Dave 2014-2022

Dave saw a rebrand of it's whole presentation package in April 2014, maintaining some of the surreal nature associated with the channel, but now appearing as part of the wider world. Idents consist of various scenarios which start out normal, but then have a slightly different Dave 'twist'. Other presentation elements, such as trailer endboards and some break bumpers, took on a blackboard style.

Dave (Horse Clamped) - 2017

Many of the new idents in the package consist of a base ident, but with several variants of each creating a large range for use. In this car park version, the horse someone has parked there finds itself clamped.

Dave (Parking - Warden) - 2017

The final continuity link of 2017 from Dave, and a fairly low key Happy New Year from the channel. It's another variation of the parking ident used here, this time with the horse getting a ticket written out by a Traffic Warden.

Dave (Hamster Bowls) - 2017

A friendly game of bowls suddenly gains a hamster as an extra participant, before it rolls off bottom of the screen again.

Dave (Hamster Bowls 2) - 2017

Continuity on Dave reminding us of how close things are to New Year 2018 now over a variation of the Hamster Bowling ident. In this version, the hamster rolls off to the top right of the screen.

Dave (Sushi Belt - Shopping) - 2017

A belt of fresh sushi rolls past. Although in Dave-style, someone has left their shopping on there too.

Dave (Sushi Belt - Luggage) - 2017

The sushi belt features again, only this time with Dave's luggage going around it instead. This is the short version of this ident.

Dave (Bar Ketchup) - 2017

At the bar now, and I'll have a glass of your finest Dave Ketchup please.

Dave (X-Ray Scanner - Dishes) - 2017

An airport scanner with luggage passing through. And in this variant of it, someone's dirty dishes too.

Dave (X-Ray Scanner - Roast) - 2017

The scanner features again, only this time someone has put through their freshly roasted dinner. Complete with continuity from New Years Eve 2017. Ident not sponsored by Bisto!

Dave (Bike Rack - Jet Ski) - 2017

A bike rack containing lots of bikes, as you would expect. Until you reach Dave of course, who have decided to leave their Jet Ski there today.

Dave (Bike Rack - Canoe) - 2017

A variation on the Bike Rack ident and this time round, someone has locked up their canoe to the racks. Somewhere we suspect there's also a poor soul stuck on a bike up a river without a canoe, due to an administrative cockup!

Dave (Darts - Kebab) - 2017

Some friendly games down at the Dave pub again. As one guy plays pool, a darts game is going on in the background. Although people, possibly working to a new set of hipster rules, have been throwing shish kebab at the board instead.

Dave (Darts - Fish) - 2017

Another version of darts, and this time a fish has been thrown at the dart board. Also note the subtle difference in where the other darts have been thrown on the board.

Dave (Alarm Cockerel) - 2017

Come along to the Dave store and choose from our varied selection of alarm clocks. Unfortunately someone made a small typo on one of the order sheets, but we'll run with it!

Dave (Golf - Car) - 2017

A golf buggy with a difference from Dave. At least if that car is there, it's not getting any parking tickets!

Dave (6 Second News) - 2015

Dave often takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to presentation, bringing out occasional special short sequences. Here, gently ribbing BBC Three's 60 Second News, Dave came up with their own occasional take on fast news bulletins with some short sequences designed to sit in breaks entitled '6 Second News'. This one from 2015 was put out as part of the Transfer Deadline Day in 2015.

Dave (6 Second News) - 2015

Another Transfer Day special, this time with some strong language as the live news presenter tells 'guy waving in the background' what we always want them to say.

Dave (Bumper - Dodgems) - 2017

A short bumper using a Dave branded dodgem car.

Dave (Break - Pride) - 2017

A special Pride coloured break bumper added to channel presentation to mark London Pride in July 2017.

Dave (Break - UKTV) - 2017

Mixed in with the fully Dave-branded presentation are more generic blue UKTV branded elements designed to cross-promote all of the channels in their network. Here is the Dave variant of the UKTV 'all channels' break bumper, which starts off with Dave centred, before quickly circling round all the other channels available.

Dave (Break - Horse) - 2017

A break bumper based on Dave's Horse Clamping ident.

Dave (Break - Bowls) - 2017

A break bumper based on the bowls ident.

Dave (Break - Sushi Belt) - 2017

A short break bumper this time based on the sushi belt ident.

