2015.

Channel 4 (Flats) - 2005

The Channel 4 logo is formed from elements of an inner city block of flats.

Channel 4 (Haystacks) - 2005

Bails of hay (some even on fire... and some even flying in mid air) make up the 4 when viewed from the correct angle.

Channel 4 (Pylons) - 2005

The Channel 4 logo is formed from electricity pylons this time round.

Channel 4 (Traffic) - 2005

Lots of signs in the roadworks this time round.

Channel 4 (UFO) - 2005

UFO's in the night sky form up the Channel 4 Logo as they come together, almost reminiscent of the Channel's original blocks idents of the 80s/90s.

Channel 4 (America) - 2005

A drive through Downtown America, with all those big floating-in-mid-air sky-scrapers.

Channel 4 (Bowling) - 2005

As if the others weren't surreal enough, a group of somewhat surprised people now find their quiet game of bowls interrupted by... flying hedges.

Channel 4 (Market) - 2005

This time round a market provides the abstract setting for another Channel 4 ident.

Channel 4 (Break) - 2005

Break bumpers and promos follow a slightly different style. The 4 is shown in 3D, in a sort of stencilled effect, with pictures remaining visible through the gaps.

Channel 4 (ECP) - 2005

The new ECP style.

Channel 4 (Menu) - 2005

Menus over the idents are out since the relaunch, hence they appear before breaks instead. A list of upcoming programmes is displayed, with the text whatever one the announcer is talking about enlarged to highlight it.

Channel 4 (Promo) - 2005

An example of the new style promos.

Channel 4 (Rocks) - 2006

The Channel 4 logo is made up from abstract rocks in the ocean as the camera pans around in this ident.

Channel 4 (Warning) - 2009

Coming back from a break on a show which requires a lot of content warnings, such as in this case where there are scenes of surgery, Channel 4 would include continuity at the end of each break over an animated slide.

Channel 4 (Tokyo) - 2009

Designed to look like the streets of Tokyo for the formup of the 4 this time round. One that usually required quite a long playout from the pres department too.

Channel 4 (Diner) - 2009

Channel 4 (Rollercoaster) - 2009

A rollercoaster is the setting for the ident this time round, and it's definitely one of the more 'blink and you'll miss it' of the set.

Channel 4 (Simpsons) - 2009

With The Simpsons being quite a big ratings puller for them, Channel 4 commissioned the producers to make this ident sequence for them with a decidedly less subtle than usual appearance of the 4 blocks. This was to eventually be reused in the show itself.

Channel 4 (Dubai) - 2009

Marcus Bentley provides continuity for 4 here, in a time before he followed Big Brother over to Channel 5. Speaking over the top of a construction site in Dubai with a helicopter flying overhead, which provides the setting for this ident. Another one which usually required a long playout to be seen properly.

Channel 4 (Abbey) - 2011

One of the later idents of the set to appear, the Abbey ident was quietly slipped in to a few junctions towards the end of 2010, before getting more of a showing as part of Father Ted night on January 1st 2011.

Channel 4 (Blackpool) - 2014

Set in Blackpool, the Channel 4 logo is made up from multiple recognisable buildings from the seaside town. This airing dates from Christmas Day 2014, yet remains completely devoid of any festive branding.



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