Dave (Promo) - 2017

A promotion for Dave, featuring the chalkboard presentation graphic style that was introduced alongside the 2014 refresh.

Dave (ECP) - 2017

Using Dave's chalkboard style for this end credit promotion. The ECPs on Dave vary between either using the channel's own style, or the general UKTV blue style for cross-channel promotion.

Dave (UKTV Play - Promo) - 2017

Another Dave promo, this time advertising the availability of one of their own-produced shows via their on-demand video application UKTV Play.

Dave (UKTV Original Production) - 2017

A new production sting was introduced to the UKTV Network from September 2017, inplace of the previous teal themed animation. Still used to lead into original productions for UKTV channels.

Dave (Break - Unspun with Matt Forde) - 2018

A short bumper used around breaks, either directly in and out of the break or between trailers, to promote Dave's new satirical series Unspun with Matt Forde.

Dave (Break - Go 8 Bit) - 2018

Another short break bumper, this time promoting the new series of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit on Dave. Using the same artwork style as had been used on trailers in the run up to the series launch.

UKTV (Network Promo) - 2018

An animated trailer showcasing all channels available from UKTV, aired across the UKTV network from December 15th 2018 (with this recording coming from Dave). With the impending split of the network between the BBC and Discovery in 2019, it was one of the last to trailer all 10 of the UKTV channels together.

Dave (Channel Move) - 2019

As part of the agreement to split UKTV between the BBC's commercial arm and Discovery in June 2019, Discovery would take the lowest EPG slot on Freeview for use with their own portfolio of channels. This meant a shunting of Dave from 12 to 19 on Freeview, so as soon as the split was approved by Ofcom pre-prepared trailers started airing to promote the move. With Jon Richardson leading up the ad, several different length variations were used with features from different shows on the channel appearing.

Dave (UKTV Menu) - 2019

In addition to the Dave-branded menus, cross promotional UKTV-branded menus continued after the split. Albeit with a few less channels in the portfolio to now promote.

Dave (Break - Hypothetical) - 2020

Another special breakbumper to mark the new series of Hypothetical on Dave in February 2020. With the countdown sitting at 1 day to go here.

Dave (Break - Red Dwarf) - 2020

In common with most new commissions for Dave, in the run up to the premiere showing of Red Dwarf - The Promised Land on April 9th, countdown break bumpers were used in each break. Here the bumper from the final day.

Dave (Red Dwarf) - 2020

To mark a brand new Red Dwarf special on Dave in April 2020, shots from the trailer were edited into an ident for the channel throughout the evening too.

Dave (Mask Promo) - 2020

With the introduction of masks to shops in England from July 24th, Dave introduced a short promo the day beforehand to push wearing masks correctly.

Dave (Mask Promo) - 2020

An extended version of the Dave 'Wear a Mask' Promo from July 2020, now including a cameo cat appearance.

Dave (Summer 2020 Break) - 2020

A themed break bumper, unusually featuring music, designed to draw attention to almost the entirety of the Summer 2020 schedule on Dave. Following the style of a longer 'comedy festival' promo that had already been in use on the channel.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For September 2020, Dave decided to theme nights around the various comedians to have appeared on the channel, dedicating schedules to a personality each evening under the title 'Dave Loves'. As part of this, break bumpers featured a short snippet of that evening's comedian. Here, from Monday 7th September, Romesh Ranganathan features, using a clip of him from his appearance on Taskmaster.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Tuesday 8th September 2020 saw Dave devote their evening to comedian Katherine Ryan, with shows featuring her. And to go alongside this, another special break bumper for the channel.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For Wednesday 9th September 2020 Dave devoted their evening to James Acaster, with an accompanying 'Dave Loves' break bumper to match.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

A dual-header for Thursday 10th September, with a special break bumper for Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont's evening of 'Dave Loves'

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For Friday 11th September's special 'Dave Loves' evening, Rose Matafeo features, with an accompanying special break bumper put out on the channel.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

A generic 'Dave Loves' bumper marking all the people to feature over the two week event.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

The start of the second week of 'Dave Loves' on 14th September featured Josh Widdicombe with a themed break bumper for the channel to match.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Nish Kumar featured on the special 'Dave Loves' break bumper for 15th September 2020.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

For 16th September 2020, Dave dedicated their evening to Lou Sanders. Here featuring the obligatory special Break Bumper.

Dave (Dave Loves ECP) - 2020

Also from the Lou Sanders evening on 16th September, some special End Credit Continuity provided by the comedian herself.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Phil Wang appears in the break bumper for Dave Loves on Thursday 17th September.

Dave (Dave Loves Break) - 2020

Sara Pascoe appeared in the special break bumper for the last evening of 'Dave Loves' on Friday 18th September 2020.

Dave (Slide) - 2020

An updated slide style for Dave for 2020, now featuring the programme visual fullscreen, with text on a smaller bar underneath. The existing promotional graphics for ECPs and cross-channel promotions remained in use alongside this.

Dave (Break - Snow) - Christmas 2020

UKTV introduced their 2020 festive presentation on December 1st. As part of this, Dave received updated break bumpers from this date (trailers having already featured festive graphics for several weeks). Bumpers feature a mix of seasonal messages, alongside some animated and purely graphical versions. An animated version here where the Dave logo falls like snow.

Dave (Break - 12 Daves) - Christmas 2020

A text-based break bumper for Dave, featuring wordplay on the '12 Days of Christmas'.

Dave (Break - Holly) - Christmas 2020

Holly decorates another break bumper for Dave.

Dave (Break - Humbug) - Christmas 2020

Another graphical break bumper for Dave, this time in the form of a 'festive brainteaser'. I'd say 'Can you tell what it is yet?', but I think that phrase has been banned from common use.

Dave (Break - Advent) - Christmas 2020

Another festive text-based break bumper for Dave, commenting on the common letters between Dave and Advent.

Dave (Promo) - Christmas 2020

An example of the festive 2020 trailer style for Dave. This first appeared in late November, a little before the rest of the festive presentation for the channel that year.

Dave (Break - Meet The Richardsons) - Christmas 2020

In addition to the general festive break bumpers, several bumpers to promote Christmas specials of shows were added to the mix. After a summer of limited new productions being able to appear on the channel, Dave were understandably keen to promote their new content for December 2020. Here, a bumper to promote festive specials of the faux-reality show 'Meet The Richardsons', complete with snowy graphics.

Dave (Break - Big Zuu) - Christmas 2020

Another programme-specific Christmas break bumper, here promoting festive specials of 'Big Zuu's Christmas Eats'. Complete with text fading in (unlike the similar Richardson's bumper).

Dave (Promo - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

To start off 2021, Dave launched a new campaign to draw attention to some of their original comedy programming under the title 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows'. Using a faux social media approach, the promo features snippets of people giving mildly appreciative reviews of new shows on the channel. As well as a general trailer, this style was extended to the promos for the individual shows involved, as well as other elements like break bumpers.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A specially branded break bumper for 2021 from Dave, carrying through their 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' promo campaign from January 2021.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A second break bumper for Dave from January 2021, again using the 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' campaign branding,

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Following on with the 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' campaign branding, a programme-themed break bumper in the run-up to one of the new shows on the channel from February 2021.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another mildly-appreciative quote on a break bumper for Dave as part of their 'surprisingly adequate shows' campaign from early 2021.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A fifth break bumper from the 2021 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' campaign from UKTV's Dave channel.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Dave continued their 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' campaign into March 2021, refreshing it with new trailers and break bumpers. The bumpers featured new 'quotes' from social media, alongside an updated soundtrack.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another refreshed break bumper from March 2021 for Dave, continuing their 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' theme.

Dave (International Women's Day) - 2021

To mark IWD on March 8th 2021, UKTV handed over continuity on all their channels to female members of the team, as well as dedicating the schedules and presentation of subscription channel W to celebrating women. In between regular programme announcements throughout the day, special namechecked ones would feature. Here an announcement from Juliana into the 3pm junction on Dave to mark the day.

Dave (International Women's Day) - 2021

A second announcement for Dave to mark International Women's Day, with an announcement from Chloe into the 6pm junction on March 8th.

Dave (International Women's Day) - 2021

From the 7pm junction on March 8th 2021 Gillian provides another special namechecked announcement for Dave recognising International Women's Day.

Dave (International Women's Day) - 2021

Another special IWD announcement from Dave into their 8pm junction on March 8th 2021, drawing some attention to their main celebrations over on W.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

For April 2021, Dave introduced some 'hybrid' style break bumpers. The bumpers still featured the 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' animated background, however the messages were replaced with tweets mostly referencing COVID-19 rather than the faux praise of shows seen previously. Here a comment on hairdressers, due to some COVID lockdown restrictions being eased in England from April 12th.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another hybrid 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' breakbumper from Dave, here using the phrase 'Everyone is tired all the time', which had indeed been posted as part of one of their own tweets in February in reference to the ongoing COVID situation.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A third hybrid 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' break bumper from Dave using Twitter messaging. The tweet here had gone out on the Dave Twitter account shortly after third lockdown began in England in January 2021.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Programme-specific break bumpers on Dave continued under the 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' theme for April to draw attention to new series on the channel. Here a bumper promoting the second series of Meet The Richardsons.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A hybrid style of break bumper from Dave for April. Combining programme-specific shots from the promo for series 2 of 'Meet the Richardsons' with the fake quotes from social media approach used on other bumpers in the channel's Surprisingly Adequate Shows campaign.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A new colour background and soundtrack accompanied a fresh selection of faux social media quotes for Dave for their May batch of 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' break bumpers.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another May break bumper from the Dave 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' campaign.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A third break bumper from the May batch of 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' bumpers for Dave.

Dave (Promo- Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

The May promo in Dave's 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' campaign, now using blue and red backgrounds to the social media quotes to break up clips from their new productions for the month.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another break bumper from May's batch of 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' bumpers for Dave.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another programme-themed break bumper from June 2021, mixing in the 'social media quotes' style seen in other break bumpers. This time based around the second series of 'Big Zuu's Big Eats' on the channel.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Later in June 2021, more social media themed 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' break bumpers were introduced. This time lacking any soundtrack, making them silent like the regular text bumpers for the channel.

Dave (Promo - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

From the same date in June, another fresh 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' promo began airing. As well as covering their latest new shows, it shows an expanded set of the faux quotes appearing in the break bumpers for June.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another of the late June 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' bumpers for Dave, this time using 'tbf, decent' as the review, once again with no soundtrack.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A hybrid break-bumper from June 2021, mixing the social media commentary style with programme-specific promotion for the comedy series 'Sliced'. Static shots and audio from the show also feature in the very brief flash.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another Sliced hybrid break bumper from 2021. This time featuring a different social media quote, and actual moving footage in the bumper.

Dave (Slide) - 2021

For August 2021, both promotional slides and menus on Dave saw a slight tweak. As well as the regular continuity, background music tracks were added to these presentational elements.

Dave (Menu) - 2021

The updated menu style for Dave from summer 2021, visually the same but now tweaked to include a background music track.

UKTV Original - 2021

From Summer 2021, the UKTV Original sting saw a slight refresh, with an adjusted logo on the end and a tweaked soundtrack over the original version.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

After a pause in new bumpers over the summer, freshly updated 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' break bumpers appeared towards the end of August 2021. The animated background was now gone (leaving the wording only mentioning Surprisingly Adequate New Comedy now), with a new neon outline effect added. However the faux social-media quotes style remained unchanged.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A second social media quote from the August batch of 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' break bumpers.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A third break bumper added in the August 2021 refresh of their 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows', somewhat wordier than some of the others.

Dave (Promo - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A season trailer for new Autumn comedy on Dave introduced at the end of August and using the same updated 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' neon-lit style as the breakbumpers.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

A programme-specific bumper in the updated August 2021 'Surprisingly Adequate Shows' promo style, here promoting a new series of Late Night Mash.

Dave (Break - Surprisingly Adequate Shows) - 2021

Another programme-specific break bumper complete with music this time to promote the latest new series to hit Dave in late September 2021, 'Outsiders'.

Dave (Black History Month) - 2021

To mark Black History Month in October 2021, Dave put together several short films featuring personalities from the channel talking about their experiences.

Dave (Black History Month) - 2021

A shorter segment from Dave to mark Black History Month in October 2021.

Dave (Black History Month) - 2021

More short films from Dave regulars to mark Black History Month in October 2021.

Dave (Filler Slide) - 2022

Is it a slide? Is it a breakfiller? Aired here on Thursday 6th January 2022, a static slide featuring the Dave logo and the music track normally played in the background of next slides on the channel. Whether a deliberate piece of pres, or an error we're not really sure!

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

March 2022 saw a new campaign launched for Dave with a full promo mixing stock-style footage with headshots of comedians overlaid, with the tagline ' Add add a Bit bit of Dave'. As with previous campaigns, snippets from this were then reused to make up a series of break bumpers on the channel too. Richard Ayoade and a sheep feature in this bumper.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

Another 'Add a Bit of Dave' break bumper from 2022, this time featuring David Mitchell and Mel Giedroyc overlaid in an art gallery.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

A third break bumper added as part of the 'Add a Bit of Dave' campaign in March 2022. A shorter version, with only the logo and no comedians featured this time.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

James Acaster appears over the top of some meditation in another Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

In this 'Add a bit of Dave' break bumper, Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont are over overlaid over footage of a marriage proposal.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

Another break bumper added in March 2022 as part of Dave's 'Add a Bit of Dave' campaign featuring Big Zuu.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

David Mitchell appears in another break bumper, this time overlaid of footage trudging through the wild.

Dave (Break - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

Tom Allen makes an appearance in another break bumper for Dave, from March 2022.

Dave (Promo - Add a Bit of Dave) - 2022

The extended trailer for 'Add a Bit of Dave' for March 2022, from which the break bumpers are all cut.

Dave (IVC - Meet The Richardsons) - 2022

To mark a new series of Meet The Richardsons starting on March 3rd 2022, some short invision continuity sequences featuring comedians Lucy Beaumont and Jon Richardson were filmed. The first of these appeared as an end credit promotion just before 9pm... complete with a graphical error.

Dave (IVC - Meet The Richardsons) - 2022

Very similar continuity from Lucy and Jon to lead into the 9pm junction itself on March 3rd. This time round everything is fullscreen, without any glitches.

Dave (IVC - Meet The Richardsons) - 2022

Another end credit promotion from just before 10pm, complete with the same graphical issue as the previous ECP.

Dave (IVC - Meet The Richardsons) - 2022

The 10pm invision junction leading into the start of series 3 of Meet The Richardsons itself, on March 3rd 2022.

Dave (Conversations with Comedians) - 2022

Initially introduced on International Women's Day 2022 (though the films didn't explicitely name the day this year so they could continue to be used beyond that) Dave put out several short films on the channel with female comedians talking candidly about comedy. Suzi Ruffell features in this film.

Dave (Conversations with Comedians) - 2022

Lucy Beaumont talks about what comedy means to her as part of another short film.

Dave (Conversations with Comedians) - 2022

Another film on comedy. from Ola Labib on Dave. Aired on International Women's Day 2022.

Dave (Conversations with Comedians) - 2022

Mel Giedroyc appears in another film on Dave, talking about comedians in cheerful terms.

Dave (Conversations with Comedians) - 2022

Another short film first aired on International Women's Day 2022, featuring Ria Lina.

Dave (New Announcer) - 2022

In August 2022, Dave decided to branch out with a larger team of continuity announcers for the channel's links. A link from one of the new team here making a rare reference to the job of the voiceover.

Dave (Queen Announcement Filler) - 2022

As news broke of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th 2022, UKTV switched into their own category 1 obituary routine. Most programmes continued broadcasting as usual, however all continuity, sponsorship and adverts were suspended and replaced with the UKTV filler loop across all their channels. In the immediate aftermath after the news had broken, a banner was also pverlaid over both programmes and the filler directing people to the BBC News channel for further updates (with UKTV being wholly owned by BBC Studios).

Dave (Queen Minute Silence) - 2022

By the time the national minute of silence in memory of Queen Elizabeth II came around at 8pm on September 18th, UKTV had had a little extra time to prepare special presentation to mark the occasion.

Dave (Queen Remembered Break) - 2022

After the quite vague last minute UKTV filler that had been placed into breaks on the evening the Queen's death was announced, by the date of her state funeral on September 19th UKTV had prepared some more descriptive breakfillers to replace advertising that day.

Dave (Generic Ident) - 2022

On September 19th 2022, the day of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Dave replaced their regular idents with a more generic sombre variant.

Dave (Promo) - 2022

On September 28th 2022, UKTV unveiled a new logo for their on-demand streaming service UKTV Play. Promos across all channels were tweaked to make the logo for the streaming service more prominent than it had been previously.

Dave (Interruption Promo) - 2022

A slightly different promo from Dave which starts off in the style of a regular continuity announcement before being 'interrupted' by the rest of the trailer.



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